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Rachel stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her hair and another around her body and walked down the hall to her room. She closed the door behind her and turned on her stereo.

Only then did she notice the package on her bed. She looked around to see if someone was in her room, and seeing nobody she approached the bed and the package.

On top of the white box there was an envelope with her name written on it. She opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. Rachel was blown away, inside the envelope were nearly 20 pictures of her having sex with four different guys at the same time.

Six months earlier she’d been at a frat party, gotten a little drunk and had taken on four guys that followed her upstairs. She had no idea that anybody had been taking pictures. It wasn’t like Rachel to be such a slut, but her boyfriend went to a different college, she was really lonely and she was really drunk that night.

Rachel’s hands were shaking as she unfolded the letter that accompanied the pictures.



Needless to say these pictures could cause you a lot of trouble if they were to come out. What would your parents think? In their eyes you are a perfect little angel that can do no wrong and would never do something like this. What would your poor boyfriend Tom say? You’ve been together for five years and this is how you repay his loyalty? What about your friends? That little church group you belong to would find these pictures very interesting. Heck pictures like these would make you the talk of the town; you’d forever be labeled as a dirty little slut. It doesn’t have to be that way Rachel. If you do as you are told these pictures will never see the light of day. Now with this letter there is a box. In it you will find the outfit that you are to wear to dinner tonight. You are to wear nothing more and nothing less than what is in the box. Everything is your size, I made sure of that. If you do not wear the outfit that I have provided to dinner tonight you will wake up tomorrow to find thousands of copies of these pictures spread all over town.

Your master.


Rachel was so shaken that her knees gave way and she had to sit on the edge of the bed to keep from falling down.

There were a million questions racing through her mind. Who was this person calling themselves her master? Why were they doing this? Would they really distribute copies of the pictures if she didn’t wear the outfit? How far would they take things if she did comply?

It was getting pretty late; Rachel knew that any minute her parents would be calling up the stairs for her to hurry up. She decided that she’d do her hair and makeup before opening the box. She’d rather not know what was in the box for as long as possible.

She dried and styled her hair, and then she put on her makeup.

Finally she walked over to the bed and pulled the cover off of the box. On top she found a pair of black high heels. They were nothing to be too worried about; she had several pairs like them. She folded back a layer of tissue paper and found a pair of black stockings and a garter belt. She usually wore pantyhose, but stockings wouldn’t be too bad she figured. Under another layer of tissue paper there was a semi sheer black bra.

“Jesus, my nipples will show right through this thing.” Rachel said.

Under another layer of tissue paper there was a short black skirt that would almost certainly show off the tops of the stockings as she sat. Under the last layer of tissue paper was a semi sheer blue blouse. She laid everything out in front of her on the bed, and looked at it.

“Wait, where are the panties?” Rachel asked.

She dug through the box looking for anything she might have missed, but the box had been picked clean.

“Okay, so no panties then. And with that short skirt whoever this master is will have very little trouble checking if they can get a good angle once I sit down.” Rachel said.

Rachel took a deep breath and began to get dressed. She put on the stockings and garter belt, then the bra and the blouse, and finally she put on the short skirt. She stepped into the heels and walked over to look at herself in the mirror.

“Oh no, I was afraid of that. This blouse is so sheer that not only can you see the bra, if you look really close you can see my nipples too.” Rachel said.

She grabbed the chair from her desk and put it in front of the mirror. She sat down and looked at the reflection in the mirror. She could easily see the tops of the stockings, and if she parted her knees it was very obvious that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I guess I’ll just have to keep my legs crossed.” Rachel said.

Rachel almost jumped out of the chair when she heard her mother’s voice yelling up the stairs.

“Rachel honey, hurry up, we’ll be late for dinner.” Vicky yelled.

“I’ll be right down.” A breathless Rachel yelled back.

Rachel stood up, put the chair back, gathered up the box, the letter, and the pictures and put them casino oyna way in the back of her closet. Then she walked down stairs to join the family.

“Whoa Rachel, you look different.” Kyle, her younger brother said.

“Shut up you little rodent.” Rachel said.

“Wow sis, when’d you get the new outfit?” Heather, her older sister asked.

“Recently, it’s the first time I’ve worn it.” Rachel said.

“Okay kids, everybody into the car, if your father’s going to impress Mr. Thompson enough to make partner he has got to be on time.” Vicky said.

Rachel was very careful to keep her knees together and her skirt tugged down in the car. The embarrassment and fallout that would come from her whole family knowing that she wasn’t wearing any panties would be almost as bad as the pictures getting out.

Rachel’s father John was up for a promotion at the law firm that he worked for. One of the partners was retiring and the remaining partner wanted to bring on a new partner. John had been with the firm for a very long time and had served them well.

The partnership was all but his; all that was left was a dinner meeting between Mr. Thompson, the senior partner, and John’s whole family. The idea being to see if the John that had been working for him for all these years was the same John that his family knew. Mr. Thompson had very little patience for phonies, and if he suspected that John acted one way at work and another way at home the partnership would be offered to someone else.

They went to one of the nicest restaurants in town, and were seated at a private table in the back. To Rachel’s great displeasure all of the seats facing the wall were taken straight away and she was left facing the room, and with the short overhang of the tablecloth anyone approaching the table would be able to see underneath and get a good look at her lap.

Rachel sat down and crossed her legs tightly and tried to keep them crossed, but from time to time she’d have to switch from right over left to left over right to keep from getting a cramp.

Rachel figured that if the unknown blackmailer were at the table they would try to sneak a peak up her skirt so she monitored everyone that came and went from the table very carefully and watched their eyes to see if any of them were looking under the table.

Every person at the table left the table at least once, but she didn’t see anyone looking under the table on the way back.

Crossing and uncrossing her legs and constantly thinking about who was blackmailing her resulted in Rachel becoming very aroused. She could feel that her already slightly visible nipples were rock hard and straining against the two layers of semi sheer material that were constraining them. When she crossed and uncrossed her legs she could feel the wetness of her aroused pussy on her inner thighs.

Somehow Rachel managed to make it through dinner without becoming too obvious about her arousal. On the car ride home she bit her lip to take her mind off of how turned on she was. When she got home she ran up to her bedroom, shut the door, lifted her skirt and with just a few rubs of her swollen clit Rachel reached a very satisfying orgasm. She cleaned herself up with the towels that she had left on the floor after her shower earlier, and then she changed into a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt and went to bed.

The next morning Rachel awoke to find another package and another letter along with it. She hurriedly opened the letter to see what her tormenter had for her to do today.


I was pleased to see that you complied with the instructions I gave you yesterday. Today is Saturday and I know you usually hang out with your friends on Saturday, but today you won’t be. Today I want you to lie out by the pool until you are a nice golden brown. I know you usually wear that one-piece suit, but today you will be wearing the bikini that I have provided. Judging by the photos you’ll probably have to shave off most of your pubic hair to keep it from showing when you wear the bikini. Leave a narrow strip about an inch wide and two inches tall right above your pussy, but shave the rest down to bare skin. Oh and don’t forget to trim the strip, not too close, just short enough that it doesn’t look like a wooly worm. The box also contains tanning lotion and oils so that you will not burn. I expect you to be out by the pool all day so use plenty of lotion.

Your master.

“So the blackmailer wants me to put on a bikini and go get some tan lines. Okay, I’m game for that.” Rachel said.

She flipped the lid off the box and pulled out the oils and lotions and had to dig around to find the bikini. When she found it she pulled it out.

“Well there’s part of it, it’s pretty damn small, now where’s the rest of it?” Rachel asked.

That’s when the two pieces fell apart and Rachel realized that what she thought was a small bikini was really a micro bikini. There were three small patches of material, two that would just barely cover her nipples, and a third canlı casino that would cover her pussy and the narrow strip of pubic hair as long as it didn’t shift even a centimeter out of place.

“Jesus, this thing isn’t a bikini, it’s just a few pieces of string. Well, at least nobody’s supposed to be here today.” Rachel said.

She stripped off her pajamas, put on her bathrobe, tucked the bikini up her sleeve and headed for the bathroom. She jumped in the shower and grabbed her leg razor. Rachel had never shaved her pubic hair before; she always kind of liked having a big thick patch of curly brown hair down there. Now to save herself a great embarrassment she had to shave her thick curly bush down to a neatly trimmed strip above her pussy.

When she had finished shaving Rachel grabbed the string bikini and slipped the bottom between her legs. She tied the strings on one side, then on the other. She then tied the top in place and looked at herself in the mirror.

“I guess this thing wasn’t designed for a girl with my nipple placement.” Rachel said.

Her nipples were three inches outside of the small patch of material that was supposed to cover them. There was no adjustment on the bikini top so she had to press her breasts together to get both of her nipples to be covered. The slightest jiggle of her breasts would pop one or both of her nipples out from under their tiny coverings.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to stay really still out there. Okay, how about the bottom?” Rachel asked looking down.

The bottom of the bikini wasn’t staying over her pussy any better than the top was staying over her nipples. Finally she got it to stay in place a little bit. She figured if she could stay still she could keep the bikini in place.

“Well, I guess I’d better get out there, whoever this person is they seem to know my movements pretty well.” Rachel said.

Rachel grabbed a big towel and the lotions and oils and went out to the far side of the pool so she would be as far from the house as possible, just in case somebody was going to be home today.

Rachel laid out the towel and took off her robe. Walking from the house had shifted the bikini so her nipples and pussy were exposed, but she had to oil up anyway so she did that quickly and then carefully repositioned the tiny bikini and lay down in the warm sun.

After about an hour Vicky came outside.

“Rachel, are you naked?” Vicky asked.

“No mom, I’m wearing a bikini.” Rachel said.

Vicky walked back by her daughter.

“It sure isn’t much of one.” Vicky said.

“I know. I want to get a tan, but I don’t want a whole lot of tan lines, and I don’t like those tanning beds.” Rachel said.

“Well, be careful, if you move just a little bit something could pop out and get sunburned, and that wouldn’t be fun at all.” Vicky said.

“I’ve got plenty of oil and lotion on mom, I’ll be fine.” Rachel said.

Vicky went back inside, and Rachel decided it was time to turn over so her back and her ass could get some sun.

After about an hour lying on her stomach Kyle came out back with a golf club. He stood in the yard so that he was facing Rachel and began swinging his club. For nearly an hour Kyle stood there swinging his club and Rachel began to suspect that he was the blackmailer. Kyle was a horny little shit that was always watching porn and staring at Rachel and her friends, it wasn’t too hard to believe that he could be the one blackmailing her. Rachel was getting pretty uncomfortable with Kyle so close, and she really wanted to turn over, but knew she couldn’t with him in the backyard. Finally relief came when Heather came out the back door.

“Kyle, dad says if you’ll mow the front yard he’ll mow the back.” Heather said.

“Okay.” Kyle said.

Kyle retreated inside, but Heather walked over and sat down next to Rachel.

“Are you okay sis?” Heather asked.

“I’m fine.” Rachel said.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to pester you about this, but that outfit last night, now the nearly nothing bikini and tanning today, it just seems a little out of character for you to dress like that and be out here tanning in this bikini.” Heather said.

“What’s wrong with my bikini?” Rachel asked.

“Well for one thing, I can see your asshole poking out on either side of the little string, and I’d bet that if you rolled over everything else you’ve got would pop out too.” Heather said.

“So what, I want maximum sun and minimum tan lines.” Rachel said.

“Hey, if that’s true then fine, but if something is going on and you want to talk about it, you know where to find me.” Heather said.

Heather got up and walked away. Rachel stared at her as she walked. It wasn’t like Heather to be so nice to her. In fact she quite often played head games with Rachel just to drive her nuts. All of a sudden Kyle wasn’t the only suspect, now Heather too seemed like a possible blackmailer.

With Kyle and Heather both out of the yard Rachel was able to roll over. She had to add more kaçak casino oil to her skin, and she had to reposition the tiny bikini to cover her nipples and pussy again as she lay on her back again.

After a little while Rachel heard the gate swing open and then she heard the mower start up. She lifted her head and saw John, her father, pushing the mower through the grass. He was wearing dark sunglasses so she couldn’t be sure exactly where his eyes were looking, but her new level of suspiciousness convinced her that his eyes were locked squarely on her.

It took John nearly an hour to mow the yard, and then he grabbed the trimmer and trimmed some of the trees. After that he pulled weeds from the garden. It seemed to Rachel that her father was finding any excuse he could to stay in the backyard where he could look at his nearly naked daughter.

The back door opened and Vicky came out in a bikini with a towel in her hand. Vicky’s bikini was small, but much less revealing than Rachel’s. She laid her towel out next to Rachel’s.

“Mind if I borrow some of your lotion and join you?” Vicky asked.

“Go right ahead.” Rachel said.

Vicky made a show of oiling up her skin as John looked on, but watching her mother massage the lotion into her smooth skin was having almost as strong of an affect on Rachel.

Rachel had never been with a woman before, she had been curious for a while, but hadn’t had the opportunity to explore her bisexual feelings yet. Lying there watching her mother got Rachel’s juices flowing, her nipples grew hard. They lifted the material of the bikini up so that her areolas, which had been barely covered before, were clearly visible around the edges. Also her pussy started oozing some juices leaving a definite damp spot on the light blue material.

John finished up and headed inside, and Vicky lay down next to her daughter.

“You’ve been out here for quite awhile, aren’t you hungry or anything?” Vicky asked.

“No, I just want to work on my tan.” Rachel said.

“Well you’re definitely a lot darker than you were this morning. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to lay out myself so I thought I’d take the few free hours I have this afternoon and spend them out here with you catching some sun.” Vicky said.

“It sure is a nice day for it.” Rachel said.

“Oh yeah, but you still have to be careful, in fact you might want to put on some more lotion.” Vicky said.

“I would, but if I move I’ll pop out of my suit.” Rachel said.

“Oh honey, you don’t need to worry about that. Hell I used to change your diapers and give you baths, I’ve seen everything you’ve got. Besides, with that tiny little bikini, you aren’t hiding very much anyway. Your brother went out and your dad went to jerk off, so you don’t have to worry about them. I’d hate for you to get sunburned.” Vicky said.

Rachel sat up and her nipples slipped out from under their tiny coverings. She grabbed the oil and began applying another coat to her skin.

Rachel’s eyes drifted over to her mother from time to time, but not once did she catch Vicky looking at her as she oiled herself up.

After three hours Vicky stood up.

“Well, I’ve got to go get started on dinner, are you going to stay out?” Vicky asked.

“Yeah, there’s still another hour of sunlight.” Rachel said.

“Well, dinner will be ready in an hour and a half then, that way you’ll have time to clean up and get dressed for dinner.” Vicky said.

“Thanks mom.” Rachel said.

Rachel lay outside until the last rays of direct sunlight where gone from the area she was in, then she pulled on her robe, gathered up her stuff, and headed straight to the bathroom. She took a nice long shower to wash away the sweat and all of the excess tanning oil. When she stepped out of the shower she looked at herself in the mirror. She had picked up a lot of sun. There was a tiny white area around each of her nipples, and one that barely surrounded her pussy, but the rest of her body was well tanned.

She pulled on her robe and went to her room. She shut and locked the door. On the bed a third package and an accompanying letter.


Your tan looks exquisite, you should show it off, and the outfit in the box should do that nicely. No panties, no bra. By the way, I included a little surprise for you, wear them.

Your master

Rachel took the lid off the box and found a skimpy pair of spandex shorts, and a halter-top. In the bottom of the box there was some sort of package. She picked it up and found that it was for remote controlled pleasure sex balls. The remote had been removed, but the balls were still there.

“You’ve got to be kidding. I’m convinced that a member of my family is playing sexual games with me, and now they want me to have remote controlled sex balls inside me while I eat dinner in this skimpy outfit.” Rachel said.

In the box there was also a tape with the words “extra motivation” written on it. She popped it into her VCR and hit play. The tape was in the middle and it jumped right into the middle of Rachel getting fucked by those four guys.

“They taped it too? Jesus, I must have been really drunk not to have noticed the cameras.” Rachel said.

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