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Here we are again with chapter six of forever yours. I really hope you guys will give me a higher rating. I am an amateur but I know that I will become a pro with your help. I believe even amateurs need support. Thank you for your comments in chapter 5. I will do my best to improve. I am thanking you in advance and I hope you will have a wonderful time reading this story as much as I did while writing. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy……

Starting from this chapter, I will be mixing the views of my characters. It will not only be one character but you may hear what other characters think or say.


Marcos woke up suddenly after hearing his alarm clock ringing loudly. Honestly he had refused to understand why he kept that freaking old thing which was nothing but an enemy of his beautiful dreams. He still refused to throw it away and even if he did, it seemed to have its way back on the table, not that it has legs or anything but he always brings it back. He hit his hand on the alarm button and it stopped disturbing him. He glanced at the clock, Just the good time he needed to go to work. He slowly got out of bed stretching as he did. He was really looking forward to seeing Ramon and he couldn’t wait for his day to begin so that he could see his sweet goody-goody gumdrops.

He quickly stripped and hit the shower. There was nothing as good as a sweet morning relaxing shower. It always seemed to have its way with him. It was like a part of him which he couldn’t ignore. At times when he was angry, the shower used to be his companion but now it was Ramon. He took the soap and slowly rubbed it on his body as the warm water made its magic on his muscular sexy body which he also admired.

He slowly applied soap on his cock and he took a close look at it. It was looking small, fat and innocent. It was as if it wasn’t the same cock that was in Ramon’s ass the previous night and it was making him moan. Just the thought of what had happened the other night with Ramon was making his member rise. Normally he would have gladly wanked but that was Ramon’s job now, to give his cock pleasure in whatever way he wanted.

Marcos chuckled and he showered quickly and got out of the shower with a towel in his hand which he was using to wipe the dripping water from his body. He went to the large dressing mirror and checked himself out. His physique made anyone he met completely insane but it was now Ramon’s. He turned around and checked the wound on his thigh and oh boy had it left a scar there.

Thank God that it was on a place where no one would be able to see it. But it was a reminder of the time he spent on the island with Ramon and it was gonna remind him of those times for the rest of his life. But it had made him limp for a month and he still did. Guess some things are meant to happen for a reason.

He opened the drawers to be welcomed by his numerous boxer briefs and he had no idea which one to choose. They all seemed to call to him.

Red, black, green, yellow, He thought. Which one was he going to wear? Not that he always had battles choosing his under pants but for some reason he was having trouble choosing which color to wear because there were just so many. He picked up a blue tight boxer which seemed to fit him perfectly. He needed to wear something tight in case he got a hard on while with Ramon in front of a crowd. Not that he would care but he really needed to work on his manners, he was no longer that playboy.

He went to a room where he kept his numerous clothes and was greeted by a number of them. Now he was going to have trouble choosing his outfit too, come on! Marcos had no idea what was going on with him. It was like he was having war with himself this morning and he didn’t know why. And the whole room looked like a designer’s shop.

He picked a pink sparkling shirt which seemed to be fixed on his body and he took out a black designer’s structure suit which he had bought from Singapore.

Now what’s left? Shoes! Of course he had to pick out the shoes as well. For his shoes he picked out the black ones which matched with his suit and he was ready. He quickly dressed up and combed his hair backwards and went to check himself in the mirror.

“Aren’t we looking sexy today?” He commented himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe that it was him who was in the reflection.

He bowed down to his reflection and turned to leave the room to have his breakfast. Oh! He had almost forgotten something really important, his cologne. He went back and spread his most expensive cologne and left the room feeling like he was on top of the world. He didn’t know why he felt happy since he came back from dream land. He knew that it was not because his whole family was here, no siree. That was not the reason why. In fact he ought to have woken up sad after what they had done to him. Speaking of the past, he never wanted to have that conversation he had with his family the previous night.

He was going to introduce Ramon to them at the party in the casino oyna evening. Speaking of Ramon, maybe he was this happy because he was going to introduce him to his entire family and hopefully they would leave him alone.

He quickly came down the stairs and could hear voices coming from the dining room. Even though the living room was huge he could still hear their voices, the blessings of having a family to wake up to.

He quickly turned and made his way to the dining room to have his breakfast before hitting the office. He had just entered when all of them greeted him.

“Hi!” They all shouted cheerfully together.

“Morning,” He shouted energetically as he made his way to the chair next to his mother.

“Someone is happy.” His father gushed.

“Yeah,” His sister responded as she took a sip of one of those homemade orange juices. “Too happy.”

It was one of his favorite breakfast meals. Scrambled eggs with toasted bread and fruit jam, yummy.

He grabbed a seat next to his mother and she touched his hair softly while she gave him her million dollar smile.

“How was your night son?” She asked earnestly.

“Perfect.” He shouted cheerfully as he poured himself a glass of orange juice.

Of course he had a perfect night even after someone broke into his room and touched him sensually, that someone being Dan. Speaking of Dan, he was sitting on the other side of the table looking at him with a smile which was like, ‘hey I am here.’ But in a bitchy kind of way but he was not interested in whatever he did. He was only interested in his bundle of joy, Ramon.

Olivia had been observing her son since she came and truly there was something fishy going on with him. Marcos was her son and she knew him better than he even knew himself.

“So can you share with us what’s making you happy, bro.?” His brother asked in a curious tone.

“No!” He said softly as he took the toasted bread with fruit jam in his mouth which was amazing. “I will tell you about it later.” He swallowed. “This is delicious.” He said as it took him to crazy thoughts.

Everyone at the table was surprised and some were wondering whether Marcos was totally fine but only James knew the reason for his son’s actions. Even without opening his mouth to ask his son, he knew that his son was going to introduce his boyfriend to them at the party. Which father wouldn’t be happy if his son was in love especially for the first time in 24 years?

“By the way, why are you dressed like that?” Madison asked in a curious tone. “Are you going somewhere?”

Honestly at his age, no one was supposed to ask him about where he was stepping his feet. He was not some little child who was to be monitored and that too by his twin. But since he was in such a wonderful mood and having something scrumptious, he was going to answer her question.

“I am going to the office and thereafter to the party.”

“The office,” His mother asked casually. “I thought you were going to stay at home with us and probably tell us the reason why……..”

“Don’t worry you will know everything at the party.” He said as he drank his juice.

He knew that this topic was going to be awakened but he was smart enough to answer his mother without finishing her sentence. He didn’t want to hear it anyway because he was not ready to go into an argument with her early in the morning.

“By the way what was happening to you guys in the past month I was not with you.” he asked innocently.

“You wouldn’t believe it but there was so much work to be done especially since we were moving……..”

Just what he needed, his sister to take over as he ate his breakfast in peace. By the time she was done, he was already done with his breakfast. He got up gave his mother and sister a peck and bye to the rest of the remaining people at the table. He could see that Dan was yearning for that peck too but he was smart enough to figure it out.

They all said goodbye and he set out for his journey to the office. He got outside and called his driver who brought the SEAT Alhambra MPV in front of him. It was such a nice car and it was also luxurious, just what he needed while going to his office. He admired it before deciding to get inside to get a beautiful ride to his office.

He was about to take a step when his mind opened and he remembered that he had not called his baby yet and he must have been waiting for the call.

He took out his phone and searched his contacts for, ‘sweet love.’

He dialed the number and in a few seconds he heard the voice which made him weak that his heart wanted to enter the phone and drag Ramon out.

“Hi, honey.” Ramon said his heart still glued to the phone.

“Hey, baby, how are you doing this morning?” Marcos said as he felt his heart dancing with every beat that it made.

“It was fine but now that you have called,” Ramon paused as he took a deep breath. “It has become perfect.”

“I missed you throughout the night.” He chuckled. “I just wished canlı casino that you were in bed with me.”

“Well Mr. you need to work hard in order to have me in your bed.” Ramon chuckled.

“Really, now,” Marcos asked sensually.

“I am serious.” Ramon blurted making those sexy voices which were making Marcos excited.

“I just called to say morning and I love you.” Marcos said slowly but making sure that his voice was audible enough for Ramon to hear.

“I love you a lot and I can’t wait to have you all to myself today.” Ramon said slowly but his voice was just too sexy and it was making Marcos really excited. Had Ramon been near him he would have grabbed him and sucked on his mouth like candy not minding the place where they were. He was just too happy this morning.

“I have to go now.” Ramon said as if he didn’t want to end the call. “I have to take a bath as I have just woken up.”

Marcos wished that he was with Ramon taking a bath with him and making love in the shower while he pinned Ramon on the wall, driving his cock in Ramon as they kissed through the hot shower. Wouldn’t that be more than wonderful, he thought? It was what he wanted to do. To go to sleep with Ramon in his arms and to wake up to his warm embrace still in his arms.

“Hey, are you still there?” Ramon snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Y…..Yeah,” He stammered. “I will come and pick you up around” He said as he gave a huge smile.

Ramon didn’t need to think about anything or where the hell Marcos was supposed to take him but all he wanted to be with was with him.

“I’ll be waiting.” Ramon said softly but deep down inside he was really feeling himself getting warmer. “See you then, by…”

“Wait!” Marcos shouted excitedly. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“What?” Ramon asked curiously.

“My kiss,” Marcos chuckled.

“I will give you a real one when I meet you.” He laughed.

“Hey, don’t you dare do that…”

Before he could even finish speaking, he heard the dial tone and he knew that his crazy lover had cut the call.

“He hanged up.” He chuckled to himself but the huge smile was still on his face. “He is really crazy.”

Marcos put back the phone in his jacket pocket and he stood there smiling just like he had been since he woke up. It was like he was a statue and that smile was automatically on his face. It couldn’t be removed. He was imagining everything that would happen in the evening at the party. He could almost see the surprise look on his family’s faces as when he introduces the love of his life to them.

“Hey, I thought you had already left.” Marcos barely heard Madison’s voice though she spoke loudly.

“Hey!” She shouted as she snapped her fingers and brought him to reality.

“Hey, Madison, what’s up?”

“What are you still doing here?”

“I was just leaving.” He bowed as he entered the car leaving his stunned sister looking at him.

Madison had never seen her twin like this before. He was acting crazy and she knew that something was up with him but she was just so blank and couldn’t think of anything that would make him that happy in the morning. Just last night, he had been angry and now he had woken up happy. This was unlike him. Maybe he had hit a jackpot on one of the people he usually had sex with and went to meet them in the pretence of going to the office.

All the way to the office, Marcos prayed just for one thing, for evening to arrive early so that he could introduce Ramon already. While on the road he knew that he had to act okay or he would simply go crazy before the evening came so he lost his smile but he was still happy and would be for the longest time.

Once the car parked, he got out and took a long look at one of the biggest and best shoe companies in the country. He usually spent most of his time on this company because he had learned how to make designs for shoes and though he was one of the bosses he really liked designing shoes.

They had other companies like the food companies, Oil Company, which was the biggest and large profit earning company. They also had smaller companies which were also the best but he spent most of his time in the shoe company because it kept him busy.

He entered the company building and could see that all the eyes were on him. He was a heavy man but his steps were sexy and most of the people in the office admired him. Some had made advances at him but honey, when you are taken, you are only interested in one person and in this case it was Ramon.

After getting smiles and greetings from every person that saw him, he entered into the elevator and went to the floor where his office was. He entered his office and he could see Ramon seated on his chair smiling at him. He was looking really handsome like he was the CEO of the company but he shook his head and got ready to start his day’s work.

In the morning he had to finish the sketch of the new shoes to be designed. He spent whole morning making sketches and ordered kaçak casino lunch for everyone in the office. In the afternoon he had a meeting with some clients who were interested in buying their products at a huge profit. With everything going so well, they were one of the richest families in the country. After this meeting, Marcos knew that he would meet his lover and the introduction would follow through.


It was and Ramon’s heart couldn’t help but jump at the thought of going out with Marcos, probably on a date. After spending the whole night thinking about Marcos, he really deserved to see him and spend some time with him. They had bonded again after a whole month and it felt incredible.

He had absolutely tried his best to hide that hickey which Marcos had given him and it was sure working. He had a small scuff wrapped around his neck and it was helping with things. Mark of course, had asked him what was with the scuff and he had come up with some excuse but how long he would hide it, he didn’t know.

“Ramon!” He heard Mr. Williams calling. It was either trouble or work with this man.

Ramon was just happy about one thing with Mr. Williams though, even after knowing that he was Marcos’ boyfriend, he used to treat him like before. Not like just because he was the hotelier’s boyfriend, he had to be treated with respect. He was just like other workers and he was humble to his employers.

Ramon run to the reception and he found some bags which he immediately knew he had to take upstairs to some guest who had arrived.

“Yes, Mr. Williams.” He smiled.

“Take these bags to room 411.” Mr. Williams said with a serious voice which marched with his face.

Would this man ever smile, he thought? Because ever since he had met him, he was always serious and paid no attention to other people’s feelings. It was like he was in his own world.

“Ramon took the two bags and went to the elevator. He was looking forward to see which new guest had come to their hotel and he hoped that he/she was kind and welcoming. Not like the witch of the lagoon. He hated guest who were like they were possessed by the swamp monster or the devil.

The elevator door opened and he found himself on 7th floor. Room 411 he remembered. He dragged the two bags out and he saw room 411 straight ahead and he headed there. He knocked on the door and he heard two deep manly voices telling him to come in.

He tried to open the door but it seemed like it was locked. He used his key card and let himself in.

“Sir, I am the bellboy and I brought your luggage up.” He said loudly so that whoever was speaking to him could hear.

“Come on in.” He heard a different but sweet voice say.

He entered the room and just stood there waiting for someone to magically appear and take the bags, just kidding. He saw a man coming and he was red haired, handsome, sexy and quite feminine. He was wearing a smile on his face which reminded him of Marcos and his beautiful smile.

Then he saw another man come behind the guy who was standing in front of him. The other guy was quite muscular, blonde haired, taller and his physique was perfect. Ramon thought the other guy would stand there and greet him just like his friend but what happened left him dumbfounded. The guy who came wrapped his arms around the red haired and began kissing his neck.

“There you are.” He said to the red haired guy.

He saw Ramon standing there but he just kept doing the kissing and the caressing. Ramon didn’t know whether to exit the room or just look away. But he couldn’t stop staring. The two guys seemed so happy and they reminded him of Marcos and his relationship. This blonde guy was as crazy as Marcos but the red haired guy seemed to enjoy it as well. That kissing session took him to the time Marcos gave him a hickey. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t know that he was smiling so bright.

“Sorry about that.” The red haired guy apologized but he barely heard him.

“Uh,” He exclaimed. “It’s…….it’s okay….it’s fine.” He stammered.

“By the way, I am John.” The red haired guy extended his hand which Ramon shook excitedly. “And this is my husband Todd.” He added.

Did he just say husband? Wow! Have they been so in love to have gotten married to each other and they looked classy and elegant. He knew that he had only been dating Marcos for only a month but if things led to such an extent, he would be the happiest man on the planet. To spend the rest of your life with the person you love, now who wouldn’t want that?

“I am Ramon, the bellboy.” He chuckled.

“Nice to meet you Ramon,” Todd said as he shook his hand firmly. It felt hard and Ramon immediately knew that the guy was a gymnast.

“Sorry if it seemed a little weird that two guys were….”

“No!” He chuckled nervously. “It was absolutely normal.” He laughed.

Much as he wanted to stay and talk with these guys, he really needed to leave. He really respected and admired these guys. He had seen many couples in this hotel but this was the first gay couple he had seen and they were really happy and he could see that.

“I have to go now, sirs.” He said formally with a chuckle.

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