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Chapter 1

I am cursing at my tablet for dying on me and just when the show was starting to get good. It’s a piece of shit that shouldn’t have lasted as long as it did, but it’s not like I can get my mom to buy me a new one. There’s no denying money’s tight and I haven’t been able to find work; it isn’t like an eighteen year old can find much work outside of flipping burgers, which I don’t want to do. My smartphone is the only option I have, but I hate having to watch such a small screen.

My siblings have all moved away and it’s just me and my mom. Had they not taken their computers and laptops with them, then that would be an option. I’m home alone and there’s just one computer in the house, but I don’t like the idea of going into mom’s bedroom. She doesn’t come in here and I don’t go in there out of mutual respect for each others privacy.

This is different and I have a very good reason, even if mom would disagree. Mom will never know I was in there. I just need ten more minutes to finish the show. It’s not like I’m invading her privacy or anything. Either that or it’s that impossible screen. Why can’t they make them bigger?

With only one real option available to me, I leave my dead tablet behind and head to mom’s bedroom. She’s at work and won’t be home for several hours, which gives me more than enough time. Her door is unlocked and I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. Why lock a door when no one’s going to go in? I feel a little guilty as I walk into her room, but I don’t have a choice. It’s either mom’s computer or that damned small screen.

Her computer is in screen saver mode as I move the mouse and sit down. There’s something there that causes me to lose my breath for a moment. It’s a video that shows one of mom’s friend, Gretta Barkly, and her only daughter, Jenna. They are both completely naked and I can’t figure out why it’s on istanbul escort mom’s computer.

Jenna’s a few years older than me and we never real hit it off. There was something that always gave me the creeps about her. Maybe it was all the times she hit on me that did it, but I can’t say for sure. I’m not a lesbian and made it very clear to her, but she never did get the message and it’s so damned frustrating when someone can’t take a fucking hint.

I won’t deny that I’m curious about it and maybe if she hadn’t been overbearing about the whole thing I would have experimented with her. As it stands, I have never been with a woman and not curious enough to start anything with Jenna. To the best of my knowledge, none of my friends have any interest in trying anything like that and it isn’t some powerful urge that’s driving me nuts.

There’s a reflection in the mirror of a woman holding the video camera and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s mom! My mother’s reflection! I know I should leave everything as I found it and pretend it never happened. Just go back and use my smartphone. To hell with the screen being small. I can manage.

My eyes are strangely drawn to the bodies of mother and daughter smiling next to each other. They both have small tits with dark nipples that stand out against their pale flesh. Gretta’s show signs of aging that cannot be missed. Both of them are shaved and it looks like it was very recent in the image before me. Both of them have blonde hair and blue eyes that are almost identical. Even if I didn’t know they were mother and daughter, there is no mistaking the resemblance.

Mom is smiling in the mirror and I can just make out one of our shared green eyes peaking from the other side of the camera. Her red hair is starting to gray and it shows in the avcılar escort image. There is no denying it’s her, even if I wanted to find some other explanation, and I’m glad there’s nothing else to be seen of mom’s body. This is already beyond awkward and I should leave mom’s bedroom right now.

My fingers tremble a little as I move the mouse and start the video. There’s no sound no matter what I try and determine there isn’t any sound to be found. For whatever reason, the video’s silent and I loose my breath again as I see Gretta laying down with her elbows propping up her back.

I don’t want to see this, but have to keep watching. Her legs spread and the camera zooms in on her pink pussy. Despite the lack of sound, the image is high quality and I can see her dripping from her pink hole. The camera pulls back and it shows Jenna getting onto her stomach. There’s no fat to be seen on her ass as she moves closer to her mother’s spread legs.

I catch a hint of mom’s dark nipple, which is very hard, as she starts to move the camera. An odd thought pops into my mind as I wonder if she’s completely naked. The angle moves away from the mirror and moves in on the face of Jenna.

I should be disgusted as I watch her tongue move out to her mother’s hard clit, but I’m a little turned on by it. From the look on her face, she’s enjoying the taste of her mother’s pussy. The camera swings over to Gretta’s face and she’s smiling for the camera. From the looks of things, she’s moaning and I wish I could hear the sound she’s making.

The camera moves back down to Jenna just as she pulls her tongue back and follows the smiling face. She is closing in on her mother’s head and I am very excited about what I’m seeing. They start to kiss with a great passion and it looks like both women have their eyes closed as their tongues press şirinevler escort against each other.

The video ends and I find myself thinking about mom in a whole new light. Is it really wrong to think of her that way? If I’m going to experiment with a woman, I can’t think of anyone better than her. My fingers find the spot that shows her hard nipple and I wonder what it would feel like against my tongue. I wonder a lot of things about mom’s body and suddenly I feel very hot.

My fingers reach down and I’m surprised by just how wet I am. There’s a great deal of temptation to search for other videos, but I have to leave this one up. I can’t let mom find out, not like this. Why don’t I feel disgusted when I think of mom?

I make my way back to my room and strip out of my clothes with my mom’s nipple imprinted on my mind. There’s no time to prepare a toy as I lay on my bed and ferociously go to work on my hard clit. My moans are muffled as feel myself approaching the edge and my mom’s nipple is the only thing I see.

My wrist presses against my tightly trimmed bush and I wonder if mom is like that. Fingers press inside of my pussy as I work myself into a greater frenzy of growing pleasure. I moan out mom’s name several times as I feel myself reach the point of ecstacy.

I explode hard over my hand and am glad I’m laying on my bed. Waves crash over my body completely as I am swept away into an orgasmic state of pure pleasure. There has never been anything quite like this and time slows as I give myself over completely. The waves are without end as each crashes a little harder.

My sheets are soaked as I open my green eyes and don’t have the energy to do anything other than recover. I know my door is wide open, but I’m sure I have plenty of time before mom gets home. There’s something that’s nagging at the back of my mind, but I’m at a loss as to what it is. All I want to do is lay here and recover from the greatest orgasm of my life.

My green eyes start to close as a vision of mom’s nipple dances before me. All I need is a little nap. There’s plenty of time for me to worry about closing my door later. I am drifting off to that wonderful state of dream and hope to see mom there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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