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A cold and damp wind blew from the north, chilling Karina right to the bone. The calendar might have said it was only early October, but you could have fooled her. Pulling the collar up on her warm wool coat, tucking in her long blonde hair, she just hoped the garage would still be open otherwise she’d be taking the subway home. And it was just too darn cool and windy to walk all those blocks once she got off at her station.

Thankfully a few lights were still shining inside O’Rourke’s Garage giving her hope, but she groaned noticing that the overhead sign had been turned off. Trying the door, she discovered it was locked. Ugh. Cupping her hands around her eyes, she peered through the glass, but could barely see in. Surely someone had to be inside with all those lights still on. Knocking on the glass door, she waited a moment then tried banging even harder, mostly out of sheer frustration. And just when she was ready to throw up her hands, turn and give up, the door was unlocked and a tall, broad-chested lightly bearded man stood before her clad in mechanic’s overalls. The zipper unfastened down to the tops of his black boxers, the sight of his broad, glistening well-muscled chest made her eyes pop and had her breath nearly stopping in her chest. Then she looked up at his face, and saw the sexy teasing glint in his eye — quickly wondering if the attraction might be mutual.

“I’m here for my car,” she said a little breathlessly, hoping he’d think she was just cold. But the longer she looked at him the hotter she was getting, in spite of the chilly air blowing up her dress, nearly freezing off her backside.

“Better come in then,” he said gruffly, while cleaning his hands on some paper towel, never taking his eyes off her.

“Karina Jacobs, mine’s the black Audi,” she explained — since she’d dropped it off with someone else — trying hard not to sound flustered.

He slowly began to nod his head as he raked her over appreciatively, making her struggle not to shiver. He had to have the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen, pale sky blue, and right now piercing right through her, he had her positively squirming in her knee high boots. “Sorry, it’s not ready yet,” he finally said, glancing up to meet her gaze. His hair was a little on the long side, thick and a little wild — sort of an unusual blondie brown that she already knew would be amazing to run her hands through.

“Oh,” she finally managed to answer. Just standing looking at him her panties were already drenched, which was insane. It might have been a while for her since her last hookup, but lusting after this guy was so reckless, so crazy, she could barely believe it herself when she slowly licked her lips and met his gaze head on, lifting a challenging brow. Clearly understanding her intent, a slow knowing grin spread across his well-shaped mouth.

So, seems the lady wanted him — and for a lot more than his skill with a car.

His hand dropped to the zipper on his overalls and she could plainly see he was every bit as aroused as she was. The thick outline of his erect cock pressed tight against his boxers, the tip nearly popping out at the top, had her biting down hard on her lip. Her chest beginning to heave, full breasts rising and falling anxiously with every shaky breath she took. As insanely impulsive as it was, she already knew she wanted this. And clearly so did he.

Without a word, he turned and pushed open the door to the work bays, letting her lead the way. When they got inside, he flipped a switch to turn out the harsh glare of the overhead florescent lights, but she could still make out his big broad frame from the single light shining in on them through the glass door of the office. Coming up behind her, he murmured in a deep breathy whisper close to her ear, “If I’m reading this right, you want me to take you. Now all you gotta do is nod your head if that’s really what you want, but if you don’t — this stops right now — understand?”

Drawing in a breath, Karina gathered her courage and firmly nodded her consent, inhaling sharply as she felt him come even closer, emitting enough heat to quickly warm her chilled skin as the most delectably heady scent of pure red hot hulking male filled her senses.

“Better take off this coat then,” he murmured against her neck, big broad hands gently fingering her nape beneath her hair.

Her hands shook so hard Karina didn’t know how she managed to unbutton her coat, before carelessly tossing it at the closest work bench. She heard him move in close behind her again then felt the incredible thickness of his cock pressing tauntingly against her ass. Oh, dear god, he was just so big and hard. Closing her eyes, she released a shaky sigh. He was right about one thing, though. She wanted this stranger to take her, more, she realized, than anything she’d wanted in a very long time.

Then the feel of his broad calloused hands sliding up her thighs under her dress, circling her hips, had her breath nearly seizing as she fought to breathe. “Up against the car,” he murmured roughly against her ear, czech harem porno his hot breath sending a shiver of sheer unbridled lust straight down her spine. Although she’d never done anything this crazy before it sure wasn’t going to stop her from doing it now.

Without so much as a backward glance Karina simply obeyed, spreading her body over the shiny Black Mercedes’ hood, where she held on for dear life, heart nearly beating out of her chest, lips parted, she began to pant, it all felt so naughty, and yet so liberating to be so recklessly wanton.

Suddenly his rough hand cupped her ass and firmly squeezed, then slid lower over her quivering buttocks till she felt him brushing aside her little thong to push into her desperately wet pussy with a single long thick finger. Gasping out loud, her chest really began to heave as her lust-laced pulse raced through her veins like liquid fire, heating her body to the boiling point. God, she could barely believe she was doing this, but damn did she ever want it. And just his finger felt so amazing pushing into her, she could hardly wrap her mind around the idea of being filled with his cock.

“Ah, so nice and wet,” he murmured with a ragged sigh of satisfaction against her neck, as he pressed his hot, damp tongue along her pulse point. The rapid beat thrumming eagerly against his mouth, as he inhaled her intoxicating scent, sending a red hot wave of need straight to his straining cock.

Karina’s eyes grew wide at the shocking feel of being totally possessed by a man she didn’t even know. Anxiously licking her lips, she had to struggle hard just to keep breathing. Part of her was unable to believe what was happening, that she was agreeing to this. Hell, not only agreeing, but wanting and needing it. But truth was no one was forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to do. And right now, nothing mattered more than him sinking deep inside her and making her feel things she hadn’t felt in forever. It had just been so damn long for her.

When a second finger pushed inside her, sucking in a harsh breath, her eyes closed and she moaned as he began to work his thick fingers in and out of her while expertly working her clit with his thumb. Her mouth falling open, she began to pant even harder as she felt the warning tingle of an utterly indescribable climax already working its tingly way through her sex and up her spine. It had to be illicitness of what they were doing, never before in her life had she come so fast or so easily. Pushing back against his questing hand, she gasped even louder, but this time in protest when she felt him withdraw his hand. “I’m clean, how about you?” he asked, as she heard him slipping out of his overalls behind her.

“Uh, huh,” was all she could get out. After that, her mind went blank to everything except the lusty thoughts swimming through it. Sex — was what she needed from him, and right now it was the only thing that mattered. Her quivering pussy throbbing with need, if he were to stop, she didn’t know what she’d do — aside from tackling him to the floor and demanding that he finish what he started. Insane or not, this had to happen. Having gone this far, no way in hell could she put an end to it now.

Then she felt his hand press firmly against her upper back. “Bend right down and lift that pretty ass,” he murmured low against her ear. And she could both hear and feel his breath coming hard and fast now, too.

Doing as she was told, arms stretched over the metal hood, dress flipped up over her back, tight little ass high in the air, her eyes popped as she felt him nudge her tight entrance with the head of his thick cock and then bam, he slammed home. Oh, yes! Her eyes flew open even wider, then just as quickly dropped to half-mast. The discomfort from the incredible size of him lasted only a heartbeat, and when he slid back out before slamming back in, deliciously stretching her to take all he had her broken cry was that of an utterly satisfied woman. Hungry for more, she actually thrust back against him, greedy for him to take her even deeper. It all just felt so good, and yet at the same time so bad and so incredibly erotic, certain it was the hottest experience she’d ever had.

Holding her slender hips in place, knowing what they both needed, he wasted no time on tender gestures. Pumping hard and fast, pressing her hips to the hard metal car frame, his breathing coming every bit as hard and choppy as hers, he clutched her tight in his grasp as he took her, strong fingers digging into her tender flesh. Reaching around with one hand he pinched a taut pink nipple through her clothes, making her gasp and squirm as he tunnelled in and out of her. “Fuck, yeah,” he muttered, knees bent for better access, he felt her already unbelievably tight pussy constrict around him when he figured he hit her g-spot. His heart hammering, she moaned even louder as he showed her no mercy and rode her even harder. He knew he’d never experienced anything even close to this, loving every damn thing about it.

“Oh, god, I’m so close,” she cried out, and when he czech mega swingers porno instantly slipped a hand around to her pussy and began to massage her clit, she had to bite down on her lip to keep from crawling out of her skin, sure she had never been more sexually aroused in her entire life. Desperate to come, flexing back, she pounded her ass into his groin as he thrust into her with everything he had — the sound of their damp skin slapping together echoing in the garage as he nearly fucked her blue.

One big meaty hand pinching her breast, the other working her clit, enormous cock not only riding but taking full and utter possession of her pulsing pussy, she finally threw back her head and let out an all-consuming scream. Overloaded with sensation, her sex quivered and tightened in spasm after spasm, her entire body quaking as she came harder than she’d ever imagined possible. Seconds later, throwing his head back, slamming his eyes shut, a fierce primal growl tearing from his throat, he climaxed right along with her in a heady earth-shattering rush as he filled her tight little pussy with his hot gushing seed.

With one last powerful thrust, he froze in place, dropping and blanketing her slender body with his, as he fought hard to catch his breath. The incredible feel of being buried balls deep in not only the most incredibly tight, but also the most perfect pussy he’d ever the pleasure of filling, nearly had him dropping him to his knees. “Oh, yeah,” he ground out against her back, jaw clenched tight as he felt himself still exploding over and over like burning hot fireworks shooting off deep inside her. It had just been so damn long — too damn long.

His body half spread over hers, resting his head on her back, he breathed in deep savoring the sweet sultriness of her feminine essence as well as the undeniable scent of sex filling the air. Blissfully pressing his lips to her shoulder, he had the strangest desire to turn her around and kiss her, like he needed to finish with something soft and warm after taking her so rough and dirty. But thinking better of it, he shook his head. This wasn’t that kind of thing — just a hard fast fuck with a beautiful stranger never likely to be repeated. So enjoying the added pleasure of a kiss had to be out of the question.

Grasping the base of his shaft, he reluctantly pulled out, and reaching around behind him, found a roll of paper towel on a work bench. Tearing off a few sheets he handed them to her so she could clean herself up. Not too sure about how to handle a situation like this, he figured at least he could be courteous. Since she’d hadn’t turned around to face him yet, he had to hand them around her. “You okay?” he said to her back as he tucked himself back in his boxers.

When she wordlessly nodded her head, and still wouldn’t turn her head to look him in the face he had a pretty strong feeling she was already regretting her impulsive decision to grab a quickie with the mechanic. Well, too damn bad. They’d both wanted this, and if the way she screamed her damned head off when she came was any indication, she’d enjoyed it every bit as much as he had. Single since his divorce, it had been months since he’d gotten any, and now this little beauty strolled in just begging to be taken. Who the hell was he to deny her? And to think, he’d been ready to lock up and head upstairs to his place for some dinner. Damn, he was glad now he’d messed with that old wreck of a Buick a little while longer.

After she’d taken a moment to put herself back together, she finally turned and faced him, but appeared to have a hard time meeting his gaze. Touching a finger to her chin, forcing her to lift her eyes to his, he looked into those amazing green eyes and said, “I asked you if you were okay.”

Finally she nodded, and from what he could see, actually began to blush, which he found pretty cute. “Yeah, that was uh…” Clearly there were no words to cover what had just happened between them. It was just too amazing and way too fucking hot for words.

He grinned and softly began to chuckle, lightening the mood. “Tell me about it.”

Finally, she managed to smile back, feeling more than a little awkward after sharing something like that with someone she didn’t know from Adam, she thought it wise to change the subject. “Well, I guess I should be heading home then. You have any idea when my car might be ready?”

Watching for her reaction he said with a provocative smile, “Probably tomorrow night, right around this time…”

“Oh.” Her eyes frozen on the teasing glint in his. Did she really have the nerve to come back again at closing time, aware if she did, it would be for more of the same? Reaching for her coat, she hurriedly slipped it back on and said bravely, “Well, guess I’ll see you tomorrow night, then.”

His brow shot up, pleasantly surprised, as he nodded and held the office door open for her. “Yeah, see you then, Karina.”

Once she got back outside, despite the cold, Karina didn’t bother with the buttons on her coat, still feeling way too czech pool porno overheated after what they’d just done. Biting down anxiously on her lip as she walked the few blocks to the subway, she could barely believe she’d had the nerve to do something that wild and impulsive — letting a complete stranger take her like that with barely a word spoken between them. Then it hit her — and she began to grin — had she really just agreed to go back and do it all over again tomorrow? Part of her wished she’d wake up and discover this had been nothing but a dream, just a naughty, kinky, crazy hot dream. But as she kept walking and gradually began to cool off, there was no point in denying it. She’d loved every last second of it. Insanely hot, illicit, raw, raunchy sex with a complete stranger, just what she’d order if she was treating a patient as sexually frustrated as she’d been for the last year or so, and to think she’d actually had the nerve to just go ahead and do it.

Of course none of her friends would believe her. Since their university days, she’d always been the reserved responsible one in the group. But lately, aware of her long, mostly self-imposed sexual hiatus, they’d begun begging her to find someone — anyone — and just get herself laid, but doing something like that had never been her style. She’d always enjoyed the romance of a relationship that went along with sex. But damn, no denying this straight up dirty fuck was hotter than anything she’d ever experienced. And crude as it was, there was no other way to describe what they’d done. She actually had to blow out a breath just thinking about it. And the temptation to repeat it all over again tomorrow night might just be a little hard to resist. Who knew no strings sex could be such a turn on? Granted, he was a good looking guy, in a bad boy kind of way, with all that wild hair and those sexy tats covering his skin. Then she heard herself moaning as she recalled that he was also built like no man she’d ever known, remembering how wonderful and hard he’d felt wrapped around her, never mind buried inside her. And strangely, climaxing with him felt as natural as breathing. Before this, with the few other men she’d been with, it had always felt more like a chore, unless she gave in and decided just to fake it to finally get it over with and let the guy come. But it had been nothing like that with him. And then she laughed and shook her head as she walked with a brand new bounce in her step down the steps to catch her train. And how crazy was it that she didn’t even know the guy’s name? To think, she’d just had the absolute hottest sexual experience of her life with a perfect stranger. And also knew she had every intention of doing it all over again just as soon as she could.

Yeah, the girls would definitely be shocked if they knew.

As she sat on the subway train heading south, she thought back to a story a friend of hers had told her back in college about grabbing a quick screw at a party with a man she didn’t even know. Seems they’d instantly clicked, and just had to have each other, so they’d ducked into a closet and happily made out like horny little monkeys. At the time Karina had been scandalized, even mortified at the thought, but now she could fully understand the allure of an illicit hook up. Closing her eyes she sighed, already sure that nothing short of an apocalypse could keep her from going back to that garage again tomorrow night.

Thankfully, the next day her busy medical practice kept her hopping, otherwise she knew she’d be out of her mind agonizing about what she was about to do — again. With flu season fast approaching, the waiting room seemed to echo with coughs and sneezes. Now she just hoped her flu shot would do its job, since she’d hate to be sick now that she’d decided to embark on this crazy path of sexual satisfaction — with the added bonus of having no strings attached. Finally, just after six o’clock, her last patient, eighty year old Mrs. Gonzalves accepted the script she’d written with her heartfelt thanks and a sweet little hug for an antibiotic to clear up her sinuses, and was heading out the door with her attentive daughter clutching her arm, finally allowing Katrina to lock up and turn her phones on to the answering service. Her receptionist Lena had already gone home and she knew she’d have to hustle if she wanted to get to the garage before the stud, whoever he was, locked up and went home for the night. And she couldn’t have that, not after she’d had the pleasure of experiencing what he had to offer.

Her cheeks burned just thinking about what they’d done. But no way was that going to stop her from going back.

Later, Karina tried not to run, but she didn’t exactly stroll the four blocks to the garage, either. Finally she stood in front deciding he had to still be there. Looking in she shivered, but not from the cold. Yes. Her face lit with a smile of anticipation, there were still lights on inside, and the overhead sign was off, exactly like the night before. Drawing in a few calming breaths, she reached for the handle and pushed the door open, a little surprised to find that tonight it opened easily. But then again, he knew she’d be back, if only for her car. Awkwardly biting her lip, she remembered it was really what she was supposed to be here for, to pick her car, and not necessarily the mechanic, although that wouldn’t stop her from going at it with him again.

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