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Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 27 — Kai meets his Girlfriend’s sexy redhead Mom.

Submitted: February 25, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF


Hi there!

Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at Chapter 1 if you want to avoid major spoilers or confusion.


– CHAPTER 27 –

I woke up abruptly to Gabriella’s soft full lips pressed against mine, feeling confused briefly as I registered that I was in my car, in the passenger’s seat, with her leaning in through my open door to kiss me. It was pitch-black outside, not counting the light next to a fancy white door.

She then pulled away, giving me a warm smile when she saw I was awake.

“Hey, sleepy-head. Ready to meet my mom?”

“Oh fuck,” I hissed, still feeling groggy as I registered that we were parked in front of a surprisingly expensive house, with stone steps leading up to the front porch like a mini-mansion, the driveway paved in concrete.

Wow, this was actually a really nice place.

“How long was I asleep?” I asked as I unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned forward, resting my face in my hands.

“I think a little over an hour,” she admitted, rubbing my upper back. “Maybe an hour and a half.”

I glanced at her in shock.

She quickly continued. “I tried waking you up when we got here, but you were just completely out of it, so I let you sleep.” She frowned. “Kind of glad I did too, because my mom sort of freaked out when I told her your biological dad is an incubus.”

I was even more shocked. “Is that bad?” I asked seriously.

She shook her head. “It’s not that it’s bad. It’s more like, incubi scare her. She’d always been told by her mom, my grandma, that she should stay away from them.”

“Oh fuck,” I repeated. “So what does that mean? Is she against us being together or something?”

She shook her head, her expression reassuring. “No, I told her everything, including about me being kidnapped and all.” She sighed. “Believe it or not, my mom didn’t know. She hasn’t seen the news or anything, and she was horrified when she looked it up online and saw the news report about it.” She paused with a frown. “She actually scolded me pretty hard for not telling her, so I’m glad you missed that.” She sighed. “She was just upset though, because she had no idea I was in danger and mad at me for not telling her afterward. But I told her how you saved me, and told her how I felt about you beforehand, as well as how things went afterward.” She paused. “I also told her about the two other serial killers, and how you’ve been nonstop protecting me. And of course, I told her more about the intimate stuff we’ve done. I hope you don’t mind, since she kind of needs to know this stuff, but now she doesn’t seem nearly as worried and wants to meet you.”

I nodded hesitantly, still feeling like my mind was in a fog. “Okay,” I said with a sigh, covering my face with my hands again. “Let me just have a second to wake up.”

“Oh.” She hesitated. “You want me to go back inside?” she asked in confusion.

“What? No,” I replied, still covering my eyes as I visualized a full moon, beginning to feel a familiar thrill starting to creep into my bones. “I have a trick I use when I need to be awake. I picture the moon, and usually it has a similar effect as what coffee has on normal people, except that it doesn’t necessarily make me transform, unlike caffeine.”

“Oh,” she replied in surprise. “That’s useful. I might have to try that sometime.”

I nodded as I felt the fine hairs stand up on the back of my neck, a chill of excitement and alertness creeping into my mind. “Yeah, it doesn’t work indefinitely. I still have to sleep, obviously, but this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten so little sleep.” I then looked up to meet her gaze, surprised when her vibrant green eyes visibly dilated a bit, since I was confident I looked normal.

She didn’t seem to notice though, smiling warmly. “Better?” she wondered.

“Yep,” I agreed, closing the gap to kiss her gently on the lips, my mind wide awake now. I then pulled away, prompting her to stand straight so I could climb out of my seat. “So what else did you two discuss?” I wondered as I stood up as well. “Just want to make sure I know what’s been covered.”

Gabriella frowned as she wrapped her arms around mine while I closed the car door. “Umm, I mean, I did mention the stone too. And the letter. She wants to read it, but I figured I’d let you decide that, since it’s yours and all.”

I nodded. “Did she say anything about how we can make this work?” I wondered hesitantly.

Gabriella frowned. “Actually, no. She hasn’t told me what she has in mind. Honestly, I think her anxiousness about meeting you is making her hesitant to bring it up.”

“Because I’m half-incubus,” I clarified.

Gabriella canlı bahis squeezed my arm more, squishing her heavy tits against me, only nodding in response, an obvious concern visible in her emerald eyes.

Fuck, I hoped her mom liked me.

Because Mrs. Watson could easily refuse to help us if she was opposed to the whole thing simply because of my origins. Granted, I knew there might be a very valid reason for why succubi should stay away from incubi, but I desperately hoped that didn’t apply in our situation.

Shit, what if it did?


Gabriella didn’t knock on the fancy white door when we reached it, instead just opening it and pulling me inside. Made sense, I supposed, since she used to live here, not to mention she’d already spent at least forty-five minutes to an hour talking to her mom.

The large house seemed to be setup quite a bit different than my own home, having a spacious dining room with an overhanging chandelier directly to our left, along with a doorway that seemed to lead into an even larger kitchen beyond that. And then directly in front of us was simply a decorated wall, full of picture frames, with the only other visible space being the very large living room on the right.

I assumed the stairs must be accessible around the corner, since the place was obviously two-stories.

But dang, they had an amazing setup in the living room, with a whopping two L-shaped leather sectional sofas that faced each other with a large coffee table in between. Like, honestly, it kind of looked like a room designed to host table games involving a dozen or more people, combined with a mini-theater feel, since there was a humongous widescreen TV above the decorative fireplace.

And the room was so big that there was plenty of space to walk around the couches, or even between them, since there was a makeshift pathway between the two closest ends. The floor was actually a beautiful white marble, which I wouldn’t think would be as comfy looking as carpet, but somehow it worked, looking both inviting and luxurious.

I didn’t focus on it for long though, stunned when I saw Gabriella’s mom for the first time, standing almost on the other side of the living room close to where I imagined the stairs would be around the corner on my left.

Holy fuck.

No way in hell was this young thirty-something year old woman in her fifties. She very much looked like she was supposed to be Gabriella’s older sister, not her mom, having the same emerald eyes and red hair that was as vibrant as Gabriella’s hair was when she was transformed. Except, Mrs. Watson’s hair was naturally curly, still looking slightly damp as it hung in thick heavy curls on her shoulders.

But she was definitely anxious, wearing a fluffy black robe wrapped around what appeared to be a green silk nightgown with black lacey trim, her arms crossed in front of her huge chest as if she was ensuring her robe stayed close, even though it was tied shut, with her overall posture defensive.

But then there was her scent.

It was certainly tainted with sincere anxiety and maybe even a little bit of fear, but holy fuck she smelled even better than Gabriella. And the combined maple syrup aroma coming from the two of them was almost too much.

I almost wanted to turn right around and run back out of the door before I shifted, habitually wanting to run away to hide my secret.

But she already knew…

Still, I couldn’t transform in front of her. At least, not unless she asked me to.

Not unless she was ready to see the demon her daughter was dating.


This woman was so hot, it physically hurt.

And yet, I felt like I had everything going against me. She was obviously afraid of what her daughter had just brought into the house.

“Umm, hello Mrs. Watson,” I said politely as Gabriella led me just into the living room, stopping at the entrance. “It’s nice to meet you. Sorry to intrude so late at night.”

Gabriella’s mom stared at me in surprise, a bewildered expression on her face.

“Are you really part-incubus?” she finally blurted out after a second.

I glanced at Gabriella hesitantly, wondering if she was talking about my appearance.

I gave Mrs. Watson my attention again. “Umm, yeah. I can kind of transform, if that’s what you’re referring to.”

She shook her head, hesitantly taking a step forward as if she was considering moving to a more appropriate distance to have a conversation, her tense posture relaxing some. “N-No, Gabby told me about that.” She paused, looking me up and down again. “It’s just, I’ve actually met a man who was a sixteenth-incubus, like my daughter. And another man who was a step further than that, though I never asked exactly how far back his origins went. They looked like normal people, but the moment I came across them, I was instantly repulsed by their lifeforce.” She unfolded one of her arms in order to reach up to grab the edge of her fluffy black robe tightly with her thin hand, inadvertently bahis siteleri hiding more of her visible skin. “But yours isn’t repulsive at all. Quite the opposite.”

“Mom?” Gabriella said in surprise. “You’ve never mentioned anything about someone’s lifeforce. And how did you even find out a guy was a sixteenth-incubus if he repulsed you?”

Mrs. Watson stood up a little straighter as she focused on her daughter, keeping one arm still crossed underneath her large chest while the other continued to hold tightly onto her black robe just below her collar bone.

“I actually tried to avoid him, sweetie,” she replied. “But he was curious and cornered me at a bar. It was honestly probably the scariest five minutes of my life, but all he wanted to know was information, since he’d never met anyone like me before.” She then sighed, relaxing a little more as she focused on me. “As far as lifeforce goes, that’s why it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Succubi absorb sexual energy, especially lust, but if you make a guy have an orgasm prematurely, or if you have an orgasm prematurely, you can accidentally absorb lifeforce instead. Or physical energy too, but that’s less harmful.”

Gabriella urgently looked up at me, before responding. “Are you saying that I could kill him? Like, that I could permanently drain his life away? Fuck mom, please tell me that’s not what you’re saying!”

She shook her head. “Calm down, pup. Clearly, he’s alright. And no, absorbing lifeforce doesn’t shorten anyone’s life or anything like that.” She sighed heavily, glancing toward the large TV. “People generate lifeforce regularly, and things like viruses, bacteria, and other diseases often hinder that production, which is why people feel lethargic when they’re sick. If you suck out a little bit of someone’s lifeforce, they will likely feel unwell for a time, but they’ll recover and continue to live until a normal age.”

Mrs. Watson paused as she focused on her daughter again. “It’s not like people have a certain amount that never returns if it’s taken. And actually, the reason why aging happens is simply because the ability to generate lifeforce lessens with time, rather than a person running out of it. However, that still doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. You could really put someone in the hospital if you aren’t careful. And yeah, it’s possible for a full-blooded succubus to kill someone if she sleeps with a particular person too frequently.”

Gabriella’s tone was flat. “So then, why do you have to sleep with other men?”

Mrs. Watson sighed, as she crossed her arms fully again, an obvious patience in her expression, her posture much less tense. “Because sweetie, succubi need lust, and it’s difficult to generate enough lust once two people have fucked a handful of times. Like, I’m sorry pup, but you’re going to find it difficult to get the sexual energy you need if you keep your relationship exclusive between just the two of you.”

Gabriella and I exchanged another glance, before she cleared her throat. “Then how come I’ve been fine so far?” she wondered seriously. “Like, I’m twenty and haven’t had sex until recently. And I’ve been fine.”

“Because you’re mostly human,” she explained. “Every generation is a little less dependent, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it at all. If you went much longer, no doubt you’d start getting sick yourself. It’s actually a unique disease to succubi, because we are dependent on sexual energy from others.” She paused. “And while you might think that means you don’t need to include more people in your relationship, you’re wrong. See, if you don’t generate enough lust when either of you have an orgasm, you will end up sucking out lifeforce too. Because your body needs the energy.”

Gabriella shook her head in disbelief. “So you’re saying that, even if I learn to control what I’m doing, there’s always going to be a risk I’ll suck out his lifeforce?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” she admitted. “And that’s why your father and I invite other men to sleep with me. I get plenty of lust from the stranger, and I also get a ton from your father as well. I’m never in any danger of sucking out lifeforce, because I’ve got plenty of lust to feed on.” She sighed. “Maybe you should think about it like eating. If you’re starving to death, then you’re going to end up losing control when someone places a big yummy chocolate cake in front of your face.”

Gabriella grimaced, looking up at me again, before focusing on her mom. “Okay, so what if we do have other people in the relationship, but they aren’t men?” she asked hesitantly.

Mrs. Watson’s emerald eyes widened in surprise, causing her to glance at me and then back at her daughter. “Pup, are you attracted to other women?” she wondered seriously. “Like, you’re interested in having sex with a woman by herself?” she clarified.

“Umm, kind of,” my fiancé admitted.

Surprisingly, Mrs. Watson simply nodded. “Well, that could work then.”

Gabriella and I exchanged a glance bahis şirketleri again, before my girlfriend spoke up. “Wait, that’s kind of a bomb I just dropped on your head, and you aren’t shocked? Or upset?”

“Why would I be upset, pup?” she asked seriously. “I told you over the phone that there was a type of situation like this — one I didn’t think applied to you, just because it’s not very common.”

“What’s that?” Gabriella asked in surprise.

Mrs. Watson sighed. “Well, it’s kind of a misnomer, because it’s not accurate, but when a succubus has a preference for one man, and enjoys watching just as much as she likes to participate, it’s called a lesbian succubus.”

“O-Oh,” Gabriella said in surprise, her brow furrowing. “But I wouldn’t exactly consider myself lesbian.”

She nodded in understanding. “I know, pup, and that’s why I said it’s a misnomer. Obviously, it would be more accurate to say ‘bisexual,’ but the problem is, most succubi are bisexual. So when a succubus spends most of her sexual time with a bunch of women, and has a strong attachment to one man in particular, they call it lesbian even if it’s not really lesbian.”

Fuck, this conversation was making it difficult to look normal. My chest was definitely gray.

Gabriella cleared her throat. “Okay. So then, the truth is, we sort of have three other women we might be sleeping with. Would that work?” she asked seriously.

Mrs. Watson looked shocked all over again. “Wait, you just got together a couple of days ago and you already have other sexual partners?” she said in disbelief.

We exchanged a glance, with me assuming my fiancé must not have said much about Avery or her mom. Or my sister, for that matter.

Gabriella was hesitant as she replied. “Umm, yeah, sort of. It’s been a crazy couple of days. Today especially.”

“I can see that,” Mrs. Watson replied, still seeming stunned. Her brow then furrowed as she focused on me. “And I wonder if you have something to do with that,” she considered out loud.

“Umm…” I began uncertainly, truly at a loss for words.

Gabriella chimed in. “It’s more like, I’ve just been recruiting the girls who already had a thing for him,” she admitted. “Like his older sister, who he’s not actually related to, as well as one of his classmates that’s been obsessing over him for a couple of years.”

“Classmates?” Mrs. Watson said in surprise, focusing on me. “Are you still in high school?”

“Umm, yeah. But I’m eighteen. About to graduate in a little over a month.”

She nodded, seeming pensive now, her arms still crossed, but her posture fully relaxed now. “Alright, well I think I’ve heard enough.” She then paused, focusing on me more intently. “Although, I would like to see you transformed, if you wouldn’t mind. Gabby told me about it, but I didn’t even know incubi could change forms at all. Of course, I’ve never met a half-incubus before, so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance.”

“Oh, no it’s fine, Mrs. Watson. But are you sure? I do look a little…well, devilish, for lack of a better term.”

Mrs. Watson scoffed. “Oh please, call me Rebecca, not this ‘Mrs. Watson’ nonsense. You’re making me feel my age.”

“Oh, umm…”

“And not Becca,” she clarified. “Nothing pisses me off more than people shortening my name.”

I cleared my throat. “Umm, okay, Mrs. Rebecca.” Fuck, it felt so awkward saying her first name without the Mrs. part. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind. “I guess, are you ready then?”

She nodded, her posture tensing slightly a second time, as if she was bracing herself.

I let it happen slowly, watching her emerald gaze focus on the graying skin on my neck, only to follow it as it went up my chin and then covered my face, my hair turning white, my eyes being the last thing to turn black and gold.

She abruptly gripped at her robe again like before, one arm still crossed underneath her huge chest, but not in anxiety.

No, her expression was one of awe.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, looking stunned. “Oh my God, your eyes are so beautiful. Oh my…” Her voice trailed off. “How is this possible?” she whispered in disbelief. “I’ve met others like you, but you’re nothing like them. My mother has spoken of others like you, and yet you’re nothing like the stories she’s told.”

“Mom,” Gabriella said hesitantly, garnering her attention finally. “What are you trying to say?”

Mrs. Watson shook her head, speaking to me even though her daughter asked the question. “I’m not suggesting you aren’t part-incubus, but you are altogether a different creature than I’ve been warned about. Either that, or you are the embodiment of what succubi fear — a man who could kill us just as easily as we could kill a normal human.”

“I…I would never do t-that,” I stammered.

“I believe you,” Mrs. Rebecca replied sincerely. “But I hope you understand I’m not just worried about my daughter hurting anyone. I’m also concerned about you hurting my daughter, even if unintentionally.”

My eyes widened in shock, before I glanced at Gabriella and then back at her mom. “So then, are you saying I’m the same way after all? That I need sexual energy and could accidentally steal lifeforce?”

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