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TO RENT:- Large room available to single working man. Bath and laundry facilities available. Also meals if required. Enquire within.

This was what I had been looking for, for weeks now. I just wanted to get settled into a space of my own where I could have peace and quiet. I had recently been divorced and left the house with the wife. Thank goodness we didn’t have any children as I don’t think I could have been separated from them.

Anyway, I rang the front door bell and waited. The door was opened by a woman who was probably in her late fifties. She had a full head of chestnut red hair and sparkling green eyes. These are the first things that I noticed.

“My name is Tony Reeves. I’ve come about the room. May I see it and get some details,” I asked.

“I am Gloria Donald,” she replied. “Come on in and I will show it to you, then we can discuss the details.”

It was a very large bedroom, already equipped with a large queen size bed. There was a big bay window on one wall, which looked out onto the back garden. As well there was a robe and dressing table, and side tables holding a lamp on either side of the bed.

It was a beautiful room and I decided then and there that I would take it, even without knowing what the rent would be.

We returned to the sitting room and sat down.

“Would you like a drink while we talk,” Gloria asked.

“Thank you, that would be great, Mrs Donald.”

“Please call me Gloria, I feel too old when people call me Mrs Donald,” she said laughingly.

“Alright Gloria, as long as you return the favor and call me Tony.”

“Now, what would you like to drink, coffee or tea or something stronger.”

“Coffee would be fine, milk and one sugar, thanks.”

Sitting with our drinks, we got down to the nitty gritty of the rent and any rules that would be in place.

“I only want $300.00 a month for rent, and you have the use of the bathroom, laundry and you are also welcome to use the sitting room if you like. In case you have any visitors. If you want any meals, I will only charge you an extra $20.00 a week, as it is just as easy to cook for two as it is for one.

“That sounds great Gloria, are you sure that will be enough. I would be willing to pay more if necessary.” Gloria replied, “That will be quite enough.”

We settled on $500.00 per month and I said I would collect my things ataşehir escort and move in the next day.

At last I had somewhere stable to lay my head. I was glad to be able to give a permanent address to work. I got all my things sorted out and bought a couple of bookcases for my books. I had quite a collection by now.

After I had been there for about 3 months, I decided to ask Gloria if she would like to go to dinner with me. She had been so great, cooking for me each night and making sure that I had breakfast each morning, that I thought I could repay her that way.

A bit more about Gloria. As well as being in her late fifties, she had a very voluptuous figure. Her breasts were about a size 38D with a smaller waist and full curvy hips. She stood about 5″ 8″ and had long legs and wore high heels a lot of the time. Her face, with those sparkling green eyes, shone and her skin was flawless, unusual for her age. She had dainty hands and fingers which she used a lot to express herself when she was talking.

Now I had always had a thing about mature women and I think the first time I saw her, I had the hots for her. My wife had even been 10years older than I.

When I asked Gloria to join me at dinner, she was very happy to accompany me.

I made a booking at one of the top-line restaurants in town and told her to be ready by 7.30p.m. I arranged a limousine to pick us up without telling her. It was quite a shock to her, I can tell you.

“Tony, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble for me,” she said.

“It was no trouble, Gloria. I want to repay you for everything you have done for me for last few months. You have got me over the bad stage of my divorce and I have never felt so comfortable with someone, as I do with you.”

We were shown to the booth which suited me just fine, as I could sit closer to her as we ate. We ordered and sat back and just relaxed while we waited for our meal.

“What would you like to drink Gloria, a red or white wine,” I asked.

“I love red wine,” she replied.

“That suits me too.” So I ordered two bottles of the best red they had.

“Are you trying to get me drunk,” said Gloria with a smile on her face.

“That all depends on whether you want to get drunk or not,” I replied.

During a wonderful meal, we talked about our various lives and how we coped.

I hadn’t kadıköy escort had much time to talk to her at home, as some nights I worked through until 7 or 8 o’clock. My dinner would be ready in the microwave for me to reheat.

Gloria told me she had been a widow for about 10 years and she had decided that it was too lonely to keep living in the house on her own, and that is why she rented out the room. She’d had a lady living there before me who stayed for about 4 years but she had married and moved to her own home.

I then told her about my failed marriage and how my wife and I had parted quite amicably and that I had left her the house. It was fully paid for but she was going to pay all expenses on it herself.

We talked for about 3 hours and finished dinner. I called the limousine company and organized to be collected.

When we arrived home, Gloria made a coffee and also produced a nightcap of brandy for us.

We sat together on the sofa with my arm around her shoulders. She lay her head on my shoulder and looked up at me.

“Thank you for a wonderful night. I haven’t enjoyed myself like that for so long, over 10 years actually.”

“It was my pleasure Gloria, I would like us to have more nights like this.”

I lowered my head to the level of her lips and gently kissed her. She gasped and my tongue entered her mouth and swept around it as I pressured her lips with mine. She reciprocated with her tongue and we were dueling tongues for about 3 minutes. She pushed against my chest and sat up straight.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Tony.”

“Gloria, I have wanted to kiss you since you opened that door on the day I applied for the room.”

“Oh Tony, can this be true. You are so much younger that I am.”

“Gloria, I have already told you that my wife was 10 years my senior, and I absolutely adore mature women. There can only be about 20 years between us and that doesn’t bother me at all.”

I stood up and took her by the hand and led her into my room. I turned her around to face me and again took her lips with mine and kissed her into submission. She wouldn’t pass this opportunity up even if it was her last.

I began to undo the zipper on the back of her dress and peeled it off, until she stood in front of me wearing a black lacy half bra, her breasts bursting over the top; a pair of transparent silky bostancı escort panties and black stay up stockings with high heels. She was a picture of perfection to me.

I lowered my mouth to the rosy nipples of her mammaries and licked and sucked them in turn until her knees became weak and she had to sit on the bed. She then rested her hand on my fly and moved her fingers up and down my raging rod. She undid the zipper and let the pants drop to the floor. I shook my feet free of them. She then ran her hands along my very hardened fuck stick. I lay her down on the bed and got in beside her and immediately worked my way down that delicious body to the juncture of her thighs. The scent coming from there was so distinctive, it was a woman’s sexual aroma. I knew that Gloria wanted me as much as I wanted her.

My tongue began to lick her inner thighs and up toward that Garden of Eden that I had been thinking of all night. I slipped my tongue into the slit of her cunny and started to lap and suck on her labia lips. I then gently grabbed her clit between my lips and sucked and licked it like an ice-cream. This got to her so quickly, she was cumming as soon as I started to do this. I knew that she had not been treated like this for many a year. I was going to satisfy her more than she had been satisfied before.

She eventually started to groan and moan and I could feel the build up in her thighs as she used them to try to control her orgasms. I wasn’t going to let her do that, so I just licked and sucked all the harder. She cried out in ecstasy.

“Ohhh Tony, I’m cummimmmmiiiiiiinnnng.”

As she screamed in pleasure I lifted myself to my knees and placed my rod at the entrance of her cunt and dove into the whirlpool of sensations. She was like a wild woman, writhing and humping under me. I knew that I wouldn’t last too much longer myself. I pulled her to me and let go a voluble stream of prick juice into her cunt, exploding as I came.

I couldn’t move for about 10 minutes and then rolled myself to the side, bringing her with me, so that she was tucked into my arms.

“Wow, that was so good darling. I never thought I could feel like that.” I whispered in her ear.

Breathlessly, Gloria looked at me with a shy smile on her face. “You think you feel good, you don’t know what you have done for me.”

After that night, Gloria and I became a lot closer and I eventually moved into her bedroom. I did ask her to marry me but she felt better to stay the way we were.

We are still together today and still enjoying a very active sexual life. Gloria is now 78 years young and I am 58 years old. LOL

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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