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Author’s Notes

Firstly a warning. Whilst the title should give readers a clue as to the story line I feel I need to add to that. In addition to some graphic descriptions of straight sex there are some full on ones between another couple of guys and me. SO IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH BI SEX, THEN READ NO FURTHER!

Secondly this story is pretty much true. There’s a little embellishment here and there, but essentially what you read is what happened.

Finally, this is part of a series of stories analysing and explaining how my sexuality has changed as I have got older. It examines how I now enjoy sex with my own gender, but tries to work out why?

I would love to hear by mail from anyone who has been or, is currently on a similar sexuality journey as me or just anyone who has something to say on the topic.




“I’ll make it very special” she said her blonde hair tickling my stomach as she brought my cock to her mouth.

“Well it will have to last me three weeks at least” I replied.

“Yeah I bet, boys away on business” she replied licking the length of my full and very hard erection.

I didn’t reply for my wife knew me very well, but not as well as she thinks I smiled loving the warmth of her tongue on me. “Just don’t bring anything home” she mumbled as she took the bulbous end of my uncut cock into her mouth.

“What presents?” I smiled gripping her shoulder-length hair.

“No fucking diseases and I use that term purposefully” she replied cupping my balls and gently squeezing them.

I was going on a business trip to Melbourne in Australia the next day and was quite dreading the near twenty four hour flight. It’s not that I dislike flying for I am relaxed about that it’s just the sheer fucking boredom. Fortunately I was able to travel business class the reasonable luxury of which at least went some way to relieving the boredom.

“Well at least I am not going via Bangkok with all its temptations” I said pulling on her hair as she expertly built the tension up in my cock and balls.

“I imagine temptations can be found in any city” she whispered running her fingernail along that little patch of skin between my balls and my bum hole. She really did give great head.

“Yes darling, but I won’t have time, we have a massive job to do restructuring the entire office” I groaned as I felt my cock stiffen even more. I was very near and that pleased me for I had fucked her just an hour or so ago and at forty five repeat performances are not always that easy to come by.

“I am very near Kel” I groaned managing to get my hand on one of her modest sized, but beautifully pert tits and squeezing it. I always told her so she could take me out if she wanted to as she usually did. This time she didn’t move so she really did mean that she was going to make it very special. I found her rhythm and started to fuck her face. “You sure” I groaned as I felt her finger pressing on my bum hole.

“Mmmmmm” was all I heard as her finger slid in me. As she knew it would that put me right over the top and I exploded shooting several long gushes of cum into her throat.


The ‘overnight’ flight to Singapore was fine. We took off at three in the afternoon which is ten at night in Singapore so I had learned from previous trips that the idea was to get as much sleep as you could for the next ten hour leg is all day time; sleep too much on that and you are fucked up completely when you reach Melbourne which is another three hours ahead of London. On such long haul flights I have two plans.’ One is to get pissed and the other, along with every other businessman, is to pull a stewardess. I managed the first quite easily and that prevented me even trying the second although I may have had more chance with some of the stewards!

Kelly and I have been married since the beginning of time, or so it seems sometimes. We both have careers and we have chosen not to have children so I have had the chop. Although we do a lot of things together we both have our own lives, our own friends and our own bits on the side. It doesn’t go as far as being an open marriage for we never discuss what we do when away on business or out with friends and we have never got into swinging. I know she plays away from home, perhaps not as much as me, but then women don’t tend to as much as us men do they? I know because I have smelt aftershave on her and one evening when she came in looking rather flustered and went straight into the bathroom I am ashamed to say I looked in her large ‘wags’ bag and saw a pair of panties. Not totally convincing evidence, but they were not clean and had the distinctive womanly smell on them that I had breathed in many times from panties I had taken from the laundry basket. Sometimes I just smelt them, other times I rubbed them over my cock and balls and now and then I put them on and wandered round the house for a while until I was ready to wank in them.

When she came out of the loo I tried to kiss and cuddle ataşehir escort bayan her with a view to finding out whether she had any panties on, but she resisted me. I got very turned on indeed thinking of her with another man, something I had asked her to do several times with me looking on, but to no avail so far at that time. The thought of lifting her skirt, finding that she had no knickers on then fucking her just an hour or so after another made me very hard indeed. I wanked the moment she went to bed.

I had wanted to see Kelly having sex with another guy for some time. It’s quite a common desire I think, but more than that I wanted to see her with another woman. She had never totally rejected the idea of another man with me watching but as for a woman she simply said. “I have no interest in women, they do nothing for me sexually.”

“What about another man” I had retorted.

“You would like that?”

“Yes Kel I would.”

Her surprising reply had been. “Find the guy and if I like him I might.”

We did find him a few months later in the Marriott hotel in Boston of all places. To cut a long story short we were in the bar and I had to go to our suite to send a contract to the UK. When I returned, Kelly was being ‘chatted up’ by a good looking American guy. One thing led to another and we went to our suite for a nightcap. I asked her if she fancied him. She said that she did and after I spoke to Brad and ‘offered’ my wife to him things happened quickly. Between us we undressed Kelly and got her onto the bed. Brad totally unselfconsciously undressed and as I saw his long, thick cock I understood why he wasn’t embarrassed.

“And you James” he said.

I undressed as well feeling hellishly nervous not just because with my six and a bit inches I felt slightly inadequate, but also because I had no idea what to do other than watch him and Kelly kissing. However, seeing my wife being fucked was every bit as arousing as I had imagined when I had frequently jerked off thinking about it.

It was only an hour so after the first fuck that Kelly helped Brad to recover; I told you she gives great head. And it was only a few moments after that she had us kneeling beside where she was lying on the bed. Looking me right in the eye she took hold of Brad and me by our wrists and moved our hands towards the other’s cock. We gripped them and watched fascinated as she opened her legs and started to rub her clit. It seemed obvious what she wanted so we both started to wank the other. It ended with the three of us cumming at the same time with Brad and me covering her small tits and cleavage with our cum.

I worried about what it meant for some time. Was I gay? No I couldn’t be for I loved fucking women. But something was changing in me for as I thought about what had happened with Brad I got unusually excited and wanted more.


Despite it being a daytime flight and thus, me staying awake I had no success with the Qantas stews. I didn’t try that hard because one, they were rather Aussie butch and two they would be overnighting or staying in Sydney whereas I was going on to Melbourne.

The agency had arranged for a car to collect me from the airport and I eventually got into the Grand Hyatt on Collins Street in the plushest area of the city at around ten. After unpacking, a glass or two of wine and a quick shower I was in bed by eleven.

I had travelled on a Tuesday, I think, but can’t be sure, the time changes completely fuck up your head. In any case I was immersed in work for the next couple of days. The agency had been losing money for two years and now that Australasia was my responsibility it was down to me to sort it out. We had worked out a plan in London that involved firing half the management team of ten and a third of the staff of seventy five so I wasn’t a particularly welcome visitor. Nevertheless the first evening the Managing Director took me to dinner and on the Thursday the Creative Director asked me to eat at his home. On the Friday I was free. I preferred that partly because it’s not very comfortable socialising with people you may be firing in a few days and secondly it restricts me so much.

I got back to the Hyatt around seven, had a quick shower, changed and took a cab to Queen Victoria Market. I had a nice steak dinner and then went to the massage parlour I had found on the web.

“Will there be any extras” the attractive Thai girl asked as I lie on my front and she stroked my balls?

“What do you offer?” I asked.

Smiling, the very westernised Thai girl said. “Hand, oral or me.”

I went for the me option and we fucked on the massage table. She was very good and really got into the sex including letting me kiss her. Many hookers and massage parlour girls don’t to that so when I find one that does I tend to go back.

I was back at the Hyatt by nine and decided on a nightcap in the bar then an early night. The bar was quiet as I suppose most business hotel bars on Fridays are so there escort kadıköy were few people there. There was just me and one other guy sitting at the bar. Mark, I found out his name as we both, coincidentally sipped a few Scotch and waters was a Brit who had lived in Hong Kong for the past twenty years.

“At least one week in three” he told me when I asked how much time he spent away from home. “You?”

“I guess about the same” I have responsibility for the Middle and Far East and Australia for the agency I told him adding. “Mine tends to be on longer, but less frequent trips.”

“I spend at least a week a month in Oz, usually here, but also Sydney, Perth and Brisbane as well as India, now China and Taiwan; most of our product is made in these emerging markets” Mark explained.

“How long you live out here?” I asked.

“Oh ten years or so.”

We chatted away as men do in bars and told each other what we did and about our families. I explained that I was a director of a global ad agency with overall responsibility for the Middle and Far East and Australasia. Mark explained that he was sales director for a Hong Kong based manufacturer of women’s clothing, mainly underwear. “And please not the old joke of do you travel in ladies underwear?” He said smiling. It emerged as we chatted that he also had most evenings free particularly at weekends when his potential and actual customers did not want to be entertained. We were about the same age, mid-forties, both of us were married, he had two kids and we both liked football. We got on well and decided to have dinner the next night.

“Here or a restaurant?” He asked.

“Not fussed really as long as we are somewhere to watch the Gooners, we are playing you lot” I said remembering Arsenal were playing the team Mark supported Man U.

“What is it a three kick off?”

“No for some reason one.”

“So eleven here. Might be best to watch it in the hotel then.”

Bidding each other good night I made it to my room. Despite the fuck with the masseur just a few hours ago I felt very horny, but then when away on business I almost always felt like that. I decided to phone Kelly and try and persuade her to have some phone sex, which she was up for occasionally when I was away. I undressed noting that my cock was starting to grow as I thought of my wife and the prospect of telling her in the most graphic terms how I was going to fuck her arse. I laid a big towel on the bed and got the baby oil I always buy in Boots after going through security. I lay down, took hold of my now as good as fully erect dick in my hand and called my home on my Blackberry.

“Fuck it she’s out” I said to myself realising that it was afternoon at home.

I flicked around the TV trying to find some good porn. That’s a contradiction in terms and impossible I realised as my erection deflated. There were half a dozen or so ‘blue’ channels as they were termed. All but one of which were showing very energetic sex with big titted birds being shagged by guys with spectacular cocks with both parties making exaggerated and totally unrealistic moans and groans. The other one was the gay channel. Whilst that was just as unrealistic for the two guys had monster cocks and seemed to fuck for ages I found that I was getting hard again. I watched one guy suck his black friend’s mega cock then another take an equally huge lump of flesh up his arse. I was now ragingly hard, but couldn’t watch the ridiculous goings on and my mind wandered.

I recalled the only other bi experience I’d experienced since Kelly had placed my hand on Brad’s cock and I had wanked him. Following that I had badly wanted more bi experience and she had agreed that if I found the right guy she might be up for it. I had no luck thinking or finding anyone. Several times I was tempted to suggest she invite one her lovers, but felt that would be unfair for we never discussed our ‘other lives.’

So my only other experience was at a gay sauna near Waterloo station. It was all a bit sordid with fifty or so guys wandering around the three floors of the club just dressed in white towels wrapped round their waists; well most were but a few, particularly the very well hung guys draped them round their shoulders. There was a sauna, a steam room and a pool along with a small cinema, a bar, a couple of very dark rooms and loads of cell-like private rooms with doors that locked.

Nervous at first I quickly relaxed as I realised that most of the guys seemed to be just like me; nervous, horny, probably married and looking for ‘something else,’ but probably not quite sure just what. I guess that’s what being bi-curious is all about!

I wandered around and saw guys in the cinema lying back on the large rubber mattresses openly jacking off. I sat in the sauna and saw guys touching strangers who responded by touching them back, slipping their hands up the other’s towel, undoing that and stroking the other’s cock in full view of the rest of us. It went further. Some dropped their bostancı escort towels and started sucking the other bloke’s cocks, sometime with three or four involved. In the dark rooms I had unseen hands on my arse and up my towel rubbing my cock and balls. By now understanding the form and what went on I joined in and revelled in caressing a couple of chests and rubbing a few cocks. I was now almost permanently hard and got a fantastic buzz from walking to the side of the Jacuzzi and in front of the six occupants of the tub slowly removing my towel. I liked their eyes on my at least semi- erect cock as I got into the bubbling water. It wasn’t long before I had a hand on my thigh and a foot pushed between them right onto my cock. The hour or so went quickly and reached its inevitable crescendo.

I was in the sauna sitting on the lower bench with guys either side of me on the upper one. There was around eight or nine of us in the room. I felt fingers softly touching my upper arm. I knew the score. If I moved he would stop, but if I didn’t I would be indicating he could go further. I sat there a little nervous, but hugely aroused as the finger continued to rub me. I didn’t move, I was enjoying the touch; if anything I slightly pressed back against the enquiring fingers. They became bolder and ran across my shoulders and up and down the top of my spine and into my hair that I was wearing long at the back at the time. They slid over my shoulder and ran up my neck onto the side of my face. That made me sigh. Obviously that encouraged him and he slid his finger onto my mouth and ran it round my lips. At the same time he pressed his bare leg against my equally bare arm. I pressed back and leaned against it going as far as to drape my arm over his leg. The ‘invisible’ invader and I were replicating what I had seen happen a few times on the sauna. We were making it pretty obvious to each other and the watchers that we were a number and that we might well be going further. I was incredibly excited. The combination of giving vent to my bi feelings and being watched by the others was totally exhilarating and like nothing I had ever experienced.

I looked round and saw that my ‘seducer’ was a slightly older guy, probably well into his fifties. He had a full head of hair, was slim with an almost hairless chest and looked in the dimness to be quite good looking although that didn’t seem to be that important in this sordid world where there was only one item on the agenda — getting your rocks off. I also noticed that he had taken his towel off, was stunningly hard and had quite a big prick, more thick than length though. He slid down onto the lower level with me and put his arm round my shoulders. He went to kiss me, but I stopped him. I didn’t stop him putting his hand up my towel though and my whole body jerked when he closed his fingers round my dick.

“Mmmmm lovely” he whispered right in my ear gently pumping me with one hand as the other unravelled my towel and opened it up.

I looked around and saw another couple kissing and one guy kneeling sucking another’s cock. There were several other spectators who seemed to be alternating their eyes on the three performances. As my might be lover peeled my towel back I really did get a massive surge of excitement. I loved the feel of his hand on it and, almost as much if I am honest the other men looking at me, it and his hand on gently masturbating me.

“Shall we” he whispered pulling my arm.

I didn’t get what he meant at first, but when he started to stand up I understood. I panicked a bit as I realised my inexperience. I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered.

“I don’t fuck or be fucked.”

“My dear boy that matters not a jot” he said smiling. “It’s your body I want not your arse. Come with me.”

To get to the private rooms we had to walk through a lounge and past the pool. With both our towels doing little to hide our hard ons I thought I would be embarrassed as we passed the guys in the lounge having a drink, but oddly I wasn’t. I quite liked the attention and the stares at the lump in my towel.

I went into the room first.

“I’m Peter” he said shutting the door and sliding the bolt.

“I’m James” I replied.

Now being alone with him a man who was clearly seducing me and with whom I was going to have some form of sex I became very nervous. We stood facing each other and I saw that he was probably slightly older than I had first thought, maybe nearly sixty, but both his face and body were well preserved. He put his hand on my hip, smiled and said.

“Pretty new to this are you James?”

“Yes it’s my first time here.”

“Had much boys stuff?” He asked looking right into my eyes, making me feel even more nervous.

“No” I said very croakingly.

“What would you like to do?” He asked squeezing my hip.

“I don’t know but I don’t want to…”

“Yes I know, I understand, you don’t want full sex.”

“No, not yet.”

“Do you want to cum James?”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Do you want me to make you cum?”

“Oh Peter” I groaned as I saw his hand go to the towel and pull on it so it fell open and dropped to the floor. He had lost some of his erection so his dick was sticking out about horizontal to the floor.

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