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One day near to closing time, I entered the tearooms with a lady. You had not seen this lady before, but she was striking from her appearance alone. Her hair-up in some beehive styling; a scarlet tightly fitted dress, black stockings, red shoes, and a face remarkable only by the absence of any memorable features.

I led her up the wrought iron spiral staircase making a point of going first despite my strong preference to follow. We sat on the mezzanine terrace overlooking more tables and the serving counter below. After a short delay, a waitress dressed in her white blouse; white headdress; black skirt, small white apron with lace trim, stockings and sensible black shoes, followed us up the staircase to our table. We ordered a pot of tea from the menu of specialised loose-leaf teas and sat facing each other across the white tablecloth and china tea set, chatting as the tearoom grew quieter as the remaining customers left.

It was the mezzanine terrace that had convinced you to rent this specific site and open your traditional English tearooms. We had moved to Valletta several months ago with such plan in mind, but it was the Maltese history, the charm of the city, and its colonial past which confirmed your idea for the Lyons style tearooms.

Your insistence on authenticity to the theme of the tearooms seemed to be a good decision in terms of its popularity. As things turned out, the tearooms were proving to be a job which was working well for both of us: you loved experimenting with the menu; I loved watching you dress each morning. I, with some buoyancy, was immensely proud of my contribution to your business via the carefully researched selection of vintage underwear I bought for you to wear.

I would regularly come to eat, drink, read and work at your tearoom and enjoyed watching you work; enjoyed watching the attention you received from the gentlemen customers; and enjoyed more the thought of undressing you when we got home.

You would spend much of your time chatting to customers and had mastered the art of a discreet and professional tease. I would love watching a gentleman’s eyes burning through your clothing when he thought you were not aware. His eyes following you as you walked away from his table smoothing your skirt with your hands over your buttocks. Or watching your precarious climb up the mezzanine staircase, carefully crossing each foot in front of the other as you negotiated the steps, possibly even providing an audible treat of silk stockings rubbing together for anyone following closely behind. You had nurtured so many admirers since opening the tearoom, although unclear, yet irrelevant, if they came to enjoy you or your food.

By way of illustration, we could consider my new friend in her red dress who was visiting today.

With the tearoom almost empty now you came to join us, bringing with you three wine glasses plus a bottle, while your staff below busily cleared the last vacant tables.

I introduced my companion. “This is Tanya, you don’t know her, but she is a long-time admirer of yours. We only recently discovered we had a shared interest in you, so to speak.” I said with a smile. “So, I said I’d introduce you.” I opened the wine and began pouring it into the glasses, resting my other hand on your knee under the tablecloth.

Tanya stepped in, “I have heard so much about you and this tearoom, I have often come here. I want to work here. I want to work for you. I want to learn from you. Is it true what they say about the uniform here?” You felt Tanya’s hand rest on your other knee under the tablecloth and your eyes darted to me, then to Tanya, then more quickly to the wine glass in front of you. It briefly occurred to you that of the three options, the wine glass provided the most comfortable resting place for your eyes.

“Well, it might be true, but it depends exactly what they say,” you reply, without wanting to commit to this conversation.

I added a comment, “I told Tanya how much I enjoy watching you get dressed for work in the morning. I also mentioned that I asked you to wear crotchless panties today, since I beat you at backgammon last night. I hope you have been careful on the staircase today?” You looked at me, slightly incredulous, but resisted commenting in front of Tanya. I continued, “Tanya was extremely interested when I told her. She said she would put on her favourite lingerie if I would bring her to meet you.”

“I did,” istanbul escort Tanya said, “Have you really been wearing crotchless panties all day? Will you show me?” Feeling Tanya’s hand slowly moving up your leg, underneath the hem of your skirt.

You were still feeling a little bemused by this conversation and in an attempt to trivialise things you joked with a weak smile, “Well, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” You quickly regretted it.

Tanya deciding to take you seriously said, “OK, I would very much like to do that.”

“Let’s wait for the staff to finish up,” I say. My hand gently pulling your knee towards me, forcing you to open your legs, then sliding my hand up your leg to the stocking top, toying with the clasp from the suspender belt. Tanya’s hand now caressing the inside thigh of your other leg.

A sound from below distracted us as a waitress called goodnight. Some lights went out downstairs, and the bell on the front door jangled as the waitress pulled it shut behind her.

“Let me help,” I said, standing up, taking your hand, and guiding you to your feet. Tanya quickly withdrew her hand. I stood behind you. We both faced Tanya as I tugged on the zip at the back of your skirt. I slipped my hands under the waistband of your skirt and helped it down over your hips letting it fall to the floor. Tanya licked her lips, and her gaze followed your skirt to the floor, revealing the black lace suspender belt and stocking tops framing your black lace panties, contrasting with your smooth white skin exposed between waist and thigh. I put my arms around your waist holding you closely to me, you could feel my erection pressing hard through my clothing against you.

Tanya pushed her chair back and stood up. Reaching behind her dress for the zip and pulling it down to below her waist. She let her dress fall to the floor, revealing plain red sheer bra and panties with black hold-ups. Her nipples clearly visible through her bra were hard with arousal. Small tufts of pubic hair visible through her panties above her pussy. She reached out for your hand and said, “l can help you. Come here,” leading you to the corner of the mezzanine where there was a chaise lounge and two easy chairs.

Tanya laid you down on the chaise lounge. You had one leg on the seat with knee bent and the foot flat, while your other foot rested on the floor. Tanya glanced down at your pussy peeking through your panties and smiled, “So, you did wear crotchless panties today. Do you always settle your debts so diligently?” She unbuttoned your blouse opening it to reveal a white lace bra with darkened shadows defining your nipples underneath. I sat down in the easy chair opposite thrilled and excited by sight of you being undressed by a woman already in her underwear, enjoying watching you relax into events as they unfolded. I could sense the arousal you were beginning to feel, gazing at your pussy lips only half hidden by your panties for some physical confirmation. I wanting to reach out and touch you, to kiss you. I wanted to undo my trousers to get more comfortable, but Tanya seemed to have a plan and I also wanted to respect that for now. I was happy to sit quietly and watch.

Tanya slid an hand under your bra cup to pull out your breast. Leaning forward to kiss your mouth while caressing your breast, her thumb flicking back and forth over your hardening nipple.

“I know exactly what you need,” Tanya breathed into your ear. “I know you have been turned on all day.” She leant forward and ran small kisses down your neck to the top of your breast. Her other hand slowly sliding down across your tummy and suspender belt finding the top of your panties. Her fingers pointing down continued their progress sliding over your panties between your legs. Cupping your entire pussy with four fingers and firmly pressing against you.

“You make me so excited,” Tanya said, “I bet Patrick can see exactly how wet my pussy is while I’m kneeling over you like this. But are you as wet as me, I wonder?” Her third finger now pushing against your panties. “Oh yes,” she smiled, “how wonderfully convenient your panties are.” Her finger sliding between the seams of your panties and directly between your pussy lips.

“Mmm,” she said as her figure slipped deep inside you with no discernible friction.

“I think you like to have your clit massaged exactly like avcılar escort this,” Tanya said as her slippery finger slid out of you pussy to the top of your opening, then between the seam of your panties covering your clit. Her fingers circled over the top of your hood around the sides and over the exposed tip. Knowing exactly the pressure to use and the speed of movement, she sensed your whole body’s reaction with just the tip of her figure resting on your wet clit.

Slowly and methodically, she caressed your clit, sending waves of pleasure itching inside your tummy. You were raising and rotating your hips to her touch, savouring every movement, feeling the excitement build inside you. Knowing how wet you were becoming, wondering what sort of sight this was creating for me, but not really caring. Waiting for the tension to build and send you into spasms of pleasure. Knowing it could happen any moment under Tanya’s massage, conducted with near psychic expertise.

Then Tanya stopped. “OK Patrick, Jasmine needs your tongue now. Will you come here?” She said, and she guided you further down the chaise lounge, pulling your legs wide apart. She reached down between your legs with both hands and stretched the opening in your panties wider apart and higher up over your clit. Your whole pussy exposed to me, as I leant forward to kiss you.

Keeping my mouth shut I rubbed my face against your gaping pussy lips sliding your pussy over my nose, mouth and chin enjoying the slippery texture of your juices on my skin. I open my mouth and slide my tongue into the opening of your pussy. Experiencing the familiar taste of you, and quickly losing myself in renewed desire and lust, revelling in the delight that you choose me above all others to gift such intimate pleasure.

I slid my tongue up the length of your pussy to your clit. Gently flicking the exposed tip of your clit while Tanya adjusting her grip on your panties with a finger on each side of the top of your labia pushed down and stretched her fingers apart so the tension in your skin pushed more and more of your swollen clit out to the elements and to my tongue.

I circled across the exposed tip of your clit, around the sides, over the top of your hood with my tongue. Trying to mimic the touch of Tanya’s fingers which had clearly worked so well. The same pressure. The same movement. The same speed. With each rotation, as my tongue dropped beneath your clit, I lap up more and more of your sensual juices leaking from your pussy.

Tanya, apparently happy with what I was doing, released her hold of your legs and moved higher up your body. Kneeling either side of your head. “I just want you to know understand what you are doing to me, Jasmine.” She reaches between her legs and pulls her panties to one side, lowering her pussy down towards your mouth. You extend your tongue and slide between Tanya’s pussy lips, surprised by how wet she is and wondering if I am getting the same experience from you. Tanya groans with pleasure as your tongue toys with her pussy.

Tanya indulges her own desires for a moment, wriggling on your face. Then, remembering her original plan and turns to me saying, “OK, we need to give her more, get undressed Patrick.”

I step back watching Tanya climb off you and encourage you to stand also. She takes off your bra and peals down your panties. Positioning you at the end of the chaise lounge, she bends you over the armrest with you bum pointing high. She pulls your feet a little further apart and I’m staring down at your engorged pussy lips and puckered anus, with the framing by your stockings and suspenders drawing my eye. I quickly take off my shirt and step out of my trousers and underpants, at last releasing my cock twitching and throbbing with my pulse trying to force more blood inside. I am aching to fuck you.

“I brought a small present for you, Jasmine,” Tanya says, reaching into her handbag to pull out a vibrator.

She is standing behind you now, not conscious, or not caring that one side of her red panties have ridden up between the cleft of her buttocks while her left breast has almost fully released itself from her bra cup as she leans over you. She switches on the vibrator and teases the entrance to your pussy and your clit. Pushing the tip gently into your pussy, then out and up to your clit. She is precisely reading what you feel and wants, with expertise that you have not şirinevler escort experienced before from anyone else’s touch. Now with more pressure she draws the vibrator down below your clit, across between your labia, and up between the cheeks of your bum, pushing and teasing your second entrance, not quite hard enough to open you up, but enough to send a new shiver of delight through your body.

Moving back to your pussy with the vibrator now, she pushes into you. Opening you up. Slowly. Deeper and deeper inside you. Pushing into you up to the hilt of the vibrator. Sliding out and more firmly back inside you. The vibrator is on full power as she fucks you. You can feel the skin stretching around your clit when she pushes hard into you, the incessant rapid vibrations are simultaneously numbing the surface of your body while tormenting every nerve deep inside your pelvis. I hear you gasping and groaning. You are getting louder and louder, enough to make me wonder if the door downstairs really is locked to any passer-by who might wonder about the cries from inside the tearoom.

With your body clearly in torment, Tanya takes my hand and pushes my thumb against the entrance to your bum. Wet and slippery with what I imagine must have come from your pussy, I push my thumb against your entrance. Staring down at Tanya who continues to fuck your pussy with the vibrator, I watch her reach around your leg and caress your clit with her finger, as my thumb prizes open your other entrance and slowly disappears inside. Deeper and deeper up to the last knuckle. I gradually sync the timing of the movement of my thumb with Tanya fucking your pussy.

Tanya whispers, “OK, with your cock now, Patrick, I know you want that. And I am sure Jasmine needs you inside her.” My cock flinches at the prospect. I slide my thumb out and move up behind you. Holding my throbbing cock, I look down pushing the head against your entrance. Really not sure if you will be able to relax and stretch, but pushing slowly and firmly against you.

Tanya pushes the vibrator all the way inside you to give me room and focuses her attention rolling your slippery clit under her fingers. With deft skill she plays your body as my cock forces its way into you. She keeps you at the edge of ecstasy, the limit of your endurance.

My cock, angry with lust, forces its way inside you. I rest down on your buttocks pulling them apart, watching you open up, with the head of my cock already inside your bum. I feel the vibration from inside you on the tip of my cock.

I pull out slightly and push back in, a little harder and a little deeper, pausing after each push. Your bum feels so tight but welcoming, a doubt flashes through my mind, nervous about you clenching your buttocks and hoping you are able to resist.

Slowly your opening relaxes more, and it becomes easier for me to force my way inside. I am about halfway up my shaft. I hold for a moment, feeling the vibrator relentlessly tickling my cock with just your two, thin, stretched walls of skin separating it from my cock. The sensation is driving me crazy, I’m aware I could explode inside you any moment. I look down and see your body accepting my cock and Tanya’s vibrator. The vision of this flashes through my mind compounding the physical sensation tormenting me.

Selfish desire engulfs me. I just need to fuck you. Let me give in. Let me take all of you. Just selfish, overbearing, unconstrained, desperate, desperate need. I push hard into you. As deep as I can go with a single thrust. Pulling out, then again pushing harder, faster, deeper. “Oh Jesus, what you do to me!” Pulling out once more pushing hard into you again. My shaft deep inside you. My balls are now also harassed by the hilt of the vibrator, with the length of my cock provoked by the hard vibrator inside your soft skin.

With Tanya still caressing your clit. I might be shouting, I might be whispering, I might just be thinking. But I feel I am screaming, “Come now Jasmine, I can’t help myself.”

I am pumping into your bum. Fucking you harder and harder, faster and faster. Out of control as I feel my orgasm building. “Oh fuck. Oh Jesus. Oh Yes!” I feel the climax coming. My body in spasms. I lose control of any motion, trying to fuck you, but no longer able to co-ordinate. I feel my balls tighten. My shaft stiffens and my sperm fire through its length deep inside you. Still more. “Oh god help me!” The waves of pleasure cascade through my entire body. Everything that is bad inside, leaves me. Every fear. Every worry. Any anger. And my whole body relaxes and sighs. Feeling uncluttered and clean and free. Such base pleasure.

And all your fault, Tanya, I think. I only hope you looked after Jasmine when I came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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