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They met at the movies. Both of them had come alone and as chance happened, he took the seat next to her. They made a little small talk before the movie started and there seemed to be a spark between them. They both seemed to laugh at the same times during the movie and exchanged glances during the movie.

After the movie, he asked her if she wanted dessert. She said yes and followed him to his apartment. On the way, she was thinking she didn’t know what had gotten into her. She had never done anything like this before, but the heat between them was impossible to ignore.

She arrived at his door. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door wasn’t closed, so it swung open as she knocked. She heard him say, “Come in.” She found him seated on the couch in very low light. He told her to sit down. She put down her purse, took off her coat and sat next to him. No other words were exchanged.

She turned to him. He took her face into his hands and kissed her. Softly at first, but then it became more persistent. His tongue went between her parted lips and slipped through her teeth. She responded back, copying his every move. Her breathing was becoming faster. She decided to take control.

She straddled his lap. She kissed him hard while she ground into his manhood. Her body rolled down his as she continued driving him into a frenzy. It seemed that she was out of control. Her hands were running through his hair. His breathing was becoming as hard as his cock. She removed his t-shirt over his head as she was continued grinding into him. His chest was very hairy. It was so soft. She couldn’t wait until she could feel her bare chest against his. She had a rhythm going now. She could feel the heat coming from his body and his pulsating cock. She kept going. There was no way she could turn back. Her body was aching with desire. She knew that he must be feeling the same way.

She slid off of his lap and was on her knees. She slid her hands down his chest, over his enclosed cock and down to his knees. She couldn’t wait to see what he was hiding. It felt so good through his pants. She couldn’t wait to set it free. She undid his pants. He leaned up so she could pull them down. She pulled his briefs down next and out popped his gorgeous medium thick 6 ½ inch cock. She took her tongue and ran it on his inner thighs. As she moved to the other thigh, she let her hot breath linger over his balls. She went back and forth a few times. Then she stopped and slowly licked up the stem of his cock. She heard him moan. When she got to the tip, she locked eyes with him. Her eyes glistening, she licked the tip of it. He moaned again. She tasted his pre-cum. olgun porno She licked around the top of his penis a few more times before sliding it into her waiting mouth. She loves a good clean cock and this is what she had found. It tasted so good.

She pumped it in her mouth while she swirled her tongue around it. She ran her tongue up the underside of his cock and she pulled her mouth away. She used one hand on the base of his cock kneading while the other fondled his balls. He kept stroking her hair and held back her long hair so he could watch her face. The noises he was making encouraged her to continue. She looked back up to see his eyes were closed and his head was leaning back. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could sucking as she came up to the tip. She skipped her tongue around in at the top of his shaft where it met the head of his cock. She liked keeping him on the edge.

She kept her hand sliding slowly up and down his shaft. Her tongue danced around the ridge of his cock. She started bobbing her head up and down. She couldn’t wait to taste his cum. She went faster. She can feel his cock pulsating. He hadn’t wanted to cum yet, but there is no way he could stop it now. With a load moan he shoot his load into her welcoming mouth. He kept coming, wave after wave. She made sure she got every drop and cleaned him up with her mouth being careful not to linger on the sensitive head.

Now it was her turn. He had plans for her. He stood up and stepped out of his pants and briefs. He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. He kissed her hard. He started to undress her. He removed her shirt. She was wearing a black lace bra. He started kissing her neck. This made her moan. He slipped her bra straps off of her shoulders. He moved his lips to her shoulders. He stepped behind her and undid the hooks to her bra. He leaned into her and kissed the back of her neck as she let the bra fall to the floor. He reached his hands around her and fondled her large breasts. He was surprised that she had such large breasts. She hid them well. His hands stroked her breasts and tweaked her large rock hard nipples.

He walked around her again. His mouth came down to her breast and his tongue and lips took over. Now she was the one moaning. He went from one breast to the other. He raised his head and kissed her on the lips. Here was her chance to feel their bare chests rub up against each other. She loves the feeling of the skin on skin. She always has. It was interesting this time because of his soft chest hair. This was something new. She decided immediately that she liked it. She wrapped her arms around him as playboy porno their tongues did another dance.

He pulled away and reached down and undid her belt and her jeans. He slid his hand into her underwear. This made her jump a little and moan. It felt so good. He found that she was dripping wet. He removed his hand and slid her jeans and underwear down. He did it slowly and slid his body down so he could take in her pussy.

She stepped out of her clothes and he led her to his bed. She laid down and his body consumed hers as he got on top of her. He started kissing her again. He kissed her neck and ear again as he had realized that these were places that could drive her over the top. She could almost have an orgasm just from that. He was breathing softly into her ear. He slid down and once again paid homage to her breasts. They were more than a handful and he loved them. He moved from breast to breast.

He was working his way down. He kissed and licked down her belly. He stopped at her belly button. She was an inny. His tongue danced in and around her belly button. He then continued down. He found his way down to her trimmed pussy. He breathed softly on the opening of her hot dripping box. He teased a little by licking the inside of her upper thigh. First on one side and then he moved to the other. Each time he stopped by to put his hot breath over her pussy. He had her going crazy. She was breathing hard, squirming and moaning lightly. She wanted his mouth on her now steaming pussy in the worst way. She tried moving his head there, but he wasn’t through yet.

He kissed and used his tongue down and up one leg and then the other. He stopped at the underside of her knee. He moved down and sucked her big toes. Finally when he thought she could stand no more, he moved his mouth to her pussy and kept it there. He put out his tongue and moved it over her clit hood. She just about hit the roof. He then took her lips in one at a time and sucked them. She was moaning louder now. It felt so good.

He shifted slightly and licked all of the way from the bottom of her hole to her throbbing clit. She nearly screamed in pleasure. He inserted his tongue deep inside of her. He went between inserting his tongue to sucking to flicking up to her clit. She kept running her fingers through his hair. She loves to have her pussy sucked. He seems to know everything she likes. He sucked in one of her pussy lips and then moved to the other. He kept looking up at her face and found it so hot that she getting so out of control. It didn’t take her long to have an earth shattering orgasm. Her back arched some and she let out a loud moan. pornhub porno Her entire body kept having spasms. She felt the orgasm from the tip of her toes to the top of her head. Her tongue kept tingling. She loved it when her orgasms where that intense. She wished they were always that way, but figured she wouldn’t appreciate the good ones as much if they were. He lapped up all her body gave. He liked how she tasted.

Once her body stopped quivering, he moved up her body again. He kissed his way up and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She never really liked how she tasted, but somehow this time she didn’t mind. Their tongues did a dance. They now shared the mix of their juices.

He was now getting her ready again so he could enter her. She wanted to feel him inside her so badly. It hadn’t taken long for her to become dripping wet again. His cock teased the opening to her pussy. It was hard to know who wanted it more. He entered her and took it home. A moan escaped both their lips. It was a sigh of relief for both of them. She wrapped her long legs around his.

All of her senses came alive. Their bodies were becoming one. She felt every inch of him as he pumped into her. She met every thrust with a thrust of her own. He had her flip and entered her doggy style. His hands held onto her hips as he thrust into her. He went deep, so very deep.

They switched positions again. She rode on top this time. She let her long hair fall down on his face when she leaned forward. He grabbed her breasts and pulled her down. He leaned his head up so he could suck on her nipples. She pulled away and sat up and rode him hard. He used his thumb to rub her clit as she bounced. Her grab her and rolled around so that he was now on top. He pulled out of her. He had her put her legs together while he straddled her legs and thrust deep inside her again.

As he pumped into her, she reached down and rubbed her clit. If she had her way, they would cum together. He alternated what he was doing. He would pump slowly and pull almost all of the way out and then go back in slow. He would then go back and pump fast. He could feel his orgasm building. She cried out that she was cumming, which made him release and fill her up with his cum. It felt so good. She was warmed by his hot cum. She wrapped her arms around him tightly. She didn’t want to release him from her pussy. She knew this would never happen with him again.

She finally relented and released him. He got up and got dressed while she watched. She enjoyed looking at his body. She noticed he had a nice ass. She finally decided that she must get up too. She wished that he had stayed longer in bed after, but she had never met a man that would do that. She got dressed. She found him in his living room. She got her coat and purse. She turned and hugged him and gave him a kiss and headed out the door.

She has decided that she needs to go the movies alone more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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