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Alex Tanner

It was one of those summers when the days stretched out endlessly and people were happy for no particular reason other than the weather. Katherine always loved summer the best. Something about the heat always made her really horny.

In bed at night the heat was intense. She lay there naked, sheets twisted and discarded, dark curls sticking to her forehead, sweat pooling between her breasts, her hand never straying too far from her hot thighs as her mind drifted off into her favourite fantasy…

She was in a field, surrounded by far off blue hills. To her right was a farmhouse almost obscured by trees. The only noise was birdsong and the contented clucking of some hens picking about. She became aware that it wasn’t just a field. It was a strawberry field, with dozens of rows of plants surrounded by straw. As far as she could see it was deserted.

She giggled like a young girl as she crept forward and into the strawberries, bending to pick some of the shining red berries. She shoved one into her mouth eagerly and began to walk slowly, bending from the waist, searching for the best fruit.

It was hot and actually pretty backbreaking work, she noted, as the sweat began to bead on her softly tanned skin. Looking about, she took off her thin jumper to allow the paltry breeze to kiss the hot flesh above her black push-up bra.

She began to gather the fruit in her skirt, happily popping every other one between her lips. Within minutes she had eaten several. Her lips and fingers were red and stained with the juice, and as she straightened up from crouching she sucked the sweet taste from her fingers, eyes closed.

She opened them to look straight into the eyes of a man standing before her, grinning not just a little bit lecherously.

She jumped a little. The man had obviously been enjoying watching her uninhibited display. Her reaction made his grin widen. He was quite entertained by her guilty expression, his sexy brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight at her.

He was naked from the waist up, wearing a brown gardeners uniform from the waist down. ataşehir escort His body was well muscled with sparse chest hair and he was gorgeously grubby. She realised that not only was she stood in front of this actually-rather-damned-horny-looking stranger in her bra, but she was also giving him a teasing glimpse of her crotch by holding her skirt up with the strawberries inside.

Tearing herself away from his amused face she went to cover her breasts, and dropped the fruit onto the floor. They dropped down on their knees at the same time to retrieve them. Katherine became acutely aware of how close his strong tanned body was to her as he leant over her to reach one that had rolled away… then deep brown eyes met her dark blue ones in a smouldering gaze and the fight was lost.

He took her hand gently in his and kissed her fingertips, then her palm. She smiled, having expected more than such sweet simple gestures. His pants stretched over his thighs and she could see a reassuringly large lump growing at the top of them. She decided maybe he needed her to establish the pace. ‘Very well,’ she thought. ‘I only hope he can keep up.’

The next second her thoughts were crushed, along with her breasts, as her handsome gardener pushed her down into the warm, sweet smelling straw and covered her lips with his in a luscious soft sensual kiss that just seemed to go on getting deeper and more urgent as he pressed his hard body into her soft one. She kissed him back hard, pressing her body to his to show her arousal.

He pushed her wrists above her head and held them firm. She felt herself begin to get slick as he unconsciously performed one of her biggest turn-ons. The next was the worst, she moaned and melted into the hot baked earth as his silky warm lips brushed the soft as rosepetal skin of her throat.

His mouth moved slowly over the stretched muscles of her neck and it became deliciously sensitised. When he started to bite softly it sent hot shivers down deep in her belly to her tingling pussy, and she gasped out loud, writhing beneath him.

His kadıköy escort bayan free hand began to wander over the full curves of her breasts, squeezing slightly and rubbing his hardness into her thigh, brushing his palm over the hard nub of her nipple through the bra.

Suddenly he made a violent jerking movement and she heard a snap. He had pulled her bra strap clean off its cup and was peeling it down away from her dark pink nipple, covering it with his mouth, but only breathing hot air over it for a minute.

She moaned, more in frustration than anything, as her breasts cried out for his lips. A light lick caressed the tip and she shuddered. He began to lick around it in torturously slow circles, then quickly devoured it, sending dizzying waves of pleasure all the way down her body culminating in her now wet and hungry pussy.

He delved in the other cup for her right breast and devoured the nipple like a starving man, holding her breasts up as he rubbed his lips over the soft velvet weight of them. Their eyes met again, hers glazed with desire, his alive with sex.

At last he spoke, a deep breathy whisper in her ear in an accent she couldn’t place.

“Can I taste you?”

She didn’t answer. She was already too busy urging him down with her trembling hands on the taut muscles of his shoulders. He began the tantalising licking again, over her hips and inner thighs. He was driving her wild and he knew it.

Getting desperate her fingers slid tentatively down towards her pussy. He stopped for a minute and breathed deeply, groaning softly as he watched her fingers penetrate her, coming out wet and shiny in the light, rubbing up over her clit. Her head fell back as she began a familiar rhythm. He shook himself and grabbed her hand, frowning at her in a devilish sexy way.

He placed her hand on his head, and her fingers wound into his glossy dark hair as his hot animal mouth moved closer and closer. She arched her hips to meet his mouth and he held onto them fast, holding her still as he began to kiss her trimmed pussy. escort maltepe He licked the silky wet lips, his tongue penetrating them to touch the tight hot aching bud of her clit, licking a small circle around it, teasing and nipping at her, only stopping now and then to taste her more deeply.

It was amazing; she was weak as a kitten.

She felt his hand groping to the side of them and looked up from the intense sexual spell she was under to see he had found a particularly large and juicy looking strawberry. He pulled back then crushed the strawberry above her swollen lips, sprinkling sweet juice, mingling with her own.

He set about sipping and tasting, finally holding her firmly then licking in soft rough licks over and over, her desperate cries echoing in the hot summer afternoon. Her orgasm built in her belly, white hot fire making her body tremble as it rushed through her limbs at the speed of light, her cries growing louder, regular.

Her lover raised his head and climbed up her body quickly, wrenching down his pants. His cock bobbed up immediately, impossibly hard, smooth and fiercely hot.

He grabbed her hips again and dragged her body to where he was kneeling. He positioned her facing him above his cock and she eased herself down the length of him, slick with the juices and hot, moaning as she was filled up completely. Holding her arms, he helped he ease back until her shoulders were on the floor, her back arched, him with a incredibly clear view of his glistening cock pushing into her depths.

They were both close now. The sex was urgent and rough, his thumb finding her clit as they moved as one, adding the last touch she needed to send her to ecstasy.

She shook and caught her breath and her climax rippled through her. The wet sucking vacuum of her pussy contracted around his bone hard shaft as he made his final jerking thrusts and lost control, spurting his hot cum inside of her. Her muscles milked him of his last drop, and they clung together for a moment, beating heart next to beating heart, before settling back, panting into the berry scented straw.

As her real life orgasm subsided in the dark night-time heat of her bedroom, Katherine smiled languidly, pressed her hot damp thighs together, giving her wet fingers a lazy suck. And she swore she could taste the ghost of strawberries in the sun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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