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Joy was not looking forward to spending the night at home with her mother Lucy. It was Friday night and the last thing the nineteen year-old college freshman wanted to do was stay home with her straight-laced forty-one year-old mother. Her father was gone on another long business trip, which meant she and her mother would be home for the weekend by themselves.

He seemed to be gone more than he was home anymore. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her mother, it was actually the exact opposite. Joy and her mother got along a lot better than most mother-daughter combos she knew. It was just that her mother seemed so boring to her. She reminded her of June Cleaver, the Beaver’s mom.

“Hello, baby,” Her mother said, as Joy entered the kitchen. Like usual her mother was wearing a frumpy housecoat and really ugly pink-fuzzy slippers.

“Hi mom,” Joy said, leaning over and kissing her mother on the cheek. “What’s for dinner?”

“Your favorite, baby,” Lucy said. “So what’s your plan for tonight?”

“Nothing much,” Joy said, taste testing what her mother was making. “Thought I’d stay in with you.”

“Oh, that’s nice of you, baby. But wouldn’t you rather go out with your friends?” Lucy asked, stirring a pot.

“Well, yes,” Joy said, slowly. “But since dad’s gone for the week, I thought you might want some company.”

“That’s so sweet,” Lucy said, smiling at her pretty daughter. “But, you don’t have to worry about your old mom. Sue and I were planning on going out to a movie.”

“You sure?” Joy asked, quickly.

“Sure I’m sure,” Lucy responded with a smile. “We’ll have a nice dinner, then you can run off with your friends.”

Joy could not believe her luck. If her mom was happy with letting her go out with her friends, who was she to argue? She had thought about inviting her to go with her, but she knew her all-American girl next-door mother would never understand her daughter’s lifestyle. The beautiful nineteen year-old was a lesbian. And, she wasn’t just a plain lesbian. No, she was a top who was always looking for the perfect bottom to play with.

As soon as dinner was over she changed her clothes, kissed her mother on the cheek and went out for the evening. She headed straight for her favorite coffee shop to see if any of her girlfriends were around. Luckily for her she ran into her friend Margo. The two of them then headed off to one of their favorite gay and lesbian clubs, called Mariposa de Oro, which is Spanish for Butterfly of Gold, and Puerto Rican slang for gay people.

When they arrived at the club the place was jumping. The music was blasting, the lights were flashing and the dance floor was packed with couples dancing. There were guys dancing with guys, women dancing with women, and even some men and women dancing together. Joy knew this was going to be a great night, and she was feeling lucky. She and Margo found a table in the corner, and settled in to see what happened.

After about an hour of drinking Joy had to use the bathroom. On the way back to her table, she ran into another friend, and stayed a little longer talking to her. When she came back to the table, Margo pointed out a woman who had come in while she was gone, and was out on the dance floor.

Joy could not believe the way this woman moved. Her movements were so erotic, it made Joy’s clit tingle just watching the way she was swinging her hips and the way her long ponytailed hair whipped about as she swung her head from side to side to the rhythm of the music. She was wearing what could only be described as a really long tanktop T-shirt that came to about mid-thigh. The t-shirt material just clung to her delicious curves. She wore anklestrap, open toed shoes with three-inch heals that only served to accentuate the sexiness of her long legs. Although she could not see the woman’s face in the dim, flashing dance floor lights, she knew this woman was sex incarnated. When the song ended, the woman hugged her dance partner tightly, kissed her on the lips, and went to sit on a stool at the bar.

“I’m going to get close to that,” Joy said to Margo.

“Yeah, right,” Margo laughed. “That lady is so far above us, you don’t stand a chance.”

“I’m going to give it a try,” Joy continued. “I mean what have I got to loose?”

Just then they watched the woman flat out reject several requests to dance. The girls who had asked skulked away, shot down in mid-stride by this vision of loveliness. “How about your pride?” Margo asked, giving her friend a shove.

“Um,” Joy swallowed hard, took another sip of her drink, and stood up. “Here goes nothing. Wish me luck.”

Joy slowly made her way across the crowded dance floor, trying to decide on a course of action. She had seen how the other women had been shot down when they asked the mystery woman to dance, so she had reasoned that asking was not the way to go. She would walk up to her and tell her, in no uncertain terms, that they would dance together.

Joy stepped up behind the woman, as she sat anadolu yakası escort at the bar sipping her drink. She waited until she had put her drink down, and then she firmly gripped the woman’s slender waist, with both hands, leaned in close to her ear and spoke loud enough for her to hear over the pounding music.

“Dance with me, now,” Joy said, squeezing the woman’s waist for emphasis.

“Sure thing, baby,” the woman replied, still facing the bar.

As she spun around on her barstool, both women’s jaws dropped when they saw each other. Joy was looking into her own mother’s beautiful face.

“Joy?” Lucy croaked.

“Mom?” Joy stuttered in disbelief. “What are you doing here?”

“I, um, ah, I,” Her mother stammered. “What are you doing here?”

“I asked first,” Joy shouted over the music. She then grabbed her mother’s wrist, pulled her off of the stool and towards the back of the bar. She wanted some answers, but she didn’t want to have to shout over the music to get them. Lucy grabbed her little sequined clutch purse as she was yanked off the stool.

Joy pulled her mother roughly by the wrist toward the nearest exit. She pushed the door open and the two women found themselves in an alley with the only light coming from a streetlight half a block away. Joy pulled her mother around and pushed her roughly up against the wall. She didn’t know why, but she was suddenly pissed at the woman.

“All right,” Joy said, pinning her mom against the hard brick wall, like a butterfly on a display board. “What were you doing in there?”

“Dancing,” Lucy responded, shivering slightly in fear at the way her daughter was acting.

“Why in there?” she pressed. “There are a lot of other bars you could have gone dancing in. Why a gay bar?”

“Um, I, ah,” Lucy stammered trying to find an answer. She was at a loss for words. She was literally shaking, as her daughter’s eyes seemed to bore right through her. Then it suddenly occurred to her that her daughter had been in that bar as well. “What were you doing in that place?”

“Um, I, ah.” Now it was Joy’s turn to stammer for an answer. Suddenly she decided it was now or never. She would spill the beans. “I like girls mom. I’m a lesbian.”

For the second time that night Lucy’s jaw dropped in amazement. She was speechless, as she remained pinned against the wall.

Joy couldn’t help but notice, for the first time in her life, just how hot her mother was. She had always thought the older woman was attractive, but she was her mother, and mothers weren’t supposed to be hot. But here she was, pressed up against a dirty brick wall in a filthy ally all dressed up as if she were looking to get laid.

The clingy material of her dress only helped to accentuate her mother’s full breasts and fleshy hips. The heals seemed to make her tower over her daughter who was wearing jeans and sneakers. Her mother’s makeup was perfect, and made her look oh so beautiful. Quite a change from the plain woman she was used to seeing, who usually only wore a little foundation and maybe some lipstick, on special occasions. Finally her hair was a lot longer than Joy remembered. Even pulled back in a ponytail, it reached the middle of her back.

“What’s with the hair?” Joy finally asked, after she had gone over her mother’s hot body from bottom to top, with her eyes.

“Hair extensions,” Lucy replied, swallowing as she felt a tingle between her legs when she realized her daughter was checking her out.

“You never answered me,” Joy said, squeezing her mother’s arms for emphasis. “What were you doing in there?”

“I don’t know,” Lucy replied, looking away from her daughter.

“Don’t give me that crap,” Joy said, grabbing her mother’s chin and turning her so she could look into her eyes. “Answer me, mom.”

“I needed something,” she said, shaking with emotion. “You’re dad is gone more than he’s home. Even when he’s home, he’s not. We haven’t made love in almost a year. But, I don’t want to cheat on your father with another man, because I still love him.”

“So you thought you’d try a woman?” Joy asked, continuing to stare into her mother’s eyes.

Lucy only nodded in response.

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

She shook her head no.

“What were you expecting?” Joy continued.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to dance and have some fun,” her mother replied shyly.

“No, mom,” Joy said, sternly gazing into her eyes. “If you wanted to dance, you’d be wearing jeans and a loose fitting top, with a bra. You wear a clingy dress and heals like this, and you’re looking to get laid.”

Her mother lowered her head in embarrassment. Suddenly, before she even realized what she was doing, Joy pushed her hand between her mother’s legs and began sliding her hand upwards over the soft smooth skin of her inner thigh. Lucy gasped at the contact, but made no attempt to stop her, and even spread her legs a little to give her easier access. ataşehir escort The tingling in her crotch was becoming stronger, as the girl’s hand got closer.

“Slut,” Joy hissed, when her hand reached her mother’s crotch, and instead of finding soft cotton panties, she found soft, warm, and very wet pussy lips. “Only sluts go dancing without wearing panties. Are you a slut, mother?”

“Yes,” Lucy moaned, closing her eyes as Joy’s fingers slid enticingly between her nether lips and grazed her tingling clit.

“Yes what, mother?” Joy pressed, as her fingers applied pressure to her mother’s most sensitive place.

“Yes, I’m a slut,” Lucy replied, as her breathing began to get ragged.

“Are you my slut?” Joy asked, scrapping a fingernail over her mother’s now very hard clit.

“Oh, god yes,” her mother almost screamed, as sexual shock ran through her body, clouding her mind.

“Are you sure?” Joy pursued, as she continued to stroke her mother’s clit.

“Oh, god yes.”

“Say it then.”

“Oh, my god,” Lucy moaned, as her hips began to rock. “I’m your slut, baby. I’m my daughter’s dirty slut.”

“Yes, you are,” Joy said. She then shoved two fingers into her mother’s hot swampy love hole and began fingerfucking her, as she remained pinned against the wall.

With two fingers working in and out of her mother’s soaking wet cunt, she reached up with her other hand and massaged her mom’s full breast through the soft material of her dress, while she nibbled on her mother’s neck and earlobe. Lucy moaned with pleasure.

After a couple of minutes Joy reached up, grabbed the shoulder strap of her mother’s dress and pulled it off of her shoulder, and down the older woman’s arm fully exposing her magnificent 38D tit. Fortunately her tits didn’t sag very much, so she was able to wear the clingy dress without a bra. As soon as it was exposed, Joy latched onto the rock hard nipple, and began suckling on it, as she had when she was a baby.

“Is this the way it felt when I was a baby, mom?” Joy asked, between sucks.

“God, yesss!” Lucy gasped, letting her head fall back against the wall, as the pleasure shot through her body.

“Did you ever cum, while I was nursing?” Joy pushed.

“Yes,” Lucy gasped, embarrassed by letting her daughter know one of her most intimate secrets.

“You dirty old slut,” Joy hissed around her mother’s nipple. “Cuming while your little baby girl nurses on your hot nipple. You are such a dirty slut. Do you know what sluts are good for?”


“They are only good for fucking and sucking,” Joy said, biting her mother’s nipple hard.

Lucy almost screamed as the pain shot from her nipple straight to her clit. She put her hands on the back of her daughter’s head and pulled her tighter to her breast.

“You slut whore,” Joy growled into her mother’s firm breast. “Is there anything I can’t do to you?”

“No,” Lucy gasped, stroking the back of her daughter’s head.

With two fingers jamming in and out of her mother’s soaked pussy, her palm was soon filled to overflowing with her mother’s copious pussyjuices, and it began running off the edges landing on the dirty ground between her mother’s widespread legs. She pressed her thumb against her mother’s sensitive clit, causing the woman to groan louder, and arch her back pushing her pussy tighter against her daughter’s hand.

“Oh, god, I’m going to cum,” Lucy grasped.

“Yes, cum for me, slut,” Joy growled, increasing her efforts. She worked her mother’s body like the expert she was, knowing full well the effect she was having on the older woman. “Cum for me. Show me how much of a mommyslut you are.”

“God, yes, I’m your slut,” Lucy screamed, her hips bucking wildly to her daughter’s rhythm. “I’m cuming for you. Oh! God! Yesssss!!”

Lucy’s body stiffened and vibrated as her orgasm raced through her body uncontrollably. She gripped her daughter’s head, pressing her face tighter into her breast as the girl bit he nipple, and pressed her clit as hard as she could. Lucy had not experience an orgasm this powerful in years, if ever.

Joy kept her mom cuming for what seemed an eternity, before she released her grip on her nipple and pussy. Lucy slumped against the wall, gasping as she tried to catch her breath. Her hands dropped from her daughter’s head to her shoulders, using Joy to help keep herself from falling to the ground.

The younger woman removed her fingers from her mother’s cunt and sucked her juices from them enjoying her musky taste. Her palm had a small puddle of pussy juice in it. She thought about slurping it up as well, but decided to have her slutmom do it instead.

“Lick,” Joy ordered, holding her hand in front of her mother’s face.

Lucy immediately stuck her long pink tongue out and licked her daughter’s palm, tasting herself. She had tasted her own pussy juice before, when she had licked her fingers after masturbating herself to orgasm, but she had never ümraniye escort tasted this much pussyjuice before. And, there was something unbelievably erotic about licking it off of another woman’s hand. She moaned with pleasure.

After a couple of minutes of licking Joy grabbed the back of her mother’s neck and pulled her face down to her so she could kiss her on the lips. Joy’s tongue slid against her mother’s lips and they parted immediately, allowing her to enter her warm wet mouth. She freely explored her mother’s mouth, coaxing her tongue out so she could suck on it. She was surprised at how long her mother’s tongue was. Joy had kissed dozens of women over the years, and many of them had exceptionally long tongues, but her mother’s tongue felt like a snake in her mouth. She knew she had to have that tongue somewhere else, and now.

“Do you remember the second thing I said sluts were good for?” Joy asked, breaking the passionate kiss.

“Sucking?” Lucy answered quietly, after thinking for a couple of seconds.

Joy grabbed a flattened cardboard box and dropped it on the ground in front of her. Without being told to, Lucy dropped to her knees on the box. Her face was now at the level of her daughter’s crotch. When Joy made no attempt to undo her pants, Lucy realized it was her job to pull her daughter’s jeans down. She reached to her waist and undid the snap, pulling down the zipper. Then she gripped the girls jeans and panties, and tugged them down over her hips and down past her knees.

Lucy took her first look at her daughter’s hairless pussy, and she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The last time she had seen it was when she was still in diapers. She reached out with a finger and slid it over her soaked cuntlips, and then stuck it in her mouth and tasted her daughter for the first time. She found the musky flavor different from her own taste, and very pleasant, and knew she wanted more.

She leaned in sticking her long tongue out, and got a good taste of her daughter’s wet pussy. Joy moaned and grabbed the back of her mother’s head, pulling her face deeper into her twat. Lucy gasped as she felt her face being forced into the girl’s lovehole. She quickly pushed her tongue between her daughter’s labia and began lapping at the copious juices flowing from the girl’s hole. She was getting all of the girl’s essence she could handle and then some.

Joy spread her legs as wide as she could, and rocked her hips forward making it easier for her mother to get at her pussy. Her mother’s long tongue felt like a snake wriggling around inside of her. She could tell her mother had never done this before, but she knew with a little training she would get better.

At first Lucy wasn’t sure what to do, but she quickly began doing what she thought she herself would enjoy, and Joy’s moans and whimpers told her she was doing something right.

“God you’re a good cuntlicker,” Joy hissed. “With training you’ll get even better.”

Suddenly Lucy found her daughter’s clit. She licked the hard nub, and nipped at it with her teeth. She then sucked her pussylips in and chewed on them, as her tongue continued to snake it’s way around inside of her. Joy was going crazy with what her Suzy-homemaker mother was doing to her pussy. She knew at this rate it would not take her long to have an earth shattering orgasm.

“Oh, god, yes,” Joy moaned, as the pleasure began to peak. “You’re making me cum, slut.”

Joy arched her back and ground her pussy against her mother’s face as the waves of pleasure washed over her body. She twitched several times, and pressed her mother’s face so tightly into her crotch Lucy couldn’t breath for several long seconds while her daughter came like a house on fire, groaning deep in her throat with her pleasure.

The girl finally had to push her mother away from her sensitive clit. She reached down and pulled the older woman to her feet. She reached up with one hand and pulled her mother’s face, which was covered with Joy’s pussyjuice, down to her level so she could kiss her passionately on the lips, tasting herself on her lips and tongue. At the same time she grabbed the hem of her mother’s dress and pulled it up above her hips. Then she reached up and pulled the other shoulder strap down so that now she was totally naked except for her dress wrapped snuggly around her waste.

“That was fantastic,” Joy said, as she began to palm her mother’s naked tits with one hand. Then she slid her other hand between the woman’s legs to finger her sopping wet fuckhole. Lucy moaned at the renewed stimulation to her already tingling clit. Soon her hips were rocking to her daughter’s rhythm.

“Oh, my god, honey,” Lucy moaned, as her eyes rolled back into her head with pleasure.

Suddenly Joy firmly pinched her mother’s clit bringing her back to reality. She looked into her daughter’s lovely eyes, as she continued to stroke her mother’s pussy.

“Do you know what else sluts are good at?” Joy asked, slipping two fingers into her mother’s sopping wet fuckhole.

“No, baby,” Lucy responded, licking her sensuous lips, as she gasped for breath.

“They follow their mistress’ orders without question,” Joy said, yanking her fingers out of her mother and stepping back from the older woman, and staring into her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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