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As Darren was finishing things up in the office, he heard someone come in the door. He wondered who it could be since everyone had gone home for the day. Everyone had finished early and he was looking forward to going home. A sweet young voice said, “Sorry I’m late,” and he immediately knew exactly who she was. Yes, it was her. Kira, the sexiest girl in his unit. “I can’t believe you’re coming in this late,” he laughed and said. “Everyone has already gone home.” With a devilish smile, she replied, “Good, I didn’t feel like working anyway.”

By this time he noticed what she was wearing and was shocked because she didn’t normally dress this way. Kira had on a simple T-shirt dress that was extremely short, bobbie socks and a pair of tennis shoes. “Don’t give me that attitude, walking in here looking like a teeny bopper.” Kira jokingly replied, “Compared to your old self I am a teeny bopper.”

“Alright, don’t let me have to put you across my knees and spank you,” Darren played along. “That might not be a bad idea,” was her reply. He told her to come and get what she deserved.

Kira slowly walked over to him and laid across his lap. Her little dress rode up and he could see the soft fleshy curves of her behind. Raising up her dress to her waist kartal escort bayan presented him with the sexiest ass he had seen in quite some time. Her sweet cheeks were fully exposed because she was wearing a thong. Darren couldn’t resist any longer. “SLAP!”, his hand came down on her gyrating ass. Kira wanted him to know that she loved it so she started to grind herself against the hard bulge in his pants. He continued to spank her and she got even more excited, and so did he. Darren began to feel her wetness through his pants. Reaching between them with his other hand, he eased a finger under her panties and between her wet lips. He immediately found her clit and Kira moaned, “Yes, that’s it, please don’t stop.” She twisted her hips and twitched uncontrollably as her orgasm took over. Laying there motionless for a moment to recover she slowly looked up with hunger in her eyes and said “This isn’t over yet, baby. Not by a long shot.”

At that moment this vision of beauty stood up in front of Darren and pulled her dress over her head to expose a very succullent pair of breasts. Kira’s nipples were hard and erect seemingly begging for attention. She took him by the hands, stood him up, and said, “It’s time to see what you have to offer.” escort maltepe Needless to say, Darren was eager to oblige. He pulled off his shirt and then it came time to free his rock hard dick from captivity. Kira liking what she saw, licked her lips and said, “I’m going to enjoy riding that stallion.” As soon as he pulled off the rest of his clothes, she pushed him back down in the chair. She turned around waving that gorgeous ass at him and slowly pulled down her panties. Darren’s eyes were riveted to the cleft between her thighs as she bent over. Kira’s pussy was still moist and she knew it looked inviting. In Darren’s mind it called out to him, “TASTE ME!”

Leaning forward he reach out to spread her cheeks a little and placed his tongue between the lips of her glistening cunt. Kira gasped from surprise at first but, as soon as she realized what was happening she spread her legs, pushed back against his lips and said, “I like it when a man knows what he wants and takes it.” Darren flicked his tongue along the length of her pussy and darted in and out of her slick hole. He was enjoying giving her pleasure and wanted to make her cum again so he zeroed in on her clit. He began flipping the tip of his tongue over her clit at a rapid pace. pendik escort Kira was enjoying the oral attack on her box and started to talk dirty. “That’s it baby, fuck me with your tongue, I want to cum on your mouth.” He continued licking her tasty snatch and could feel her getting close. Darren slapped her ass again a couple of time and it was all she could take. Kira’s second orgasm hit her hard. She screamed and shook all over, barely able to stand, she leaned back and rested against his chest.

Knowing that this episode was not quite over yet, Kira turned around and straddled him, ready to take his hard dick up inside her steaming wet pussy. Darren snarled, “Now its time to get into some serious fucking.” She responded with, “I just hope you can handle it because I’m going to fuck you REAL good.” Kira lowered herself onto him and his cock slid into her hot cunt in one long sweet stroke. She rode him hard, moaning with each downstroke. Darren pulled her close and sucked her nipples. Reaching behind her he grabbed her ass to help her ride him. He spread her cheeks so she could feel his entire length up inside.

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard,” she cried. “You feel so good inside me.” This time her whole body shuddered as her third orgasm ripped through her. As Kira came, so did Darren and sprayed her hot box with his cum. They just slumped against each other as their orgasms wore off. Once they recovered and got dressed they both agreed that it should happen again. This was only the first of many “HAPPY HOURS” to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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