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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Jack stood in the Laundromat folding his clothes like he did every week. He liked to do laundry at night that way he would be by himself and could get done faster. He was usually the only one there but on occasion some one would stop in for a quick laundry run. Tonight seemed very different. The streets were extraordinarily quiet and no one had even come in to clean up the place. Jack finished folding the one load and waited for the next load to dry. He had skipped doing laundry last week since he was away and had twice the amount he usually did. Jack sat down and started reading the book he had brought with him. Occasionally he would look up and check the dryers and washers. This was a great book. He couldn’t put it down. What seemed only a few minutes to Jack had really been at least a half an hour. He heard the doors open and a beautiful young lady stood at the door out of breath and searching. She ran over to Jack and begin pleading with him.

“You have gotta help me!” the woman stammered. “I need you to help me! I will do anything just please help Me.” she was panicking. Jack dropped his book and jumped to his feet.

“What’s wrong?” Jack straitened his glasses and grabbed the woman’s shaking hands. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you need.”

“I need you to pretend we are a couple.” she looked up at Jack with tears in her eyes. Jack was shocked. He couldn’t exactly turn down the offer. This woman was a knock out. She was about 5’5″, long silky brown hair, the greenest eyes and the perfect hourglass figure. Just looking at her aroused him.

“I would love to but…but I don’t know you or anything about you. Who are you? Where are you from? What’s your name?” Jack started to stammer. She looked into Jack’s eyes with those seductive green eyes and smiled.

“My name is Ashley. I need your help. I am in a lot of trouble. There are people that are after me and if they think I am with someone they will leave me alone. I promise, I will repay you for this.” she had fear in her eyes. Jack agreed.

Ashley jumped into Jack’s arms and started kissing him. This startled Jack. He didn’t even know this woman and she was on him like they had been secret lovers for a lifetime. She ran her fingers through Jacks perfectly groomed hair and pushed her body closer to his. Ashley then began removing her shirt and wiggled out of Jack’s arms. When her shirt was off she revealed the most beautiful escort ataşehir breasts that he had ever seen. Jack swallowed hard.

“What’s the matter Jack?” she questioned with a gleam in her eyes. “Why don’t you do what ever you want to me? I want you to do as you please.” Jack’s breathing became hard. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. This was awesome! He reached out and touched her breasts then reached around to unhook her bra. The bra fell to the floor. Jack stepped back to look at her. Ashley then took her skirt off to reveal she had nothing on underneath. Jack could feel how engorged he was and he knew that she knew as well. She walked closer to Jack and pushed him onto a washing machine and took his shirt off. “Mmmmm….now that is very sexy. Why do you hide this body?” Ashley ran her nails down his chest. She then reached for his belt to unbuckle it and Jack tensed up. She pulled him off the machine and his pants fell to the floor revealing that he too did not have anything on under the pants.

Ashley got on to her knees and placed Jacks long hard member into her mouth and sucked like the world was going to end. Jacks body jolted with every stroke. Ashley pulled away and bent over a folding table and motioned for Jack to her. Without a second thought he went up behind her and forced himself inside of her small, wet, tight canal. Ashley squirmed as he pumped her body. Jack started going faster and harder with every stroke. Ashley gripped the sides of the table and screamed out in pure delight. Jack could feel her juices running down his member and down his legs. This turned him on more and more. He pounded harder and harder. Then in the middle of the act the doors flew open. At the door stood three men. Jack jumped back and grabbed 2 towels that he had folded just before Ashley had arrived. He handed one to Ashley to cover herself.

“Ashley, Ashley, Ashley….” the first man said shaking his head. “What do you think you are doing? Do you think that you were going to fool us?”

“Ash, do you think that we’re stupid? We know what you’re up to. It’s the same thing every time.” the second man broke in.

“What are you talking about Shawn?” Ashley answered nervously. “I’ve been here all night with Jack.”

“Ashley! How dare you lie!” the third man yelled. Jack moved back to where his book lay and sat down. The men had not noticed him. He reached for his book and started to read again. Ashley kadıköy escort bayan looked over at him despairingly. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“I’m not lying.” she insisted. “I have been here all night. Ask Jack.” she looked over at Jack who was still reading his book. “Jack, please tell them. Tell them the truth.” Ashley was wailing. Jack looked up from his book then placed it down on the seat next to him.

“Gentlemen, the truth of the matter is, she has not been here all night.” Ashley gasps for breath as the third man grabbed her by the arm.

“You stupid bitch!” the third man screamed then slapped her. Jack stood up and walked over to the third man and grabbed him off of her.

“Don’t ever hit a woman! Didn’t your mother ever teach you anything?” Jack snarled. “If you would of let me finish, we were at my house before we came here. I just got back from out of town and Ashley met me at the airport and picked me up. She has been with me since about 9pm tonight.” the men moved back. “Is there a problem with this?” Jack asked as he moved Ashley behind him. The third man, the one Ashley called Shawn drew close again.

“You are a liar!” he screamed in Jacks face. “What did she offer you? Sex? Huh! She gives that to anyone.” Shawn reached back to punch Jack. Just then 3 patrol cars pulled up around the Laundromat. The men scrambled for the door when the cops raced inside. After the men were cuffed and put into the squad cars another officer walked up to Jack and shook his hand.

“Thanks Jack! We have been trying to get these guys for months. How did you do it?” the commanding officer said patting Jack on the back.

“I recognized them from the picture in the station and I was trying to help this young lady out at the same time.” Jack motioned his hand towards Ashley. When the commanding officer caught sight of her he was shocked.

“Ashley Marris? Is that you?” the officer ran right over to the young lady. “Good god girl are you alright? Your family is so very worried about you.”

“I’m fine. Jack took care of me. He lied for me. He saved my life. I never thought that I would get away from those men. I have been running for so long.” Ashley begins to weep. The officer walked over to Jack.

“Jack, I need you to take her to your place, keep her safe. You are the only one the girl trusts right now. You are quite an officer.” the commander slapped him on the back and gave him a smile. escort bostancı “Take her now. We don’t want the media catching any wind of this.”

“But, sir….”Jack said walking towards him. “What about my laundry?”

“We’ll make sure it is ready for you in the morning.” the officer looked over at Ashley. “Not like you’ll be needing it.” he smiled and walked away. Jack and Ashley gathered what they could and headed towards his car. Ashley was very quiet the entire ride to Jacks house. Finally she spoke up.

“Thank you Jack! But how did they know to come to the Laundromat? How could you have done anything? I saw you. You were reading your book?” Ashley was in shock.

“Well, I am a rookie at the department and I have a cell phone with a silent alarm. I set it off and they came as soon as I sent it. As soon as I saw whom the men were I set it off. That is why I was reading my book. I didn’t want them to notice Me.” the car stopped. “We’re here. Come on in. I’ll get ya something to calm your nerves.” he smiled as they walked into the house.

When they got inside Jack took Ashley’s coat and hung it in a closet and leads her into the kitchen.

“What would you like? I don’t have much but I have a few things.” he smiled at Ashley from the refrigerator door.

“Anything right now.” Ashley was still very nervous. Jack fixed her a drink and gave it to her. He sat down at the table beside her. She took a sip of the drink and set it down. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” she laughed as she looked at Jack.

“No, but that is all I had in the fridge.” he winked at her. Ashley threw her arms around Jack and kissed him. Jack kissed her back and they were in a lovers embrace. Jack picked Ashley up and took her down a hallway.

“Jack, thank you.” she kissed him again. Jack laid Ashley on the bed and begins to disrobe. Ashley did the same. She lay backwards as Jack crawled on the bed beside her. He kissed her softly. She touched his face and rolled over on top of him. He then felt Ashley placing his engorged male member inside of her sweet body. It was her turn to make the juices flow. Jack let out a cry of pure lust. With every movement of Ashley’s beautiful body he felt himself get closer and closer to eruption. He grabbed onto ash leys waist and pushed her back onto the bed. He wanted to feel her juice running down his body again. He wanted them to erupt together. He pumped faster and faster till he couldn’t hold back anymore. Her felt the overcoming cessation of pure bliss as did Ashley. They became one as it was time for the explosion of unadulterated bliss. Jack lay down on the bed next to Ashley as she cuddled up beside him. They both fell fast asleep from all the excitement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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