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I licked Kaylee thoroughly during the night, to make sure she is clean. Her butt is the softest pillow I’ve ever had. I want to stay with her longer, but I need to work in an hour. I struggle gently to get my face out from between Kaylee’s ass and pajamas. She moans quietly.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” I say gently and pull up her fleece pajama bottoms.

“Where are you going?” she says and turns to lie on her back.

“I have work soon,” I respond.

“Oh good, go make money,” she smiles.

I want to get under the covers and kiss her entire body. She looks adorable, snuggled in the softest blankets she could find.

“Don’t wash your face, its a good reminder of me. Maybe if you did a good enough job last night I won’t have to shower today,” she says, enthusiastically.

Im surprised at this remark. She would have never said that before yesterday.

“Okay I won’t… maybe I can kiss your butt more later?” I say and have an obvious erection.

‘pfffffft’ she ignores her fart.

“hmmm… we’ll see,” she laughs

My thoughts center around Kaylee all day. I often get a submissive tingle in my stomach. I hope she takes control of our relationship, my desire to please her is so strong. One o’clock can’t come fast enough. Its Saturday and I have tomorrow off. I work Monday through Saturday 5am to 1pm. I finally get home and look for Kaylee immediately.

“Your still in bed?” I ask, loving how relaxed she looks.

“Yeah is that okay with you… I need extra rest because you woke me up this morning,” she says, sarcastically.

“Of course… you can sleep all day if you want,” I respond and kiss her blanket covered butt.

“Eww. You worked all day,”

she pushes my face away,

“the first thing you will do when you come home is shower… and shave your face,” she says dismissing me.

‘ppppptt’ she farts as I walk away to do as she commands.

I can’t believe she said “eww” when she hasn’t showered in days and obviously didn’t today. I do my best to focus on shaving and not my queen in bed, so I don’t cut myself. I notice the toilet, she must not have flushed all day, it is filled with shit and piss. Theres no way she forgot to flush every time she went to the bathroom. I try not to give it another thought and get in the shower. I open my dresser drawer across from where Kaylee is watching tv.

“Umm excuse me… I would like you naked mister,” she says smiling.

“Yeah?… okay,” I respond.

“Yeaaa I think it will be nice to always have you naked… do you agree? Take your towel off,” she adds.

“Yes of course anything you want,” I say, politely.

I take my towel off and sit down on the bed.

“Uh… Kaylee d-”

“Remember yesterday when she said you want me to be the queen in our relationship?” she cuts me off.

“Yes definitely, I would love that so much,” I answer, interested in what she has to say.

“Okay well thats how I want you to address me… as I am your Queen, I actually like Princess Kaylee,” she says, confidently.

“Okay… I like that,” I smile.

“Ugh that did not require a response and if it did you didn’t even respond the way I want,” she whines.

“Im sorry Princess,” I respond.

“I said I like Princess Kaylee, do you listen? One simple thing!” she shouts, annoyed.

“Yes Princess Kaylee I’m sorry, I won’t forget,” I kiss her back.

I am surprised at how demanding she is this afternoon. She has never been like this before, but it is turning me on. Theres no way I can hide my erection when I’m naked. Kaylee pays no attention to my swollen dick but, touches it lightly for a few seconds.

“Now is there something you wanted to ask me?” she continues watching tv.

“Uh… yeah yes Princess Kaylee, did… you uh forget to flush the toilet?” I ask, hesitantly.

“No I used the bathroom and left. Why, you can’t flush it for me? Is that to much to do?” she asks and I know they’re rhetorical questions.

Kaylee moves over on the bed and opens her covers like she wants me to get under.

“Kiss my ass,” she commands.

I immediately smell her acrid, stale smell. She shimmies her pajamas down to expose her butt. I can’t believe a female this beautiful can smell as bad as she does right now. I kiss her butt cheeks first to take it slow, they are soft and cushiony. She pushes my head to where she wants, so that my nose is in her ass crack. It smells like she hasn’t wiped at all after she used the toilet. It is a dream to have my face this close to her ass. I can taste shit when I kiss her and she seems to enjoy it a lot.

‘pffffft pppt’ she adds a fart to the pungent mess.

I can hear her laughing.

“Stick out your tongue!” she barks.


“Clean bursa escort me like last night… but you don’t have all night this time. Lets go!”

‘bbbrrraaapp’ she farts right into my mouth.

I have a full erection and my only desire is to please her. I do my best to lick thoroughly for an hour while receiving several farts.

“Okay I need to stretch… my tv show is over. Am I clean?” she moves to get off her bed.

“Yes Princess Kaylee,” I respond.

“I need to pee and brush my teeth I want you to clean the bathroom, then make diner. Theres sauce in the fridge, I want pasta,” she says, looking over her shoulder as she walks away.

Her dark hair tangled lightly covers her back almost touching her ass. Her pink tank top is falling off one shoulder revealing more of her delicious supple skin. My erection is crying for relief, it doesn’t take more than thirty seconds for me to cum right on her bed.

I get my submissive desire back quickly when I start to clean the bathroom. I scrub everything in the bathroom thoroughly, until it is spotless. I rub my sore knees after kneeling on the cold tile floor for a half hour. My thoughts revolve around Kaylee, I love how well she is able to tell me what she wants. It feels weird to do everything naked and I have an erection most of the time. I put the pasta into the boiling water, then go to Kaylee where she is lounging in the living room.

“Princess Kaylee, food will be ready in like ten minutes,” I place a kiss on her head.

She smacks me in the face,

“ewww, if your face is gonna be in my ass don’t kiss my head… you belong below my waist!” she laughs, amused by her words.

“What do we have like nine minutes now? Rub my feet,” she says and wiggles her toes.

This idea sounds great to me, I get on my knees immediately. Her feet look divine, resting on the leather ottoman. They are warm and her socks are soft. It sends that submissive fire I have, from the pit of my stomach to my lips and stimulates me to kiss the tops of her feet.

“Is there anything on my body that you wouldn’t kiss?” she giggles.

“Just rub them for now, make them feel good until diner is ready,” she commands and rolls her eyes slightly.

She appears relaxed and content as she watches my hands work on her feet.

‘Beep… beep… beep… beep’ the timer goes off.

That was a fast nine minutes, I could stay at her feet for hours. We eat in silence but, I wish she would talk. I feel uncomfortable eating naked and I wonder if she thinks I’m weird after these past two days. However, she is taking to her role very well and assertively. I just want her to break the silence and finish eating.

“Mmm that was good… I’m glad you know how to cook already cuz I hate cooking,” she laughs.

“Thank you Princess Kaylee,” I say and get up to take her plate away.

“Come here,”she says, stopping me from washing the dishes.

I watch her perfect ass plop down in her chair.

“On the floor,” she points as if she is signaling a dog to sit.

“I’m really happy that I found that weird stuff you like and that you opened up to me… I don’t understand why you would want to put your face in my ass and I know my ass smells sometimes too,”

she laughs,

“but it doesn’t matter… I love how it feels and the fact that you will put your tongue where I shit whenever I want you to is so exciting,” she says and smiles confidently.

Her words are turning me on and growing my desire for her.

“Princess Kaylee, I always believed I’m the luckiest person alive because I’m with you, your perfect and I love to treat you like the Goddess you are,” I say, surprised that my words came out the way I anticipated.

She runs her fingers through my hair and has a pleased look on her face.

“I want you at my beck and call… I can be so much more demanding and mean sometimes, I don’t know if you can handle that, it will be hard, every moment for you will be in service to me,” she says, looking me in the eyes.

“Princess Kaylee I will do anything you say I want to be your slave, my greatest desire is to please you,” I kiss her feet.

“It will be like being my slave and your only desire will be to please me. Your needs and pleasure will not matter,” she says, seriously.

“Please Princess Kaylee, I want this please, please do anything you want with me as your slave,” I say, devotedly.

I can smell her sweet feminine lotion mixed with the stale smell of her unshowered body, it is intoxicating.

“You might be thinking with this,”

she strokes my dick a few times teasingly,

“we might need to take it slow… concentrate on this evening for now. Come follow me and crawl! I need to shit,” she smiles devilishly.

I follow right behind bursa escort bayan her with my eyes fixed on her ass. She slides her pajamas down just enough to expose her butt and sits on the toilet.

“Come closer… see this,”

she takes the toilet paper off the holder,

“I never want to use this again, you will clean me with your tongue from now on,” she says and smiles at the idea.

‘ppppptt’ her farts echo in the toilet.

‘sshhhhhlllooopp’ I hear her waste hit the water then she gets off the toilet and pulls up her pajamas.

“You are going to clean me later,”

she proceeds to comb her hair in the mirror,

“right now I want you to finish the dishes, do the laundry, fold my blankets, clean my toilet, make my bed… wash the kitchen floor,” she orders like a spoiled brat.

I get started on the list of things I have to do. I think she just gave me all the chores that came to mind. I wondered why she told me to make the bed, she’s going to dive under the covers in a couple hours anyway. Also, I just cleaned the toilet not to long ago, I scrubbed it thoroughly anyway. I want her throne to be spotless. I work hard to make sure all her orders are completed to perfection. I think a lot about the unwiped ass I have waiting for me. I thought she was going to have me clean her after she finished shitting. She is not at all self conscious about the way she smells or how dirty she is. I love it. I can hear her chatting on the phone and using her computer as I do my chores. She was on the phone for a while, about 45 minutes, with her mother I believe.

I finish everything and its 11pm, I’m exhausted. I meet Kaylee in the living room where she is lounging with her feet up. She is still awake and scrolling through Facebook. I get on my knees to rub her feet.

“Mmm that feels nice, are you done with everything?” she stretches her legs.

“Yes Princess Kaylee,” I respond.

“Good, I’m getting sleepy… lets get into bed,” she says, excitedly and yawns.

She pushes her pajamas down until her butt plops out then, lays face down on the bed.

“Put your face in my ass and cover us over with the blanket,” she says, waiting to feel my face.

‘Brrraaaappp’ she farts soon as I get the blanket over us.

It smells mildly and her body smells like old sweat, faint perfume and her natural aroma.

“I want a tongue bath for at least an hour or until I fall asleep… then you can go to sleep. But, I don’t want your face to leave my ass,”

‘pfffffttttt’ she farts then continues to talk.

“When I get up to use the bathroom you follow me so I can use you as toilet paper… then I want you back in the same position,” she says her instructions clearly.

“I know I turn in my sleep but your gonna have to move to, I don’t care if you keep waking up thats not my problem… I want a good nights sleep, do you understand?” she says, expecting me to focus on everything she says.

“Yes Princess Kaylee,” I respond.

She turns and grabs me by the hair,

“ugh! Keep your face in my ass all the time!” she says then plunges my nose between her crack.

‘pppppttttt’ I can hear her chuckle.

“Yes Princess Kaylee,” I try to say but my voice is muffled by her cheeks.

I lick her entire ass removing all the little bits around her hole. I keep in mind that my only job now is to keep my face in her ass, but its not that easy. I never get to sleep more than fifteen minutes to a half hour at a time. I am woken by her farts aimed directly in my mouth or nose. I can’t do anything but listen to the sounds come from inside her ass. She had to get up a couple times to pee and I would clean her eagerly afterwards. The taste in my mouth is rancid, mixed from her piss soaked, pungent pussy and the earlier tongue bath that I gave her. I slept less than two hours total the entire night. Kaylee sleeps peacefully for hours and hours.

I wait patiently for her to wake up. I desperately want to get out of bed to stretch and receive some fresh air. She starts to wake around 11 in the morning, thats more than ten hours of sleep for princess.

“Good morning,” she smacks my head to make sure I’m awake.

“Morning Princess Kaylee,” I talk into her ass.


“mmmm don’t waste my morning farts,” she laughs.


She stretches her body and I move to keep my face in her ass.

“Pancakes sounds good,” she pushes my head away, “make me breakfast, now! You can eat later,” she says and uses her feet to continue to push me.

My erection doesn’t begin to subside until I am finished making her breakfast. The smell of the pancakes and syrup make me hungrier. I wonder why she told me to eat later. I want to eat but do as I’m told. I deliver her plate to where she is sitting escort bursa up in bed. She doesn’t even make an effort to take the plate, I put it in her lap and hand her the fork.

“ooooo yum,” she starts eating.

“I’m going out today. I want you to go run my bath,” she demands.

“oh… uh wh where are you going Princess?” I ask, wanting to spend the day together.

She puts her pale down immediately in the fluffy ball of sheets, then gets out of bed.

“owww ow,” I wince.

I stay on my knees. Kaylee grabs my ear forcefully, digging into my skin with her nails.

“I don’t want you to just speak whenever you feel like! It doesn’t matter where I’m going… if I wanted to tell you then I would have! Got it?”

she releases my ear, grips my hair and pulls my head back until she can look at my face. I am to shocked and a little nervous to do or say anything.

“From now on your only response is, yes Princess Kaylee. Unless I give you permission to speak or ask you a direct question!… ugh,”

she lets of my hair,

“go start my bath!” she commands, sternly.

I get to the bathroom quickly and run the water until its at perfect temperature, before letting it fill up. My bladder reminds me, I haven’t peed this morning. I decide now is a good time because my erection is smaller at the moment.

“Kneel in front of my bath!” she says, stopping me from my trip to the toilet.

I watch her gorgeous body get into the water. She is a goddess. Her curves are perfect her skin is soft, tight and cushiony but, she has no muscle at all. She never lifts a finger physically, its amazing how attractive her body is naturally. She uses her sponge to rub some areas of her body.

“I really like this new relationship of ours, I love the control so much, it turns me on so much… and I want more. I want it too be all about me all of the time,” she says in a clear easy tone.

She pulls her foot out of the water,

“kiss,” is all she says.

I place a kiss on her foot then she gives me a light playful kick on the cheek. She laughs and sits back in the water.

“I don’t want you doing anything without my permission,” she says, watching my expression.

I listen and crave her words.

“That means nothing, you won’t speak, eat, piss, shit, read, brush your teeth, watch tv… nothing without my permission,” she says, with a seductive evil smile.

“Yes Princess Kaylee,” I say, my mind flooded with desire.

She gets out of the tub, “towel!” she puts her hand out waiting.

I scramble to get her towel.

“You have permission to speak freely, until I leave,” she says, as she drys off.

“Thank you Princess Kaylee… please let me be your slave. I really want this so bad. I would do anything,” I say and kiss both her feet.

“Hmmm again you say you will do anything… I don’t think you know what anything is,” she laughs almost devilishly.

“I do, I would do anything you want. Your wish is my command,” I put my desire into words.

“Crawl,” she says and walks to her bedroom.

“I’m going shopping and a massage with my mom. I will be gone for a while,” she pulls her spandex up.

“Okay… Princess Kaylee… I really need to pee I hav-”

“No when I leave you can do that stuff,” she cuts me off and ignores my discomfort.

“I left a list of chores in the kitchen… if you want to continue as my slave, then I expect everything to be done,”

she picks up her dirty socks with two fingers,

“do you want to be my slave?” she asks, holding them in front me.

“Yes Princess Kaylee,” I say quietly and nod.

They smell cheesy and the bottoms are dirty. Theres at least a week worth of dirt and sweat on them, maybe two.

“Eww,” she stuffs the socks in my mouth.

“Lay on the bed with your face above my plate,” she says, pointing to the pile of blankets.

I notice some syrup dripping off the plate. I lay face down keeping my head right above the leftover pancakes and syrup.

“If you need to ask permission for anything while I’m gone, send me a text,” she says, while waking to the bed.

I can’t respond with her socks in my mouth and just nod instead.

“I haven’t shit this morning, I’m gonna have to go bad when I get home,” she says quietly, her lips are inches away from my ear.

“Don’t get up until I leave,”

she pushes my face into the plate and laughs,

“I will text you,” she says and places my phone in front of me.

She doesn’t say another word but, covers my face with her feminine smelly, stale, weeks old pajamas. I try to follow her with my ears to keep my mind off my other senses. I can hear her in the bathroom for a while then I hear the living room tv.

I don’t know what is worse, the taste of her sour sweaty socks, the sticky syrup all over my face or the dirty musky smell of her pajamas. But, I don’t receive a text for 45 minutes, plenty of time to figure that out.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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