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Big Dick

Having just established in my mind that Jenna might be willing to do more than just talk, I really had no idea how to proceed. Since there was obviously a chance that I had totally misinterpreted the signs, I simply kept talking. It so happened that a late night re-run of The Dukes of Hazzard was playing on the TV in my room, and I made some comment about it being my favorite show when I was 10 years old.
“Oh my God!” Jenna squealed. “I love that show! I had the biggest crush on Bo when I was little.”
“How in the world did you relate to Dukes of Hazzard, growing up in Brooklyn?”
“I don’t know if I ever related to it at all,” she reasoned. “I just thought he was hot. I used to go to sleep thinking about him.”
“At how old?” I asked.
“This was maybe when I was 10 or 11. I got started pretty young, ya know? Most girls don’t…you know…get into doing things to themselves until later on in their teens.”
“I totally understand. But I had you beat by about 4 years. No pun intended.”
“Really? Wow. What a little horn dog you were.”
“Not much has changed, actually.”
“Not for me either,” she added. “If anything, I’ve just perfected it.”
This was my “in” and thankfully, I recognized it.
“You’re, ah, welcome to come sit over here so you can see the screen better,” I said tentatively.
She briefly pursed her lips, as if thinking it over, and then laughed. “I thought you’d never ask.”
She jumped up and skipped around to the far side of the bed and hopped on, first kneeling, then laying back on two propped up pillows next to me. She was demurely pulling her shirt down the whole time, lest I see anything, but she ended up sitting very close, with her leg actually touching mine. She was close enough to more or less confirm my theory of her intentions. That slight pressure of her leg against mine, even though I was under the covers and she wasn’t, was enough to really start my relaxed cock twitching, and I slowly felt my erection start to grow.
After a few seconds I almost involuntarily draped my left arm around her shoulder, and she responded immediately by nuzzling her face down onto my chest. No doubt about it now. Her hair smelled like strawberries. kadıköy escort I bent slightly to kiss her on the forehead, and she suddenly turned her face upward. Her warm ruby lips were slightly parted in invitation, and soon we were kissing passionately, our tongues searching, exploring. She tasted exotic, foreign, and the desire seemed to be seeping out of her skin. My erection went from growing hard to rock hard in seconds, as if it knew what should come next when I didn’t quite know myself.
We had both completely forgotten about the TV by now. In fact, there could have been fifty naked girls on the screen and I wouldn’t have cared to notice.
I must have kissed Jenna for a good couple of minutes, but my hands remained where they were, almost afraid to move. After all, what if all she wanted was a kiss? She hadn’t moved her hand from my shoulder either. Maybe this was as far as she wanted to go.
Then, ever so slowly, her left hand began sliding down, first caressing my chest through my t-shirt, then inching down to my stomach, sliding side to side across it. She held it there, no doubt feeling a similar hesitation about going further. I decided to help her with the decision. I began to move my pelvis up and down, as if to inspire her to keep going. On one of these upswings, my erect cock, still sheathed in the blanket, brushed against her hand, and she drew in a quick breath.
That was all the encouragement she needed, though, and her hand slid under the sheet, then the blanket, and found my rigid shaft, began caressing its length through my underwear. She let out a low moan, as if in appreciation of what she found there.
Our lips had never separated, and now she kissed me harder as her small, delicate hand explored my balls and traveled up and down my board-hard pole. Her whole body was getting into it now, her bare left leg rubbing up and down mine over the blanket.
I realized that this had been her goal from the minute I had answered the door, and I felt a bit foolish for taking so long to allow it to happen.
Finally I decided to let my right hand go exploring, and I rested it on her t-shirt covered hip. Under the shirt üsküdar escort I could feel the outline of her panties. Being an aficionado, I quickly deduced that she was wearing cotton bikini panties, the kind with a half-inch wide elastic band that went around the hips. One of my favorites. But what color? I imagined black, the same color as the shirt.
I began to slide my hand down toward her bare thigh, reached the end of the shirt, and was about to slide it up when she suddenly shifted herself downward and began kissing my chest. She moved further down toward the foot of the bed until she was kissing my stomach, lifting my shirt up so as to get to the bare skin.
My cock was a tent pole by this time, holding up the fabric of my underwear, and a distinct wet spot had appeared at the apex, soaked with pre-cum. Her wet lips soon found the top of the tent and closed over my cock-head, saturating the fabric of my briefs with her saliva. She began an up and down motion, giving me a clothed blow-job (my first of any kind) as far down as the fabric would let her, softly moaning the whole time. The sensitive skin of my cock was aching to be free of the fabric and to be engulfed by her moist lips.
I needed to do something with my hands, so I threaded them through her dark, curly hair, eventually sending one down the back of her neck and under the collar of her shirt. Her skin was on fire.
Suddenly she came up for air and released my sopping hard-on, grasping the waistband of my shorts and peeling them down, freeing my cock, which sprang straight up at a 90 degree angle from the bed.
Then she went nuts.
She pounced on my naked cock like a rabid puma, taking it all into her mouth and shaking her head side to side like a wild animal tearing at a piece of meat.
Now, at five inches, I may not be long, but I am certainly wider than average, which at the time I wasn’t really aware of. Jenna certainly seemed to be enjoying it, however. As I’ve said, I was still very much a virgin, and this was also my first oral experience. I had gotten to “2nd base” with a previous girlfriend, but had never been allowed to get past the fingering stage. tuzla escort Now I can appreciate how spoiled I was by Jenna’s skill and obvious experience.
She sucked and slurped with abandon, using her silky hand as often as her mouth to slowly tease pleasure out of my body. I think the sight of her tongue expertly gliding around the tip of my cock was as arousing as the feeling of it. She had her eyes closed, savoring the taste of cock like a fine wine, willing the cum out of me. When it finally came, it came from deep inside, and over the long journey it had built up so much steam that it shot out of me like Old Faithful.
Jenna was using her hand at that particular moment; her face just inches away from the tip, now eying the fine job she was doing, and the first wave coated her cheek and the corner of her mouth before she could get her lips back over the engorged purple cock-head. The remainder of my creamy load was taken into her mouth, and she vacuumed it up as quickly as I could pump it out.
It was only then that she finally opened those bright green eyes and looked at me as she licked the rest of my cum off of her cheek.
‘She really is pretty cute,’ I thought to myself. ‘No Denise, of course, but cute.’
As much as I had enjoyed what had just happened, I would still have preferred that it be Denise’s lips I had just cum all over. Couldn’t help it. I was glowing, but it was equal parts Jenna’s performance and the knowledge that a blow-job from my cousin would have felt similar to the exhilarating experience I had just been through.
I had suddenly gotten very sleepy, and noticing this, Jenna leaned over me and gave me a long kiss on the cheek. Her shirt had ridden up, and I could now see that the bikini panties were in fact red. That worked just fine for me. I briefly considered asking her if I could sniff her panties while she was wearing them, figuring it was my turn to get my mouth between her legs, but she jumped off the bed, flipped off the bedside light and softly said, “Goodnight, Thom. See you tomorrow!” With that she slipped back out the adjoining door. I was sorry that the room was now so dark that I didn’t get a rear view as she left.
I was asleep a few moments later, but my last thoughts involved something about how lucky I had just gotten, and also how I’d just gotten a blow-job with my hot cousin lying a few feet away in the next room. ‘That’s pretty close,” I thought. ‘But not close enough.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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