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After our champagne and fun night he realised that anal sex was genuinely enjoyable for me as much as it was for him. I was pleased that we kept it as a spicy now and then thing, part of our repertoire but not our staple. We kept on just loving our sex.

But these little stories are meant to be all about the unusual, the exciting, the exotic and the wild. So…

He had been in a new job for about a year. It was very well paid. So while I still loved my independence, I could pick and choose my work. That had one downside, however. It allowed him a little more time to see himself as more dominant and let me slide down into a more submissive self. It opened up some possibilities as I let my imagination wander into his domain. A time came when we explored that adventure together.

He had a conference interstate and it was around the time of his birthday. I could come and stay and shop if I wanted. That sounded fabulous. I added back that maybe we could stay into the weekend and enjoy some birthday adventure, some pampering, something different. With a little coquettish suggestion, I opened the possibility of him making a bit of a wish list that I could make into a birthday gift for him… something wicked perhaps, something new maybe, something special. He smiled, kissed me a lot and said he’d think on it.

The three day conference kept him up long and late at meetings, leaving me alone to shop and pamper. We did commit to a Friday night and Saturday for each other. He did wave an envelope at me and left it on the bedside with a handwritten message, “open Friday morning”. It sat there for two days, driving me crazy with curiosity. He teased when I pressed him on it. I was tempted but restrained myself.

I mentioned some pampering. The hotel had a lovely spa, massage and beauty salon. I had myself waxed and in a bolder moment had the girl wax my ass as well. It was wild of me to ask for it and felt even wilder when I showered later and had a good long imaginative play. I knew he’d want it so at the very least I could surprise him with a little boldness.

So Friday arrived. We parted with a loving and lingering kiss and cuddle. He left after a naughty grin and nod to the envelope. “Make sure you follow the instructions exactly, Darling.” A blown kiss and a wave saw him out the door and me with slightly anxious fingers holding the mysterious envelope.

It turned out to be a set of envelopes, as it unfolded, each with a time and a sheet of typed instructions for me and an express instruction that each envelope was to be opened only at the set time. He HAD been thinking about this! I had been the object of his fascination, his obsession and his fantasy. That thrilled me. I was his birthday treat. He had planned it all in careful detail, each step drawing me deeper into the web of his fantasy, leading me blissfully into the realm of his erotic imagination.

Step one.

It was 8. The general instructions were read; open each in turn at the named time. Follow instructions to the letter. First, shower, arm myself with a clean credit card and go shopping. The shopping list was in envelope 2.

Step 2.

At nine I peeled the second open. The shopping list unfolded along with the stores where I needed to go. There is a specialty lingerie shop that I had been aching to enjoy but guilt and lack of financial freedom had kept off limits. So who was I to deny him and myself?

It was a short walk away, across a park on a lovely day. I arrived and shopped with abandon and followed his list. It was of course the classic set of clichés but good clichés. I departed with bags full; a beautiful velvet corset with a spicy half cup, red and black, French lacing and good quality suspenders as well as full length silk stockings, black and seamed. On my freshly waxed legs they would be divine to the touch.

Next stop, after morning coffee on a boulevard café where the passers- by oozed style and class, it was jewellery. I could treat myself to some personal items but his list wanted the wide big hooped earrings that just cried out for sexual attention. I was beginning to visualise already and feel a certain glow of anticipation.

Before lunch and the return to the hotel, shopping finished with shoes. This was new for him and me. The list called for wickedly high heels, black, ankle strapping and style. I somehow managed to show the sales assistant that I could deport myself with some grace in them so the shopping ended happily. There illegal bahis was a small knowing smile on her face as I left, the sort that knew that those shoes would spend little time walking.

Step 3.

I opened the midday envelope. I was not to eat… at all. I could drink but no eating. After a break, there was more shopping to be done.

Step 4 this envelope watered my eyes, just a little. A taxi ride away downtown is a strip of adult shops. Most seemed sleazy but the address listed had style and an obviously uptown clientele. The service staff were female, thank goodness, for my list would have drawn a sleazy stare elsewhere. I have never been to one of those places, let alone buy the sort of things on the list. I drew breath when I responded to the “can I be of assistance, Madame?” She could and was.

The packaging was discreet and I must say, stylish. In it as I left it held a black latex butt plug with matching lubricant and a leather bondage collar and wrist set with key locking. I almost baulked at the enema kit but it sat hidden in the bag too. By now my mind was swirling. He had been very methodical, very precise, very calculated. Part of me wanted to refuse, a bigger part was trembling with excitement.

The shopping ended with a visit to the cosmetics department of the boutique store neat the hotel. The bag did catch an intrigued eye from one or two customers and a knowing admiration from the sales assistant. The feature purchase was the red gloss lipstick, the sort that doesn’t wear even after a long session of fellatio. It was the sort that advertised lips for oral sex and when worn in public would raise cocks. That with matching foundation, powder and eye styling completed my shopping spree.

Step 4

I needed a stiff brandy at the bar before heading back to the room, something to steady the nerves for the next envelope.

With the gear laid out on the bed and my nerves jangling I raided the mini bar before opening the next envelope.

It was 2. The first bit of business was a phone call to him. He would just be finishing his working lunch. His voice was loving and sweet but had that edge that I knew that he knew. I thanked him for the spree and told him how much I was missing him. We blew kisses over the phone then made goodbyes.

I was just a little heady from the second stiff one so fumbled with the next instructions.

This would take some determination. I was to start the preparation, packaging my body and self for him. While the bath ran, that lovely luxurious bath that you find in older hotels that keep the sense of style alive, I set about the administration of the enema. Cleaning your ass deeply and perfectly might seem a bit on the gross side but for me, then, it was a natural part of the journey into the adventure that lay ahead. I wanted everything to be perfect, clean and spontaneous. It happened and finished with a final flooding of lightly scented unguent fluid that left me feeling deliciously clean.

The long soak in the bath was a heavenly end to the foot sore shopping and beginning of my transformation into his birthday playgirl.

Bathed, dried and rubbed all over with lotion I found myself on the bed, tinkering with my shopping and the next envelope to be opened at four.

Step 5

At four I peeled it open. “So my Darling,” it read, “I gather you are feeling pretty warm and special by now. I hope you are also in the mood to continue. I think you will be. I think your mind will be racing with anticipation and nervous excitement.” He was right. I was entranced by the flow of moments.

I read, I smiled, I busied the next steps, methodically.

It was the first time I have lubricated my ass. That is usually his play. His note wanted me to enjoy it, to explore, to discover, to obsess. His note specifically forbade any touching of my sex; every erotic urge must be devoted to my ass and discover the erotic and sensual possibilities of that taboo. With my waxed ass (that would surprise him later) it came to a lovely pleasure. It was time for the wicked toy that beckoned beside me.

The first plunge is always an eye opener. The following play grows ever more intriguing and arousing. I let myself have time to find that hum of pleasure before settling the beast inside me and setting about the rest of the list.

Step 6

By five I had followed the next set of instructions. The corset snugged my body sweetly, lifting my breasts for his adoring kisses, suspending the illegal bahis siteleri exquisite glide of silk along my legs. My face was picture perfect, my lips gleaming with sensual possibility, my eyes irresistibly seductive, my hair pulled tight to highlight the allure of the wide silver hoops that brandished my availability for his lust. Ready.

I rose in the heels. His instruction was for me to walk about the room, strut about to feel the butt plug work my ass into a state of excitement, a state of hunger to ripen my body for him.

His last instruction was a relief almost. I had to caress my sex and clitoris, bring myself to climax and send him a snap of my wet sex and plugged ass. That was naughty but enjoyable.

It was great but I was hungry for him. But there was more teasing ahead.

At five thirty exact, I set myself on the side of the bed, facing away from the door. I fitted the collar around my neck, letting the strap fall down my back. The wristlets could be snap locked once I had put my hands in them. I would have to do it blindfolded. I tied the black satin sash he had left in the last envelope before putting my hands into the cuffs and then with a deep breath and a plunge into the unknown and dangerous, I snapped the links together. The key sat up on the dresser, impossible for me to reach. I was now utterly at his mercy, alone, vulnerable, my body afire with hunger.

He had promised to come in at six. But alone, cuffed, in lingerie and prepped for sex, for anal sex, for oral sex the time passed ever so slowly. It made my mind race with thoughts… thoughts that he might delay or worse not come in at all… thoughts that he might have wilder notions, bring another man or worse send another man… or men… or women… he had whispered fantasies of sharing me with others, of delighting in the idea of me having my body rich with multiple lovers, all my possibilities simultaneously satisfied.

I heard noises in the corridors, of other comings and goings, of doors unlocking. Each startled me, teased me, dared me. I found myself twisting my hands, turning my head. Was the collar tight enough for him? Would I please him?

When finally I heard the door open my heart raced. I turned my blindfolded face towards the wall, wanted to speak. He had forbidden that. I was to stay silent until he said.

It was him, and alone. I heard his familiar footfall. Excitedly I waited for him to come and kiss me, to touch me. Instead I heard a silence and showering. He was teasing me, taunting me.

Eventually his freshly washed and scented body hovered near. His footsteps wandered the room. The mini bar opened. Ice splashed into a glass. He neared me.

The first I felt was the brush of his lips upon my shoulders, my face and the slow approach of fingers to my heaving breasts. Whisky wafted as did the fall of ice liquid down into my cleavage. His lips darted around mine. I offered them to him, yet he contented himself with hovering, darting, whispering, intoxicating flashes of contact. His fingers brushed my nipples approvingly before taking a pinch of my pleasure.

“Thankyou Darling,” he finally whispered. “You are just beautiful, magnificent, adorable.”

I made to reply but his finger pressed my lips. “Can we play now?” I nodded, with restrained zeal.

His strong hands helped me to stand, our bodies touching. He was naked, his cock already full and firm, dancing upon my hips, flirting with my belly, suggesting around my sex. His hands wandered over my body, shoulders, breasts, hips, thighs, legs. Each caress thrilled me more. I moaned.

He checked the collar and wrist set. “Do you like it?” I whispered an excited yes. “Is the collar comfortable?” I nodded. He tightened it, till I gasped. “Better?” I nodded my consent. He shortened the strap between collar and wrists, denying my hands their hungry search to fondle that beautiful hard cock that I craved.

He then forced my feet to part, enough for him to freely explore the delights between my thighs. His fingers enjoyed my wetness, old and new. I was almost aflood with desire. Another hand found the plug in his playground, pressed it, twisted it, toyed with it. A climax stirred inside me. It rose to almost burst when he stopped.

It was wicked and cruel. I ached for release. He wanted to play me.

“Kneel.” He helped me settle down on my knees before him. His cock danced around my lips. I parted my mouth for him. His cock warmed as I lavished it canlı bahis siteleri with adoring kisses, lingering lips, slow glides around the pleasures he wanted and deep long swallows of his magnificent cock. It was divine, gorgeous, having his cock in my mouth, in my body, his pleasure quivering inside my lips and mouth. I gave greedily searching for more, abandoning my body to his desire, hungry for his cock to explode inside my mouth.

“Make me come, Darling. Don’t stop.” His hand held me close, his fingers entwined in my hair, gently insistent. I drove my body forward and my mouth deeper onto his cock, deeper into my mouth, down my mouth, into my throat, past the urge to resist, to feel his balls pressed to my lips. It was wild, mad, hungry. He let himself go, moving cock to use me, to take my mouth and watch the delicious dance of my glossed lips along his now rock hard cock. He came. My mouth filled, I lapped every drop from his quivering, pulsing cock, cleaning every drop of his come into my mouth.

“Thank you, Darling. That was amazing.” His fingers stroked my cheek approvingly.

His arms raised me to sit on the bed where he held me close and filled my mouth with searching kisses. I folded into his arms, twisting my hands in the hope to free them and throw them around him for an embrace. He did let the blindfold fall away, for me to see the glowing smile and warmth in his eyes. “This is fabulous. Thank you.” He offered me a sip of his whisky, accompanied by trickle of ice around my breasts. I know this mood. The night was young.

As he held me close his fingers, and the morsels of ice, found my sex, my clitoris and began to play. I was soon adrift in a wild sea of sweet torment. His magic fingers conjured my waters, the deep welling of lust, the unlocking of my wild side.

He whispered as he teased. “This weekend Darling, I am only to fuck you in the ass. Keep it ready at all times for me. Want it, demand it, beg for it. We are going to do some quite amazing things together, explore my fantasies and you are going to love every moment. I want you to abandon yourself to this. Is that what you want?” His fingers had my climax ready to burst.

I drove my mouth into his and my sex and clitoris into his fingers. My body arched to offer my climax as I said yes, yes and yes.

My climax exploded as I melted into his arms, near fainted in bliss and drove my body hard into his. When it finally subsided I was left with wild hunger. I bit his lip. I pressed my mouth into his. I begged him to fuck me, to fuck my ass, to come inside me. I threw my thighs apart as I rolled over onto the bed, face down and ass up. My body ached for him.

He tucked my knees under me, parted my thighs and raised my ass. The butt plug had done its work. “Mmm…” he whispered. “You had your ass waxed. Very slutty of you Baby.” His hands enjoyed the soft smooth offering before him. My ass was ripe and ready for the plunge of his cock deep and hard into my body. I cried with relief as that beautiful majestic thick hard cock buried itself into the depths of my desire. Our bodies merged and melted as his cock pulsed exquisitely down in my belly.

Before he could I squeezed him inside me, drove my ass up onto his shaft, swirled my hips to explore the beautiful measure of his cock inside my body, inside my ass. I moaned sweetly as my ass hummed along his shaft.

“No Baby…” he whispered. “I am fucking you, remember?” With that he drove harder and deeper, harder and deeper, harder and deeper, again and again to ride my body and ass. He thrust like an animal, probing and thrusting to explore the depths of my ass with his plunging cock. His hips slapped hard against my butt. He tossed me around the bed to position my ass for more and more.

His cock turned from my ass to my obedient and willing mouth before using my ass again. He seemed insatiable as my mouth and ass alternated for his cock. I begged him for more, he gave me more. I begged to slow only for him to fuck me harder. I begged him to fuck me harder only for him to slowly work my ass in gentle rhythm.

Then as he held me close, my bound wrists clawing at his belly he found my sex with his fingers. He held me up as his cock pulsed and his fingers quickened for us both to come together. His juice exploded deep inside me as his fingers found that trigger on my clitoris to unleash me.

Our bodies united in their climax and lingered in an eternity of echoes and aftershocks.

He thrust me down on the bed. He smiled triumphantly, his cock waning slowly. “Good,” he said. “Thankyou for my birthday present.”

I smiled back at him, signalling for him to untie me. “It’s only the first instalment, Darling,” I replied.

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