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Chapter Nine: [H]omewrecker

Morgan spent a lot of time thinking about Chris at home. When she would masturbate, she would picture him there with her, helping her, and when she was with her husband, she would pass the time comparing the two of them. Each comparison favored Chris, and even the men on television whom she used to fantasize about failed to measure up to him. She imagined Chris larger than each of them and dismissed their good looks in favor of Chris’ youthful affection and massive endowments.

Such comparisons did not help her marriage. She still loved her husband, but each day found her attraction to him fading, displaced onto a well-endowed eighteen-year-old boy who had made it a habit to paint her face with semen every day after school. Which was part of the problem–her husband would never be bold enough to do the same. So, even if he were big enough to compete with Chris, which he was not, he could never win her back with his milquetoast personality. Chris was simply superior to Jared as a man, and Morgan had come to accept that.

In a way, that acceptance was liberating. It freed her to still love her husband and to appreciate him for what little he could do, and it simultaneously freed her to enjoy Chris and to indulge in all of the pleasure he offered her, student or not. The only problem left was that the more Morgan thought of Chris, the less she thought of her husband. She found it hard to talk with him anymore as anything she would have found interesting now seemed inconsequential next to Chris.

At work, Morgan had trouble focusing. She was still a good teacher, but every spare thought was given to Chris. He had started coming to her hard during the day, and while Morgan would reprimand him each time, she often rewarded the behavior. When she didn’t have time, Chris was graceful, waiting patiently until she did or waiting until the end of the day. He knew better than to ask her during class, though she sometimes wished he would. She had arrived late to her class last time, but she hadn’t gotten in trouble for it.

After school, a quick orgasm seemed to lead to improved focus in the young man, and the fruit of his labors appeared in the form of another A hovering in Morgan’s face. Morgan smiled at it. This time, he had gotten every question right. She hugged him around his muscular torso. “Good Job, Chris! I’m so proud of you!” Morgan laughed when she stepped back and found Chris bashfully undoing his pants. “Oh my, someone is in a hurry.”

Chris, blushing, said, “I-I was thinking that since I got an A, maybe we could fuck?”

“Language,” Morgan said absently, but she watched his crotch with open, animal interest. When his limp cock came into view, she cooed. “But yes, of course, we can have sex if you like. It’s your A, so you’ve earned it.” Taking him into her hands, she cradled him and stroked him as he swelled rapidly into a full length. Then, she moaned. “Gosh, Chris, I don’t even know how you fit into me!” Smiling up at him, she mewled. “Mm, but I guess we’re going to find out soon, aren’t we?”

Chris nodded dumbly as Morgan stroked him with open affection. They watched each other, Chris throbbing in Morgan’s soft hands, and Morgan marveled at his size and warmth. This has been going on for weeks now, and neither could quite fathom their situation. Morgan remained infatuated with Chris and completely astonished to learn that a boy could be so well-hung. Chris, in turn, used his youth to advantage to stay hard even after climax or otherwise eryaman escort recover quickly enough to keep her impressed.

Leaning forward, Morgan breathed him in and kissed his cock root. Even without a thicket of dark pubic hair to gather his sweat, his crotch remained musky. She showered him with affection as she breathed it in, letting it fuel her want. She was wet for him from the moment she woke up that morning, but sniffing and tasting him left her hooded and wanting. Being a small woman, Morgan wanted herself as horny as she could be to accommodate his size and youthful exuberance.

Morgan kissed his sculpted belly while stroking him. “Though, if you want to have sex as a reward, then I’m a bit overdressed, aren’t I?”

Chris nodded gently.

Giggling, Morgan released him and stood. She held him by his shoulder when standing before him, and the size difference between them turned her on even more. Smiling up at him, she undid and shimmied out of her pants as he stared, and she had to swallow her laughter as his dick twitched and dribbled at the sight of her panties.

As a teen, Morgan would have been ashamed by the wet spot that had formed in the crotch of her panties. She would have been equally ashamed of how the fabric seemed to hug her smoothly shaven peach. Now, however, she took pride in Chris’ gaze and in his arousal. She caught him staring and pulled her panties tight to the contours of her vulva, giving him an open invitation to stare at her arousal and to appreciate it like she did. “Wow, look at that! I’m soaking down there. Here, feel,” she said, taking him by the hand and guiding him to his privates.

She pressed his fingers against her vulva and let him feel the warm slickness of her arousal. Chris followed blindly, cupping her and squeezing without reason. Morgan cooed, grinding his fingers and biting back a more impassioned moan as she slid along his long, thick digits. They are not yet a man’s fingers, but already they are strong and beyond adequate. Like the rest of him, she was sure they would ripen further with age but already found them incomparably pleasing.

Moving closer to him, Morgan felt his long shaft slide against her wrist and wet her flesh. She smiled and took hold of him, pulling his leaking cock to her belly and holding it there. She lifted her blouse next, showing off a violet bra that hugged her small, perky breasts. She filled out an A-cup only, but her nipples showed through the sheer fabric of her bra, announcing her arousal to him. Chris legitimately thought she was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Her bra came next, revealing her pink, erect nipples. Their vibrant color made them almost glow on her pale, unblemished breasts. She smiled when Chris twitched against her belly, gushing fresh precum against her. Taking hold of him, she cooed and stroked him against her stomach with a laugh. “Oh yeah, there we go. There’s my big man, all ready to penetrate me. Be careful, though, baby, we don’t want to come too early, do we?”

Chris fucked her hands. “Sorry,” he breathed.

Morgan stared at his flexing body in awe. “No,” she whispered. “Don’t be. It’s actually very flattering.” She spread his copious precum out across his red crown and swollen shaft. His precum alone was thicker and stickier than her husband’s messiest orgasm, and it warmed her palms as she touched it. Staring down at his slippery shaft, she smiled at the thought of him filling her. “Besides,” she said, “We need all the lubricant we can get for escort ankara this monster. Speaking of which…”

Biting her bottom lip, she removed her hands from him long enough to step out of her panties. Chris removed his hand, too, and watched her neatly trimmed pussy come into view. Morgan wore her pubic hair short and had just trimmed it the night before so that her wet lips would be on display. Standing before him, she can feel herself open in preparations. Her thighs are wet with her arousal and her labia already slightly parted in expectation. She took hold of his shaft again and, guiding him with two hands, led him to her desk.

“We’ll do it here,” she said in growing excitement, and she smiled at him over her shoulder. “Remember go slow but go deep. I want to feel every inch of you inside of me, Chris.” Chris nodded absently, his eyes fixed on her soft, flexing ass cheeks as she walked. When she turned, his gaze found something else to latch onto. He couldn’t pull his eyes from her glistening cleft as she climbed onto the desk and held her legs apart. Still holding him, she pulled him toward her and lined him up. Then, lifting his gaze by the chin, she smiled at him. “Are you ready?”

Chris nodded, and she held him to her parted, hungry entrance.

“Then do it,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

Chris moved, and she came. As his crown entered her their combined arousal eased his penetration. It was a slow thrust, almost agonizing in its control. Chris slid himself into her while staring her in the eyes, and he watched the orgasm crawl up her spine in slow motion as her eyes gradually opened wider and wider while her jaw quivered. She held him by the shoulders as he opened her cervix and entered her womb, and she came a second time and then a third time when his testicles came to rest against her peach.

Delirious with pleasure and moaning like a whore, she hugged him close. “Oh! Oh, God! Chris!” Holding him by the shoulders, she sat back to stare at their joined bodies. She can see a hint of his muscular stomach flexing as he held himself inside of her. Meanwhile, her tiny glove is stretched wide around his thick shaft, glistening in arousal but also slightly swollen. Morgan flexed and moaned. “Oh. My. God. Chris, your dick is just so big. I swear, you’re going to ruin me for my husband!”

Chris twitched inside of her when he heard that, and Morgan cooed and smiled, holding him again by the shoulder as she leaned back to watch his slow retreat. He moved slowly, easing out of her until only his crown remained inside of her. His shaft glistened as he entered her again, his movements slow and careful to make up for his inexperience. It was only their third time together, his third time at all, and while he seemed more comfortable, his only real improvement was his endurance.

Morgan didn’t mind. Her body seemed programmed for him, and that more than made up for his lack of technique. Every little movement he made turned her on or enhanced her pleasure, and even his clumsiest, aimless, arhythmic thrusts in the past were the best sex of her life. Now slow and methodical, it allowed her time to enjoy his shaft and to watch him open her, but she missed the reckless animal passion of before, as well as the added joy of his heavy ballsack hammering her in tandem.

Looking into his knitted brow, Morgan smiled to see his concentration. “That’s right, big boy, slow and steady wins the race. Take your time and enjoy yourself,” she moaned. “You’ve earned this.” Her sincan escort toes curled as the third thrust drove her to her fourth orgasm. Eyes closed, she purred, “Mm. If you keep this up, I might have to start putting out for Bs.”

Hearing this, Chris hardened and picked up speed. Planting his hands on her hips, he held her steady as he hammered into her depths. Morgan came again and again now that his balls were slapping her bottom and, holding him tight, she held her eyes closed to ride out the mingling climaxes, which met and mixed into one lingering orgasm. Her legs went numb from the pleasure Chris was giving her.

“Oh! God! Chris! Yes! Oh, yes! YES!”

Morgan hugged him close and kissed his shoulder to contain her screams. Chris’ hip movements had increased dramatically in this short time, but his size continued to be his defining strength. She wrapped her legs around him and held him into the depths of her cervix. Pulling him to her, she kissed him deeply, tongues dancing, drinking his saliva like it was nectar. As they parted, she was breathless with Chris wilting inside of her, his hot seed left in her womb in place of his dick.

Chris gasped while holding her. “I’m sorry!”

Morgan laughed breathlessly. “No, no,” she whispered, and she pulled him into another kiss. This one was gentler, and Chris followed her guidance, moving only as she moved him. Their tongues met again, and then they parted. Morgan licked her lips afterward to taste him again. “You have nothing to apologize for,” she said, smiling, “You were good, Chris. The best I’ve ever had.”

Chris twitched inside of her as a bashful smile formed on his face. Morgan cooed. “Am I good enough to get sex on Bs,” he asked, and she laughed.

“We’ll see.” She glanced down between their bodies and moaned. “Gosh, you’re still so big inside of me…”

“Is that…a good thing? Do you like it?”

Flexing around him, Morgan moaned. “I…love it.” Leaning forward, she rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. “Every time we have sex, you make it harder for me to say no the next time.” Sitting up, she chuckled to herself while shaking her head. “Oh my, what am I going to do? I’m hopeless.”

Chris watched her with his brow knitted by confusion. “What?”

Morgan smiled. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, and she stared at his thick root still holding her open. “I think I just bit off more than I can chew.” Cupping his head, she pulled him into one last kiss before patting his chest. “Okay, big guy, go ahead and pull out. I’m ready.”

Chris nodded and obeyed, easing out of her and releasing the sperm he had plugged up. It poured from her open pussy and left a mess of semen across the edge of the desk. Morgan winced, sliding from her desk and waddling over to her bag to procure a towel. She wiped him clean first before toweling off the floor. Chris, meanwhile, offered to take over and let Morgan dress. She pulled her panties on first and then went to the door once her pants were on.

Morgan left to clean herself and returned to find the window open and Chris seated in the front row with a book out. He had already put her towel away and cleaned up the mess for her. She smiled as she entered and her stomach felt unsteady. “Well, look at that, a stud and a gentleman.” She kissed him on the forehead as she entered and then pulled up a chair in front of his desk. Chris watched her with a puppy dog stare and it warmed her heart. “Okay, let’s get to page 99 and start looking for that passage. We’re looking for allusions.”

Chris turned the pages and said, “Yes, ma’am!”

Koto’s Commentary:

We are getting close to the end of this volume. Thanks for supporting this story and you readers for reading.

Happy Fapping,


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