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A lot of people think skinny women have all the fun in the world while big women sit around on the sidelines, basically feeling sorry for themselves. Especially big black women. My name is Eleanor Saint-James and I’m here to debunk this myth once and for all. Here are my credentials as a big woman. I stand five feet ten inches tall, dark-skinned and heavyset, with wide hips and a big, round butt that jiggles when I walk. I weigh two hundred and sixty pounds. I work at Home Depot in Brockton’s East Side. I live in an apartment not far from my work but my second home is the local Burger King. I’m there all the time. Hey, a big woman’s got to eat, alright? This here is my story.

If there is a fact that often surprises a lot of people, it’s how slutty us big beautiful chicks really are. Take me and my friend and co-worker Candice Blake for example. Candice is a big and tall white chick from Brockton with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She’s thick-bodied, with big boobs, wide hips and a really big butt. We’re talking about a booty that’s more than sixty inches all around, folks. And at six feet two inches tall and three hundred and forty pounds, she’s not what anyone would consider to be tiny. In any universe. We went to a bar specifically to pick up guys and get fucked. Yes, women do the booty call thing too. And big beautiful women like us are no exception.

Candice and I picked up these two guys. We really like big guys. Skinny men don’t do it for us. Big women like ourselves are quite picky, believe it or not. Luckily, the big men we chose liked us too. They were quite promising, too. A big and tall black man named Tyson Stanford and a tall, broad-shouldered and stocky Mexican-American guy named Paolo Sanchez. They’re a couple of working-class big handsome studs. A professional truck driver and a professional electrician. We ankara evi olan escortlar went back to our apartment with them and the four of us quickly got down and dirty. Paolo and Tyson sat on the couch, watching Candice and I as we stripped before them. Lots of men out there are into big beautiful women. Have you seen how popular big women porn sites are on the web these days? Big beautiful women have tons of admirers. Skinny chicks don’t rule the web anymore. It’s ruled by kinky men and women who look like normal people instead of living skeletons. You dig? Cool.

Candice and I got naked, and began kissing and feeling each other as Tyson and Paolo watched. Candice grabbed my big black butt and fondled my soft tits as I licked her lips and fingered her pussy. I am really, really into licking and fingering pussy. I’m a big black woman who also happens to be bisexual. If you don’t like it, you can kiss my big beautiful black ass. You dig? Cool. As I fingered Candice’s pussy, the big white woman got really wet and started moaning. This really turned the guys on. What man doesn’t enjoy the sight of two naked women going at it? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I placed Candice on her back on the carpeted floor of our apartment and got between her spread legs. I began to give the big white woman’s pussy a good licking. Candice screamed in pleasure as I worked my magic on her. I love licking pussy. It’s doctor recommended for all lesbians and bisexual women, after all. After I got her rocks off, Candice put me on all fours and began licking my pussy from behind while fingering my asshole. I absolutely love having my asshole played with. Seriously. I discovered anal sex during my freshman year at Massasoit Community College in the city of Brockton. I got butt-fucked by a tall black stud from the Men’s Basketball team. It was hot.

Candice ankara olgun escortlar slid her fingers deep into my asshole while fucking my pussy with her tongue. Hot damn, this plump white chick knew just what buttons to press when dealing with me. And I loved that about her. In no time at all, she absolutely got my rocks off and it was frigging glorious, folks. Seriously. I came, and it stunned Candice, along with Tyson and Paolo. The three of them watched as my pussy squirted hot girly cum all over Candice’s face. The big white chick quickly licked it all up without spilling a single drop. Is she cool or what?

I had a lot of fun with Candice, Sapphic-style. However, there are certain things that only a man can do for a woman. Don’t even bring up the subject of sex toys. They’re fun, but lack performance variety. So we told Tyson and Paolo to come and get some. I took Paolo while Candice took Tyson. She really has a thing for big and tall black men. Candice is the type of chick who would do the whole football team back in our sex-drenched school days. I knelt before Paolo, and feasted my eyes on him as he got naked. The big Mexican guy was built. He was muscular, and solid-looking. And in his right hand he held his dick. Eight inches long, quite thick and also, uncircumcised. I didn’t mind. I love dick. Repeat after me. D.I.C.K. Dick is good for you.

I stroked Paolo’s cock before slowly taking him into my mouth. He whispered sweet words of encouragement to me in Spanish as I worked my magic on him. Truth be told, I haven’t sucked cock in a while but I was pleased to discover that I hadn’t lost touch. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle. You never completely forget. I sucked Paolo’s cock until it was hard as steel while Candice sucked on Tyson’s cock. To my great surprise, Tyson’s dick was even bigger than ankara sarışın escortlar Paolo’s. And it was also uncut. Looks like my girlfriend and I hooked up with a pair of all-natural studs. That’s cool.

I sucked on Paolo’s cock until he came, then I eagerly drank his cum. Afterwards, we got ready to rumble. Paolo really wanted to stick his dick into my pussy but I asked him to fuck me in the ass instead. Candice’s exploration of my ass earlier left my backdoor with a craving for a stiff cock. Paolo was more than happy to fuck me in the ass, as you can imagine. The big Latino guy lubricated my ass and his cock with the lubricant I handed him, then pressed his dick against my asshole. With a swift thrust, he went in.

Nearby, Candice was also getting serviced. Tyson had her on all fours, face down and big white booty up as he thrust his big black dick into her asshole. Sometimes, I wish Candice would stop copying me. A year ago, she was an anal virgin who only tried anal sex with a guy because I recommended it as a sexual activity. Now, she can’t get off any other way. She’s an anal sex addict. A big white woman addicted to anal sex. Ha! That’s mad funny! Tyson grabbed Candice’s wide hips and slammed his cock into her butt hole like anal sex was going out of style. He fucked her furiously. Candice screamed loudly as her big ass took a backdoor pounding, but I could tell she liked it. She craves anal and can’t get off any other frigging way.

Oh, man. I love having a big dick up my ass. Many women do. Especially big women like myself. Want to know why? It’s because big women have tight assholes! That’s why we enjoy it so much. Tyson and Paolo sodomized Candice and I and we absolutely frigging loved it. When I felt Paolo’s hot manly cum rushing through my asshole, I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Moments later, Candice shouted too as Tyson came, filling her asshole with his cum. I watched the big black man’s hot cum rushing out of the big white woman’s asshole. It was absolutely frigging great. I highly recommend anal sex to all the big women out there. Seriously. Who says big women don’t have fun?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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