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I showered as quickly as I could, removing the pool chemicals from my body and hair. I was sitting at the makeup mirror with a towel wrapped around my body blow drying my hair when Ken walked in.

He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a checkered flannel shirt and asked. “How are we doing?”

“I’ll be done shortly, but I don’t have anything as casual as you to wear,” I said.

Ken smiled and replied, “Check the closet; I’m sure you can find something there.”

He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as I finished my hair. I had already plugged my curling iron in and was about to begin the process of adding some body to my hair when Ken remarked, “I like your hair long and straight.”

I turned to him and smiled, then said, “You do, well then I won’t need this,” as I unplugged the curling iron but left it on the desk to cool.

I stood up and started walking toward him as I removed the towel. His eyes roamed over my form, once again taking in the image of my big breasts, flat stomach, flaring hips and long sleek sexy legs.

I stopped directly in front of him and shook my shoulders a little causing my tits to sway side to side.

Ken smiled and stood up. “If I stay here any longer we’ll never get anything done today,” He said as I tried to entice him to start an afternoon of sexual delight.

“I’ll be downstairs,” he said just before he left the room.

Oh well, I’ll just have to make tonight extra special, I thought as I walked toward the closet. I pulled the double doors open and was amazed to find a complete woman’s wardrobe inside. I had to assume this was his wife’s closet and he hadn’t taken the time to empty it of her clothing.

The closet was arranged neatly from left to right; I concentrated on the casual clothing at the right. The late Mrs. Sacks must have been about my height but a size or so smaller than me. I tried on three pair of jeans before I found something that I could actually get over my hips and button in front. Fortunately, she liked big baggy sweaters so finding something that didn’t make my tits stand out too much wasn’t a major problem.

Her shoe size was smaller than mine so I had to settle for the heels I’d worn for our trip, which looked excellent with the jeans.

I found a couple ball caps and settled on a cute pink one that I could pull my hair through the opening in back.

I sat down at the makeup table again to apply eye shadow and lipstick. I was relieved that the jeans didn’t rip open at the seams, but knew that sitting for too long would be a little uncomfortable.

Making my way downstairs I found Ken sitting in the kitchen. He looked at me and said, “Outstanding!”

I smiled and said, “The jeans are a little tight.”

He giggled and replied, “Yea Emma had a tiny ass.”

I turned and gave myself a playful slap on the ass and asked, “So you think I have a big ass?”

Ken smiled widely at me and replied, “Absolutely not your ass is perfect.”

I expected him to add for ass-fuckin’ but he let that comment go.

“So, where are we going this afternoon?” I asked.

“We need to get some groceries; I also want to stop at a wine and spirits store, and there is someone I’d like you to meet,” Ken said.

I smiled at him then said, “Let’s get going.”

Ken stood up and started toward the door to the garage, I followed him.

There were three cars parked in the garage, his Porsche GT 3, a Jeep that looked like you’d need a step ladder to get into, and a jet black Mercedes Benz 600 AMG.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked, and then added, “You have a Benz 600 AMG just sitting here in the garage.”

Ken laughed and explained, “Need something to haul the groceries.”

“That’s a pretty expensive grocery hauler,” I said knowing the car cost as much or more than his Porsche.

“Can’t take it with you,” Ken replied.

This Benz made mine look like a VW Beetle, and as I slipped into the tan leather seat I was glad for the extra room since sliding down into his GT 3 in these jeans could have been a little embarrassing.

Twenty minutes later Ken pulled into a small mom and pop looking grocery store in a one traffic light town that probably isn’t even on the maps. “It isn’t Wegmans but the service is great and they have the freshest produce in the area,” Ken said as he turned the ignition switch off on the Benz.

We walked inside and were greeted by the mom part, a sixties-year-old woman who was working the register. “Ken, how the heck are you?” She said instantly recognizing him.

“I’m good Dolly,” He replied.

Behind the combination meat and deli counter, the pop half was ready to help any customer that approached. He looked to be older than Dolly and wore a blood, stained apron around his waist.

Ken stopped to chat for a moment with Dolly while I began looking around the store. I could tell pop was checking me out, but I assumed he’d check out any young lady who came in.

Ken caught up with me and as he slipped his arm around my waist said, “This place hasn’t beşiktaş masöz escort changed since the fifties, Sam and Dolly took over for his dad in the early seventies.

“It’s certainly a unique grocery store,” I remarked.

“Hey Sam how have you been,” Ken asked as we approached the counter.

Sam grinned and replied, “Doing much better, thanks.”

“I’m gonna need a dozen eggs,” Ken paused, looked toward me and asked. “Would you like bacon, sausage or ham steak for breakfast.”

I looked at Sam and asked, “Do you have any scrapple?”

He smiled at me and answered, “I’ve got the best scrapple in the county.”

“Then we’ll have scrapple,” I answered.

Sam leaned on the counter and looked directly at my face. “I like to be on a first name basis with all my customers.”

I gave him my sexiest smile and said. “I’m Angel, my pleasure to meet you, Sam.”

“Scrapple it is Angel,” He replied.

Ken seemed to enjoy the banter Sam and I were having and let me flirt a little with his old friend.

“What else can I get ya?” Sam asked.

“I’m gonna make western omelets so I’ll need a green pepper, an onion, and a couple tomatoes if your spinach is fresh a bunch of that also,” Ken said.

“The spinach came in earlier this morning, still had the morning dew on it,” Sam said as he held up a bunch of leafy spinach.

“I’d like bagels and cream cheese too,” I said.

Sam called over to Dolly, “Grab a half dozen bagels and a block of cream cheese for Ken.”

Dolly moved kinda slowly to the cooler on the opposite side of the store, I met her there as she reached inside. Unlike Wegmans where you have a choice of several different makers of cream cheese, Dolly could only offer one. “You’ll love the taste of this.” She said. I grabbed a quart of orange juice before closing the cooler door.

As she and I walked back toward the register I said to Ken, “We should get some fruit too.”

Sam offered, “The fruit is all trucked in this time of year and I don’t think it holds a candle to our locally grown in-season fruit, how about a can of sliced pineapple?”

“Throw in a can of sliced peaches too Sam,” Ken added.

Sam and Ken joined Dolly and I at the counter, our purchases piled evenly in front of the old lady. There was no bar scanner unless you consider Dolly’s memory as a scanner. She looked up at Ken and said, “I guess twenty-five will cover it.”

Dolly had every item in the store and its price committed to memory, she didn’t need any of the fancy technology, she and Sam did business the old fashion way, and from the look of things in a profitable way.

Ken handed Dolly three, ten dollar bills and said, “Keep the change, Dolly.”

She smiled at him and said, “You sure Kenny?”

I wanted to tell her that Ken had somewhere near a half million in cars parked in his garage and that he was sure about a five-dollar tip for providing us with an enjoyable half hour shopping experience.

Dolly bagged our food in brown paper bags, no plastic was seen anywhere, and we thanked them again for the great service.

As he placed the bags in the back seat of the Benz Ken said. “Sam asked me where I found such a lovely lady.”

“What did you tell him?” I asked.

Ken smiled and answered, “The internet.”

I giggled knowing that Sam probably had no idea what that was.

Our stop at the local wine and spirits store wasn’t nearly as entertaining as our grocery shopping and within twenty minutes we left with two bottles of expensive wine and a fifth of Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary. Ken’s total bill was a little over three hundred dollars.

That left us with one more stop this afternoon, I wondered who it was that Ken wanted me to meet but knew that if I asked he’d most likely tell me it was a surprise.

We drove back to Lake of the Pines and I was about to ask him if he’d changed his mind; when he turned into the driveway of a house on the lake side.

It was a nice looking house but didn’t hold a candle to Ken’s place up on the hilltop. He parked in front of the garage door and after helping me out of the Benz we walked to the front door.

A scripted “S” was engraved on the large brass knocker. Ken lifted it and banged on the door twice.

A few minutes passed before the door slowly opened. The young man who answered was a younger version of Ken. He was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans but was naked from the waist up. His naked torso featured defined chest and abdomen muscles and his arms clearly confirmed he spent time in the gym.

“Dad what the fuck,” He said greeting his father.

“What’s up Junior?” Ken asked.

Junior shot back, “How many times have I asked you to call before you come here?”

Ken grinned and replied, “What and give you time to put your best face on?”

Junior looked toward me and kinda smiled. I could smell the distinct aroma of burning marijuana wafting through the open door.

Ken asked, “Aren’t you going to invite beşiktaş otele gelen escort us in?”

“I shouldn’t, the place is a mess,” Junior answered.

Ken didn’t wait and stepped inside, “Yep it’s a pigsty.”

I didn’t immediately go inside but as Junior stepped aside I entered his place. Pigsty is putting it mildly, there were empty beer cans strewn everywhere, a stack of old pizza boxes rested on the coffee table and it appeared the place hadn’t seen a dust rag or vacuum for weeks.

A female voice from upstairs said, “Kenny are you coming back to bed?”

I felt a little awkward; Ken and I had dropped by while his son was in the middle of fucking the woman upstairs.

The body that went with the voice appeared on the landing at the top of the stairs. “Come on Kenny get back up here and fuck my ass with that big hard cock.” She said before she realized Ken and I were standing below her.

Her long, red hair was everywhere, she sported a pair of huge floppy tits and it appeared from my vantage point that her waist and hips had the same measurement. Ken’s son apparently was into big beautiful women because she certainly qualified as a BBW.

She finally realized that we were there and made a veiled attempt to cover her huge tits with her arms. She quickly turned and disappeared into the bedroom that she’d appeared from.

Junior walked over to the couch, sat down and grabbed a bag of weed and began rolling himself a joint.

I stood back watching them hoping I wouldn’t have to intervene between them.

Ken quite sternly said, “How many times have I asked you to quit that stuff?”

Junior finished rolling his joint and lit the end taking a deep drag, after holding the smoke in his lungs as long as possible he exhaled and said, “About the same number of times I’ve asked you to stop parading your expensive whores in here.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Ken shot back.

Junior replied, “Get the fuck out!”

I walked over to Ken and grabbed his wrist, “Maybe we should go,” I suggested.

But Junior wasn’t done; he looked at me and asked, “What does it cost to throw a good fuck into that sweet body?”

With my free hand, I flipped him my middle finger, which only aggravated him more.

He was clearly stoned and most likely drunk. “Hey dad, how about you pay her to let me fuck that tight ass and you can go upstairs and throw a good one into that fat slut in my bedroom.” He said.

“That’s enough!” Ken exclaimed.

Junior responded, “What you don’t wanna share your expensive hooker?”

“You’re done; I’m cutting you off! I want you outta here by the end of the week.” Ken shot back at his son.

“And you better find a job too,” Ken added.

I wrapped my other hand around his arm and said, “Ken let’s go now.”

Ken looked angry as he turned and together we walked as quickly as possible to the door.

“Stop by anytime daddy,” Junior said as we left.

Once we were safely inside his car I tried to console him, “It’s the booze and drugs that made him talk that way.”

Ken glanced toward me and said, “I don’t know what to do with him, Angel.”

“He’s got some serious issues with you.” I offered.

“Emma coddled him so much as he grew up; I think he feels he’s entitled to do whatever he wants despite my objections. I don’t think he’s completely over losing his mother.” Ken said.

As he drove the rest of the way to his place Ken was quiet. I was sure he regretted just dropping in on his son but that was something he’d have to deal with later.

“Maybe you should give Junior a call tomorrow morning and go see him yourself to try and hash things out,” I suggested.

After Ken and I carried the groceries into the house and stored them I said, “I think I’d like to go out by the pool and enjoy the warm sunlight.”

“I’ll join you in a little while,” Ken said.

I went upstairs and stripped or I should say peeled the jeans off my hips. They had left a welt around my waist and it felt good to be out of their confinement.

I went from those tight jeans to an equally tight black string bikini, the tiny patches of fabric hide little more than my nipples and since the bottom was more like a thong than bikini bottoms the suit only covered my loins and nipples. I giggled to myself thinking how Junior would react seeing me in this little number.

When I left my room the door to Ken’s bedroom was closed, I assumed he was pondering what he would do about his son.

The midafternoon sun felt warm, but I doubted I would get any tan since the winter solstice was less than two months from now. I reclined on a lounge chair beside the pool and adjusted my suit so everything that needed to be covered was.

As I relaxed by the pool I thought about the remaining time we had together; Ken hadn’t purchased any food to make dinner tonight so I assumed he was planning on going out, and I’d be wearing my lovely cocktail dress. Depending on how late we arrived back here, beşiktaş rus escort I wasn’t sure I’d have time to surprise him with my nylon bodysuit and red latex outfit that I’d hoped would entice him entirely. I wondered if Ken would follow through on my suggestion that he try to patch things up with his son and when he’d visit Junior tomorrow.

“Wake up Angel,” Ken softly said bringing me back from a warm sun-induced nap.

I opened my eyes and looked at him; he was seated on the lounge chair next to me. “I must have dozed off,” I said.

Ken smiled at me and said, “I’ve been sitting here for half an hour watching you sleep and enjoying your suit.”

I glanced down over my body to see if all three triangles were still in place then said. “Not much to it; is there.”

He laughed and replied, “Just enough to give me a raging hard-on,” his hand slid to the bulge in his slacks.

“Want me to take care of that for you,” I asked letting him know that I’d be happy to suck his cock if he was so inclined.

“Wish we had time, but I made dinner reservations for 6:00 P.M,” Ken answered.

“What time is it now?” I asked.

“It’s a little after four,” he said.

“Oh, shit; I better get my ass in gear,” I said knowing I’d need at least an hour to do my hair, makeup, and dress before we could leave for dinner.

As I sat up and turned toward him one black triangle slipped sideways exposing a nipple; Ken noticed my exposed tit and said, “We could cancel the reservation and just stay here and fuck all night.”

I adjusted my suit to cover my nipple and said, “No way; I’ve got the sexiest cocktail dress I’m dying to wear for you.”

As I stood up and started moving from between the chairs “In that case get this sweet ass in gear then darlin’,” he said as he reached up and gave me a playful slap on the ass.

I hurried off toward the house knowing that Ken was watching my sweet ass the entire time.

I had stripped off my bikini and stuffed it in a side pouch of my suitcase and slipped a black satin thong up over my legs and hips then sat down to start my hair.

From behind, I heard Ken’s voice saying, “That’s a pretty sexy image.”

I had my hands above my shoulders curling my hair; the position lifted my tits somewhat. “You mean this image?” I asked as I twisted my hips letting him see both big, soft mounds.

Ken walked toward me as I turned back to the mirror and continued curling my hair, he stopped beside me and I glanced at him, the bulge in his slacks hadn’t diminished one bit.

“You sure I can’t take care of that for you? I could make it a quickie,” I remarked.

He smiled down at me as he spoke, “Naw, save it for later.”

I finished curling my hair then brushed it out some giving it a wavy come hither look.

“Outstanding,” Ken remarked again letting me know he approved of the look.

I again glanced toward him but instead of offering a quick blow job I said, “I’d be able to finish quicker without you hovering over me.”

“Okay, okay; I know when I’m not wanted, I’ll go get dressed while you finish up,” Ken said as he turned and started for the door.

Alone I could concentrate on my makeup. Darker eyeshadow with a hint of silver flake to match my dress, black eye liner to accentuate my lighter colored eyes and flashy red lip stick to match my fingernails. I finished with a couple light squirts of perfume to entice his sense of smell as well.

As I viewed my reflection in the mirror I thought, now that’s a sexy image.

My silvery dress was still in the garment bag so I pulled it off the hanger and lay it on the bed. Very carefully I slipped my feet into a pair of seamed stockings making sure the thin line ran straight and true up the back of my legs, the elastic top hem held them perfectly in place on my legs. I thought about going braless, but decided the deeper cleavage from wearing a bra would look far more enticing when viewed through the translucent fabric that spans the front of my dress, it would also ensure that the chilly evening air wouldn’t give me a case of raised nipples. I wanted to look elegant, not slutty.

As my cocktail dress slid down over my body Ken reappeared in the doorway.

“Out fucking standing!” he exclaimed as I smoothed the slippery fabric along my shapely thighs.

I stepped into my black leather stilettoes and pirouetted toward him.

He was wearing a gray pinstripe suit, white long sleeve dress shirt, and a bright red tie. “Very handsome indeed,” I commented as he walked slowly toward me.

“I guess I’ll have to deal with a rock hard cock during dinner,” He said.

I smiled widely at him then said, “I offered.”

He moved his eyes up and down my form several times as I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

“Something is missing,” Ken said.

I couldn’t image what I’d missed, my makeup was perfect, my dress fit like it had been custom made for my body. I waited for him to tell me what was missing.

He walked across the room and pulled the top drawer of the dresser open, reached inside then withdrew his closed fist. As he approached me he said, “Turn around Angel.”

I turned as he’s asked then felt him close behind me, a moment later he lowered a brilliant diamond pendant in front of my face. Instinctively I reached up and gathered my hair so he could close the clasp behind my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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