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I’ve always been quite a passionate, loving, caring kind of partner but sometimes I like to spice things up a little but who doesn’t?

My boyfriend is a dance instructor so he needs to look after his body and take good care of it and always be in good shape. The style he teaches is ballroom but he also dabbles into the Latin side of things also this means he loves to salsa and rumba too.

It’s very energetic work being a dancer and instructor, and me being a passionate cook love to cook for him when her returns from work.

People who know me would find that quite funny really because well me and my boyfriend are like chalk and cheese with our styles.

Not saying that this is a bad thing but he’s a very professional type and me well I am more of a scally/chav type I love to wear things like Addidas and Nike and yes I will admit I do love my bling and caps, I hate stereotypes but this is one that’s true.

Most nights he comes home and dinner will either be ready for him on the table or I will be in the process of slaving over a hot stove cooking it from scratch.

I always usually text him why he’s at work to see how he is and how his day is just because I’m nice like that as I say but the reply wasn’t as happy as I normally get, he was having a bit of a bad day so I decided it was time I treated him and cheer him up.

So before he came home I decided to run him a nice hot bubble bath light some candles on and a nice glass of Pinot Grigio in a chilled glass, perfect for someone as great as he was.

I heard the key slot into the door and the lock detach as he undid the door to come in and heard him casino oyna shout “hey baby” as he walked in so with a glass of wine in hand I greeted him at the door and gave him a kiss hello.

I asked him how his day was and he just rolled his eyes at me “don’t ask” he said so I gave him a hug and told him to follow me. I took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom.

“Close your eyes” I said as we reached the door, he closed them and I opened up the door and with a big smile shouted “surprise” he looked at me and proceeded to get undressed and into the bath.

I gave him a kiss on the forehead and told him I was going to make a start on dinner, closed the door and left him to have a long soak. I went straight into the bedroom and took off my trackies and my underwear and traded them for a pair of joggers but they were not your typical type of sweat pants but these had the bum and crotch cut out of them.

Basically they were a chav version of chaps but instead of them being leather they were just more comfortable, after I put these on my cock swinging freely and my bare arse on show I made my way into the kitchen and proceeded to cook our dinner.

Tonight I felt like doing something different so decided to make a lasagne from scratch, once I had it all cooked I assembled it, placed it in a dish and layed the sauce and cheese on top.

As I was about to open up the oven door I hear the wet footsteps of my bf walking towards the kitchen, so I decide to stick my arse out and flash it so that when he walked in he would see me stood there in a compromising position.

He turns the corner and sees me there so I decide canlı casino to turn around and flash him my fully flaccid penis the full 5” cut cock just there waiting to be taken.

He got lifted up onto the kitchen counter and spread my legs, the towel dropping from his waist exposing him and his man beast to me, I look down and just start growing hard, he takes my 10″ into his mouth getting in as much as he could fit inside.

His tongue working its way around the top of my penis, being cut it makes it so much more sensitive for me and it’s just an incredible sensation.

I grabbed him by the back of his head and thrust my meat deep inside him making him gag and choke on me the sound just made me throb harder and push faster my momentum building my climax getting closer by the second.

He grabbed me and pulled me to my feet turned me around and bent me over the kitchen side spread my cheeks and started to lick my hole getting it deep inside, his saliva lubricating me ready for him to put his cock inside.

I start to feel my legs turning to jelly my knees buckling making a banging sound against the kitchen cabinets I feel him slip in two fingers getting my hole and stretching it pulling me apart exposing me making me feel humiliated but I was enjoying it too much to want him to stop.

I feel him spit a couple of times on my hole making it get more and more wet.

He stands up and spit on his own cock and rubbed his saliva into it giving himself a bit of lubrication and then bent me forward and shoved it in, treating me like a dirty naughty boy like

I felt, it was like he was punishing me for my good behaviour.

I kaçak casino reached around behind me trying to grab onto his bum squeezing it between my fingers but he pushed my hand away and started to pound harder.

He nibbles on my ear making me start to scream, hearing this he puts his hand around my mouth to try shutting me up ensuring I wouldn’t make a noise, and the other hand made a tight grip around my cock.

He starts to wank me off while nibbling on my ear and fucking me in a rough manor all with my mouth was being covered so I couldn’t scream with pleasure, he withdrew from me and then with a force rammed it back into me causing a slight sharp pain.

He did this a couple of times as my body started becoming used to it, I was close to shooting my load so he stopped everything and just fucked me until he was ready for me to come.

As he came closer to depositing his seed in me he continued to wank me off and nibble my ear after thirty seconds of him continuing this I was ready to shoot, my legs became jelly again.

I shoot my load all over the kitchen cabinets it also falling to the floor, the muscles in my body begin to seize up making my arse clench around his meat I did this just as soon as he was about to start cumming making it come out faster and making his orgasm last longer.

I pull myself off of him and get to my knees taking him into my mouth and sucking him dry the rest of his cum lubricating my throat filling my stomach with his delicious hot, sticky liquid.

I wiped up the cum from the floor, wanting to go for a shower before I had dinner but he wouldn’t allow it, telling me that I’m to keep it inside me until he said it was ok to release it.

He’s never really been the dominant type since I have been with him but this is one side of him I cannot wait to explore further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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