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She looked at him with a wicked gleam and he smiled in anticipation. She knew he loved the moments when she was a little more aggressive in bed. Taking his hands up and over his head, she pinned them there as best as she could considering how small her hands were.

“Promise to keep them there.” She urged in a whisper as she ran small kisses up and down his neck. He nodded enthusiastically making me chuckle. The hoarse raspy chuckle sounded like it was from someone else, not her.

Dragging herself down his body, she placed little kisses all over his torso, lapped a little at his belly-button and proceeded to between his thighs. It was rare that she got a chance to ogle him so completely.

“You are such a beautiful man.” She breathed as she inched his legs apart and teasingly kissed his inner thighs. She moved alternately between them making sure her hair brushed against his cock. It twitched in response and she was pleased with her effect on him.

“Can I touch you at least?” he rasped out. She looked straight at him from between his thighs and shook her head. This brought a deep groan from him as she felt his body deliberately trying to relax. She took his cock in her hand and ran her tongue teasingly along the length of him.

She hopped he would stay put, she really was curious about his body. Finished with her brief inspection of the goods so to speak, she finally took him into her mouth. He was large and she really couldn’t fit all of him down her throat. That frustrated her a little, she wanted to deep throat the guy.

Drew on his part wasn’t complaining. His hands were held tightly above his head though his pelvis was moving off the bed at an increasing rate. Marci almost gagged and pulled him out for a brief second. She blew gently against him and he shouted this time.

“You aren’t playing fair babes.” He gritted through is teeth as her mouth sank back on his impossibly hard dick. She lapped her tongue around him experimentally and when he groaned even deeper, she did it more enthusiastically. He was such an ego trip for her, she only hoped it was real and would perhaps last. She sucked him harder and slightly faster.

She could feel his balls tighten and she guessed he could too. He ignored her protest when he lowered his hands and grabbed her. Making her straddle him, he entered her slower than she had thought he was capable of. He was deliberate, slow; teasing her and making her clit literally ache. Reaching between them he flicked her clit really fast. With all the wetness, it was exquisite to feel his finger slide against her. She came almost immediately. “I like feeling you come on me. Best feeling ever. And I like to cum inside you.” He told her before he turned her over and pounded into her with energy she didn’t think he had. He cum with a guttural growl and she could feel him lodged deep inside her, filling her with his liquid heat.

The phone ringing jarred Marci out of the intense reverie. She felt herself grow warm but that was soon dealt with by the air conditioning of the law firm she worked at. Picking up the phone, she heard the receptionist sigh deeply. She apologised knowing that it had probably been ringing for a while.

“Call for you from Brian Montague.” The receptionist told Marci cutting off her mumbled apology. Marci felt a little heart flutter but picked up anyway. The last person she wanted to talk to was the object of her erotic fantasies in the middle of the day.

It had been six weeks since she’d left Malindi in a huff and gone back to the big city. Immersing herself in work had made sure she wasn’t spending too much time thinking about her three week vacation from hell. She hadn’t spoken to any of the Montague boys either.

“Hello gorgeous, you can’t hide any longer!” Brian announced as the phone transfer was clicked.

“I’m not hiding sweets, just needed to get a grip that’s all.” She answered with a smile. It was good to hear from Brian. If she knew one thing, it was that he was in her corner.

“So, I call because I am in Nairobi. Carl and I were wondering if you felt up to cocktails with us?” he asked and she could hear traffic noises in the background. Looking at her watch, she decided that it was time to clock off anyway. She’d been working way too hard these last few weeks.

“Sure. If you’re in town already don’t get a cab, come by my office.” She told him.

After hanging up and clearing her desk, she rolled off instructions to her pupil and prepared to leave. She’d decided to take Friday off as well. Drinking with Brian always left her hangovered for about two days. She not only needed the drink but she also wanted to bask in Brian’s affection for her. He was so good for her soul.

Brian and Carl were in her office in ten minutes and she was so happy to see them.

“Bri-Bri!” she squealed in delight to the amusement of her pupil who was still in the office.

“Stop calling me that, it makes me sound soooo gay!” Brian complained good-naturedly giving her a bakırköy escort kiss. Carl got another squeal out of her by lifting her off the ground completely. Marci guessed he’d decided to love the people Brian loved. That was a good thing she thought as she lapped up the warmth in his hug.

Brian spun her around and announced a change of plans immediately. He decided that instead of going for drinks, they’d do a leisurely dinner first. Marci pouted because she was really looking forward to getting blitzed. Plus the added noise level of a bar would have made it annoying to have a tête-à-tête about her debacle with Drew. Oh well, it was always nice to spend time with Brian and if it got uncomfortable, he was nice enough to let it go. Of that, she was assured.

Driving the men through some really heavy traffic, they exchanged pleasantries and small chit chat.

“How’s Mila doing, pregnancy treating her well?” she asked affably not really sure she cared about the answer.

“She got rid of it. She freaked out I guess. You can imagine how Nathan took that.” Brian smirked. Marci’s eyes widened in disbelief. She had no strong feelings about abortion on the whole but Nathan was a whole other story. He was even a member and regular contributor to some pro-life causes in Malindi. He would never have allowed it if he had known about it beforehand.

“You are kidding! She slept with the guy and somehow evaded the pro-life lecture?” Marci asked the boys incredulously.

“Go figure.” Brian shrugged nonchalantly. It seemed no one really cared about that particular story. That said Marci made a mental note to check on Nathan soon. The poor man must be in his personal hell about now, he could a friend. Even if that friend was his ex.

“Drew’s still around by the way. He’s writing something and says Malindi is helping the creative juices flow along.” Carl informed her and she stopped herself from turning to give him an uncomfortable and not entirely friendly look.

They weren’t supposed to outright discuss Drew. It was understood by implication that she didn’t want to. She wasn’t ready. Since she’d left Malindi, she hadn’t talked to anyone about it. All her friends had stayed behind in Malindi and even when they had called, she’d kept off the Drew conversation. Apart from a few scathing observations from Natalie, they’d pretty much left her alone.

“Oh, good for him.” She said quietly making Brian chuckle in amusement. He knew she was still very touchy about Drew.

“What about you? Doing ok, freeing bad guys and making corporations richer?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, you know me, it’s my life’s ambition to depopulate the prisons and deplete all non-renewable energy sources!” she answered with a laugh thanking Brian silently for moving off the Drew topic. She was still trying to take in the fact that he hadn’t yet left for Florence as they had planned. She was dying to ask about Keri though. Had the other woman managed to strike gold with Drew second time round? Most likely. Marci couldn’t see many men resisting her, she was almost surreally beautiful. And Marci knew both from experience and dare she say, TV, that men could be amazingly blind to bitchiness in a woman if she was beautiful enough. And Keri was more than beautiful enough, she was traffic stopping.

They arrived at a lovely Italian restaurant and settled into the comfortable seats. Marci asked for a glass of white wine but Brian stopped her.

“Juice maybe?” he asked and she looked at him in bewilderment.

“Are you like on some religious trip I don’t know about? First you decide against cocktails, which you know I love. Then now we can’t have wine?” she asked pouting again and he laughed.

“No, my religion currently is sitting beside me. But you shouldn’t drink in your condition.” He added with a small laugh.

“What condition? I’m not hypoglycaemic as far as I know.” She retorted genuinely wondering where he was going with this.

“Okay my blond friend, let’s go step by step.” Carl interjected making her swivel to watch him.

“You my gorgeous and defensive belle are preggers.” Carl told her calmly. She looked at him in shock. Initially it was shock at the familiarity of the statement.

Unless someone is your doctor or mother, they don’t get the privilege of telling you that you are expectant. Second was the fact that the thought hadn’t crossed her mind at all. She’d missed a period somewhere there but had attributed it to stress. When she was stressed she didn’t eat too well, didn’t sleep much etc so usually she missed her period.

She looked instinctively at her stomach and saw no outward sign. Hr breasts did seem a little fuller but she thought it was the Victoria Secrets bra working its magic. Then she looked questioningly at the men who were watching her with concern and some degree of amusement.

“Oh fuck!” she cursed loud enough for a couple of people on the nearby tables turned to look at her. She didn’t even have başakşehir escort the grace to be abashed though normally she would have apologised. Fuck, fuck, fuck! A baby? She had never really thought thus far into the future.

“I think that’s how you got pregnant in the first place.” Carl quipped and chuckled at his own wit. It quickly died when Marci shot him a narrowed look. Brian’s mirth had died somewhat and he was looking more concerned by the moment.

“Oh God Brian, my life is so so over.” She mock wailed making Brian finally laugh out.

“Oh get a grip girl. Your mother raised you single-handed until Chris came along, she didn’t die.” He reasoned and she felt a sense of déjà vu. She had had the same conversation with Nathan the last time she saw him at the party. Wow, talk about having to use your own advice.

“Please, whatever you do, do not tell Drew. Or Nathan for that matter.” She pleaded with both Carl and Brian. She felt so cheapened by the idea that she may be pregnant and wasn’t too sure who the father was. How sluttish could a girl get?

“Of course not sweetie, that’s your job. In the meantime, you have been liberated from every diet and can now proceed to eat like a pig in lieu of….you know. What’s better than Italian food for gorging?” Brian offered with a weak laugh. Marci shrugged and motioned for the waiter. If she couldn’t drink just yet, she was bloody well going to OD on cheese, salsice and olives!

After they had had ordered what sounded like a mini- buffet, they sat down in silence as thoughts ran through Marci’s head. First thing in the morning, she was seeing her gynae; she had to know for sure. Second thing, try and figure out who was her partner in parental irresponsibility. That should be easier once her pregnancy was confirmed and told how many weeks she was. Thinking about it for a moment though, she knew Drew was the culprit. She felt even angrier at him as the thought crossed her mind.

“Stop frowning so hard, it gives you wrinkles.” Carl chided after she had kept silent for longer than polite company would allow.

“I’m getting wrinkled either way. Do you know what kind of attention babies demand?” she asked still frowning.

“Oh please, I’m sure you’ll be Heidi Klum, love it and be like THE poster mom.” Brian retorted and they all laughed. Dinner had the forced joviality of a Christmas dinner around too much family. Marci just wanted to go home and sleep forever.

*** The knock was loud in the stillness than only comes at about 2am in the morning. Marci wasn’t amused. They’d barely been in the house an hour after dinner and had settled into semi sleep. She didn’t think it was polite to let her house guests go get the door.

She met Carl and Brian also making their way to the door through the living room. Carl was ahead and Brian hung back a little. Marci also waited while Carl opened her door.

“Marci? I think we have a problem.” He stated with an amused face as he turned and left whoever was at the other end to enter.

Drew looked like a hobo! His hair had made strides in the growth department and was uncombed. Not the nice Johnny Depp I-ran-my-fingers-through-my-hair way. It was more of I-am-a-pot-head-and-love-reggae. His eyes were unfocused and yet he still managed to find her and make a beeline for her. She instinctively moved back and he stopped. He looked hurt, injured even as he looked at her leaning slightly against the archway that was between the sitting room and the rest of the house.

“Andrew, what’s with you?” Brian asked on the verge of laughter. Marci wasn’t seeing the funny in this at all. She held herself wondering how Drew had found her house in the first place. Only Brian knew where she lived. Even Nate had never been to her Nairobi house. Brian was in big trouble.

“Hey Marci.” He slurred, ignoring his brother.

“Hi Drew. It’s way past visiting hours surely?” she asked calmly. He smiled and made the last few steps towards her. Ignoring her hands held out defensively, he hugged her. He smelt like a brewery. She almost gagged in reflex but let him have his hug nonetheless. Minus the smell, it felt really nice to have his arms around her. She’d gotten used to them without really realising it! It was like homecoming.

“Came to see you.” He told her pulling back. “I have missed you so so much.”

“Very romantic Drew. You are a regular Lothario. Do you want coffee or a shower first?” Brian asked from the other end of the room when it became clear Marci wasn’t going to respond.

“Will you shut up Brian?!” Drew shouted and they all cringed. It was very quiet that time of the night and his voice carried.

“Drew, my neighbours like me, let’s keep it that way, huh?” Marci told him firmly and he smiled at her again.

“I like you too, can we keep it that way?” he asked peering at her as if there was too much light in the dimly lit room. Carl and Brian both snorted making Drew throw them a killing glare. Deciding bebek escort the drama was too entertaining, the boys settled comfortably on her floor cushions and watched her and Drew staring at each other.

“Oh, I brought you this.” He said feeling his pockets for something. He produced a badly folded white envelop and handed it to her. She took it hesitantly and opened it just as hesitantly. Seeing the coat of arms at the top of the document, she immediately knew what it was.

“Decree Nissi. I think you’re the one supposed to keep it?” she asked handing it back to him. He didn’t bulge.

“I have my copy. I need that shower.” He stated walking past her into her bedroom at the far end of the small corridor. What was he, a homing pigeon? She heard him loudly rummage through her bathroom clutter and turn on the shower. She hoped the water was cold; he needed a very cold shower.

“May I just say Brian, pregnant women have been acquitted on temporary insanity pleas for homicides committed while expecting. Be warned. When I find out who told him where I live, 300 will look like a chic flick.” She warned and walked quickly towards her bedroom. She could hear Drew groan and crash more stuff as he took his shower.

“Drew, please keep it down. Tomorrow is a working day and my neighbours are really nice people.” She pleaded as she slightly shut the bathroom door so he could have his privacy somewhat. So much for that, she thought as she sat on the bed and watched him walk out of the shower naked. He seemed unabashed and smiled at her ruefully as he looked around for something decent to wear.

“Would you like one of my t-shirts?” she asked with a slight smile. She wasn’t ready to do the full smile just yet. He had to apologise first. Then she’d crack a smile for him.

“Yeah, it will go really well with the black pantyhose I brought.” He snorted and tied one of her towels around his waist. He looked so good. Yummy! Thought Marci as he plopped himself on her bed and looked at her.

“So, blow up. You’ve been this dormant but active volcanic force the last few weeks. I could feel it even though you weren’t talking to me.” He accused.

“You’re the one who told me to have a good one!” she protested.

“I meant trip you paranoid schizophrenic! Why would I let you go after all I have put you through? Or do you think I get off melodrama?” he asked. He looked so sincere her eyes welled up a little. Why hadn’t she noticed the change? Her hormones were doing things to her. Like making her want to cry when Drew looked at her. What the hell?!

Pushing her back on the bed, he slowly kissed her. She resisted. Drew made things too easy. He didn’t seem to plague himself with questions like she did herself. She was going to die one of those tortured souls still trying to answer questions like “Do I really exist?”

“I can see the hamster running around turning your wheels.” Drew told her softly as he let go of her lips for a bit. He chuckled and before she could protest, he resumed kissing her. And he did smell better now. She let herself relax into his kiss. It felt familiar and warm and right. She still felt a niggling at the back of her head but Drew quickly chased it away when he kissed her deeper. She groaned and stopped pretending she hadn’t missed him. She had, absolutely, totally and irrevocably. She’d deal with prenatal issues later. Right now, decree nissi in hand and all, Drew was hers for the taking.

“I’ve missed you so much. Did you miss me?” he asked when they stopped for a breather. She nodded, unable to answer coherently. He pulled back and rolled back the duvet. Urging her to get in, he three off his towel and got in beside her.

“You do know that I will still rip your head off in the morning about showing up at my door drunk and disorderly, don’t you?” she asked as he pulled her closer. He nodded in laughter and turned her so they could cuddle.

“I really don’t want to misperform so I’ll save it for another time.” He told her as she made a surprised sound. She was so ready to go. For the moment, reality had been suspended and she as willing to feel him again, if only for the last time.

“Men! Ego!” she snorted and settled into him properly. In the chill of Nairobi, it felt good having him there. Six weeks was a long time! To his credit, he did muzzle her neck until she was giggling instead of full on turned on. It broke the earlier tension and expending all that giggly energy actually made her fall asleep much faster than she would have ordinarily.

*** She woke up to the sound of Drew drawing her curtain open. Looking in alarm at her bedside clock which showed 8.40am, she jumped out of bed. Drew was regarding her with amusement as she tried to clear the head rush that followed jumping out of bed. Then it hit Marci that she was a complete idiot.

She should have known she was pregnant when she stopped craving her morning cigarette. That should have alerted her considering she’d not made any deliberate decision to quit yet.

“No cigarette to calm the head rush? And Brian says you took the day off. Relax. Unless of course you are rushing to throw up?” he asked leaning very very casually against her table. She stopped mid jump and looked at him squarely. Shock was not an adequate word. Did everyone know?

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