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She had seen him about before, flirtatious glances and lingering looks over each of their bodies. Tall dark and very handsome, hair long enough to run her hands through. A thought that passed through her head on more then one occasion. He had this sort of confident look in his eye, a sureness that was hard to shake off.

He had noticed her too, slim, curvy and blonde with a naughty twinkle in her eye. He liked the fact she never hid her lust from him. He had thought it sounded arrogant to assume that this girl wanted him but there was something in her expression that gave it away. Maybe he was over thinking it, all he knew was that he wanted her and if ever he got the chance he would have her.

God he was hot, she remembered thinking it every time she caught sight of him, she wondered if he had got her subliminal message; she was known for her steamy looks, obvious sexuality and comfortable with her own body. Whether she knew it or not she was seducing every man in the room.

Tonight there was a party. She had been invited by her friend to her birthday party, the thing was, her ex would be there. Idiot. Being there would put a damper on the night but it wasn’t in her nature to be so petty and her friend meant more to her then that. Hopefully that mysterious stranger would be out. That would defiantly be enough to take her mind off of her stupid ex. They had broken up because he was whiny and too weedy. Sex with him was the worst it was slushy and romantic he always insisted on looking deep into her eyes and all she wanted was a good hard fuck. She hadn’t met a man yet who had the confidence to just have her how he wanted.

He looked in the mirror, strong jaw line dark slanting eyes that twinkled in the low light of his room. It had been said before that he had eyes that could coax any woman into bed . Easy almost lazy, a sexy half smile and most women were tugging at his sleeve begging him to take them home. More often then not he did but they never satisfied him, they seemed too … he didn’t know but there was something which they lacked. Maybe it was enthusiasm, it was more then that he knew it.

His clothes fitted well on his slim toned body. He was looking better then usual a week under the Mediterranean sun had kissed his skin to a gorgeous olive colour. His skin was flawless. Added with a dazzling smile he was model quality and on a mission. This party had better be good.

She looked into the mirror. Tonight there was something in her bones were telling her that it was going to be interesting, despite her ex being there. To fit the occasion she pulled out her best dress. Part of her liked to wear dresses because it was easy to slip off, she smiled at the thought. Her reflection showed her in her silk black dress. The material was so thin it felt like water over her smooth skin. A plunging neck line framed her small shoulders and emphasised her pert perfectly shaped breasts, the hem was just above the knee. The back dropped right down to the top of her buttocks, her sleek and velvety back on show. The dip in the middle of her back curved like an invite to anyone who dared. Creamy and smooth like an unspoken secret.

Her hair fell over her face in soft curls, all enticing and feminine her smoky eyes brought out her sultry blue eyes finished off with a dash of red lipstick made her lips look swollen and ready. Her nipples pointed proudly through the caressing material she smiled, this was certainly going to be a good night she laughed. Even if she didn’t see her stranger it would be fun to parade around her ex.

Arriving at the party all the usual introductions were made and she very politely ignored her ex for as long as possible until the social situation forced them together. The moment of complete eye contact would only be for a moment.

‘Hi,’ she had a hand wrapped tightly round her wine glass, progressively and possibly a little faster then she had planned she had been getting drunk. She had to be if she was comfortably talking to her ex. The alcohol swam pleasantly in her bloodstream. She looked at him all uncomfortable around her. She knew it was because she was looking hot. He never knew what to do with himself when she dressed like that. Her intention was to drive him mad with desire but it never worked that way he just turned into a bumbling fool.

‘Hi, er this is my friend Eli,’ as her ex stepped aside her stranger was revealed to her like an unveiling of a new painting at an art gallery. Their eyes met and an electric charge passed between them, their eye contact never wavered and he extended his hand to her. As soon as their hands touched the heat from each others skin sent a flush through her. She’d have him tonight.

‘Hi,’ Lucas smiled right into her eyes and even if she wanted to she could not deny the weakness in her knees. She smiled back and there was an unspoken promise between them. You’re mine.

The party surrounded them and people milled about chatting and drinking pretending canlı bahis to be listening above the loud music. She moved away from the crowd to the bar where she knew he would be watching. Her walk was slow and deliberate the swing of her hips the straightness of her back all combined with a sexy over the shoulder look had his penis hardening.

She was gorgeous he could barely take his eyes from her. Why she had gone out with Michael he didn’t know. He assumed, having never met her, that she would be like his other girlfriends all meek and mild. Not her, his stranger. The surprise he had felt was almost washed away with the wave of desire that he had for her. She looked amazing, it took all he had not to follow her around and pull her into a dark corner of the club where he would satisfy his need. He clenched harder around his bottle of half empty beer. He saw her move over to the bar away from the crowd. Michael this girls ex was talking to him about something trivial. Immediately he emptied his beer clapped his friend on the shoulder asking without waiting for an answer ‘Want another?’ his eyes trained on her beautiful back. He’d never been so drawn to a woman’s back before, just everything about her he wanted to savour and re-taste.

He left the group without drawing any attention and slide up beside her. She looked forward towards one of the bar staff. He felt that words were not needed in this particular case so he simply pressed his side against hers. She turned almost immediately at the contact brushing her breast against his upper arm. It looked as though she had hardly noticed this intimate contact.

Inside her stomach was knotted, it was just his upper arm but it was hard not to wonder what he looked like naked. She smiled innocently.

‘I didn’t catch your name?’ was all he said but the way he said it could have been mistaken for ‘come to bed.’

‘Laura,’ she replied never breaking eye contact her eyes trained on him. She let her look drop from his eyes to his lips, it was a brazen move as she flicked her eyes back up he had moved his eyes down to her chest. Laura smiled pushing out her chest just a little further. He looked back up at her face and realised she had seen him looking. She was smiling, she looked pleased, he smiled back. That smile was gorgeous.

‘Drink?’ Laura asked, her eyebrows raised, that was such a sexy look Lucas has to take a breath before he answered. ‘Please,’ he nodded getting a note from his back pocket while she order their drinks a bottle of beer for him and a white wine for her. She leant over the bar ever so slightly so she could be heard and he marvelled at the angle of her body the way the dress hugged at her curves. The contour on her waist had him fixated, he wondered how well he could control her just by placing his hands there pulling her down to him.

Laura handed him his drink before she made a sign that indicated she wanted to have a cigarette, two fingers pressed against her full red lips. He looked openly at her mouth, he wondered how those cherry red lips would feel and how she would taste. She lead the way swinging her hips back and forth in a slow swing. The muscles in her back moved seductively under her skin. He had never seen something so sexy in his life.

Once outside the music had died to a hum and they were able to appreciate one another in the night light.

He had such a handsome face. His eyes had not left her body, she wondered if he knew that she had noticed all the glance all the studying and it was arousing her too much. A cigarette would help to calm her nerves because right now she would happily be dragged away by her hair thrown in a taxi and ravished in her hallway.

She lit her cigarette took and a drag long and deep, as she took her cigarette from her mouth he placed his lips against hers and she exhaled into his mouth he drew it deep into his lungs pulled away from her and blew the smoke in a long stream of blue grey.

Their eyes met once again and it was affirmed.

‘Lets go,’ he caught her by the elbow pulling her out of the smoking area and up the street without passing their friends or saying goodbye. For all Lucas knew Michael was still waiting him to return with his beer. He didn’t care because all that was in his mind was this Laura girl. The way she moved and spoke and that look she passed to him every time their eyes met. He wanted her and he wasn’t sure that he could wait till they got back.

In the taxi Laura said her address and he followed her into the back. Her heart was racing. The way he had lead her from the club with such masterful control it had made her body scream out with a pure primal need. It screamed through her veins making her every fibre ache for him.

He couldn’t keep his hands off of her, hungry for every inch of her flesh as though he would regret it if he didn’t explore all of her. He pulled her face to his crushing his lips onto hers. She felt her skin bruise slightly under the brutality bahis siteleri of the kiss.

Her arms looped around his neck bringing him in closer to her his hard chest against her soft breasts. He growled into her mouth as her fingers pushed through his thick dark hair.

‘I have to have you,’ he breathed against her neck. Taking her by her thighs he drew her onto his lap filling the curves in her side with his hands. It felt more amazing then he had imagined. She fit perfectly.

She sat on his lap barely moving her lips from his mouth and ear. When he had told her that he had to have her she almost squealed with excitement. Her passion was reaching boiling point. She moved the pace of their game up a notch by moving her hips up against his feeling already his hard cock, the only thing disconnecting them was just a few layers of fabric.

The bumps of the car ride journey only encouraged her efforts. In no time at all the taxi driver had stopped and money was wildly being thrown at him the couple stumble out of the car to the front door never coming from out of their reach bodies pressed together in an urgent heat twisting and bound together with the undeniable need for each others flesh.

He pushed her up against the wall a slight thump resounded. Their bodies crashed together, gripped her wrists and held them against the wall, she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, their bodies closer then ever. He moved frictionless beneath her. He was pivoting her on his rock hard erection, she groaned feeling the building pressure between the two of them. She could not think of anything but this gorgeous stranger grinding beneath her.

He had never met a girl so eager or as natural sexually as her. Even to the slight pout of her juicy red lips she intoxicated him. He ached badly for her body to hear her moaning beneath him and screaming for more. The image of her like that spurred him.

She kissed every available part of his skin warm and deliciously scented. She wanted this man all over her controlling her. He certainly was taking the control here no man had ever had the balls to control her. She often felt like the boys before were too afraid to handle her roughly.

He growled in her ear as he slipped his tongue around the rim of her ear and back again so he could suck her soft ear lobe into his warm mouth. He was literally devouring her. The sensation ripped through her suddenly she was uncontrollable she pushed against his restraining hands on her wrists his hold tightened. The sting on her skin from the friction between them only heightened her sexual arousal. Right in those moments that was all she wanted his cock inside of her aching screaming body.

He didn’t want to finish this too soon, but already she was like a wild animal trapped. He decided that though his own desire for her matched if not excelled her own he want this to last. In one swift moment he hooked his arms behind her knees and around the top of her back lifting her without any effort he carried her through the hall into the living room, she was took taken aback but his forceful yet skilful approach towards her she lay still in his arms waiting for his next move. He dropped he on the sofa immediately taking hold of her wrists holding them down by her sides. She was sitting in an upright position hands securely by her sides. He knelt down in front of her hands still on hers he used his elbows to spread her gorgeous legs apart feeling the silky smoothness of her inner thigh he nearly lost control. Spreading her legs revealed a small triangle of black lace. He let out a breath, she certainly had taste, he wondered what is tasted like. Without hesitation he dipped his head between her legs which were still prised open by his elbows. One touch with his tongue on the outside of the lace told him all he needed to know, she smelled and tasted exquisite, already her juices had soaked through her French lace.

She groaned and he was barely touching her. Her hips shot up eager for more contact any contact, if she didn’t have it soon she would loose her mind. He dipped his head again taking another taste her reaction much the same. She was begging him to take her without words. Her sexual communication was so clear to him he was amazed that any woman could be so comfortable in asking for what she wanted. He dipped his head again this time making more of a meal of her. He ran his tongue firmer over her lace up and down as her hips bucked imploring for more contact. He pulled the lace aside to reveal a perfectly bare pussy. He loved bare pussy’s there was something so clean and inviting about them. He was hungry of her on his tongue. So he probed pass her lip touching her clit for the first time. She gasped. Again another lick all the time she rocked her hips he held her firm. She wanted to grab his head and push him down make him pleasure her with the agony.

The tip of his tongue flicked at the hard nub of her arousal. Electricity ran through bahis şirketleri her. Back and forth it went with such skill Laura wondered briefly how many women he might have slept with, then the thought melted away into the building knot of her climax. She wriggled desperate to push his head down but he tightened his clasp on Laura. Her whole body completely at his mercy. Her moans of ecstasy grew louder to fill the room his assault got harder and faster sensing her impending orgasm he chose to make her come rather then to breathe. His face immersed in her engulfing what made her a woman.

Laura’s screams got higher and faster he body tensed spurring on Eli’s energy.

‘Yes yes yes yes YES!’ Laura’s screams reached its all time high and as the wave of her tremendous orgasm crashed through her body her screams were cut dead her hips shot into the air every muscle twitching hard with it. Oblivion washed over her as everything meant nothing she was taken. It was then Laura understood why they called an orgasm a mini death.

She lay perfectly still. Eli looked down on her and ran his eyes hungrily over her body, the dips and curves to him were a sort of drug. She intoxicated him every bone ached to have her. He would have her all over the house if she had asked for it.

‘God that was amazing!’ She ran a hand though her tussled hair grinning like a Cheshire cat. She was far from done though, this man deserved to be repaid. So she stood in front of him twirled him around so he took her previous position. She took care to run her hand over his erection before he sat down. He’d reacted like her hands were on fire. She smiled glad she had influence.

Laura then stood before him looking him in the eye she took one shoulder of her dress and dropped it down but careful to conceal her nipple she ran her finger tips all the way down her arm and across her stunningly flat stomach her hand hooking the opposite strap in her thumb. Dragging the material tantalisingly down her arm again never taking her eyes off of her mystery lover.

He leapt from his seat in a flash ripping the dress down like wrapping paper. She stood before him in all her naked glory.

‘Fuck me you’re gorgeous!’ he breathed taking all of her again and again. He then picked her up and headed for the stairs. He wasn’t sure what room was hers so he set her down on the middle of the stair way. Instead of leading him to her bedroom she pulled off his top and threw it down the stairs behind him. Her lips made contact with his erect nipple flicking it with her tongue. He found this so erotic it made his erection throb hard. He grabbed the back of her head wrapping his hand in her long blonde hair. She groaned aloud. He experimented by pulling her hair gently her reaction was good.

‘Harder,’ she said around his nipple. Her hands making good use of his erection undoing his jeans and belt pushing them down so he stepped out of them casting them to the bottom of the stairs now she was naked and he only in his underwear. His boxers tented by his huge erection. Laura saw his potential the adrenaline pumping through her. She hadn’t had a big cock in such a long time. It was something she was waiting for, for a long time.

He pulled harder on her hair the tight pulling sending shivers down her spine she groaned louder. He smiled down at her, so she was a rough one, finally someone he could get his teeth into. Literally.

‘Be as rough as you like,’ she grinned like a Cheshire cat. She had just the right amount of kinky and sexy all at once. To him this girl was irresistible the perfect shag. A mind blowing one night stand.

‘Dirty bitch,’ he laughed she shrugged back at him laughing. So he pulled her hair hard as she was on the lower step he forced her down level with his hard one tantalising in front of her face. She smiled as though she had got the present she wanted for Christmas. She wrapped her hand around his still concealed cock. It was so hard and thick, she gasped with building anticipation. The pulse in her pussy growing faster, wetter. She pumped it a few times getting a feel for it then running her nails down his ball sack. He groaned.

‘Fuck,’ he moaned tightening his grip on her hair. He was in complete control now. The way they were on the stairs meant he had every advantage. Laura liked the way this was going.

She then ran her teeth up and down his shaft. He was watching her, every move she made it was turning him on more and more. He would have to have her soon he wasn’t sure he could hold out any longer.

Without warning she pulled down his boxers and engulfed the tip of his cock in her mouth her hot tongue rolling around it. Already she could taste his exhilaration. She continued till he could not take it so he pushed her head down and she without resistance slipped his cock fuller into her mouth. He pushed harder wondering when the resistance would come but it didn’t not until he felt his cock open up her throat with a pop. His entire being was held in her glorious mouth. He pulled her back then forward letting it come out of her throat then back. She made gagging noises and her mouth became wet. It slipped in and out her eyes watering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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