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As I walked into the room with you I set you down on the edge of the bed, and I set on a small stool that is in front of you, brushing my hands across your face, looking into your eyes and kissed you very deep and very passionate. Standing up I go into the kitchen looking back telling you do not go anywhere you keep that cute ass planted right there on that bed.

Coming back in you see me caring 3 things, a bottle of Sutter Homes White Zinsefield, A Big Piece of Chocolate Cake with thick Creamy Icing, and a small present just for you. Setting back on the stool in front of you I wrap my hand under your smooth leg lifting your foot up and setting in it my lap. As I set there with them both now in my lap I had you the present for you to open. It’s not much but inside you find one Long Stem Red Rose, because your as soft, sweet and lovely as it is. Opening the bottle of wine I pour you and I a glass, handing you yours, I look at you as you lean back sipping it. Sliding my hands across your feet and massaging them I reach down, scooping up some icing off the cake and sliding it across the top of your feet, covering them with it, top and bottom of those cute toes. Looking up into your eyes as I see you sipping the wine with that sensual look on your face, I lean down sling my hot tongue across them, licking halkalı eve gelen escort it all off them, my lips warping around each one sucking them gently, nibbling them also as my ands slide up and down your sexy legs. My tongue slide up and down the bottom of your foot as I see your cute ass squirming on the edge of the bed.

I continue licking and kissing them, top, bottom, sides, I want you to feel that they are so special in my hands. Mmmmm All the icing is gone. With your foot in my left hand I reach down for my wine and holding the glass over your toes pour some Whit Zin down across them you can feel it hitting your toes and running down both the tops and bottom of them. My tongue finds every drop of wine that covers them, licking and sucking them all over again, you tell me how hot and wet that you are, mmmmm To pleasure you is so sweet. Scooting the stool out and away I kneel before you sliding your robe open so I can see your sexy legs, my hands rubbing back and forth across your thighs as I lean up and kiss your sweet lips again.

Sliding My hands back down across them I stop at your knees and spread them slowly, wiggling myself up between them, I slide a pillow back under you to lay pack on. You take your finger in slide it halkalı grup yapan escort up by your lips, waiting in anticipation of what’s coming, you have that look in your sexy eyes. Leaning down I slide my tongue from your knee slowly up back and forth across your thigh, getting ever so close to lace panties that you have on, mmmm but not yet, as I slide your robe open some more I lick my tongue across the top of your waistband, darting up to circle your navel before continuing across it and back down your smooth thigh. Lifting your legs up I take your feet and set them on the edge of the bed, mmmm them sweet puppies. Setting them there I slide your legs further apart. Starting at your knees once again, I kiss and nibble down the insides of your thighs, mmmmm I can feel the heat that hides behind the lace on the sides of my cheeks. As I slowly slide my tongue up and down you I slide it back up and across your waistband once more. Looking up into your eyes, I slide my tongue Down across the lace you can feel it hot and wet going across it, the heat from you rising up into me as it slides down across your swollen lips, mmmm the lace is so wet.

As I tease your lips up and down with my tongue you legs raise and slide over my shoulders and across my halkalı masöz escort back :)~ you know I love them there about the same time my tongue pushes against your lace panties parting your lip and sliding between them, mmmm it must have felt very goo the way you legs pulled me into you. As I reach up and slide your sweet, wet lace away form you, seeing your hot lips so wet, so swollen and open, waiting to be licked and probed with my tongue, sliding my hand up across your stomach between the sweet valley of your breasts up and over them, My fingers reach your nipples just as my tongue drags across your erect clit, mmmmm you taste so good and I could stay right here all night long.

I slide it down across your lips, sucking them, they are so wet and so hot. As my tongue slides deep inside, you take your glass of wine just holding it above your clit, I see your turn in so that it runs out and over you, you feel it run down and across your lips, mmmm that is so warm and taste so good, my tongue starts sliding in and out of you, deeper and faster as I feel you muscles deep inside you squeezing my tongue, I take my hands and slide them under your ass, raisin your hips so that I can drive my tongue inside you. As I feel your orgasm cover my tongue with your warm sweetness, your legs wrapped so tight around my head, my face covered with your sweetness as you lay back. Standing up and leaning over you I kiss your my tongue parting your lips and kiss you deep and passionate ,crawling up next to you I slide my leg and arm across you pulling you close to me, burying my head in your hair I tell you how happy I am to be here with you and we have only just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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