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I arrived at Daniel’s house late one Wednesday night, having been out to yet another ridiculous FastDate dinner. Exasperated by the low quality of men at the function, I flopped down on Daniel’s sofa, allowing my skirt to ride high up my thighs. I cast a beseeching look Daniel’s way; his eyes were already feasting on the soft flesh between my legs, seductively capped by a pair of almost sheer red lace panties, the dark shadow of my neatly trimmed muff lying in wait beneath.

“Let’s have some fun, Daniel,” I said, titling my head to one side in silent invitation. I’d had a few glasses of champagne to drink at the dinner and I was feeling like a bit of a laugh that night.

“Okay,” Daniel said in a matter of fact tone. “I’ve got just the thing for giggling girls who’ve drunk too many bubbles.” Daniel rose from his seat and headed to his bedroom where I heard him open and close drawers, swing cupboard doors open and shut them again. I couldn’t help grinning – I expected Daniel had something quite silly in store for me. He returned moments later with a pair of soft cuffs and a long red ostrich feather with a very thick, fluffy plume. Daniel scooped me up off the sofa, planted me on my feet and spun me around to fasten my hands behind my back with the cuffs.

“Kneel down,” he said, so I kneeled before him on the lounge room rug. Daniel bent down behind me, collected the hem of my skirt in his hands, then raised its length to tuck the folds of fabric under the low slung belt I had wrapped around my hips. I wiggled my bottom at him a little so that my buttocks teased him from within their panty-prison. ataşehir escort Daniel took the feather between his thumb and fore finger and lightly teased the backs of my knees with its flossy tip. I wiggled my bottom at him again and suddenly the feather was gone as Daniel gripped the side of my panties and dragged them down to my knees. I swayed under his sudden movement but managed not to lose my balance.

Daniel stood at my left side, positioned his knee at my shoulder then reached over me to deliver two sharp smacks to each of my buttocks.

“Ow!” I squeaked, hiccuping at the same time.

“Don’t ever waste your time at one of those ridiculous dinners again,” Daniel said quite sternly, and I instantly felt myself sober up. He moved behind me again, placed his hand between my shoulders and gently pushed me forward so that my head touched the floor, suspending me on the downward bend of a traditional Chinese kow-tow. He scooped me off the floor with his left arm and deftly hooked my panties from above my knees, off over my feet, then placed my knees back on the floor again. I was now free to spread my thighs a little wider apart to achieve a more symetrical – and comfortable – balance. I began to giggle in my precarious position.

“This is really uncomfortable, Daniel” I mumbled between giggles.

“Looks good from here,” Daniel said as he pulled up a chair at my rear and sat himself in it. I imagined how my sex must have looked to Daniel then, my nether lips delicately parted, the pink folds within glistening, coated with the nectar flowing from my burning snatch; the dark kadıköy escort bayan flower of my ass pointed straight at him, puckering, twitching involuntarily; my buttocks wantonly spread, their white flesh turned a peachy-pink from his slaps. Daniel collected the feather from where he’d abandoned it on the floor and began to swish it along the crevice between my ass-cheeks, flicking it, turning it, dragging it, tickling until I couldn’t help but shudder at the sweetness of the caress. Daniel laughed softly, but lowered the plume of the feather to connect with the moistened flesh around the opening of my cunt. The sensation was light, yet tantalizing, and I clenched my ass cheeks together to resist the temptation to sway away from the feather’s touch. Daniel continued teasing with the feather a few moments longer then suddenly I felt his thumb press against my anus and drive past the tight outer ring and into my rectum.

“Daniel!” I cried from my prone position. He soothed me, massaging his right palm against my buttocks.

“Just relax,” he said quietly and drew his thumb out again, replacing it with his tongue.

“That’s better” I moaned, pushing my ass against Daniel’s face, enjoying the warm, wet way he began licking at the soft flesh within. Had my hands not been cuffed, I would have grasped my buttocks and pried them further apart to give him greater access. He removed his right hand from my fleshy ass-cheek and shoved his index and middle fingers up my glistening wet pussy, curling them slightly then turning them in my orifice, conducting a thorough digital inspection. I moaned escort maltepe at his touch. He began sliding his fingers back and forth in my channel, making a squelching sound every time he buried them again.

“Look what you’ve done,” I giggled. “You’ve made me so wet!” Daniel said nothing because his tongue was still deep within my ass. I pushed against his mouth again just as he extracted his fingers from my pussy and slid them along my labia to find the throbbing bud that my clit had become. Daniel slipped his tongue from my anus and I groaned loudly against the rug as he transferred his attentions to my cunt. His nose rubbed up against my anus as he began sucking, slurping, collecting the clear juices lying in wait around the opening. He pushed his tongue inside my vagina and lapped at the moisture there, his lips closing around the hole, his face finally utterly buried.

My hamstrings began to cease up from being over extended for so long; the weight of my body against my head caused the muscles in my neck and shoulders to spasm. I was uncertain how much longer I could hold my pose.

“Hurry Daniel,” I moaned, hoping he would soon turn his attention to my clit. He released his hold on my cunt and licked my labia as he slid his tongue downward to the hardened little bud beneath. Daniel’s nose nestled in the cavity vacated by his tongue as his lips pressed around my reddened clitoris, then tightened as he begin to suck. He flicked at the tender flesh with his tongue and at last I began feel my climax begin to rise. I bucked my body against his head, driven mad by the way he’d latched his lips onto my nether regions and continued to work me over. Daniel grabbed my hips with his hands and held my cunt steady against his face as he continued to suck and lick relentlessly until finally I came hard against him, my juices overflowing out of my cunt and drenching his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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