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The satin pink crotchless satin panties were so tight that they were plastered against his bottom. No wiggle room at all. He was in his usual submissive position on the cold tile. Awaiting his mistress, who was taking a shower. It would be expected that he would tongue dry her when she was done, paying special attention to her erogenous zones – his specialty!

G loved the weekends when they were able to stay in and play all day and night. Time became of no consequence, for he slept and played when Mistress Kimmie dictated it, and he was all hers for whatever she wanted. He trusted her to not go too far, but just far enough to create heightened levels of sexual pleasure! She knew what he needed, craved, desired! He knew how to keep his mistress happy too! And most days he did so, but occasionally he would purposefully misbehave because he liked to be on the receiving end of her punishment.

His thoughts were totally on her and how he would please her tonight, waiting for her to finish showering – she was taking a long hot steamy shower. That was always a good sign – relaxation for her. His cock was already straining against the satin; dripping thick sweet cum as he tried to remain still on his knees, ass up in the air, exposed and available for her pleasure. As he glanced up he noticed their toys spread out on the counter – he couldn’t help it, he shivered in anticipation! He so desperately needed a good ass pussy fucking! It had been too long since his last encounter and he was aching with canlı bahis need!

Mistress finally finished her shower and exited the water – smiling at him as she approached. Her hair was wet and hanging down her back, her body pink and moist from the long hot shower, dripping rivulets of water down her thighs. He eagerly awaited, wanting to lick her body; have his tongue find her moist hot spots! She went to the counter first and picked up a bright pink silky scarf – which she brought back and put it over his eyes, using it as a blindfold – never saying a word!

The excitement, the not seeing only increased his sensitivity! He could hear her but not see what she was doing. He sensed, rather than felt her near. Oh. She was lightly caressing his cheeks; he braced himself, knowing the spanking was next! Ahhh, and he was not disappointed!

She expertly spanked one cheek then the other with a stiff object, her fingers grabbing and probing with each slap. His cheeks blanched, his cock stood at attention. As the spankings stopped, he felt the warm lube as Mistress slathered it on his ass pussy. He felt it dripping down between his legs, and it felt good as she put her fingers into his sweet hole and worked them in and out – stretching him!

He shivered, unable to control his satisfaction, and began licking her damp feet, toes, ankles, and legs! He felt the plug as she placed it against his hole and played with it there, teasing him! He ached to rare back and force her to plunge bahis siteleri it in, but knew he didn’t dare – she was Mistress and had total control.

The more Mistress played, teased him, the more he needed the plug; he couldn’t help himself as he began moaning. Mistress stilled! Oh no. He didn’t want her to stop. She moved away – but was back very soon. Mistress forced his mouth open with an open mouthed gag, large enough to open his mouth wide, yet keep him silent!

He knew Mistress hated to gag him because he could no longer tongue her, but he knew that he must learn control and that Mistress called all the shots!

Mistress fucked his ass pussy with a dildo then; slamming it balls to the wall, in and out. G still had his ass in the air; submissive position. Mistress stopped fucking his ass pussy before G wanted her too. Oh so disappointed.

Then he felt something forced into his mouth “suck it hard you slutty panty boy bitch-make me cum” he heard! He sucked with all he had as a large cock was rammed down his throat. He felt Mistress lean against him as hips gyrated against his spread mouth. His sucked hard despite the open gag, saliva running down his lips.

At that same time he was sucking hard on her cock, he felt his ass pussy being spread open again as another cock forced its way into his tight hole “take this you fucking slut – I’m fucking your pussy you hot panty slut!” was what he heard.

G had one cock in his mouth and another in his ass pussy as his bahis şirketleri mistress moved under him and began playing with his nipples; biting down and sucking, creating hard nubs. She rubbed her body all over his, taking his cock out and sucking it!

Mistress Kimmie caressed his balls as she whispered to him “do not cum my love; you will save that for me – only when I am ready!”

Oh the intense feeling of fullness, he didn’t know if he could hold back; but he would somehow do so as he had to please his mistress! He was bounced up and down and back and forth with each thrust from the cocks filling his holes.

G had spit dribbling down his face and lube running across his cheeks as each thrust speared him! He felt the cock in his mouth tense and start spurting. G greedily swallowed, knowing he mustn’t miss a drop! The cock stayed hard and gagged him as he swallowed and tongued and licked it; forcing every drop out!

The cock in his ass tightened, then pulled out of him and began spurting loads of warm sperm on his back, legs, and arms! It was so warm, so sweet smelling!

Mistress Kimmie remained under him, he felt her watching him! He sucked and licked as never before – he was aching to cum, to touch her. To please her! He needed her now!

Ah, but it was not to be. She got up; he stayed in position, knowing better than to move without her saying so. He felt Mistress put her fingers in his hole, circling, testing – and then tasting!

Ah, her hot tongue almost made him lose it – she was teasing him, testing him, and his ability to hold off. G restrained himself, and he knew it was satisfying for Mistress Kimmie because she then plugged his hole with a large vibrating plug! Ah, nice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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