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Latex Leggings

A young woman receives a mysterious gift and money from an older man that leads to good luck for her and a whole new and unexpected relationship.

She had always been called ‘Honey’, it wasn’t her real name but for some reason since she was a child everyone called her Honey. Her father had coined the nicknamed when she was about 3 because of her honey coloured hair. Even as an adult in her mid twenties the name suited her. There was something about her personality too. Her sweet forgiving and genuine interest in people and concern for others was part of her nature. She was one of those rare beauties that not only looked good enough to eat and most men’s dream girl but she was an intelligent and lovely soul that everyone liked. At 26 Hermoine Fox had become quite successful as a sales consultant. Clients liked her and trusted her and most were quietly in love with her too. Not lust, L-O-V-E she was truly a loveable creature. Petite with sensuously proportioned hips and breasts, long shapely legs, creamy white complexion that made her almost glow against the framing of her long golden honey blond hair.

‘A fat lot of good her understanding nature had got her.’ She thought as she returned from lunch to her office. Peter her partner of over a year had left her a week or so ago. Their joint bank account with all her savings in it was empty. The landlord had written to her asking where the last six months rent had gone. She was a train wreck. She stopped crying a couple of days ago and realised what a sucker she’d been because she found he had been fucking just about all of her friends and borrowing money from them. His charm and prowess in bed seemed to get him everything he wanted. The fact that she wasn’t the only victim made it somewhat less embarrassing and she could at least commiserate with her girlfriends about what a bastard he was and she had girl’s nights where they got drunk and slagged him off. So hangovers had replaced her tears. The problem of the money still hung over her and she rehearsed what she would say to her parents when she rang them to ask to be bailed out. They would of course ask her to move back home which she dreaded. She loved them dearly but she had come to enjoy her independence and her own apartment. Still apart from a bank loan or a credit card debt that she couldn’t afford that was her only option she decided as she opened her office door.

She walked to her desk and sitting in the centre was a small beautifully wrapped package. No card just the expensively wrapped pink and gold package tied with a gold ribbon. ‘It better not be from Peter’, she thought she had no forgiveness left. Curious she picked up the package and pulled open the bow and flipped open the top. She peeled aside the pink tissue paper and there in the box framed by the corners was the most beautiful pair of bikini panties she had ever seen. Honey loved lingerie and the more expensive and luxurious the better. This was definitely expensive perhaps the most expensive designer label. She touched them to feel the quality of the silk triangle almost afraid to move them and disturb the look of a work of art that the packaging presented. They were so fine as to be almost sheer and transparent but they were opaque pink and their shine caught the light as she felt the fineness of the fabric. Both inside and out they felt exquisitely sexy. For a moment Honey felt a twinge of horniness. She hadn’t had sex in over a week and had become quite use to regular sex daily and sometimes several times daily. But that had gone with that bastard. Though as her girlfriends admitted he was a great fuck.

The panties were string bikini style and the strings were gold she thought maybe even real gold. The cut was just how she liked them and she knew they were her size. She liked the fashion for thongs but her favourite panties were always those that hugged her pert round ass. She loved how she looked in them loved her lovers hand feeling her warm ass through them. She loved how wet they would become as he caressed her body through them and she loved to have them slid aside so he could enter her from behind. The images of being fucked wearing these pretty panties consumed her thoughts in a sexy daydream that consumed her for a few minutes. When she finally dragged herself back to her reality as her fantasy fuck changed faces to a mystery man who would save her from this misery of financial ruin and sweep her off her feet romantically, she began to fumble through the box for a card. There was none.

“Oh well’ she thought ‘a mystery admirer was romantic.’ She smiled as she held the panties in her hands feeling the exquisite fabric. She walked to her office door and locked it, went behind her desk and slipped off the red satin G-string she wore, popped them into her handbag and reached for the pink and gold bikini panties. She slid them on slowly as if the gift giver was watching her sliding up her skirt bending seductively so her pert round ass cheeks wiggled seductively then slowly putting each leg into the panties then sliding them up to her ass smoothing them over her sweet cheeks and adjusting the triangle at the front over her recently shaved pussy. They felt even better than they looked and the moment her flesh felt them against them her pussy dribbled wetness onto them. She smoothed her dress over them and sat in her chair to resume working. She would feel at least as if her ass was worth a million dollars and part canlı bahis of her felt loved sexy and prosperous. She decided against calling her parents. She would see if her credit card could squeeze out one more evening meal in cash and see if she could survive until payday.

The mystery of who sent the panties and why disappeared in a haze of work that afternoon. Several times she had been tempted to masturbate when she became aware of the sexy briefs beneath her dress. She seemed to be getting hornier by the moment even though sex was the last thing on her mind. She finished the day managing to resist the urge to masturbate promising herself that she would at home after dinner. She stopped at a cash point and punched in her code hoping the machine would give her at least twenty bucks so she could eat tonight. The twenty came easily and as she checked the balance she noted there was still $980 in there. Perhaps Peter’s conscience had gotten the better of him and he still loved her enough to not leave her so destitute. Perhaps her faith in human nature was becoming restored. After all a stranger had given her expensive underwear and Peter had paid her back. She punched in the code again to take out more money calculating how much money she could raise now to keep the landlord off her back. Things were looking up.

When she got home she found she was happier and more buoyant and incredibly horny. She reached her hands down and felt the soft shiny diaphanous silk against her firm curves, the warmth of her skin and the slight scent of her excitement emanating from where she had become damp. She was extremely horny and truly she hadn’t been without sex on a daily basis for years now and a week seemed like a long time. She imagined Tom Cruse was touching her running his hands over her pert ass cheeks. She slid her other hand beneath her top and bra and began pinching her nipple and fondling her firm round tits. The fantasy was working Tom was making her dribble in her panties. The hand that fondled her ass moved to the front of her panties. She held her fist against them and ground against it as if it was a large hard cock. She felt the twinges and shivers as her wetness trickled into the panties. The fist spread and she caressed her panties slit with her fingers so lightly as to cause her to moan loudly. The fingers danced across her folds sensuously. She loved the feeling of the soft shiny silk against her fingertips and the inside of her panties swelled with excitement and grew wetter as the first tingles and shivers seized her body. She came violently screaming. ‘ Oh God fuck me.’ She tore the tight legs of the panties aside and slid a finger into her pussy and fell back onto the arm of the armchair as if a man had pushed her there. She leaned back and spread her legs and thrust three fingers into her hot wet excited pussy. His was a big cock and hers was the tiny tight pussy that men dreamed of from petite teen figured women. She bucked at her thrusting fingers and had torn her top and bra aside and was clutching her left breasts passionately in her hand squeezing the nipple and cupping their smooth firm flesh until her nipples were rigid with excitement. She came repeatedly then rolled over on the couch presenting her superb ass to her imaginary lover and continued to thrust her fingers into her wetness until she felt the wetness dribble down her inner thighs. She had cum repeatedly for almost an hour and felt a little exhausted and she was still unbelievably horny.

The sound of techno downloads emanated from her handbag and she managed to stop fondling herself long enough to find it and answer the call.

” Hello.” She panted a little breathlessly.

“Oh Miss Fox?” It was a man’s voice. She vaguely recognised.

“Yes, who is this?”

” Did you get my gifts?” He said gifts she thought. Did he mean the panties and the money? Surely she wasn’t being stalked or adored by a man who was willing or presuming he could buy her affections.

” Um yes, who are you? What do you want from me? If you think you can buy me I’ll call the police and …”

” It’s ok calm down. I’m just someone who cares for you very deeply and I know you needed help. I don’t want anything from you really. I just rang to ask you out to dinner. We do know each other I’m James Farnsworth I own the company you do the most business with. Please forgive my rather obsessive gift. I mean if you don’t want to have dinner with me I’ll just go away and not bother you again. It’s just I really like you and I didn’t know how I’d get the opportunity to meet you outside of work.”

Honey was dumbfounded. She was her biggest account she didn’t want to upset him. He must be fifty years old, god her Dad’s age. She was confused but flattered too. This was the first seemingly nice act she had experienced in a while.

” Um I guess dinner would be ok, but no you know funny stuff I mean I’m young enough to be your daughter.”

She took down the details and retired to shower and dress. She put the panties back on again they were damp with her recent pleasure but she felt good in them they had been her lucky panties so far. She dressed in a short halter neck dress and crushed her luscious tits into a pink bra that sort of matched the panties and stretched the sexy little dress over her shapely form adjusting the bra so her cleavage was discrete but visible. She didn’t want to invite him too much but felt she owed him bahis siteleri at least a good look at her sexy body. She felt sexy, she felt wanted and strangely the panties made her feel like she was valued.

She met his car at the appointed destination and was driven uptown to the ritzy restaurant atop the tall building. She had heard it was exclusive and expensive but had never been there before. She felt the eyes of the chauffer in the rear vision mirror scanning the long stretches of bare leg and at times she felt he was somehow looking up her dress and could see the delicious silk panties stretched over her damp pussy. She was escorted to the elevator and to the door of the restaurant where the matre de

Smiled and greeted her by name.

“Ah Miss Fox, Mr Farnsworth is expecting you. Follow me please!”

He turned and led her through the restaurant and she scanned the crowded floor for a face she might recognise or that she could associate with the name. She was led to a private booth. She entered the room and was surprised at what she saw. He was in his mid fifties, extremely nice looking, with a gentle countenance and distinguished grey hair, a designer suit that fitted his slim and athletic physique beautifully. He was clean-shaven and smelled pleasantly of an expensive after-shave that she had once bought for her father. He politely stood to greet her as the waiter ushered her to a chair.

“Good evening Miss Fox, I trust my driver and Richard here have taken good care of you?”

She felt like a princess or a girl in a romantic novel about to be swept off her feet by a dashing handsome older man.

” Yes perfectly lovely and this is a great place too I’ve never been here before”

She sat opposite him and adjusted the hem of her short dress and crossed her legs knowing he was looking. She suddenly felt like being a tease even if she wasn’t prepared to fuck him for his generosity she felt compelled to at least act in this little charade.

” Miss Fox, ah Honey! You don’t have to flirt with me because I gave you a gift. If I wanted sex I’m sure you realise I could buy a lot of it with what I spent on you today. What I want is the pleasure of your company.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and they spent the evening chatting quite naturally about music and art and films more like old friends than young girl and predator. She drank rather too much wine and accepted the lift home quietly thinking that the hard part would come when it came to the awkward moment that went beyond a goodnight kiss. Hell she didn’t mind kissing him he was cute and she had such a good time. They drove to her home slowly and the conversation flowed so naturally that it was only when she leaned forward and her short hem slid up revealing the pretty pink and silver panties that the conversation froze.

” They look great on you. I’ve tried to imagine how pretty they would look on you but it has been nothing compared to what you have just shown me… you are beautiful Honey.”

“Honey looked embarrassed. Sorry I didn’t mean to do that I suppose you think I’m a tart now? Um but they feel so good on me and I feel so sexy in them it seems a shame not to show them off.” She stammered.

His eyes were fixed on her crotch, the sliver of pink that covered her pussy. She made no attempt to cover herself instead she lifted herself off the seat and hoisted her dress so that he could see all of her panty clad lower body.

” You are so beautiful. I don’t want to spoil this by touching you. Can you know touch yourself?”

She didn’t know why but without saying a word she slid her fingers over the fabric again as she had done earlier in her Tom Cruse fantasy, he gasped as she began to massage her clit through the sexy silk gusset, She climaxed easily almost as if she had been building for this all evening. She shuddered and moaned and gyrated on the seat. Through her distorted face she glimpsed a large bulge in his pants and wondered whether she was prepared to take him, whether she wanted him inside her wanted him to touch her at all. When her orgasm finished he thanked her and held the door open for her. She smoothed her dress over the hot wet panties and as he stood looking lost and excited she turned and kissed him sweetly on the lips inhaling his sweet aftershave and then turned to go to her apartment. She wore the panties to bed and masturbated for hours before she fell into a deep sleep,

Next morning she showered and dressed and went to work as usual. She checked her online bank balance and found another $2000 in her account. At this rate she’d be out of debt in no time. She worried about the implications. She had wanted him last night, she liked him, he was sweet and generous and intelligent but he was twice her age. When she arrived at her office there was another package this time with the most beautiful diamond studded black satin bra and panty set. She locked her door and put them on. They felt sexy, luxurious she felt hot and horny. The phone rang. It was James.

” Hope you like my taste in underwear, only I am almost shivering knowing you are wearing them. You are wearing them aren’t you Honey?”

“Yes I am and they feel you know so sexy. You’re a very generous man. I hope I didn’t act like a cheap hooker last night I get a little loose when I drink champagne.”

” On the contrary Honey you were even more beautiful and sexy than I could imagine. I know bahis şirketleri I cant’ buy sex with you but I had hoped that once you got to know me that well… we’ll see… Can I interest you in lunch? I’ve cleared it with your boss he thinks you are promoting the account we have with you.”

She agreed quickly she wanted to be with him She felt strangely attracted to him but couldn’t quite bring herself to have sex with him but she felt that maybe she’d let him touch her if he wanted to. After all he made her feel so desirable she couldn’t bare to torture him. They ate lunch and again their relationship was friendly and most un erotic. She invited him up to her apartment and when he got there she unzipped her dress and turned to him.

” I guess you’d like to see me wearing these too? And maybe touch me. I mean I’m not ready for sex but if you like you can you know relieve yourself and touch me.”

He was dumbfounded but watched her slip from the dress and exposed the exquisite bra and panty set. Linked diamonds formed the string at the hip and cleavage. She kissed him again inhaling his aftershave closing her eyes and he caressed her ass cheeks and pressed against her. He ran his hands over her breasts feeling the nipples stiffen beneath her bra. He caressed her delicious ass cheeks and she felt his cock firm against her. He could have taken her then with her eyes closed he was Tom Cruse or even Peter but more tender than either her fantasy or recent reality. She was wet with desire. He kissed her neck and then positioned himself behind her with his cock pressed against her pantied ass he unzipped his fly and pressed it against the shiny satin warmed by her firm buns. She was ready to take him inside her she wanted him to fuck her she was so horny she wiggled her ass sensuously against him and he moaned. He cupped her breasts tweaking her nipples and placed his fingers over her pussy rubbing her panties until she became breathless then shivered then came. All the time he pressed his substantial cock against her pantied ass grinding against her. She came repeatedly getting hotter and hotter she shivered with orgasm after orgasm and hoped that he would somehow forget what she had said and fuck her now hard and deep and long. Then she heard him moan and felt his cock throb, then a hot sticky shot spurted up her back and all over the sexy panties. He came shivering and moaning all over her squeezing her tits gently and feeling her pussy grow sodden with his expert fingers. In a few minutes he recovered kissed her sweetly and cleaned her back and panties with a handkerchief. He excused himself and left.

It wasn’t until the next day after she had once again found her bank balance had doubled and another package arrived at her door with a dozen red roses that Honey had made her decision. When the phone rang she did not let him speak. Instead she invited him over immediately. As she waited for him she rang in sick at work and then dressed in the silver and white baby doll nightie he had sent her.

When he arrived she greeted him at the door with the longest most passionate kiss she had ever given. She no longer had to close her eyes she felt his tenderness in every touch. This was not lust this was patient respectful love that fuelled desire. He caressed her neck and held her close by her waist. The kiss went on forever. She swooned. She had never felt so light on her feet she almost feinted she felt so dizzy so intoxicated.

” Touch me” she demanded, and he moved his hand from her slender waist to her succulent buns. Savouring her sweet shape, feeling the warmth of her skin radiating through the luxurious panties. She pressed against his swollen cock. And then he cupped her breasts and she felt her nipple respond so immediately as if it had been teased for hours. She reached down and fondled his cock through his pants. Running her fingernails over the swollen outline, teasing him tantalising it until it throbbed. Then she unzipped him slowly and slid her hand inside and felt his thick long cock, drawing it out and peeling back the skin from the thick head. He moaned appreciatively as she slid her slender fingers over it feeling it firm in her hands. She enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that he was hard just looking at her and throbbed and swelled to rock hardness beneath her touch. She wondered how much he would throb if she used her sweet mouth. She wondered how long he would last inside her. She wanted him. Badly. She led him to her bedroom and they lay on the bed together. He rolled on top of her and kissed her neck and ear lobe sending a shiver of desire through her. He kissed his way to her delicious breasts and peeled away the slither of satin halter and sucked her nipple into his mouth, rolled it between his lips. As he suckled her tits voraciously his hand wandered to her panty-clad pussy and massaged it until he felt the wetness seeping through. She came easily and frequently each time he touched her, her pussy positively dripping with her juices by the time he left her breasts and shifted his attention to kissing his way to her panties. He licked and sucked the fine satin between his lips. Inhaling the sweet intoxicating scent and tasting her delicious love juice that flowed like a stream down her thighs as she arched her back and came with increasing intensity. Her eyes closed tightly her hands fondling her own breasts as she screamed and moaned with each of his exquisite roll of his tongue or touch of his lips. She was overcome with desire, she tore her top from her shoulders and shivered as his fingers entered her lancing her tight pussy with his fingers as he lapped and sucked her clitoris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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