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I had got the babe in bed and was ready to go out to the field. This was the last day, the last chance of having a ride on the combine. They were in the last field of canola and probably wouldn’t be going that late, they would finish up soon. I drove out to the farm, parked along side the road, and one of the combines were dumping their load into the grain truck at the end of the row. I wasn’t sure if it was Mark or Angela. I walked thru the grass in the ditch and pulled the wire up, crawling thru it. The combine had stopped so I ran to it. I knew it was Angela now, but Mark was already near the other end of the row, so I figured I would get a ride with her to meet him half way. The canola stubble was hard to walk thru, my legs got scratched as I was only wearing sandals and shorts. Not the most intelligent thing to do. I opened the door and sat on the buddy seat beside Angela. Ever since I laughed at her for being caught in the rain, she has barely said a word to me, so the conversation was not very chattery.

Finally, what seemed like hrs, but was only minutes, we were close enough that I said I would get in with him now. I told her not to stop, cause when you are combining canola the machine doesn’t go that fast. So I got out and went downt he steps. Running to get ahead of the combine, I ran over to the other row. Mark stopped the combine so I could get on. All the way over running, I was holding my chest. And not because my boobs were bouncing either.

I opened the door to the cab, and he smiled at me. I didn’t waste any time, knowing the last few rows were near. We kissed quickly, and i undid the buttons istanbul escort on my outfit. Once the two top buttons were undone, Mark noticed what I had stored in my bra. He started laughing, he took hold of the small vibrator I had put in my bra to bring out. I knew what I wanted to do and was going to do it. We have fucked in the combine before, he has eaten me too, but never have we used my “toy” in here. And being the last chance I was going to have, well here I am, going to let him watch me masturbate while he drives the combine!!

I get the last button undone, and stand up, letting my short outfit fall to the floor of the combine. Undoing the velcro on my sandals, I toss them off. My fingers start going along the elastic of my panties. Pushing them down. I leave my bra on. I sit down on the seat sideways. My one leg behind his back on the top of the seat. The other on his knee. I am completely spread wide open for him. He takes the vibrator and turns it on. Placing it up against my clit. I feel the vibrations, it makes me squirm.

I let out a little moan. He moves it down to my pussy, moving it inside. My eyes roll around. He starts thrusting it inside me,, faster, and faster. I start pounding thin air with my hands, as I reach one of my biggest climaxes. Normally he eases me into it. But this time was different. Time was an essence. And the other combine was in the next row. Al tho it was dark out, if she went past us, she could easily see us. The thrill of that excited me, putting me on a high. avcılar escort

Every time Mark pushed it inside me, I would lift my ass off the seat. He kept doing this, over and over til I knew I was soaked. He stopped. I caught my breath and took hold of it, still inside me. He moved his hand and let me work it now. My hand was wet at the very second I touched it. The smell of cum was in the small cab. Mark loves that smell. My foot goes to his crotch. With him fucking me with the vibrator and watching me get off, his cock had grown considerably large.

“Do you want to eat me now?” I asked with a kinky grin.

Without a word, just smiling, he moved off the seat, and I slid over taking hold of the steering wheel. Sliding down in my seat to the edge of it. Placing my left foot on the window of the door and the right one on the base of the steering wheel. He moves his head between my legs. Taking a deep breath, smelling my juices, he places his tongue on my slit. He traced the lips with his tongue and then entered inside. He licked gently at my now swollen clit, causing my legs to twitch with pleasure. He ran his tongue down and pushed it into my hot little hole. Mark began to tongue fuck her. My moans grew louder. I began to run my hands on his balding head. He worked his tongue back up to my clit and as he licked it, he inserted two fingers into me and fucked me with them. The pleasure was too exquisite for me to bear any longer and I began to scream with pleasure. Soon Mark’s lips were glistening with my cum. Mark loved the taste, he wanted to lick my lips, but instead şirinevler escort he decided to share it with me. He propped himself up next to me and bent down to kiss me. I licked around Mark’s lips, tasting my own sweet juices. It was getting harder and harder to steer the combine. I looked up every now and then steering it back in place, watching the pick up. But wanting more.

Mark got up, undoing his jeans, pushing them down to his ankles along with his underwear. His cock popping out of his pants. I see it and give a giggle. Licking my lips, I stand up and let him slide over on the seat. He takes hold of his cock, giving a gentle stroke up and down. I back up and he slowly enters his cock into my wet pussy. He worked the head around my pussy. Then I slammed down, taking him all in. His hands on my hips. Bringing me down as quickly as I went up. My hands on the steering wheel, my eyes closing all the time. It doesn’t take him long and he is shooting his cum deep inside me. As he releases, I scream out. I love being loud and no one out here can possibly hear me. Just about steering the combine out of the row, I draw it back straight. Just as his cock shoots his last bit of cum into me. It is warm, I love the feeling of his wetness in me. I start laughing telling him I love him. He embraces me in a hug. I put the steering wheel up, and get off of him. His wet cock standing there. I look down at it. Giving a little hehehe. I continue to steer the combine as he pulls his pants back up. My ass right in front of his face. He gives a small, gentle bite to my cheek. I jump up. Moving to the side. He takes the wheel again. I sit down and we talk til the end of the row. Knowing this would be our last fuck of the year in the combine, I wanted to savor the moment. But the moment was over, as he picked the last bit of the canola up in the combine. I grabbed my clothes, almost pouting. Oh well, at least I have the memories of this harvest season, and there will always be next year!!! I can’t wait!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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