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I have not let this out to anyone: My marriage is on fire. For two weeks now, Brice and I have not made love. I am starting to lose patience. Why is he tormenting me like this? I miss those nights when he cuddled me—nights when he caressed my breasts and rubbed my clit; nights when he slid his rock-hard erection into my soaking wet pussy. I miss all that and so much more. Right now, I feel like I am a stone, like I am not human anymore. It is like I am not even a woman. What have I become?

Enough is enough, I at last decide. I need to be fucked, hard. Having arrived at this decision, I go to one of those brothels where you pay men to have sex with you. A distant friend of mine, Gabrielle, directs me there. It was where she found solace when she was on bitter terms with her husband. They reached an extent where they didn’t talk or look each other in the eye anymore.

Luca is tall, strong and he’s got a flawless shape. He is the man who opens up for me on the door I am directed to—door number 15. He bids me in and so I walk inside confidently, inspecting the large, white-painted room. There is a lush bed, erotic picture frames dressing the walls, and an open closet. Inside it I can see arousing clothes, whips, handcuffs, belts, underwear, and stuff. There is a carton full of condoms on the table next to the bed.

“What is your name, beautiful?” He asks me.

“I’m Ashlyn. You are Luca, right?”

He nods his head quietly. The woman at the reception told me his name before sending me here.

“Look at the walls. If you’d like us to try any painted position, feel free to point it out. It is my duty to make certain that our clients get what we promise them—excellent services. How must we begin?”

I like this position: The woman lies down on the bed with her face placed on a pillow. She then splits her legs behind, her ass lifting upward; the man, wearing underwear that has a tear to permit his cock slip out, lies on top of her and fucks her in this manner.

“We are not bound to one sexual position, I must be clear. We have got a whole hour. If you feel like switching positions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.”

I don’t wear my panties for a purpose: I am going to seduce Laurent, Brice’s lawyer, whom we presently stay with. His house is being renovated, and so he asked to spend a week at our place as he has nowhere else to go. This, Brice gladly consented to. Brice himself is not around. From the look of things, he is not going to show up home any moment now. An hour past, I called him to interrogate his whereabouts. He said he is in an emergency meeting that showed no signs of ending up soon.

I keep my attire neat but effectual: A black mini skirt that shows off my yummy legs and bulky ass; a green top that gives my breasts a mouthwatering look from any given angle. I wear high heels, even though I am not going anywhere. I am just home, having dinner with Laurent.

As I walk, I feel my hips bouncing left and right. It feels wonderful. The minute I step into the living room, he casts his eye on me. It is hard not to stare away, so keeps snatching a glimpse at me every now and then. I cross my legs one above the other and fan myself with my hands, “It is so hot, isn’t it, Laurent?”

He nods calmly, mouthing not a slight word. Perhaps he is not in a cheery mood this evening?

“Do you have a girlfriend, hey? I’ve never heard you talk about dating. You are really handsome, trust me, and any girl can easily fall for you.”

He expresses shock at what I have said. Even so, there is not a word breathed out of his shut lips.

“If you need any tips on how you to trick a girl into having a date with you, feel free to talk to me. It’s that simple, you know. You might have many girls out there dying to be in your arms and yet you just don’t get the signs they are giving you.”

Dinner is served. Chloë sets the plates down and then bows her head. She marches away quietly, carrying an empty tray. I signal Laurent to close his eyes so he can join me in prayer. He doesn’t. Instead, he grabs a plate filled with boiled eggs and rice and minced meat—and begins eating straight away.

I surrender. There is no way I will stand this insulting behavior! I hate the way this boy treats me. It is like I am a stranger here in my own house, like he does not know who I am and where I come from. Damn him! If he wants to talk to me nicely, he knows where to find me. I stand up and tread furiously back to my room. I run into Chloë in the corridor, still clad in her dark blue uniform. I tell her, “Chloë, please serve me a plateful of rice and meat in my room. I won’t be eating at that table with that moron.” She bows down her head the second time and rushes to do as I have instructed.

Once I am on my own, I let myself fall on the bed and sigh out deeply. It’s better to be alone here than share the table with that…..jerk. Well, he is a jerk. He will always be a jerk. Don’t you think it’s high time you grow up, silly boy? Don’t you?

“Good evening, ma.” I can’t sleep. Neither can I stand the loud snoring of my husband, Brice. Slipping on my nightgown, I sneak out of our bedroom and ring up Callie on the quiet balcony, where chilly air gnaws my ears. Alas, the gnawing pains!

“Ashlyn, what are you doing at this late hour? You’re still awake? This is two in the morning, mind you.”

“I am aware, ma. I can’t sleep. Something is…..something is bothering me. I thought about sharing it with you. Maybe the pain I’m feeling right now will go away once I do that.” Tears begin to fill up my eyes. I mop them away using my hands but fresh ones leak out. My voice becomes shaky and blurred-like.

“My sweet baby, what is troubling you? You know that I’m here for you. I will always be there for you. Talk please.”

It is not easy, but I gather the courage I need to speak out. “Addison is sleeping with Brice behind my back. I discovered this two days ago. I went on to confront her about it, telling her to stop, but she won’t.” Addison is the mother of two next door. She has ever been dear to me, until the past two days, when I saw her lying naked with Brice on my bed.

I fear Callie’s reaction more than God at this moment. Will she say that I am making this up just to hurt that poor woman, whom she could never imagine doing such a thing? My worst fear is she is going to end this call and never want to talk to me again. The truth is she has always loved Addison more than she loves me and Mario, my brother—who is her youngest child and her only son. Her mom was her best friend. We grew up knowing each other like the back of our hands.

“Ma, are you there?” For a minute or two, she falls quiet.

“Sweetie, I need you to come to my house tomorrow morning so that we can talk this out. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, ma,” I voice calmly.

Addison is 43, married to a 41-year-old dude and they have a 20-year-old son, Cedrick. He has dark mahogany hair and swarthy skin just like his father. He seems to be smitten by my presence whenever we happen to be in the other’s company. The last time we talked, he looked longingly at me, and then he tapped my bum as I was walking away from him. I can use him to teach her a good lesson. How will she feel when she learns that I am seducing her son….and her husband at the same time? Revenge is sweet, isn’t it?

I am still restless by the time it strikes five. I can barely sleep. In my desire for revenge, I snatch my cell phone and dial Cedrick’s number. He must be awake by now. He is a second year Criminology student at Swanson University. As such, I expect him to be up early so he can cram a topic or two before attending to other day-to-day matters.

“Cedrick, I dreamt about you last night. How are you? We were…were….making love at your place. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s what I experienced in my dream.” I laugh in silence.

There is stillness for a minute, and then a sudden burst of laughter. “I’ve been dying to fuck your pussy ever since that first day I laid my eyes on you, Ashlyn. I was sixteen by then and we had just returned from Europe. You know what? I dreamt the same too. We were fucking hard, here at my place.”

“Really?” I know that I am lying—truth be told. I have not slept; have not blinked an eye shut. I have not pretended to fall asleep either. I’m not convinced that Cedrick is saying the truth. He’d say anything to flatter me at this moment. This, I am certain of.

“I’m not telling a lie, Ashlyn. You were standing naked before me, opening your clit with your hand so I could see inside, and then the next thing I saw: I was on top of you, going up and down, breathing fast and hard.”

“Can we make this dream come true the next time we meet, my sweet dick? I will stand naked before you and open my clit with my hand so you can see its inside. The next thing that will happen: You will be on top of me, moving up and down, breathing fast and hard. If you will just say, ‘Yes,’ this is going to be a dream come true, Cedrick!”

I envision him licking up his lips greedily. I am going to sleep with Addison’s son! I am going to grab his dick outside his pants and give him the best ever blowjob!

“Yes, Ashlyn; let’s fuck the next time we meet—I can’t wait.”

Addison is Brice’s latest assistant. He works at the only Wells Fargo bank running in Swanson, Virginia. He is their Chief Executive. Two months back, Addison scored a job at that same bank. To her surprise, she learnt that my husband was her new boss whom she was rendered answerable to. That is what sparked their affair into being. We were celebrating Addison’s stroke of good luck at ma’s, only for me to find out by going through Brice’s texts that they were flirting and planning to fuck inside my own house when I was not there and also at their office during lunch. To bite him back where it hurts the most, I will do this:

I am employed at a fashion house. I design clothes and dress mannequins and models and also take photos of them. Recently, it hit my mind and those that I work with that I am in urgent need of an assistant. Someone who will help me organize my work. We are on the point of placing job adverts in all major newspapers throughout town. If I play my crookedness cards very well, I might get Cedrick to have that job and be fucking me both home and at work. The other day I heard Addison complaining about how he was applying for a job everywhere and yet he had not heard back any slight response from even one firm. Just imagine! I will take advantage of this situation to seduce him the more. I definitely will.

I watch Brice stir out of bed. Usually, he wakes up before it clocks six. This morning he is an hour delayed. I am beginning to speculate that he has few things to do at work. Last night he turned up home in the dead of the night—ten past eleven. “I’ve had the busiest day in the history of Wells Fargo,” he told me after eating a small chunk of the mountain-like food I had cooked him.

He notices that I am dressed up excellently and asks, “Are you heading out?”

“I’m visiting ma. She has flu. I’m skipping work today so I can look after her the whole day. If you need anything from me, please call me. I’ll be available.”

He frowns in resentment. “You’re not making me anything special to eat this morning. Mario can stop by your ma’s and look after her. I will have him stay away from work. His boss is a good old friend of mine. Isn’t he your ma’s favorite?”

“He is,” I scoff, “and I don’t give a damn about that, trust me.” I am out of the door before Brice mentions further words.

“Greet Callie,” he shrieks, “Tell her I wish her a quick recovery.”

I stop at Cheryl’s to buy flowers. Cheryl is my good friend. She owns a flower shop that gets swarmed with clients day in and day out. I don’t find her present. Anyway, her shopping assistant is here. The reception I get from her is exhilarating. I get a bunch of roses for Callie. She likes roses more than anything else. When I am done, I walk back to my car and carry on with my journey.

Callie stays in that same old house we grew up as kids. My late father bought it the day they wedded. When he passed away, some of her friends suggested that she sell the place and move somewhere, but she denied. She insisted she was going to stay here until, like her deceased darling, she had kicked the bucket. In her old-fashioned rocking chair, I spot her seated by the fireside. She is knitting table clothes—her deathless passion. I check the newest pieces she has made and pass comment, “I’m wondering if you could sell these to me, ma. Your talent still shines like it did in days past. You are wonderfully gifted.”

She uplifts her wrinkled neck to stare up at me. Her hair is gray, snowy-like. It used to be brown when she was young and beautiful. “I made that for an old friend who lodges a few blocks down the street. Like me, he is lonely and pitiable. If you want something of this design, I will knit it for you after I am finished with these pieces.”

I smile cheerfully. “No problem, ma. Can I make you a warm cup of tea?”

“Sure, it would be my truest pleasure. Tea is always nice.”

In this tiny kitchen, casino siteleri ma taught me the rules of cooking. I was seven and unshakable like a donkey when it came to learning things. In my viewpoint, everyone was wrong and I was all the time correct. At school, I never embraced the teacher’s ideas if they happened to dispute with mine. I used to be rivals with nearly every mentor there. It was shocking how I managed to keep passing my exams granted that I attempted questions in a weird, never-seen-before way.

Outside the small kitchen lies the massive backyard. At this moment, there is only sun-scorched grass. When we were young, there were lots of flowers, ever beautiful and ever aglow in the sunlight. We would run here, giggling and leaping. We would invite our friends and play together.

In five minutes time, the tea finishes cooking and I quickly serve it. Callie likes it hot—never warm and never cold.

I look over the mammoth house that this seventy-three year old woman stays alone in. “Don’t you think it’s time you moved in with one of us. You can go to Mario’s or even come to my place. You are always welcome into my house, ma. I don’t like it that you are lonely here with a pitiable homeless keeper who is almost as old as you are.”

“My wish is to die in this same house that your father died. If it is possible, I want to die in the same manner he did. That is my only wish.”

“Quit being stubborn, please. You are old. You need to be in a place where there are lots of people—people who care so much about you, who will look after you. It feels like you are imprisoned in this…..patriarchal house. All it does is bring you painful memories. You must learn to let the past go. The future always glitters with plenty good things. Why must you keep on crucifying yourself?”

“If you don’t mind, we must change this topic. Let’s talk about why you are here. You were saying that Addison, my best friend’s jewel, is sleeping with your husband when you are not around, is that not true?”

Those words slice into my heart like a razor-sharp knife. It hurts, very much. I hate being reminded of what I am going through. “You are right. I don’t know if I will ever forgive Addison for what she is doing to me. She is like my blood sister, yes, and I love her. This……is just too much.”

“I talked to her this morning. I had her come here—”

I cut her short immediately, “You did what?”

“I had a talk with her, Ashlyn.”

“Without informing me about it, mother? Come on. What were you thinking? You’ve ruined everything.”

“I must tell you something. I should have told you about it the first day I found out.” She is getting me worried. What is she trying to say? What has she been keeping under her hat from me?

“I don’t understand you.”

“I have known for some time that…..that……Brice and Addison are seeing each other. Trust me: I am not supporting what that woman did. I’ve confronted her about it. We are now not on good terms thanks to that. We had a hurtful argument this morning and she left me in fierce anger.”

I don’t know what to say, seriously. Ma knew, and she couldn’t bother to tip me about what was going on. I am sipping tea when my hands begin trembling all out of nowhere. I place my mug down and convince myself that I am strong enough to suffer this. Yes, I am strong and brave. I keep on repeating this in my mind. Finally, I find my voice.

“I have to go now, ma. I will catch up with you later. I will visit some other time. Goodbye.”

“Ashlyn, don’t go, please baby—” I am out of the house already. I can’t feel that I am walking but I am moving on my feet. Pulling the door of my Mercedes-Benz open, I go in and start off. Addison has not seen the worst of me. She will very soon. I am going to rack her where it hurts the most. I am going to tear off every part of her, bit by bit. I swear with my life.

At work, I cannot concentrate on getting my job done. I am starting to get sick—I am sweating, feeling nauseated. My stomach is hurting suddenly; my body is shaking without an end. Darcy, whom I am working with on a particular catwalk project, leans closer to me and asks if I am okay. I tell her that I have a little fever but I will be okay soon. She proposes that I go and lie down in my office, which I do. When I am here, I find Cedrick seated on my spinning chair. He is alone. Who told him to come in?

“Cedrick, what a surprise to see you here,” I marvel. He stands up and kisses my forehead. After he pulls back, I go for his lips and smooch them slowly. Then I am finished. “What brings you here? I don’t mean to be rude, but this is not the right time for us to be found in an awkward situation.”

“I know, Ashlyn. Mom sent me to bring this invitation card to you.”


You are invited to the birthday party of Louis Robinson, held tonight at 7 at the famous Hobbs Hotel. Present this card with you upon your arrival. No one without possession of an invitation card will be allowed into the bash room.

Yours sincerely,
Addison Bates.

Addison is inviting me to a party? God damn her! Well, I am going to use this opportunity to get into her life and make it a living hell. She is doing me a big favor as a matter of fact. I won’t show her the same kindness. I spin towards Cedrick and ask, “Who is Louis Robinson?”

“He is dad’s young step brother.”

“I get it. Are you going to the party yourself?” I smile at him. Terrible thoughts are filling up my mind. I have better ideas as regards how I am going to have my sweet revenge; not that it will not cause me pain. It definitely will. If I suffer my portion silently and with patience, I am going to reap success in the end.

“I am. I can’t think to miss such a special event. I want you to be present, Ashlyn. I can’t picture how this night will end without me holding you in my arms, without me kissing you. Please come. There will be lots of fun, I promise.”

I step towards him. Before I lick his lips with my tongue, I assure him, “I will be there, sweet dick.”

I drop down on my knees and grasp his hips. Unzipping his jeans, I fish his cock out. Goodness, it looks so delicious. As I am looking over it, something tingles in my pussy. I’m not fucking him now. I’m just checking to see what he is keeping inside these gray pants. How about a quick blowjob? I give him one. In the end I take photos of his penis with my iPhone camera. Then I swallow his entire cock into my mouth; I suck it like a baby does with the mother’s breast. He groans out in pleasure. Three minutes afterwards, I am done. I straighten up and tell him, “More blowjobs are underway, sweet dick.”

When Cedrick is gone, I take my phone out and go through pictures of his penis. Wonderful! Look what I have here. I email them to Addison, writing:

Guess whose penis this is? It belongs to the son of the woman who is fucking my husband when I am not with him. Isn’t it sweet and tempting? Don’t bother. I can assure you that this young man here has a nice package in comparison with what my husband has. He is twice bigger, much better. I haven’t fucked him yet but I can guarantee you that I will do that very soon. If you are in denial of this, peek at your son the next time he undresses and see if his dong does not resemble the one in those pictures. Should you let this email fall in the hands of my husband, I swear: I am going to tear your ugly brains out of your head. Good afternoon!

The email delivered, I grin to myself wickedly. I am sure that Addison will spot it and skim it through. Guess how awful her countenance will become!

Darcy believes I am still sick. I am no longer sick. I am healed now. Since that moment I saw Cedrick lingering inside my office, I have felt healthier than I was this morning when I reported for work. I told Brice I was going to look after ma the whole day. That has changed. Ma can stay behind. I have much more important things to tackle here.

I convince Darcy that I am getting sicker each slipping away minute by coughing out nonstop and shivering aggressively. She has me taken home. Yes, she won’t allow me to drive myself. I will crash, she says. The driver she commits me drops me at my place. He leaves my car inside the underground garage and returns for work in a cab. I steal Laurent’ car and head Downtown; he (Laurent) is not around. I have no idea where he went. Chloë reveals he has gone out partying with his bunch of friends. I don’t care. What matters is that I go shop for a dress I will wear tonight—without running into my boss or anyone from work who will recognize me.

The traffic is irritating. For over ten minutes the host of cars before me doesn’t move. I am beeping the hornet in rage when an expensive blue car stops beside me. I see Addison and Brice seated inside. They are saying something to each other while laughing. Good Lord! They pause to kiss. I am watching, abandoned of any thoughts. When they are ended, Brice steers the car away into a clear lane on my right. I go after him immediately. Yes, they have not noticed me.

I ring him up. He answers me, “Sweetie, I am sorry to announce that I will be coming home very late. You see, we have a lot of stuff to do here at work. I am so exhausted, my love, I will just sleep when I arrive home. There has been a boom in our business recently. That’s why all of us are working restlessly like this. What would you like me to buy you? Say whatever thing you want and I will bring it home with me.”

“Buy me a case of female condoms. We have run out of those here. You know that we can’t have a baby at this point in time. You don’t want kids, do you?”

“You are right, my love. When I want some, I will let you know. I am going to buy you that. I love you. Take care.” He is an idiot. Those condoms he will buy, I am going to use them in fucking Cedrick, his bitch’s son. Everyday he asks me what I would like for a gift. I will be saying things that, when given, I shall be handing them over to Cedrick one by one until Addison takes note of it one way or the other.

Sickened with going after those thoughtless idiots, I swerve into a different lane and go where I am supposed to go. Damn them! They are not going to succeed in tormenting me for all eternity. I will strike them one after the other where it hurts the most. Let us wait and see who wins.

In two years time, I have never worn tight, revealing clothes. I am going to do that tonight. All these years, I have kept my body for a jerk who doesn’t serve my loyalty. He keeps stabbing me in the back no matter how hard I sweat to put smiles on his face. This time, I am going to disappoint him. He is fond of giving himself away carelessly to any woman out there without reasoning twice. I am going to do the same. In fact, I have done it more than twice. I once went down on my knees before his best friend and gave him a mind-blowing blowjob. Given that opportunity again, I will not hesitate to kneel down and repeat what I did.

At final last, it is evening. The sun is nowhere to be glimpsed. The moon glows high in the sky, casting a dull flash of light over the noisy town. Hobbs Hotel is not far away from where I reside. It takes fifteen minutes to drive here and forty minutes to walk. Dressed in a black mini dress—with a slit that shows a slice of my unclad ass—I turn heads as I walk, swinging my head this direction and that other. My breasts are almost nude. I am dressed like a whore and I don’t care. Addison manifests shock the minute she lays her eyes on me. She leaves her husband in the company of her son, hurrying to get in my way as I am walking past the door.

“What shit did you email me this afternoon, whore you? Since when have you begun dressing….this slutty?”

I express amusement at her, “Since I began planning to have sex with your son. Can’t you see that his eyes are on me? He wants to sleep with me tonight. If you keep on provoking me, I am going to make his wish come true. Don’t dare me, you ugly bitch.”

“You can call me any names you want, faggot. Suit yourself please.” I brush her out of my way and head towards her family. Roland greets me first. He hugs me, pats my back, and then he keeps his hand on my hips. Addison becomes wide-eyed, in envy. I wink mockingly at her. To make matters more exciting, Roland strokes my ass quietly and repeats it again and again. I bend towards him and whisper, “My ass is free to get. Call me tomorrow and I am going to tell you how you can exactly get it.” I pull back from him and we both laugh like mad men. Addison narrows her eyes. She has not heard anything we said. She registers suspicion of what we are chuckling about: Sex.

I head over to young Cedrick. He is four years my junior. With my gloved hands, I hold his face carefully and kiss him on the cheek. He puts his hand on my back and slides it down and further down. Addison is noticing, with an evil eye. I am not afraid of her or what she can do. This is a battle between evil and evil.

“How are you, baby Cedrick?” I inquire, jokingly.

He responds, “I am fine. You are looking very beautiful tonight.” Then he turns over to his mother. “Aren’t you in agreement, mom?” canlı casino

Addison does not reply. Roland does anyway. “She is more than beautiful, son. She is like an angel.”

I laugh harder, “Oh, Roland! You are still good at flattering me, aren’t you?”

Addison is boiling with anger. She looks like that woman whose husband never tells her that she is beautiful but won’t hesitate to say this to other women. Oh, oh! I am in trouble, am I not?

“Beautiful, would you like to dance with me?” Cederick questions; he bows down and straightens out his hand. I am confused; I am in awe also. I can’t believe this is happening. Of course! I’m more than delighted to dance with him. I give him my hand. He takes it nicely and ushers me to the heart of the titanic room, where he holds my waist carefully and stares down at me. I smile in return.

Addison is still unhappy, I observe. She stands unmoving like a rock, her narrowed eyes glaring at me. I look away. I must behave like she is not present, like I am not seeing her. I won’t let her spoil my cheery mood. “Your mom is not happy with us. Have you noticed?” I address Cederick, eyeing him up.

“She has been in a bad mood lately. I don’t know what is bothering her. She crossed swords with dad this evening before we came here.”

I am not paying attention to every word Cederick is saying. His last sentence catches my attentiveness nevertheless. “What do you mean: She crossed swords with your dad? Did they fight, exchanging hurtful words?”

He scowls. “They did. It appears mom is having an affair. I don’t know who the man is. She spoke to him on the phone this evening. I was listening. She said she is planning to divorce my dad and marry him. He assured her he will divorce his wife as well.”

This discovery beats me painfully in the chest. I feel like I have been knocked half-dead with an iron rod. “Did you hear the man’s voice? Can you remember it?”

“I cannot. I did hear it but it was not that very clear.”

Brice wants to dissolve our two-year marriage; all because of that old bitch, Addison? I can’t accept that this is true. What does she want from him? Is it his money? Of course! She is a gold-digger, a shameless one. I will not let her put an end to my marriage just like that. She will find it very challenging. I know what I will do. I teach her one painful lesson she will carry to the grave with her.

Someone touches my shoulder. I reverse to see who it is. Addison! The unattractive bitch! What is she up to this time? She smiles apologetically at her son. “Excuse us for a while, sonny. I want to have a word with my friend here. If you don’t mind, you can get your father a glass of champagne. He is so thirsty.”

Cederick rubs my shoulder and marches away. I know he will be back soon. His eyes declare it silently: I will return for you. I am left in the company of the woeful witch. “You look uglier each passing day. Does Roland make this clear to you?”

She holds my waist like her son did minutes earlier. “Let us dance, shall we?” I obey. Oh, how she makes me sick! I am feeling nauseated. I can vomit any minute now. She stinks whenever she opens her mouth to speak. I can’t stand her horrible stench! I have to put a hand over my nose to keep away her bad smell. “Leave my husband and my son alone if you don’t want trouble with me. What games are you playing? I am smarter than you, Ashlyn.”

I chuckle, “Bravo! Genius! I am shaken.”

She pinches my waist. I cry softly, “Aw!” That hurts! I don’t scream anyway.

“You don’t anger the lion, stupid ass. It will eat you alive.”

“You are the lion. I am the ass or donkey. That does not make any sense to me.”

“My husband can never fall for your dumb-ass games. He loves me; he is faithful to me; he is not like that swine you married.”

“Why do you keep sleeping with Brice if he is a swine?”

“His money; he has a lot of money, sweetheart. I married a poor man. I wish I was blessed like you. I wouldn’t have gone after your pig. Roland is a great guy. He is loving and caring. He is the kind of man who loves a woman with all his heart and life. Your pig—it is self-seeking; it sleeps around with every woman. I have become greedy like Brice, you see.”

“If I felt like it, I would have made Roland kick you out of his life. He was wed to you when he proposed to me. Unlike you, I had a heart. I didn’t intend to ruin your marriage. You have tampered with me. I’m not a prophetess. If I were one, I would have told you what will be left of you in the end.”

Addison pinches me a second time. I shrink away from her. She draws back from me. “You went crying to your sweet old mama, didn’t you? What did that help?” She giggles in mockery. “Do everything you want. I will kick you out of your house when the right time comes. Prepare for the worst,” this mentioned, she steps away. I hate her! We will see about that.

Cederick is back. He hugs me from behind. I turn around quickly. He is all smiles. “I hope you guys had a great time, didn’t you?”

I fake a cheerful smile. “Your mom is the best friend I have in the whole world.” It is not true! She is the worst enemy I have in the entire world.

For sixty seconds, Cederick stares longingly at me without saying anything.

“Are you okay?” I ask him.

He flutters his eyes rapidly—he is back to his senses. “I am dying to kiss you, Ashlyn. When do we get to make love?”

“Come to my office tomorrow. It’s going to be lots of fun, I guarantee you.”

“I will. Can we go out for a walk, please?” He extends his hand to me, bowing down again. I laugh and offer him my hand. We go out holding hands. We’re not a couple. That is what one blond girl thinks. She sparkles in pink, standing near the door with four silent girls. They stare at us as we walk past them. Then the skinny blond purrs loud, “Aren’t they such a cute couple?”

Outside it is cold, not snowing. I am freezing. Cederick wraps his hands around me. That helps to still my shivering. I look around to see if Addison has followed us. She has not. “Your girlfriend didn’t come, did she?” I ask him. I am not jealous. I have a husband—a cheating husband. Mine is a tearful story. I believe it is better to be single than to have someone break your heart.

“We broke up. Two weeks ago.” Is he saying the truth?

“I’m not going to date you, Cederick. Just say the truth.”

He stands open-mouthed. “You’re not going to date me? We’re just going to fuck and keep on fucking? This is about sex and not a small piece of love?”

“I didn’t say that. I am a married woman. We can’t go every place holding hands. Suppose we run into Brice. He would surely rip your brains out bit by bit.”

“You are defending him. Ashlyn, you speak up for a man who is not loyal to you. I see him many times with different women. They kiss, they fuck, they smile, they laugh and they hold hands. Why can’t you do the same to him? He is stabbing you in the back. If you are smart enough, you would leave him for me. We can stay together far away. I wouldn’t mind. We can go to Paris or Moscow or Canberra and live our life there.”

Good Lord, what has entered the mind of this young man? I can’t do that. I’m a month pregnant. With Brice’s child, of course! How do I know it is his child? I slept with seven men and anyone of them could be the father of this damn child I am carrying!

“Cederick, let’s talk about something else, I beg you. What are your plans for the future?”

No one knows I am expecting. Only Chlöe does. I threatened her not to open her mouth if she still wants to keep her job. Her pay doubled after she found this out. I don’t plan to tell Brice. I don’t know what to do with this pregnancy. I can get rid of it……or let Brice keep the child once he or she is born. He must not know that we are going to have a baby. He hates babies. I am sixty per cent positive that he is responsible for this pregnancy. What do I do now?

Must I tell ma? No! She will tell Mario, or anyone—worse more Addison. I dislike her. I will just drink poison and die. So that Addison can walk like a prize-winning queen into my house? Hell no!

God, what do I do? I am stuck and without direction. Damn it!

I can’t fall asleep. It is 01.54. Brice is snoring like a pig. He evermore snores. I don’t have anything to do. From my bed, I stare outside the window. The sky is dim. Finally, I see the sun appearing—a soft gleaming light that gets bigger and bigger until it fills up the entire sky. It is 10.23 now. I am inside my office, gazing at the sky. I have work to do, lots of it. I don’t have the energy. My eyes begin shutting on their own. I try to make a cup of coffee; I swallow pills to keep me awake—nothing helps.

Drained at last, I drop on my table and fall asleep. It is 13.33 when I wake up. How long have I slept? My brain feels lazy to calculate. I notice Cederick seated on the chair before me. He is playing a noisy game on his phone. It must be action. There is constant shooting, bombing and splitting of glass.

“Cederick,” I mumble in surprise. It is not like I am not expecting him. I am. “How long have you been here?”

He does not remove his eyes from his phone. “I have not been here long. One of the ladies at the reception said you were sleeping. She added that you’re not feeling well. I decided to sneak in and wait for you to get up.”

I make a sad face. “I am okay. It’s just that I was so tired last night. I didn’t sleep.”

“You think too much. That is why you don’t enjoy sleep; tension is not good for your health, Ashlyn.”

“I know.”

“Don’t worry. I am about to go. I’ll see you when you are in good health.”

“I said I am fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, I am.”

“I have to go. I have a class before four this afternoon.”

I stand up and walk to him. “You can’t leave just like that. Come here and give me a farewell hug, will you please?” He rises and hugs me. The way he takes me into his arms leaves me breathless. No one has ever hugged me like this! I pull back and stare into his eyes. “Please, don’t go; stay with me. I need your company.”

“I must go, Ashyln,” he insists. He is stubborn, isn’t he?

“Let’s fuck—right here, sugar.”

“I will be here tomorrow the same hour. I promise.”

“You do?”

He is wearing an expensive ring. He removes it and puts it on my finger. “This signifies my promise. I will be back for it tomorrow.” True to his word, he is back the next day at 13.35. I have my ass settled in my chair when he steps into my office with a warm, big smile, “Hi there, Ashlyn! I miss you. Don’t you miss me?”

I miss him so much. Words cannot express my feelings. I force him to lie down on the table. It’s that simple. With a slight push of my hand, he rests quietly, staring up at me. His heart is beating fast: I can tell. He is panting like an exhausted dog. We have not even begun. This is just the start. I bend towards him and ask him to close his eyes, which he does. Snatching his hands from him, I have them unbutton my shirt and then unfasten my bra. He breathes out, fearfully. “Don’t be afraid,” I say. “These are my breasts. Touch them, feel them—fuck me, Cederick.”

“I will do that, Ashyln,” he swears to me. “I’m going to touch your breasts and squeeze them. I’m going to fuck you and scatter my seed inside your pussy.”

Slowly, his hands grip my breasts. I shut my eyes. I can’t think straight. My thinking is shattered. I lean further down. He grips my nipples with his teeth. It feels great. His tongue slithers out of his mouth and licks my flesh. I love this! He moves his hand behind, reaching for my skirt and pulling it away. I help him take it off me. I remain in panties and I am not embarrassed about it.

His hand switches to my butt. He caresses it nicely, leisurely. My phone jingles. I have placed it on this same table where he is relaxing. Without interrupting him from his play, I connect it to my headphones and answer it. Cederick is furious. He demands, “Can’t you answer that after we are done here? I need you to pay full attention to what we are doing.”

I tell him, “Even if we are having sex inside my office, everyone knows me to be at work. I will make this promise: I’m not going out until we are finished. This could be my boss calling. I can’t ignore her just like that. Who knows? She may decide to come here and find out why I am not picking up her calls. I’m sorry but I’ll have to work a bit while we are fucking.”

“Okay,” he moans. He is not happy. He slips his hand into my panties and locates my pussy. Goddamn it! Putting his fingers into use, he twirls my vaginal hair. What is he thinking? It feels sweet. His tongue makes a move on my breast; his fingers mine into my pussy. I want to cry, in delight. “You’re so fucking sweet, Ashlyn. You are such a joy to fuck.”

“Oh, Cederick….” I can’t put anymore thoughts into words. I feel like I am about to explode.

“Hello, bitch. Are you there?” A sudden voice howls into my ears. I know it! It belongs to Addison. Why has she called? I’m fucking her son here. Has she called to find out what is going on? Damn kaçak casino her! I had failed to bring to memory while conversing with him that I had answered her damn call. What can I expect? She had been listening!

“You,” it is how I address her. I don’t want Cederick to know that I am talking to her. He rips my panties away forcefully. I don’t feel any pain. The cotton tears with an ear-piercing sound, like when you are shredding a piece of paper. I am now naked. I gaze down at my pussy, filled with long, curly hairs. Cederick licks up his lips. He rises from the table and lifts me—then he makes me seat on it. This accomplished, he has me lie down and carries on to eat my tickling pussy. Ah……..

“Are you messing with my son, you brown-haired pig?” Ah……ah…….the pleasure. I want to cry on the phone so Addison can hear me orgasm. Yes, I undergo one long, terrifying orgasm. My heart becomes soundless. I cannot hear it throb. I cannot feel the slightest motion made by it. It seems I have no heart. What is happening to me? I can’t feel anything else. My pussy is tingling in joy.

“I am,” I reply after two long minutes. By this time, my orgasm is ended. Cederick can not hear or speak Spanish. Grandma was from Spain. It was the only language she spoke to us when she would visit. I know how to speak Spanish; and so does Addison. In my moment of excitement, I tell her in this language her son cannot understand, “Would you like to come and join us? The doors of my office are always open to receive you, dear friend.”

Cederick spits into my wet pussy. I like that! He spits again and again; then he massages my clit with his fingers, gradually and carefully. I stretch my legs apart so he can finger me well. Up and down, inside and out, his fingers snake. Damn him! I am about to come the second time. I feel myself drawing closer to another orgasm. It takes me by surprise. My body splits into two. I don’t know what has divided me. I am swiftly flying to some place with vigorous wings. I must be on Jupiter because I see two moons when I look outside the window. Wait a second! It is 11.23 in the morning. And there are two dazzling orange moons up the sky. Is this Jupiter?

“Bitch, I am talking to you and you are not answering me. Where have you gone to?”

“Jupiter; I can see two moons out there. They are blazing and orange in color. This is such a beautiful place! Please come over, dear sis.”

“You are mad. Those words are from a mad woman. I will have you locked up in a sanitarium. That is where you belong, Ashlyn.”

We are both communicating in Spanish. Cederick can’t follow a word. “Sex with your son is driving me bananas, Addison. He fucks better than Brice. I pity you. You have not felt what sweetest, genuine sex is. You should ask your son to satisfy your lusts. He is like a god, you know—so great and so sweet.”

Cederick is still wearing jeans. I tore his button-down shirt fifteen minutes back while we were kissing and touching. He then remained in a pitch-black colored Tee shirt, which I peeled off him and threw away. I don’t think he will ever wear that button-down shirt again. The buttons were so wrecked—they all displaced from the shirt and tinkled throughout the floor. They were made of metal. To look for them is another job. I don’t have the time; and neither does Cederick.

Bringing my feet into play, I help him remove his jeans and boxers. He is finally naked. He stands before me, twinkling joyfully. I get up on the table. Then I turn around and kneel down. My ass faces him; my pussy too! I shake my ass, harder. It’s a stupid dance but it triumphs to make him laugh. What is he laughing at? I don’t aim to make him chuckle. I thought this was being sexy of me. Well, he proves me wrong. There is nothing sexy about waggling my ass, it so seems.

“I’m going to fuck your ass and your pussy too, Ashlyn. You look yummy,” Cederick’s voice rings loud. I have no doubt that Addison has heard him. I imagine her facial look: She must now be green with malice and red with anger. I don’t care. If she thought I was joking about fucking her son, she was fucking wrong.

“Ah,” I groan, on purpose. Cederick places his whole erection into my ass. It hurts a little. Nothing is more terrifying than anal sex. Some women are happy to have their asses nailed while others detest it. It depends on one’s tastes, I suppose. “He is in my ass, buddy. Your boy is in my ass right now.”

She chuckles, “Really? You know one thing? Brice wants to try my ass tonight. We are going somewhere—just the two of us. If he comes home very late and does not ask you to have sex with him, I hope that will clear up the puzzle; good day, you unattractive bitch!” She yells angrily at me and the call is ended that very instant. Damn her! She can fuck Brice all the hell she wants. I’m going to fuck Cederick too.

I take off my headphones and push my phone away. Cederick was right. It will do us good if I ignore it for a while. I stretch my hand towards it and snatch it a second time. This time, I switch it off. Then I push it away for good. The door is locked. I don’t expect anyone to budge in at us.

“Ashlyn, are you in there?” It is Darcy Scott, my boss, shouting at my door. Where the hell did she pop out from? I am not expecting her. Cederick and I stop what we are doing. What do we do now? I hate being disturbed. He looks stupidly at me; he pulls his cock out of my ass; he is about to dress up when I tell him not to. I assure him that I am going to take care of this matter. He must leave everything to me.

“Darcy, I’m inside here. I have a heap of stuff to do. Locking myself in here is the best thing to do. I have fifteen reports to write to our investors. They are not through yet. Would you like me to help you out with anything?”

She lets a case of documents slip underneath my door. “I want you to type that for me as soon as you finish what you are doing. Use Microsoft Publisher, Cambria format. I need it before we knock off, please.”

I breathe out. I am glad she won’t be coming in. “Don’t worry. I’m going to do that as soon as I am through with this.”

I swerve back to Cederick. His penis is no longer up, which it was two minutes past. He makes an annoyed face. “Next time, we won’t be fucking in your office. Do you get that?”

“I do,” I smile merrily, “Next time we won’t be fucking here. We will go somewhere, I promise.”

“Now, give me your back. I am not finished with your ass.” I do what he wants me to. He clutches my butt and pinches it. Having slapped it, he stretches it—pulling both sides away until my poor asshole is left lonely. Then he takes his cock into his free hand and shoves it into me. My eyes swell. His penis feels like a giant banana in my small itching ass. I open my mouth and breathe out. “Fuck—yes, fuck……Ashlyn.” His words spill into my ears like sweet honey. I feel an orgasm coming close.

His cock tours deeper; I feel every move it makes. The funny thing is when he sticks it into my pussy: It does not feel all that giant. When he drops it into my behind, I feel like I am going to burst in terror. I don’t. I hold on to the table before me, slowly breathing in and out. This is wonderful. Cederick may be young—only twenty years of age—but he knows how to fuck excellent. I am twenty-four. There’s not that much difference between our ages.

“I’m enjoying this, Ashlyn. How do you feel?”

I fight for additional breaths while I talk, “I. Feel. Great. You have made me feel like a genuine woman.”

“You talk like your husband doesn’t make you feel the same. Does he?”

I am reluctant to answer that. “He doesn’t. Let’s talk about something else please, and not him.” This is revenge sex. It feels so good.

With a loud rap, Cederick’s thighs slam on my butt. I close my eyes. He knocks into me faster. He reaches for my breasts and strokes them. Ah…… flesh tingles with lust. His head leans against mine. My lips quiver. He presses me nearer the table I am latching on to; he breathes out fiercely; his breaths throw about my hair. I put my hand down and push my fingers into my pussy. He takes his penis out of me and then turns me towards himself.

“What?” I ask, gasping for fresh air.

He carries me up and makes me sit on the table; then he draws my legs apart. My pussy stretches wide open. It is dark pink inside. With his fingers, he searches in. I don’t know what he is searching for. I am not fond of concealing any jewels here. Or rings shaped of diamonds. “This is my pussy. From today, that’s how I want you to address it. It is my pussy and not yours.”

“Meaning?” My breaths are hurried, unquiet moreover.

“You are mine, Ashlyn. I am yours too. I am starting to dislike it that I have to share you with another man. He is your husband, I am aware of that. Do me one favor: Let me buy your pussy. I am prepared to pay any amount so I can possess it. Sell it to me, right now.”

I laugh. Cederick is stupid. What does he think? That he can buy my pussy? That’s nuts. “I know you are joking, baby—”

He intrudes me, “I came with this offer in mind. I am going to prepare a contract, signed by you and me. You are going to make your pussy serviceable to me alone. This is how I will compensate you: Every three months, I’ll pay you thirty thousand. It is for you staying loyal to me. With your pussy, I mean. Brice can fuck your ass. I don’t care.”

“Are you serious?” I have quit smiling at him.

“Do I look like someone who is joking?” God, what is this?

“You don’t. Tell me: How will you manage to pay me that much? You are unemployed. Your parents give you a few bucks. How will you be able to raise thirty thousand?”

He smiles, crookedly. “That’s not your problem. I know how I sustain my needs.”

“I hope you are not going to steal anyone’s money, Cederick. The worst that can happen is us being interrogated by the police. I don’t want that to happen.”

“It won’t. Trust me.” I was wrong about him. He is not a blameless, low-born twenty-year-old. It seems there is a lot about him I have not discovered. How will he get that money every three months? What does he do in secret?

His lips slap mine. I kiss him back. He pulls my hair and breathes in its sweaty scent. I slant against the wall and grin at him. He brushes my thigh with his hand. Ah! It feels like electricity, racing through my skin. I catch his face and kiss him some more. He kisses me back in uncontrollable madness. “Fuck my pussy, Cederick—fuck my pussy,” I beg him. His hand strokes down my thigh. My vagina lets out liquid. It oozes down my legs, soaking my skin. I am enjoying this!

“I am going to fuck your sweet pussy, Ashlyn. Just you wait and see.” He places his hand over his mouth and spits into his palm. My pussy itches with desire. He takes his cock into his hand, rubbing it with watery saliva; he pinpoints my clit with its head. I close my eyes for two rapid seconds. He is inside me. We stand unmoving for a time. His penis is stuck inside my vagina. He asks me, “I want one thing to be clear: Are you going to sell me your pussy—give me a yes or no?”

“Yes, Cederick; I will sell you my pussy. Make it forty thousand please, not thirty.” I am testing his brains. I want to know how much money he is keeping. To my shock, he responds:

“No problem, Ashlyn. I will lift it to forty.” I am in shock. I almost drop dead. If Cederick is not a bank robber, then I don’t know what he exactly is. Does Addison know that her son holds so much money? I will try her knowledge, some other time.

He has not begun ejaculating. And yet he scatters semen into my pussy. Is that normal? Do scientists describe how this comes to happen? In an instant, he begins working: He thumps in and out of me, in and out again. I tremble. It’s not like I am afraid. It just feels better when he is fucking my pussy as opposed to when he is hitting my ass mercilessly.

I moan. He closes my mouth with his hand and hisses, “Quiet, Ashlyn. You’re not going to scream all of a sudden, are you? Keep your mouth shut and enjoy this. You. Are. So. Sweet. Sugar.”

My nails rake his back—not in a hurtful way. I hold him tight. I am not letting him go. His ass waggles left and right. He injects more semen into my lust-sick pussy. My pussy is wet and cold. His penis feels dry and warm; his semen heats me up. It makes me squeeze him harder. As he shifts back and forth, he grasps my breasts and pinches them. An unforeseen orgasm knocks me like a train arising out of nowhere. I dip into a sea of pleasures. I swim downward, with vigor and ecstasy. I don’t want to surface back to reality. I don’t want to.

My office boasts a shower in addition to a small, nice kitchen. When we are done fucking and eating cornflakes, we head there to wash ourselves. Finally, we dress up. I kiss Cederick slowly on the lips. That’s my way of saying goodbye. He goes away, promising to ring me up soon. With him vanished, I close the door and tilt my back on it. I breathe out and check my hushed office. Now I have lots of work to do. I will start with Darcy’s files that need urgent typing. How did she instruct me to type them? Oh no! I have forgotten her instructions. I must call her now.

I get my phone and go through my contacts. There her number is. I am about to dial it when Roland’s text shows up in my inbox:

Do you mind fucking tonight?

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