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Group Sex

Some people like to do their weekly grocery shop once a week. Me, I have to shop just for that day. I don’t particularly like shopping. I’m just not one of those organized individuals.

Nowadays the staff who work in these big stores, seem to be rude and not helpful, particularly the school leavers who have total disregard for their seniors. I sound as if I’m a grumpy old man, but damn it I suppose I am. It doesn’t take too much effort to be polite to people, especially to those who are 20+ years their senior.

Anyway, on one of my trips there, I noticed a young girl working in the fruit and vegetable section. I hadn’t seen her before, maybe she was a new start. She wasn’t strikingly beautiful, she was just average. I think most men have seen a girl like this, who might not be a Goddess, but who they would just love to fuck and fuck hard. This was the case with this girl.

She was about 5’4″ jet black hair nearly shoulder length. She had a slim body and what looked like medium sized breasts for her size. What got me was her broad accent. It sorted of made me cringe, like when someone scrapes their nails down a blackboard. Not that I hate the Liverpool accent, I just found it out of character coming from such a delectable vixen as her.

Anyway, whenever I went shopping, I would look out for my little Liverpool girl. I would stare at her for maybe longer than I should, because on a couple of occasions she caught me. I would smile but she just returned a cold glance. After that, I was careful not to be so obvious, or more to the point, try not to get caught.

When I saw her bending or squatting down, I would casually walk behind her, so I could see the large tattoo she had on her lower back, and sometimes I could also see her knickers. It made me feel such a pervert, yet I knew that was as close as I would ever get to her sexually.

As the days passed, I tried to approach her just to be friendly, however, I failed miserably. The more I tried to be cool about it, the more I put it across that I was an old pervert.

It certainly didn’t help when I went in with my wife, who is black African, and looks about 10 years younger than she is. I could see the store girl eyeing us both up and frowning at me. This just convinced her that I was nothing better than a middle aged pervert.

Just to rub it in, I saw her talking to her work mates, who looked over at us and gave a look of disapproval. My wife didn’t notice. She doesn’t give a damn about the difference in age, it’s an African thing. Age accounts for nothing between man and wife. But as far as I’m concerned, us Westerners seem to have a hang-up about it and I do get a little self conscious. I certainly was when those young store girls were staring at me.

Over the subsequent weeks, I would try and avoid my black haired Liverpool girl (who I heard being called Tina). I just tried to switch my perverted thoughts off.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid one of her female friends. She always seemed to be at the till when I was checking out.

As I was having my groceries scanned, I couldn’t help but try to stare down her blouse. She had very small tits and I was immediately drawn to try and see if she was wearing a bra, or indeed, needed one. The more I stared, the more I thought she was aware of it. It was almost a game to me. Well, interest does that to you.

This girl was pretty. Prettier than Tina, but she didn’t have that raw sex appeal that Tina had. Besides, I like black haired girls as opposed to this girls blond hair. I couldn’t help but notice how extremely slim she was. In fact she was skinny. I don’t like using that word skinny, but in this case that was the only way to sum it up.

A couple days later, a Sunday in fact, I was driving home, when I saw two girls walking along the street. One of the girl’s ass immediately caught my attention. Her jeans were tight as tight could be, and hugged her ass as if she were naked. It was the sexiest ass I had ever seen.

As I drove past I glanced the rear view mirror. Wow…who should it be but Tina.

I had never seen her out of her baggy uniform. Now I see her in her tight jeans, and it was a wonderful sight. Just amazing. It sent me on an instant downer. How I wished I was young again. I would chase that girl relentlessly, until I had her in my bed. God she was horny.

That night I fucked my wife like a man possessed, with the image of Tina’s ass implanted in my mind.

The image of her ass started to screw me up, so I decided I had to get this out of my head or I would end up going crazy, so I stopped going to that store. I started to use another store, a little further, but without the distractions. The staff were a lot more polite, but less easy on the eye.

Some weeks later, I was heading home one evening, it was winter time so was already dark. I stopped at the red traffic lights, thankful that I was in my car and not stood at the bus stop like the poor girl outside was.

Looking at her a little closer, I noticed that it was Tina. Although she also looked back, istanbul escort I couldn’t be sure if she recognized me. I couldn’t just pretend I hadn’t seen her, because I had given her a good stare. Disregarding my dread of appearing a pervert again, I opened the window.

“Hi…do you want a lift?” I shouted across to her.

She walked over.

“Errm…do I know you. You…errm…look familiar.” she replied.

“You work at the store don’t you? I think I’ve seen you in there.” I tried to act cool.

What I should have said was: “I’m the pervert who mentally undresses you every time I come in.”

“Oh yeah…I know you. Where you goin’ then?” she replied.

“In this weather I’ll take you home, wherever it is. It’s my good deed for the day.” I told her, sounding good I thought.

She got in slamming the door. I felt like saying: “It’s a car door not a barn door.” but decided against it.

“My names Alex.” I introduced myself.

“Tina.” she said.

“Hi Tina.” I said driving off quickly due to the guy behind blasting his horn, to tell me to get the fuck going.

There was quite a few minutes silence, before either of us spoke. It seemed an age, because I fully expected her to start accusing me of being a pervert, who spent all his time looking at young girls.

“Where do you want dropping off then Tina?” I asked her.

“Errm…Holly Road please.” She said quietly.

And might I add, she said it quite sweetly as well, as if she was genuinely pleased to be in the car. Maybe my head is running riot on me, maybe she doesn’t think I’m a pervert, maybe she never did. God I’m such a jerk. All this time I’ve had the wrong impression.

“Nice car Alex.” Tina said.

“Thanks.” I replied.

“Mercedes, isn’t it?” she asked me.

“Yes, it’s the M-Class. ML 63 AM6.” I told her.

“Was it expensive?” She cheekily asked.

“Over 100 thousand.”

“Bloody Hell. What do you do then?” she gasped.

“I’m a property developer.” I told her.

I was as well, no lies. I started off on the oil rigs, then worked abroad in Africa. That’s where I met the wife. Over the years I bought property. It went from one property to another, then another and so on. Now, I’m out of the oil altogether and concentrate on property. I’ve got a team working for me, and hardly need to bother going in to work. I just go whenever I get bored.

“It’s a really lovely car. I’m saving up to buy one.” she told me.

“What, one of these?” I teased her.

“Hell no. I couldn’t afford one of the wheels.” she joked. “I’m saving for a VW, maybe 3 or 4 years old, whatever I can afford.”

She went on:

“Trouble is, every time I save a bit up I have to spend it on something else, like rent to my Dad or somethin’ else.”

“Why don’t you try a bank loan or maybe ask your Dad.” I asked her.

“Can’t. Bank says no and Dad’s not working. I’m stuck.” she told me.

“Sorry to hear that. Keep trying you’ll get there eventually.” I tried to console her.

We got to where she wanted to go and I pulled up outside the house.

“I just have to see if she’s in. I wont be long.” she said.

She jumped out and ran up the path. I thought this was her house, so I was surprised she asked me to wait. I saw her knocking on the door, but no one opened it. She turned and ran back to the car.

“No one in. It’s my friend Linda’s house. I thought she was off today. Do you mind running me home, it’s not far?” She asked me.

“No problem, just tell me where.” I said.

It wasn’t all that far, but if she had to walk, she would have been soaked.

“Oh shit.” she yelled “I must have left my keys in the house. I hope Dads in.”

After I told her I would wait and see, she ran to the house. Just as the other place, no one answered.

“Sorry.” she said, getting back in “He’s out. Maybe he’s in the bar.”

Sounds a good option if I were him I thought.

I drove Tina to the pub and decided that while I was there I might as well have a quick beer.

Her Dad wasn’t there, but she decided to join me for a drink. We chatted over the drinks. She seemed to open up to me more, and I began to feel a bit more comfortable in her company. Not such a pervert after all.

She got talking about not having a car again. Before I knew it, I had volunteered to lend her the money. She gave me a delighted smile at first, but then that disappeared.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“It’s not so much borrowing the money, it’s paying it back. I never seem to be able to save the money.” She replied.

Before I could stop myself, I had said it.

“Look it doesn’t have to mean you pay me back with money. Don’t worry, I don’t mean anything bad. What about if you spend a day with me as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend.” I carefully asked.

“I don’t know, that sounds a bit weird.” She replied a bit concerned.

“It’s only for a laugh. I really miss having a laugh, avcılar escort especially with someone your age. It will be fun for me.” I tried to explain.

“Let me think about it…I’ve just got to go to the toilet.” she said getting up.

I watched as she went to the toilets. As she was going thru the door, she pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket. I needed to find out what she was up to, so I followed her. At the toilets, I listened outside.

“Hi Linda…It’s me. I thought you were off today…I see…Look I can’t talk much now, I’m with this guy in the Foxes and he said he’ll buy me a car…yeah…no shit…all he wants is a date…yeah…he says no strings attached” she told her friend.

I was interested in what she was saying, yet a little worried someone might catch me with my ear to the ladies toilet door.

“Yeah you know him” she went on “It’s the pervert who keeps looking at us in the store.”

A cold sweat broke out on my brow. “Bitch” I thought.

I wanted to run for it, but kept glued to the spot instead.

“Hahaha” she giggled “I know, but don’t worry, he’s really nice.”

I felt a bit better now.

“He’s friggin loaded” she continued “It’s a piece of piss, he’s so stuck on me he’ll do anything I ask.”

“Really” I thought.

“Look, I reckon I can get something a lot better than a 1300, maybe a GTI. I’m not givin’ this chance up, even if he wants me to get a tit out…hell…I do that at the club every Saturday night anyway.” She told her friend.

“I better get back, he might think I’ve fucked off. see yu.” she eloquently said.

I quickly rushed back to the table and pretended to be looking outside.

“Hi” Tina said sitting next to me “Ok I’ve just been thinking in there, it’s a deal.”

She stuck out her hand and I shook it. Little did she know that this pervert had been listening. Not that it would have fazed her anyway, she was a cool cookie this one.

After another drink we left and I dropped her off at her house. I waited to see if her Dad was in, he was, so I drove off.

Now, I’m not a complete loser. I specifically told Tina I wanted my end of the bargain to be completed before she got any money.

I was surprised when she readily agreed. She was a confident bitch, she honestly thought she could wrap me around her little finger. I didn’t get this wealthy by being a push over.

I had put her age at about 24…maybe 25. As it turned out she was 2 months away from being 22.

What she told me, was that she’d had quite a few boyfriends, but all of about her own age. I was pretty sure she must have been fucked quite a few times. The thing is, being fucked by a young guy is not quite the same as being fucked by a mature adult. How I wished I could prove it to her.

After about a week I called her. I thought she might have changed her mind but she was all for it.

I arranged to pick her up the next day. She would call in sick to work. We would have the whole day together. But she was insistent that she be back for 6pm because she was going out with her boyfriend.

No problem.

Next day I got to her house for 10am. I only had to wait a couple of minutes before she came down the path. It was a cold morning and she was wrapped up well. But I could see she had put her jeans on.

“Hi” she said.

“Hi Tina. How are you?” I replied.

“Fine” she told me “What we goin’ to do then?”.

“Well, lets just have some fun.” I told her.

What I did was take her to town. I took her to any shop she wanted to look in, and bought her whatever she wanted.

She wasn’t expecting that. The poor girl was shaking with excitement. I don’t think she had ever been lavished with such gifts.

The shops she bought from were just the run of the mill ordinary shops. One in every town, and the prices were targeted for her generation.

In the end it didn’t cost me too much really. Hardly designer gear.

“I’ve just got to go check on one of my properties.” I told her.

About 15 minutes later we were at the apartment. It was one of my best so far. A penthouse overlooking the river. Tina was absolutely speechless.

“This place is the dogs bollocks.” she gasped out.

“Lets have a glass of wine” I said.

As I opened the wine, she took her big coat off. I gazed at her ass in those lovely tight jeans.

“Here.” I handed her the glass of wine.

She was the quietest I had seen her so far. She was in total awe of her surroundings. The gifts I had bought her still fresh in her mind. I got myself a glass and sat next to her. She seemed to shuffle away a little, but nothing too obvious.

I put a hand on her knee and gently squeezed it.

“Look” I said “It’s gone all your way so far, now how about something for me?”

“You said no fuckin’ funny stuff didn’t yu.” she quickly spat out.

“Yes, and that’s what I promise you. Don’t worry.” I tried to calm her.

“Then what then?” she quizzed.

“Come and see.” şirinevler escort I said pulling her to her feet.

She was a little hesitant at first, but eventually let me lead her on.

I took her to a bedroom. When she saw the bed, she froze.

“Don’t worry.” I reassured her.

I led her to the bed. On the bed was an array of photos, all of the kind of car she was trying to save up for. Next to the photos was a sealed envelope.

“Tina. It’s up to you now. This car could be yours, but it does come at a price. Because I have been so kind to you today, I expect you to be extra kind to me too.” I continued “If you want this car, in return I want the same as is in this envelope.” I said pointing to it.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s a favor from you.” I replied “It’s a small favor but one which if you give it to me, will win you that car.”

“So what is it then?” Tina insisted.

“You must wait and see.” I told her “I will leave the room and let you look at the photo’s and then you can open the envelope. Once you look inside, you must make your decision and let me know.”

I left the bedroom and went into the lounge. In the envelope I had put a picture of a man sucking a girls breast. That’s it. Just one picture just one act.

I waited, then I heard Tina speaking. I quickly went to the door.

“Yeah, the dirty old pervert wants me to give him my tit to suck.(pause)..that’s all, nothing else…I know. It’s a nice car…what do you think…should I…yeah you right, it is worth it.” she said down her mobile phone.

I went back to my seat and after a couple minutes she came out.

“Look, I think this is a bit fuckin’ pervy, but I’ll do it.” she told me.

“Good, I’m glad for you, and me as well.” I told her jovially “Do you like the car, it’s nice isn’t it?”

“Yeah, suppose.” She replied.

“You know, I have two more bedroom here.” I went on.

“So?” Tina enquired.

“So, you have two more options if you should so wish.” I told her “The next bedroom also has photos on the bed and another envelope. You can go and have a look if you wish. If you like that car, you could always go have a look in the far bedroom. There’s even more photos in there.”

“What you mean?” she asked me.

“Just that. It’s quite simple. If you like the car you just seen, don’t bother, just settle for that. But if you would like something better, then try the next room. It’s up to you.But there is one condition.” I said.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“If you try the next bedroom and refuse to do what the envelope asks, all deals are off. Likewise, if you go to the last bedroom and refuse that, then you walk out with nothing.” I explained to her.

With that she disapeared back into the first bedroom and closed the door. I heard her on her mobile phone again. This time I didn’t bother listening. But I could hear that the conversation was sometimes getting loud. At one point I heard Tina shouting out “Linda, just shut the fuck up for a second.”

She eventually came out. Her head hanging low.

“Ok, I want to look in the next bedroom.” she told me.

“Good girl. You won’t regret it.” I reassured her.

I led her to the bedroom, opened the door and ushered her in, closing the door behind her.

The photos on the bed in there were of a brand new 1300 VW Golf. A very nice looking car. I knew she would have been impressed. The envelope next to the photos had a picture of a woman wanking a man off. That’s it nothing else.

Now I had planned that greed would take control of this girl, and that curiosity would win the day.

I’m sure she would have been surprised to just see a hand job being the prerequisite, for this new car. I could just imagine what her logical next thought would be, and that was that she would think at the very worst, the next bedroom would require her to give me a blow job.

I heard her speaking again. Calling Linda no doubt. I heard Tina laughing, then before I knew it, she was out. She was smiling.

“I want to see the next bedroom.” she said confidently.

“Ok no problem.” I replied.

I led her to the last bedroom, and showed her in.

The photos she would have looked at in there were of a brand new VW Golf GTI Convertible. A real gem of a car. I would have been happy with it myself. I heard a little yell of delight, then quiet. She must now be opening the envelope.

The photos she would have found inside, would have probably given my poor old Aunt a coronary. They were of a girl getting fucked in every way imaginable. Mouth, cunt, ass hole, between tits, you guess it, it was there. It was quiet in that room for a very long time. I noticed that this time, no phone call was made.

About ten minutes later, Tina came out. She had tears in her eyes. She slowly came over to me.

“Alex, please let me take the second bedroom, please.” she begged.

“No way.” I barked “You knew the deal.”

I went into the last bedroom and brought her a photo of the GTI. I sat her down and put the photo on her lap. She stared down at it, big tears dripping onto it.

She remained like that for about 5 more minutes.

“You bastard. You played me along good. You pervy old git.” she hissed. “Ok, I’ll do it, but you better promise me my fuckin’ car.”

“A deal is a deal.” I said “Now go to the bedroom and get undressed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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