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Big Dicks

A husband and wife dominate a couple.

They had always been very open about the things that turned them on, but also acknowledged that what may be a turn on to think about or watch, doesn’t mean they wanted to do it. At first that’s what this seemed like but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted it.

Talking dirty while having sex is one thing but to actually desire doing it in real life was another. She knew her husband wouldn’t judge, but wondered what he would think. Would he be turned on by it? If so, would he consider actually doing it if they found a couple that was willing?

Her husband was mostly dominant but would occasionally, let his wife dominate, and fuck his ass with toys and such. They were both very comfortable with each other sexually, yet she wasn’t quite sure how he would feel about what she had in mind. She hoped to send him a video clip from the porn site they both frequented. She’d even searched other adult websites without much luck, always wondering if there’s even people out there that want it too.

She wanted to fuck a woman’s husband in front of her and her own husband. Her husband would watch at first, then they would dominate the young couple together treating them as fuck toys for their pleasure. They would be made to service them and clean up their mess.

While her husband worked overseas, they would sometimes have Skype sex, and talk really dirty to each other. She finally said it aloud as they were masturbating to each another. She described a scenario like she’d imagined.

She began asking him, if he liked watching another man fuck her from behind like whore. He began to give it right back to her and encourage her filthy imagination. Then she asks, what if his wife was watching? He replies, I’d make her our cum slut and do the same with her husband. It wasn’t long before they both orgasmed.

Later they were talking about how hot the scenario was and the things they were saying to each other and the couple they had pretended were there. The conversation led them to the conclusion that they should seek out a couple to do this with in real life.

They found a Hotwives App online and set up an account. She would pursue interests on the app. He would always look at her chats, and encourage her flirting, even give her suggestions on things to say. Guys would always send her cock pics and tell her how they wanted her sexy MILF body, there were even a few women flirting with her too. The couple had even met with one of the men at a hotel and had an incredible experience.

After a few months of using the Hotwives App, she found the couple that she was searching for. They seemed to be a perfect halkalı escort fit. He was in his twenties, handsome, and well built. He also had MILF fetish. His wife was also in her twenties and pretty good looking as well.

She had explained the general scenario and asked them how they felt about being dominated as a couple, and used as cum sluts. She made sure they were fully aware that her husband would cum on them both. They were extremely enthusiastic about the whole thing, and even had a few ideas of their own to incorporate.

It took a few weeks of chatting and a few picture exchanges for her to be sure that this couple was the one. Her fantasy was not something that’s easily found in adult movies either. She wanted her husband to watch her getting fucked like a slut, then not only join but take control of her and dominate her young stud in front of his wife.

Both couples had agreed to meet and decided that the casino resort about an hour from them both would be perfect. The husband and wife had been to this place before on a previous date so they were pretty comfortable with it.

The couples booked separate rooms for two nights. They planned to meet Friday night and if everyone was comfortable, to have their play date on Saturday.

They checked in and met for dinner around 7pm. The women hit it off immediately and the men were like talking like old friends. It was oddly comfortable, presumably because they had already discussed so much online and over a few skype sessions.

After dinner, they had a few cocktails at the bar and went to their own rooms as planned.

As the husband and wife talked about how great the evening was, they received a message from the couple saying the same. The couple asked the husband and wife if they would be interested in playing tonight. Without hesitation, they both said yes.

The wife messaged the couple to arrive at their room at 10pm.

Right on time they hear a knock on the door. His wife opens the door wearing a dark red teddy and a lacey black thong. The man was dressed the same as before but his wife was now dressed more provocative, wearing a mini skirt with a garter belt that was barely visible.

They came in and there was no small talk. The man ran his hand down the wife’s back and straight to her ass. She looked over at the husband and the man’s wife as if for approval. She knew the moment she looked at them that it was more than okay.

The wife pulled the man’s cock out and sucked him loudly, occasionally looking over at her husband and the man’s wife who were now both playing with their selves taksim escort watching her. She was moaning and becoming more and more aroused.

The man finished undressing and pushed her to her back removing her wet panties and began eating her smooth pussy. After a few minutes he pushed his hard cock into her.

Her husband spoke up now, encouraging the two, telling them to let loose. He then turned some focus to the man’s wife telling her to remove her blouse and suck his cock. The man looked over as his wife engulfed the husbands huge cock on the sofa next to the bed. The husband looked back and at him continuing to encourage the two.

Fuck her good, but don’t cum too fast we’re just getting started.

Do you like fucking that slut MILF?

Yes, she feels so good around my cock.

Tell her how good she feels and call her mommy, she likes that.

You feel so good mommy, I love fucking your pussy and watching your tits bounce.

Call her slut, and whore while your wife gags on my cock.

You’re such a slut.

The wife looks over at her husband as the man’s wife is working his cock, they share a look and she smiles devilishly.

The Husband walks over to the bed leaving the man’s wife to play with herself. He puts his cock in his wife’s mouth as the man continues fucking her.

The wife pauses then looks at the man, and tells him to fuck harder, pound my pussy while your wife sits there like the whore she is.

The husband tells the man to take his cock out, and motions his wife to suck it.

Suck my wife’s pussy off of his cock like good little slut. She does exactly as told.

Your wife’s an obedient little slut huh?

Yeah, she likes to be told what to do.

The wife looked at the man and said you do too, don’t you?

Yes mommy, I do.

The husband then has his wife move to her hands and knees, and instruct the man to fuck her from behind. While he fucks her the husband turns attention back the man’s wife saying, come here whore, I have a job for you. Get underneath and lick her clit while she gets her pussy fucked.

While licking the wife’s pussy the husband pushes her legs up and gives her a good smack on the ass telling her husband that his wife is a real nasty one.

I can tell she likes being spanked

You like hearing the sound of your wife being handled by another man?

Yes, I love it

Yes what?

Yes Sir, I love it

I know you do because you’re a slut like her, now fuck my wife hard.

The wife pushes him out of her and grabs his wife’s head fucks her face for a few moments and call them both filthy şişli escort whores.

We’re going to make a mess of you two sluts aren’t we?

Yes mommy!

You too bitch! open your mouth when I’m talking to you

Yes Mommy, make a mess of us. Use us like whores! We want your cum so bad.

The husband moves in to fuck his wife now, telling the couple to watch closely.

This is how you fuck a woman.

Slapping his wife’s ass, he pounds her pussy hard. The sound of her being fucked fills the room as the couple masturbates as they watch the husband and wife. He moves her to her back now pushing her legs up and slams into her hard and deep. The man’s wife watches in envy.

Look at her, this is what she wants.

You want to see him fuck her?

Yes mommy

Do it babe, and don’t be nice to that bitch. Save you cum for her husband’s face though.

The man looked at her as if he was unsure about it, she immediately said, you know you want it cum slut, don’t act surprised I know.

Your little slut wife is in for treat too.

Get over here and pound this cunt while my husband fucks that whore wife of yours.

Yes mommy

The husband says to the man, look at your wife taking this big dick, listen to her moan with pleasure.

Yes baby fuck that whore!

I few moments later the man’s wife began to tremble and orgasm on the husbands cock. After her orgasm the husband pulls out then positions himself on the bed looking down at his wife and the man fucking.

Looking at his wife, he smirks and turns to the man, saying, don’t even pretend you don’t want your face covered in my cum. He begins stroking his glistening cock still covered in juices from the man’s wife.

The man continues fucking as his wife lays there watching him intently rubbing her well fucked pussy.

The husband strokes cock harder and harder as his orgasm builds. His wife could see it coming says to him, cover him baby! Cover that bitch’s face in cum. Make his wife watch!

His ball tighten and pulse as he shoots his hot cum over the man’s face as he fucks the wife. Feeling like a used cum slut, he couldn’t hold back any longer and began to cum inside the wife still while covered with cum himself.

Just as the couple thought it was over, the wife grabs the wife by her head and instructs her to get to work. You and your bitch husband are cum sluts and its time you clean mommy’s pussy.

The couple began servicing the wife as the husband watched. They took turns running their tongues over her pussy and clit. They were filled with absolute lust and desire as they cleaned the hot mess.

The man’s wife was so turned on by the act she screamed into the wife’s pussy as she orgasmed again.

When it was finally over, the couple kissed each other again and thanked the husband and wife for making their fantasies come true. Before leaving, they confirmed their date for the following evening, and were already looking forward to it.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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