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The sound of you flipping through all the snow filled channels is getting on my nerves.

For the last several hours, you have gone from watching fuzzy outlines of statewide maps to complete static on the screen. I can tell you are getting more and more worked up about our situation. While it so sweet you care about my safety, I really wish you would understand that we will be fine! I showed you the full pantry… and we have checked the backup generator several times to make sure it will function properly. We have enough LP gas to run the stupid thing from now until New Year’s Eave for crying out loud! All your planning last summer to insulate the pipes will keep the little buggers warm and toasty in the basement so you don’t need to worry about them freezing, and yet here you are: continuing to flip… flip… flip through each channel trying to get a brief glimpse of a weather map showing you what we both already know: It is snowing. It is snowing A LOT. Nope… we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

As you once again curse the TV and fiddle with connections in the back, I take a deep breath and rest my chin on the soft leather of our couch in our bay window overlooking Whitefish Lake. All of your years of hard work have paid off and we decided to purchase the land and build our dream cabin here.

How you ever got the land permits is beyond me. You toiled for months to make our dream a reality. This place has it all… a mountain railroad out back, an airport nearby, and complete isolation from the outside world – save for a few boating enthusiasts that glide by on the crystal clear water during the summer.

I smile and glance back over to you hunched over the TV, and I can tell your temper is flaring up. Years ago you swore that you would control your temper, but at times like this you are tested. That same laser like focus that enabled us to have a gorgeous place like this, is now going to ruin our alone time together. I know your main concern is about my safety, but this has to stop.

I glance once more out to the fat snowflakes falling down, and guess that we have at least 2 feet of snow so far. The opposite side of the lake has not been visible for quite some time now, and what little sunlight is present is fading fast. I dip my finger in my glass of wine and let the drop of tart liquid fall on my extended tongue. Had you been watching, I know it would have gotten your attention. But no… you are too worried.

I decide to get up and I walk barefoot across the hardwood floor that is heated from below. The warm organic feel beneath my feet is quite the contrast from the blizzard like view I just left. I turn right at the edge of the open kitchen and walk down the long hallway to our bedroom. Passing by the bathroom that I personally designed, I can smell the warm vanilla sugar candles that have been burning for the last several hours.

After several more soft steps I enter our Master Bedroom. The high ceilings and indirect lighting make it feel like a cathedral. I suppose it is a cathedral of sorts. You have always worshipped me and my body since we met so many years ago. This room is just another extension of your passion for me. I reach out and run my fingers along the thick Egyptian cotton comforter on our bed as I go over to my walk in closet. As the doors open to greet me, the scent of cherry wood and lavender fill my nostrils. The soft lighting in the closet display countless items of fine clothing you have purchased for me. Everything is here: from the most wholesome Easter dresses, all the way down to the most sultry corset ensembles that would make a stripper blush. I have worn them all for you, and I look damn good in them all. Tonight however, I have something you know nothing about. I take several steps back into the darkened corner and pull out a box that has a large bow made of thick cloth. I take the box back to our bed and place it carefully within easy reach.

I hear another string of profanities leave your mouth as your tension level rises with the intensity of the storm. I will have to teach that mouth of yours a lesson! I quietly snick the door shut and walk over to our bathroom and turn on the hot water. As steam begins to fill the room, I slowly disrobe and take note of myself in the full length mirror.

While I am no longer a girl by any means, I know you love each and every curve of my womanly figure. The difficult years of our marriage are behind us, and they have taken their toll. A few silver strands in my dark mane of hair attest to our struggles, but you always tell me they are what you love most about my hair. Sometimes when you are relaxed you spread my hair out over the bed and cross your eyes as you gaze upon it like it is some sort of lost treasure. It took me years to understand how you look at me like that, but now… through it all I have learned that deep inside my heart and soul lies your treasure… and it is me.

As hot steam envelopes me, I turn to the side so I can admire my long muscular legs. I have worked taboo heat porno tirelessly for years to get my ‘young bride’ figure back, and I must say I look damn good. My breasts are heavy and hang just right, my belly is flat with just the right amount of softness for you to lay your head on after we make love. I slowly run my fingers across my nipples and make them stand out for you. You have always been fascinated with them, and I love how you lose all modes of thought when I play with them.

I turn all the way around and look at my ass. It’s not as small as I would like, but you don’t seem to mind. In fact you keep begging me NOT to lose it. I playfully smack my own ass and watch it jiggle in the mirror. The things I do for love! I giggle and proceed to make myself squeaky clean for you.

After my shower I dry off and walk out naked into our expansive room.

The soft light outdoors is nearly gone and the white scenery has been replaced by a bluish cold hue that sends a tingle up my spine. I look down and open the box, smiling at its contents. I pull out each individual piece of clothing and begin to put it on. I know you are a fan of steampunk, and tonight I am going to be your ultimate steampunk fantasy. I string on the white garters and fasten them under my leather vest which lifts my ample cleavage up and out. Even I am impressed with my size, and I know you will soon forget all about this silly snowstorm.

I complete the outfit with a white skirt that hangs loosely on my hips and shows off my taught thighs beneath. As I regard myself in the mirror I almost have pity on you. You are not going to know what hit you when I walk out into the room and show you my goods. As I pack up the box something heavy falls to the floor. I smile as I bend over and look up at myself in the mirror. This riding crop might come in handy if you don’t behave!

I walk out of our bedroom and back up the long hallway to the living room where you are intently staring at the snow on the TV screen. The wind outside is howling, but our home is nice and warm thanks to the huge fireplace and boiler system you insisted on installing for dealing with the weather in the mountains.

I coyly lean against the door opening and lift my arms above my head in a fake stretch. Even with all the reflections in the dark windows you do not notice me. I clear my throat noisily – and you STILL don’t notice.

Anger builds inside me, and the flood of emotion stokes my passion for you. I reach across the thin material of my white bodice and start to stroke my nipples… making them hard so they stand out from my shirt. I once again clear my throat, and you ask me if I am ok without even looking over your shoulder.

The woman of your dreams is practically throwing herself at you and you don’t even bother to turn around and see! Another flame of passion washes over me and I take 3 long steps across the hardwood floor and whack your bottom hard with my riding crop. You jump in surprise and hit your head on the bottom of the banister that is above the TV. It must weigh hundreds of pounds, but even so it seems to jump with the impact of your head.

You spin around in anger asking me what the heck I did that for, and your words get caught in your mouth like a train wreck. They pile up and fall off the tracks as your mouth hangs open while you stare at me.

Now that I have your full attention I give you my best pouty lip and ask if your head is ok. You are rubbing it furiously but your anger at my outburst has completely disappeared as you stare at my hardening nipples. I take your head gently in both of my hands and tilt your head down so I can look at your boo boo. I arch my back so my breasts lift up to your eyes. I know you are staring at them, and I know you are mentally peeling off my clothes. The feeling of having my man of many years still in total awe of my body is like a drug… and I can’t get enough.

I feel your hands running up side from my hips to my chest and I know you so badly want to feel my breasts. My breath quickens under your touch. Your fingers catch on each of the leather buckles of my corset and you try to stammer out words of admiration for my new look. Just as your hands reach the bottom of my breasts I quickly turn away and look at you over my shoulder. My long hair hide half of my face, but you clearly see the ‘come hither’ look I am giving you.

I slowly walk over to the picture window taking in my reflection as I lead you like a puppy dog. I pretend to look out into the darkness at the raging snowstorm and ask you a few meaningless questions about how much snow we will get. I know that I totally have you wrapped around my finger when you don’t even manage to produce an answer. Instead you are slowly wrapping your strong arms around my waist and breathing in the scent of my hair.

You always have had a weakness for my long hair and over the years I have taken exquisite care of it. You always used to say ‘spare no expense’ and teach that bitch porno I took you at your word. Now you are like helpless bug caught in my web as you stand there pressing your hips against my bottom while burying your nose in my luscious mane.

I push my bottom out to meet your hips, and I slowly start to sway back and forth as I take your powerful hands in mine. I can feel you tense as I create the perfect amount of friction between us. I take another look outside to the fat snowflakes visible in the light of the window, and I ask once again how much snow you think we will get.

This time you actually murmur something into my neck but I can’t tell what you said. I do know exactly what you are thinking however, because I feel the familiar bulge in your pants that is growing larger by the second.

I break contact with you for just a second, and listen to your tepid whine. You poor baby! I reassure you I am not going anywhere as I plant my tight ass cheeks directly on either side of your manhood and grind myself into you.

The moan that leaves your lips goes straight into my neck and down my spine straight into my pussy. Your arms clamp down on me tightly as I continue to sway back and forth. I can feel your hand once again tracing up my ribs on the way to my breasts which are about to burst from not being touched yet. I tell you to be a good boy and guide your hand back down to my hips, and I turn to kiss you gently. You growl in frustration and I smile from ear to ear. I tell you an old proverb about good things happening to those who wait and you growl even more.

I break away entirely to take you in from head to toe. My my… you need some work. You are standing there with your classic superhero t-shirt I bought you last Christmas, and it is not centered on your body thanks to your constant fussing with the TV. I trace down your belly and then act surprised when I see your flannel pajama bottoms sticking out thanks to your impressive tent pole.

I ask what that’s all about, and you just give me that smile that drives me wild. As we play our little game, the sparkle in your eye is what I live for. I ask if you like what you see, as I cock my hips to the side and place my hands on them. I turn from side to side giving you a good view of everything and you react with each move I make as I present myself to you.

I tell you all about how it is steam punk and when I bought it this fall, but you are not truly listening. You are totally focused on my cleavage and my nipples that are desperately trying to poke through the cloth covering them. Naughty boy! Just as you are once again about to reach out and grab hold of your prizes, I bring my riding crop up under your chin until we make eye contact. I tell you to behave and listen to me… and you willingly obey. Once I am convinced you are worthy once again I lower my riding crop and tell you I would like a drink.

I giggle inside as I take my seat back on my favorite couch, and I watch your cute little butt run off to the kitchen. You are still sporting a massive erection that is leading your way as you leave the room. I am so flattered that after all these years of marriage you still are like a grade school boy seeing his first nudie magazine. I bet I could give you an orgasm just by whispering in your ear, and I resolve that sometime I will do just that.

My contemplative mood is broken as you are suddenly standing beside me with drinks in hand and sadly, my little soldier in your pants is starting to fade away. We can’t have that! I know you love the tease, so I slowly lean across the couch and create an enormous amount of tension in the fabric covering my breasts. I know that I am showing off almost everything just above my nipples by the fact that your eyes almost pop out of your skull. As you stare, I plant a long noisy kiss right onto the little solider who springs up from his nap. I look up at you and give my sexiest smile, and tell you not to spill the drinks on the floor. You obey me… barely.

I take my drink from your hand and sit back demurely on the couch and pat the seat next to me. You sit down abruptly and once again nearly spill my drink. You poor thing… you so desperately want to see my breasts don’t you? I tell you to listen carefully as I give you the instructions needed to have proper clearance for accessing my glorious mounds of flesh.

I tell you to go take a shower and get cleaned up. Then you need to put those boxers on that I am such a fan of. Then you need to sit in the easy chair directly across from me no matter how badly you want to do otherwise. I ask if you understand as I gracefully place my wineglass on the table next to me.

You nod your head and I give you a show to die for as I place my hands on either side of my breasts and squeeze them up and to the center for you. Just when I think you can’t take any more, I bring my long manicured nails up to my nipples and gently pull on each one. I instruct you to team skeet porno go, and you obey once more.

As you stand to leave, you jerk slightly down as your erection is caught in your pant leg. I give you my best pout and motion you off to the bedroom to get cleaned up. I watch you leave the room and smile above my wine glass as I take a long sultry sip.

Once I am sure the shower is running and you cannot hear anything I flip the TV over from the antenna to the media server, and I pull up one of our favorite porn movies. The plot is thin, and the acting is horrible, but the imagery gets me going and I know it does for you too.

Tonight however you are going to get a double dose. I watch the screen as two women passionately kiss each other. Watching the women kiss and fondle their breasts begins to turn me on. The soft music and the moans of passion heat up the room as I watch. I spread my legs in a most slutty fashion and begin to gently rub myself from side to side.

When you come back into the room and see this you will probably cum in your plants right then and there. As the two women continue to caress each other I tilt my head back and feel the weight of my hair fall off the side of the couch armrest. The sensation between my legs is building and I need you inside me in the worst possible way. I re-position myself in a comfortable corner and look down once again at the screen where a young boy has joined the two women. He is much more slender than you, and not nearly as muscular. He does however have a long cock and the two girls are working furiously on it.

I watch as one tries to take the boy’s length into her mouth while the other girl licks his balls. Instinctively my mouth opens and I place my free hand’s index finger in my mouth as imagine it is your cock. I am totally turned on now, and want to cum, but I recompose myself when I hear the shower turn off.

I keep the volume on as I hear your bare feet pad up the hallway into the living room. I still have my legs spread wide, and I am still rubbing myself as I see you come into view. The look on your face is priceless. You are completely stunned. I can tell you are a mix of emotions ranging from wanting to laugh, and to wanting to fuck.

I raise my eyebrows at you and motion towards the seat across from me, and you obey without much hesitation. As you sit, I catch a glimpse of your cock through the opening at the front of your boxers. I can just imagine how it will feel sliding down the back of my throat. The veins on its side pulsing with each of your powerful heat beats… the quiver of your legs as I take your entire thick length down my throat…

I realize that my masturbation is about to make me cum as I fantasize about your cock and I once again make eye contact with you. You are staring at me, and don’t even care about the movie on the screen beside you. You are totally 100% enthralled with me, and I know I deserve it.

I take my long pointed tongue and trace the outline of my upper lip as I continue to rub my pussy. I close my eyes and can feel your eyes burning like lasers on my hand as I furiously work my clit to a near climax. When I regard you once again you are starting to stand up, and I scold you for being naughty. I tell you to watch the movie and you sheepishly turn your head to the screen.

The two girls are still kissing each other but the young stud is furiously pounding the girl closest to him. His cock disappears into her pussy and his ball slap her clit with impressive force. All 3 of them are screaming in passion now, and it creates a need for me to trace the outline of my erect nipple through my shirt. You are still looking at the screen as I clear my throat, and your head snaps to attention at my beckoning.

Your eyes go wide as I track around and around my nipples one at a time. I slowly pull my shirt lose from the leather corset below and show you the bottom of my bare breasts just below my nipples. You once again try to stand, and I lower my shirt back down completely covering my breasts. You poor thing! I am being so mean, but I know you love it!

Once you are fully seated like a good boy, I lift the shirt completely over my breasts exposing them to the room and any woodland creatures outside who may be trying to find shelter from the raging snowstorm outside. The feeling of the hard leather against my soft flesh makes me feel empowered. Tonight I am in control of you in every way possible.

I look back at the TV to see the young stud pull his glistening cock from the pussy of one of the girls, and then they both quickly kneel before him. He frantically works his long cock up and down in nearly a blur, until he freezes and begins to jet ropes of sperm across their willing faces. Their outstretched tongues are covered with the sticky goo, and it drips down to their breasts. I know you are a huge fan of cumshots, but you can’t stop staring at my breast and my pussy as I continue to keep myself on the cusp of an orgasm.

The site of the girls kissing with their faces covered in sperm pushes me over the edge and I motion for you to come forward. Before you can even stand, my body begins to shudder as my fingers work their magic on my pussy, and I cum for the first time of the night. I close my eyes as the wave of passion wash over me one after another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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