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3D Monster

Wayne makes his move but makes the wrong move at the wrong time.

“Aren’t you going to invite me inside for, um…coffee?”

As if he was locked out of her house and abandoned to wander the streets, Wayne looked behind her at her apartment while hoping for an invitation inside. Not interested in having a cup coffee, he was more interested in having sex.

“Inside my house?” She looked from him to her house before looking back at him as if he was asking her for money. “No, I can’t do that,” she said shaking her head from side to side as if she needed that extra measure of negativity to make him understand that no meant no. “Uh, uh. I, um, live with a roommate,” she said skewing her face that made him suspect that she was lying.

She didn’t mention a roommate over dinner. He figured someone who looked like her was too selfish to share her place and her life with anyone, especially with someone who looked like him. He figured she definitely lived alone. No doubt, someone who looked like her didn’t want to share her bathroom and/or her mirrors with anyone else but herself. No doubt, someone who looked like her needed the personal privacy so that she could get ready for her day. No doubt, someone who looked like her needed her private space to have sex with whomever she wanted and whenever she wanted to invite someone in her bed.

“Oh,” he said.

“I’m sure she’s already sleeping by now,” she said looking at her watch again and smiling up at him again.

A loss for words, “Oh,” he said again.

In the way her eyebrows raised with her words, an involuntary reaction, he knew she was lying. He could just tell she was making excuses not to invite him inside.

“Besides, my place is such a frightful mess,” she said. “I don’t pick up the place until the weekend. I have clothes everywhere.”

Believing some of the things she said and not others, he believed that she had clothes strewn everywhere. Just waiting for him to touch them, feel them, and sniff them, Wayne imagined her sexy bras and colorful, aromatic panties strewn everywhere. He’d love to be sitting in her house while she was in the kitchen making coffee while he was feeling her bras and sniffing her panties that were left all over the floor by his feet.

“I see,” he said.

“And, a busy day with preparing for a staff meeting, I have to get up early for work tomorrow,” she said making another excuse incase the first two excuses weren’t enough. “You know me, the office manager and the first one in to open the doors and turn off the alarm.”

“Some other time,” he said overwhelmed with disappointment that he wouldn’t be having sex with Susan, not tonight anyway.

“Yes, another time would be better,” she said.

Knowing there would never be another time, wanting to pin her down, he wanted to ask her when. Instead he asked her what he really wanted to ask her.

“Okay, if you can’t invite me inside, then how about a goodnight kiss?” He looked at her pathetically while not giving up hope that she’d kiss him.

He knew she wanted him. He could just tell. Why else would she paint her lips red with lipstick if not to kiss him? He knew that one kiss would lead to so much more. Maybe instead of asking for a goodnight kiss he should have just leaned in to kiss her. Only, rejected once too many times, he figured this was a better strategy with her. With him feeling her body and her feeling his cock that already throbbed and hardened out of his pants and that was barely covered by his tented up shirttails, soon he’ll be inside of her apartment and on her bed naked while he fucked her as if she was a dog in heat.

“A goodnight kiss?”

“Yes, one for the road, so to speak,” he said with a carefree laugh and a cavalier attitude as if her kissing him wasn’t as important as it was.

She looked at him with empathy as if she hadn’t even considered kissing him before he mentioned it. No doubt willing to kiss him to be free of him, she looked at him as if he was just another frog that she needed to kiss before running away to masturbate herself in her room or in her bathtub. No doubt, with her working so much overtime and not having a life of her own other than work, she’s been masturbating a lot. As if trying to decide if she was going to kiss him goodnight or not, she looked at him looking at her.

“Sure, I can do that. What the Hell, it’s just a goodnight’s kiss,” she said with a shrug as if talking to herself. She smiled an uncomfortable smile while leaning in to him with her eyes closed to kiss him on the cheek.

* * * * *

She was so beautiful. With her long, blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, she reminded him of a taller and bustier version of Emilia Clarke when playing Daenerys Tagaryen, Drogo’s queen, in the Game of Thrones. Savoring this moment for ever while hoping that this one kiss would lead to so much more, he moved closer to her.

Only when he leaned into her and quickly turned his head to her, instead of her kissing him on the cheek, he kissed her square on the lips. As soon as his lips touched her lips, as if the gates of Heaven bareback studios porno opened for him and beckoned him inside, he heard angels singing. Already, he could tell that by kissing the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen that this kiss would be the best kiss of his life.

Popping open her eyes as if she was a heart attack victim at death’s door before being shocked back to life, obviously not expecting him to make such a brazenly horny move, her eyes bulged wide open as if she had just been stabbed in the chest with Satan’s pitchfork. As soon as their lips touched, he pushed his head forward and with her head pushed back against the passenger side headrest and held there in place by the force of his lips against hers, he parted her lips and forced his tongue inside of her mouth. Impaling her mouth with his tongue as if impaling her pussy with his cock, longingly kissing her as if on his Honeymoon, he forced her head to remain there for him to use her lips.

As if all of this was preplanned and certainly it was, he was French kissing Susan, the woman of his dreams. Already instantly in love with her with just one French kiss, he couldn’t believe that he was French kissing Susan, the fixated, future stalking victim and restraining order issuer, love of his life.

Not waiting for her to return his passion with hers and taking advantage of her slowed reactions from the wine she consumed, he groped her breast through her blouse with one hand and lifted her short skirt with the other while still French kissing her. He felt her breasts, first one before feeling the other. As if he was deciding which cantaloupes to buy at the market, they filled his whole hand. Having been a while since a felt a woman’s breasts and the women that he dated usually had small breasts, her breasts were so big, so round, and so firm. Then, needing to know if she was wearing panties or not, suspecting that she wasn’t, he reached his hand beneath her short skirt and touched her between her legs to touch her cotton panties with his fingertips.

Seemingly and alarmingly confused where to stop his physical assault of her, her lips, her tits, or her pussy, finally, as if awakening from a nightmare, she returned to her senses. As soon as he felt her nipples emerging, he fingered them to coax them to a harder erectness. Immediately she squirmed away from him to pull away from his inappropriate gropes and touches. Not wanting to force her just yet, he allowed her to push him away. Yet, not to be denied a feel of her shapely body and not ready to take no for an answer, escalating his physical assault of her curvaceous body, instantly he stuck his fat hand down her low cut blouse and into her low cut bra.

A front snapping bra, his favorite, with his hand too big to fit inside with her breasts and her brassiere unable to contain both his hand and her big tits, her bra unsnapped. Now with her breasts free for him to feel and fondle, he was all over her C cup breasts while fingering her erect, hard nipples. When she tried pulling his hand away from her tits by his wrist, he moved his other hand up her skirt and forced his fingers between her legs to trace her pussy slit through her panties. Ready for him to enter her, even through her panty he could feel that she was moist.

When he pushed her panty aside with his finger and felt her warm, sticky wetness is when she paused trying to save her breasts from his touch by trying to extricate his hand from in between her legs to spare him from touching her pussy. With her busy trying to preserve her modesty from his touches, feels, and desperate gropes, he returned his focus to her tits. Pulling, turning, and twisting her big nipples, while feeling the weight and firmness of her beautiful breasts, with her nipples so erect, he wondered if she was sexually excited by his touches and by his kiss or was she cold? He didn’t have to wait long to know.

“Wayne! Jesus Christ! What the fuck? Hey! Stop! What’s wrong with you? What the Hell are you doing? I don’t like you in that way,” she said struggling to push him away. Finally free of him, she wiped the back of her hand across her lips to remove any evidence of his kiss. Fluffing down her short skirt, she reached inside her blouse to hook her bra before pulling up and straightening her low cut top. As if she had just wrestled an alligator, wrinkled and still a little drunk, she was such a disheveled mess.

She sat there in shocked silence and looked at him as if he was a deranged, sexual predator and, there in that moment, he was.

“I’m sorry but I’ve always liked you Susan,” he said.

Glad that he didn’t say love instead of like, he wanted to tell her that he loved her. He wanted her to know the extent of his feelings. He wanted her to know that he didn’t think of her as just any woman. He wanted her to know that she was his special woman.

“Good God! Like me? How would you act if you hated me? I feel as if I was just fighting the attack of a rapist.”

“Please forgive me,” he said seeming so apologetic.

She looked at him as if he was Mr. Hyde czech amatör porno of Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde.

“And I have to work with you. Now how am I supposed to do that after you French kissed me, stuck your hand down my blouse, felt my breasts, fingered my nipples, and put your hand up my skirt to push my panty aside to stick your finger between my legs? You violated me. Eww. Gross. You’re so gross Wayne. I’m going to have to report you for sexual harassment,” she said sternly while sitting there so stiffly.

“Report me? You’d report me to Human Services?”

“For what you just did to me and in the pressured way you made me feel to give you sex, yes I must report you. You just sexually harassed me, Wayne,” she said. “And if we have any hopes of continuing to work together, they must put you on notice. At the very least, being that we’re out on our own free time, a warning will suffice.”

“I’m sorry Susan. I really am but I couldn’t help myself. You do something to me that drives me insane with sexual lust for you,” he said.

She looked at him as if he was crazy and in that moment he was.

“I’m mortified by your aggressive, sexual actions. I’m so very embarrassed Wayne. How could you do that to me? I thought we were friends.”

“We are friends Susan but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends with benefits,” he said with a shit eating grin.

“Asshole! Friends with benefits my ass. I can’t be your friend now Wayne after you sexually abused me. I can’t believe you felt my tits and fingered my nipples. I’m so very embarrassed. You humiliated me Wayne by touching and feeling me where I’d never want you to touch and feel me. Thinking that you were really sorry, I can now tell that you’re not. We can no longer work together. I have to report you. I must,” she said. “What you did to me will cost you your job. I’ll see to that.”

“I see,” said Wayne with a grin. “Well, in that case, you do what you must do Susan and I’ll do what I must do,” he said.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you threatening me? I don’t take well to threats Wayne. I’ll kick your ass,” she said getting angry. “I had four brothers and they taught me a few things.”

“I’m not threatening you Susan. I’d never threaten you,” he said wanting to say that he loved her. “It’s just with you sitting here in my car, in the beautiful way that you look, I can’t help myself. With your perfume filling my nose, your sexuality filling my brain, and with you wearing that oh so low cut blouse and that oh so short skirt, you truly are a sight to behold,” he said.

“Good night Wayne,” she said with attitude.

When she reached for the car door handle, he reached out to grab her hand by her wrist. In one last desperate and impropriate pull, lifting his shirttails with one hand and in one fluid motion with his other hand, he put her hand on his exposed cock that was already erect and outside of his jeans. Further escalating his sexual assault on her person, before she could realize that his prick was out of his pants and before she could pull her hand away, he wrapped her fingers around his stiff prick and forced her hand to stay there.

“Wayne! Oh my God! Is that what I think it its? Are you kidding me? How dare you! What the fuck?”

She tried pulling her hand away but holding her hand in place as if holding her hand to the fire, too strong for her, she couldn’t.

“I want you Susan. I really want you and I can’t wait for some other time when you’ll never invite me inside of your apartment. I want you tonight. I want you now,” he said tightly holding her hand while slowly moving her hand up and down on his cock for her to give him a forced hand job.

“Gees, Wayne, slow down. You’re hurting me,” she said yanking her hand away while looking down at his exposed erection. “I can’t believe you just sexually assaulted me again. I can’t believe you put my hand on your cock. Forget about having you fired, I could have you arrested,” she said staring at him as if he was a monster.

“I’m sorry Susan. I don’t know what got over me. It’s all your fault. You make me do those things,” he said.

“My fault? How dare you!” She looked at him as if he was insane. “How do you figure that it’s all my fault?”

“You’re a cockteaser Susan. That’s what you are. You act as if you’re ready for sex then when I call your bluff, you seemed shocked.” He looked down at her low cut blouse and short skirt and as soon as he did, Susan put one hand to her breasts to close her top and her other hand to her skirt to stop him from lifting it. “Look at how you’re dressed. With your low cut blouse flashing your cleavage and your short skirt showing your panties, you’re dressed more like a slut than you are an office manager.”

“How dare you call me a cockteaser? How dare you infer that I’m dressed like a slut? Even if I wanted to have sex with you, which I don’t, I don’t appreciate being attacked and mauled by you,” she said. “I don’t appreciate you feeling my tits and fingering my nipples. I don’t appreciate you sticking your fat hand beneath czech bitch porno my skirt and your finger inside of my panties to feel my pussy,” she said raising her voice. “And I certainly don’t appreciate you forcing my hand on your cock, holding it there, wrapping my fingers around you, and keeping it there while forcing me to masturbate you,” she said staring at his prick as if she was suddenly interested or horny by the mere sight of her erection.

“I’m sorry Susan. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know what got over me,” he said.

“I swear if I didn’t know you only had two hands, I’d think you had four,” she said staring down at his exposed prick again while straightening her clothes. “When did you remove your cock from your pants?” She said still staring at his prick while waiting for him to answer.

“On the way home when you were ignoring me and looking the other way out the window, I was thinking about doing that for the shock value and to get your attention,” he said. “Then, when I parked in front of your apartment and you closed your eyes while listening to the music, I thought that was the perfect opportunity to expose my sexual feeling for you.”

“Expose your sexual feelings?” She removed her gaze from his prick to stare up at him. “Is that what you call exposing your cock to me? Can’t you see how wrong that was for you not only to remove your cock from your pants but also to force my hand on you and keep it there?” She looked at him with compassion as if trying to understand why he did what he did.

“You’re right and I’m sorry. I promise to behave,” he said.

Her cue to go, she should have fled his car. Only, slowed by the wine and in shock by how her co-worker sexually assaulted her, she was numb.

He looked at her looking at him. Only, he was looking at her with lust and she was now looking at him with detestation. It was then that he figured she’d report him for sexual harassment, the bitch. It was then that he figured he’d lose his job, the cunt. Then, figuring he had nothing to lose, going for broke, he shot for all the marbles.

Even after voicing her indignation, with her still staring at his cock in the way that he was staring at her tits, she continued giving him mixed signals. Beyond wanting her, he had to have her. After being rejected for sex by every other woman he dated, tonight was the night that he’d have his sexual needs satisfied and how better to sexually satisfy him than his beautiful co-worker, Susan. Calling her bluff for dressing like the slut that she no doubt is and for staring at his cock in the way that she was, in one swift motion and with a heavy hand around her neck, he pulled her to him and forced her head in his lap.

“Wayne no! Don’t! Stop! Please don’t do this. I beg you.”

“Suck my cock Susan. Suck it,” he said holding her head down with one hand while rubbing his stiff prick across her lips with his other hand while trying to stick his stiff prick in her mouth. Refusing to take him in her mouth, she tightened her lips.

“Wayne! Let me go! Unhand me you big brute.”

“Blow me, blow me,” he said pulling her long blonde hair harder and harder. As soon as she opened her mouth to scream, he filled her mouth with his cock. “Suck it Susan. Suck it,” he said.

Humping her mouth and fucking her face, he filled her mouth with his prick. Holding her head with two hands and forcing her head up and down on his cock in the way that he does with his blowup doll at home, he forced Susan to suck him.

Only instead of continuing to suck him and instead of giving him the blowjob that he so wanted and needed, she squeezed his testicles really hard, as hard as she squeezed her uncle’s nuts when he forced her to give him oral sex. She squeezed Wayne’s balls as hard as she squeezed her cousin’s balls when he beat her, tortured her, raped her, and then tried to drown her. She squeezed Wayne’s balls as hard as she squeezed her four brothers’ nuts when they all stripped her naked to have their wicked way with her. Only, in the way that Wayne was obviously enjoying having her squeeze his balls, he and her four brothers all seemed to enjoy the pain with their pleasure.

* * * * *

Had he been nicer to her, maybe she would have allowed him to kiss her. Had he been better looking, being that she didn’t have roommate, her apartment was spotless, and she was a night owl anyway, maybe she would have invited him inside. Had she been sexually attracted to him, no doubt, she would have given him what he wanted. Had she wanted him as much as he wanted her, she would have fucked his brains out before giving him a blowjob and allowing him to cum in her mouth while watching her swallow. Yet, in the way that he dressed, looked, and acted, she wasn’t attracted to him. He was a disgusting loser.

She threw open his car door as if his car was on fire, jumped out of his car, and slammed shut his car door. As soon as she stood outside of his car, his one last chance to have some more fodder to masturbate over tonight, he leaned to the side and lifted the back of her short skirt to expose her panty clad ass and held it tightly there. Maybe because she was a little drunk was her reason not to know that she was so exposed. With the car so low and her being so tall, perhaps thinking that she was stuck on the car and that the car door had lifted her skirt, unable to free herself, she was stuck in place.

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