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Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait guys, I was in the hospital a bit and I’ve been sick. I hope you like this chapter, even though it may or may not be what you’re expecting. Don’t worry, the saga isn’t over yet!! As always, please comment, vote, and/or send feedback. Thanks for reading!!

It was hard to get over Jonah. Actually, she still wasn’t over him. Lori had tried to switch her bio class but her guidance counselor wouldn’t hear of it. She was stuck staring at her hot teacher for the rest of the year. At least it was pretty much half over. It was torture, but at least it would be over soon. School sucked anyway, right?

Today was just another Monday. Lori trudged through third period. None of her friends other than Kelsey really tried to talk to her anymore. For the past month she’d been like a zombie. It had been a while since she’d even straightened her hair or put on more than a few swipes of makeup. As hard as she tried, she still couldn’t get over him.

Once she got to Biology, she didn’t even care; it was useless. In the past month there had been no smoldering glances and no phone calls. It was like that weekend never happened, like maybe she had dreamt it all. She hadn’t dreamt it though, she knew because she still had his shirt and boxers stuffed in her underwear drawer.

Jonah still looked as gorgeous as ever. His hair was a little longer and he didn’t look like he was in a rush to cut it. There were some days where he came in with 5 o’clock shadow. It only made him look sexier. He looked a little leaner too, but he was still muscular. She couldn’t help but remember what he looked like when he fucked her.

He paid her no special attention. If he looked at her, it was like he was just looking straight through her. When the bell rang, she was more than ready to leave. She rushed out into the hallway and took in a deep breath.

What was she letting him do to her? She had to move on, didn’t she? Lori asked herself these questions every day, and she still didn’t have answers. She either had to do something to make him see they should be together, or she had to get over him. It made her feel stupid, but Lori still had a little spark of hope left.

That night she decided to stop by his house. She took his clothes with her with the excuse that she was returning them. She felt a little bit like a stalker, but she wasn’t. Jonah had wanted her back, and maybe he still did.

Lori made a few wrong turns before she could remember her way back to his house. She parked a little down the street and grabbed his t-shirt and boxers. She tuzla escort was on her way up his front walk when she saw movement through the bay window. Quietly, she made her way closer. What she saw made it very hard for her to swallow.

Jonah and some woman were kissing and undressing each other in his living room. The sight nearly broke her heart. The woman was blonde, and though Lori didn’t want to admit it, the woman was very beautiful. Something about her was very familiar, but she couldn’t figure it out.

The couple seemed like night and day: Jonah was dark and moved like a predator while the woman was fair-haired and panting like wild prey. The lucky bitch must have had a long dry spell; she looked like she was aching for some cock. Lori hated her. She didn’t care who she was, she hated her for getting what she wanted.

Lori tried not to make any noise as she crept closer to the window. The couple turned, and recognition hit. It was Ms. Stuart, another teacher at her school. What the fuck was Jonah doing? Fucking a student wasn’t enough? He just had to fuck a teacher and break her heart as a bonus? Lori wanted to hate him. She wished she could, but she couldn’t. However, that didn’t stop her from wanting to attack him like an angry banshee.

She didn’t want to watch any longer, yet she couldn’t stop. The sight was like a car accident; no matter how hard it was to look at or how much it made your stomach turn over, you just couldn’t look away. It made her sick and turned her on at the same time. How could she not be turned on by Jonah’s sexy body?

The bitch was getting louder. Lori could hear her through the window. Her keening moans were annoying to Lori, she sounded too needy and desperate. The woman did have a right to be excited though, Jonah was mostly naked and licking his way all over her body. He kissed his way down her chest, paying extra attention to Ms. Stuart’s erect nipples. Lori at least took comfort in the fact that her breasts were larger and perkier. Her waist was a little slimmer too. Jonah’s mouth eventually made its way down to the bitch’s pussy, and she went crazy.

Lori was still turned on, but she just couldn’t watch any longer. The nausea was overtaking her arousal. She stumbled back a few steps when she couldn’t help but bend forward and vomit near some shrubbery. Lori took care to hold Jonah’s clothing to her chest so that it stayed out of the line of fire. She worried that they had heard her, but she didn’t her any interruption in Ms. Stuart’s high-pitched moaning. After sucking in a few deep breaths, Lori walked quietly over to Jonah’s tuzla escort bayan front porch and placed his folded clothing on the stone. She fled as quickly as she could back to her car. She just wanted to get home and try to get the images out of her head.

Jonah could hear Dana moaning; the woman was not quiet at all. She was almost annoying. He lapped at her pussy like a cat, but it wasn’t as satisfying as he thought it would be. She didn’t taste as sweet as Lori. He missed seeing those green eyes sparkle with desire.

He was trying to move on, that’s why he had agreed to go on a date with Ms. Stuart. Dana had been leaving him hints for months. She had seven years on him, and he would have been willing to bet it had been a while for her. Jonah hadn’t really wanted to go out with her, but he thought if things went well she would get his mind off of Lori. He had been wrong.

Dana was squirming beneath him, begging for more. Jonah was only going through the motions at this point. He should be happy; he had a naked woman in front of him that wanted sex. But he wasn’t happy. He wanted someone else. Jonah wanted Lori’s sexy body, but he couldn’t leave Dana hanging now. He was going to finish her off with his mouth and then find some way to ask her to leave.

It didn’t take long at all for her to cum on his tongue. She went crazy, thrashing and moaning. He swallowed up only what he had to. He planned on cleaning his furniture sometime in the near future anyway.

When they had both caught their breath he pulled back. He felt disgusted with himself. He and Lori weren’t dating, but it still felt like he was cheating in some way. Jonah knew it would hurt Lori if she knew what he had done. Slowly, he found his clothes and put them back on. When Dana opened her blue eyes, she looked confused. Green eyes were so much prettier.

“Jonah, what are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m getting dressed,” he replied simply.

“Why are you getting dressed?”

“I think it might be best if you leave now.”

Dana’s confused expression changed quickly to pissed off.

“What the fuck Jonah. You eat me out and that’s it? Am I not good enough for you?”

She looked ready to claw his eyes out. Jonah didn’t care. He wanted her gone so he could go upstairs and scrub her scent off of his skin.

“You’re beautiful, but I still think you should go. Please.”

“Fine. You’re an asshole, you know that?”

Jonah didn’t care anymore. She could call him anything she wanted; it wouldn’t make him want her. He followed her silently to the door escort tuzla and she walked and dressed at the same time. She opened the door and nearly stumbled on her way out.

“What the hell is on your porch?” she asked him.

Jonah didn’t give her an answer; he just stepped forward to see what it was.

The next day Jonah waited patiently at his desk for his 6th period class to filter in. He needed to see Lori, to talk to her. He needed to tell her that he hadn’t slept with that bitch after all, that he couldn’t go through with it. If she had dropped his clothes off at his house, chances were that she had seen him with Dana. He hated the thought.

His students were making their way to their seats, but no sign of Lori yet. Jonah tried to look calm, but he was waiting rather impatiently. Where was she? he wondered. When the final bell rang, he was still hoping that she’d come in late, even though he knew she wouldn’t.

Damnit! She had to have seen him with Dana. Of all the days for her to bring back his clothes, why did it have to be that one night?? Why couldn’t she have stopped by on any of the other nights when he had been sitting at home with a 6-pack trying to forget her? Jonah hadn’t gotten completely drunk, but he had hoped it would blur his memory. One of his pillows still smelled like her hair. He had washed his sheets, but he couldn’t make himself get rid of that reminder of her. It was torture.

The class seemed to drag on without Lori. Every few minutes Jonah’s eyes would drift to her empty seat. Whenever his gaze fell on Jesse, he felt the renewed urge to beat the kid until near death. No teenage boy should ever try to force a girl to do anything. The little bastard had hurt Lori, and Jonah would never forgive him for it.

The end bell rang, and the students made their way out as fast as they had made it in. He hid it, but on the inside Jonah was devastated. He still couldn’t believe that some teenage girl was the reason for his angst.

Lori woke up around noon. She had decided to fake sick so that her mother would let her stay home. She hadn’t had to try too hard. Purple circles decorated the skin beneath her eyes and she looked weak. Her mother was a pushover, and Lori got the day off. Her stomach felt like it was in knots and her appetite was gone.

Lori didn’t want to want him anymore. It seemed like Jonah just wanted to hurt her. Maybe she’d follow her guidance counselor’s suggestion and graduate a semester early. Despite her daydreams in biology class, Lori was actually a very good student, and she had way more credits than she needed. She wouldn’t have to see Jonah every day anymore, and she could still probably graduate Summa Cum Laude. The idea was worth considering. Tina had it right, what’s love got to do with it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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