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Kim had a blindfold over her eyes; she was being led by the hand into the bedroom. The loss of sight aroused her other senses and the soft carpet tickled her soft feet. Joe had promised her a big surprise for her 22nd birthday, the blindfold was obviously just the beginning of it. Kim was already down to her underwear; Joe had pounced on her and removed her top and jeans before he so subtly placed the soft silk blind fold over her eyes. Now he was carefully removing her bra; allowing her stiff nipples the freedom they longed for. Joe’s hands caressed Kim’s soft, pert breasts, followed by a sneaky lick and suck from his mouth. The feeling soon intensified as Kim felt a hand tug at her knickers and a hand slip onto the lips of her pussy.

The knickers soon fell to the floor and Joe’s hand was gently rubbing at Kim’s clitoris, slipping into her moist hole. Kim moved her hands outwards to find Joe’s head, running her hands through his hair and down his rough, stubble covered face.

Without warning, Kim was thrown and pinned onto the bed. Hands were leaning on her wrists preventing her from moving. Now naked, Kim felt her legs forced open and pushed into the air; revealing her naked pussy to the cool air of the room. She felt eager for pleasure but knew this was what Joe wanted; no easy slut, just as hard to get as always. Closing her legs, Kim tried to sit up but suddenly felt herself pinned down even more forcefully. Joe’s prickly chin was now edging towards her moist pussy, his tongue now achingly close to her swollen clit, she knew that Joe could smell her juices oozing between the lips. Kim was suddenly thrown into ecstasy as the warm, welcoming feel of Jake’s tongue finally found the spot, sending shivers up her spine. Her hands now desired to touch her man’s hair as he licked so gently, yet so passionately at her pussy. Little did Kim know what was about to happen.

Out of the blue, Kim felt a hand stroke her face; ever such a gentle touch, caressing her soft skin. She instantly realised that Joe was holding her hands on either side, was her surprise about to be revealed? The strange hand was soon followed by a soft series of kisses working their way from her cheek and finally onto her lips. The kiss was soft, with a hint of tongue; Kim wanted to remove the blindfold but the hands holding hers held tight, all the while; Joe continued to tease his tongue over her clit and occasionally into her now soaking pussy. In her blind state, Kim began to feel a mixture of uneasiness with a huge desire to find out more. The stranger’s hands were now working their way around her naked body; caressing her swollen nipples, down her navel to her freshly trimmed pubic hair. Joe was now giving more vigorous oral and Kim felt her loins swell with pleasure and the urge to let lose a waterfall of cum. ankara escort bayan She threw her head back and let out an intense moan as she felt Joe’s finger enter her pussy, pushing against the inside of her. Suddenly she felt a hand on the back of her head forcing her into a hard, passionate embrace. The stranger’s tongue now exploring her mouth and a hand squeezing her left breast.

As Kim reached an intense climax, she felt her right left hand moving across her own body towards the stranger laying on her right. The juices flowing from her pussy were now spread across Joe’s chin as he continued to edge her to an intense orgasm. Kim’s hand suddenly reached its intended destination. She felt a prickly but soft area of hair that brushed through her fingers as she was guided further south. Kim was imagining how big a cock she might find at the end of this; she had never had a threesome but had often wondered what it might feel like to be centre of attention with two guys. Kim’s wonder was soon met with extreme surprise; what she felt wasn’t that of a large erect penis. Kim wondered if she was actually touching her own pussy; she began to explore what was laid at her hand. In place of the erect penis she expected was the soft, warm feeling she knew well enough from those lonely nights that she would run her hand down her body into her knickers and bring herself to a much needed orgasm; if only to help her sleep.

Kim pulled her hand back, unsure what to make of the unknown. Suddenly the stranger’s hand pulled back, forcing Kim’s hand into the void; she suddenly felt the lips of a pussy slip around her middle finger and a swollen clitoris rub against it. Kim was still embracing the stranger, locking lips and brushing tongues. Kim now felt Joe’s tongue slip really deep into her pussy and she let out a final gasp as she climaxed furiously.

Kim awoke from her daze to the bright light of Joe’s bedroom. Her pussy was soaked in saliva and her nipples were swollen and pointing towards the ceiling. Kim was dazed but eager to know who her birthday surprise was. Before she could sit up to look, Joe had forcefully pushed his swollen penis into her mouth. Kim loved giving blowjobs and instantly began to push the swollen shaft deeper into her mouth, tasting the salty pre-cum leaking from the end of Joe’s cock. Kim continued to suck on her boyfriend’s penis, generously deep throating him until his pubic hair pushed onto her nose. Suddenly, as Joe pulled his shaft away, a hand grabbed his length. Kim’s stranger suddenly revealed.

Kim looked up to see her best friend Dani; now holding Joe’s cock in her hand whilst lustfully smiling at her. Dani licked at the end of the shaft in her hand sucking deeply whilst staring at Kim. Joe was holding Dani’s head pushing her deeper onto his cock, thrusting ankara bayan escort occasionally with his hips. A huge wave of jealousy came over Kim, she didn’t know what to do, watching her best friend giving her boyfriend a blowjob and he was enjoying it!

The jealousy was overwhelming and Kim reached up, grabbing Joe’s thick cock, pulling it out of Dani’s mouth. She placed her free hand on her face and proceeded to slap the hard, saliva covered cock against Dani’s face three times, each time harder than the last.

‘That’s my boyfriend you slut!’

‘Feeling left out Kim?’ Dani smiled, wiping the moisture from her cheek.

Before Kim could reply, Dani’s bare pussy was forced into her face, pushing downwards forcefully, searching for some tongue. Kim found herself obliging; much to her own surprise, probing deeply into her very first girl on girl oral experience. She could hear Dani and Joe making out; probably with tongues and no doubt exploring each other’s naked bodies. The thought made Kim angry but so horny; she felt herself pushing deeper into Dani’s pussy, flicking her tongue from clit to hole and back again.

Suddenly, Kim pictured the time she had walked in on Dani having sex with a stranger in the front room of their shared flat. It wasn’t the no-strings fucking that shocked Kim; Dani loved sex and was a real nympho, but this time she was having hard bareback anal sex with a guy she had just met. Just as Kim walked in the guy was reaching climax; he was fully mounted on top of Dani, pushing her head into the sofa and pounding her bare asshole. Kim stood there watching in shock as the guy emptied his load into Dani’s gaping ass before realising they had a viewer. Kim jumped and shut the door again running back to her room. The image stayed with her every night before she finally spoke to Dani about it. Surprisingly, Dani was in such a state of euphoria she hadn’t noticed Kim stood in the door way watching.

Kim looked up and saw her target; Dani’s tight asshole looked like a star, but it was too dry to tease open. Kim slipped a finger into the wet pussy above her, moving it around before pushing it into the asshole above it. Amazingly, it slipped all the way in without any trouble and Kim was now fingering her best friend’s asshole whilst continuing to lick her wet pussy. She heard Dani moaning out load and felt her hips pushing down much more forcefully now. Kim wondered if Joe realised what was going on; in fact, she wondered what he was doing now.

All of sudden, Kim felt a very familiar feeling between her legs. Joe’s big wet cock was rubbing against her pussy, occasionally pushing through her lips; teasing. Before long, Joe’s cock was making deeper progress into Kim’s pussy; his hands ran over her soft skin grasping at the slim hips and ankara escort bayanlar finally around to her fleshy ass. Joe lifted her hips giving greater leverage as he finally pushed his cock completely into her pussy; Kim felt like she was being split in two (a feeling she got every time she had sex, but one she associated with extreme pleasure).

Joe was now fucking Kim with hard thrusts, his balls slapping against her; he was beginning to make little grunts between his furious embrace with Dani. Kim suddenly realised that she was fingering her best friend’s asshole, licking her pussy and being fucked furiously by her boyfriend all at the same time. She felt a hand now rubbing her swollen clit which tipped her over the edge; her pussy tensed around Joe’s shaft and she let out a series of gasps for air before hitting total climax, throwing her head back, Kim let out a huge moan.

‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming… Fuck me Joe!’

He did, harder and harder; reacting to Kim’s demands. The hand rubbing her clit got more vigorous giving her a double orgasm from inside and outside her dripping wet pussy. Kim climaxed hard and knew she was being noisy but didn’t care, she was in heaven. Kim now grasped the duvet beneath her, expecting Joe and Dani to stop but they didn’t. She began to squirm but the pair held tight, still giving her the most amazing sex. Kim gasped a few times before blacking out.

Awakening to the bright light of the room for the second time that evening, Kim slowly sat up to get her bearings. Seconds later, still dazed, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Dani leaned in and whispered in her ear.

‘Did you enjoy that hun?’

Kim smiled, turning to face Dani and finally kissing her on the lips. Suddenly, Dani let out a gasp, gripping Kim’s shoulder a little tighter and pushing her back down onto the bed. Kim fell on to the mattress and was greeted by Dani’s trimmed pussy, being fucked by a familiar shaft. Joe was in full motion now, thrusting his cock into Dani’s bare pussy; it glistened with the juices flowing out of her hole, mixing with his sweat, dripping now onto Kim’s face. Joe’s balls looked ready to burst and Kim wanted to pull his length out and finish the job with her mouth, feasting on his warm cum; but she knew Dani hadn’t climaxed yet and god did she deserve to!

All of a sudden both Dani and Joe began to shudder, their motions becoming frantic as each reached climax; Kim knew her final reward was coming. Dani let out a final cry of ecstasy and collapsed on top of Kim; Joe had now moved onto a mounted position, forcing down into Dani’s tensing pussy. Kim could see his shaft twitching now as his load shot out of him and into her friend’s bare pussy, he gave his last few thrusts before falling on to the bed.

Spunk shot out of Dani’s pussy and onto Kim’s face. Kim instantly began to lick the dripping pussy, tasting her boyfriends spunk mixed with Dani’s pussy juice. Kim and Dani spent the next few hours making out before falling asleep; it had been the biggest surprise of her life, one she would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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