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Big Tits

It’s the big day. My stomach is in knots and doing flips at the same time. I take a shower and start getting ready. The water feels so good sliding over my naked body, so I play with my nipples for a bit and get them hard. I slide my hand down between my thighs and can feel the slick feeling of being turned on. It doesn’t matter that I’m in the water, I can tell how wet I am. I start rubbing my clit gently while I think of your video you sent me. I slide two fingers in and out picturing that it’s your cock going in and out, hearing you moan, “oh yeah, slide that pretty pussy on there, oh yeah ride my cock.” I’m just picturing me doing just that and can’t wait until I get to later that day. I start rubbing my clit faster. My other hand reaches up to my nipples and starts playing with each, gently rolling them around, thinking about your mouth sucking on them.

I bring myself close but don’t want to go over the edge. I’m saving my orgasm for you. I tease myself a couple of times bringing myself so close and forcing myself to stop. My pussy is dripping now. I slide my fingers up to my mouth tasting myself and imagine how kissing you will be with my taste on my tongue. I get out of the shower after cleaning up. I get dressed wearing something I hope you will like but knowing it will be on the floor quickly after getting there.

You had text me the information to the hotel and the room number. I get in the car and drive over cursing traffic when it gets in my way. A fire truck dives by and I feel a tingling sensation, knowing I am already getting wet again. I pull into the parking lot and walk up to the door and nervously knock (yes I do get nervous.) You open the door and I have to catch my breath. You are sexier in person than your photos could ever depict. You grin and let me in so you can shut the door. I’m standing there nervously not sure what to do but not wanting to attack you right there on the spot. You step closer to me and lean in to kiss me. I slide my hands through your hair to grab a firm hold on you to pull you in closer. The kiss gets more passionate and we can feel the hunger and desire we both have. I grab your shirt and start sliding it off you but not wanting to break the kiss. Unfortunately the shirt won’t come off without us separating. We break long enough to get your shirt off and resume our fight with our tongues.

I slowly start to back you up towards the bed and I gently push you down and lay you on your back. I straddle over your lap and look in your eyes and with an evil grin on my face, I say “hi”. You laugh and say hi back. I lean down to kiss you again but I tease you and go to your neck. I grab your hands and put them above your head and tell you if they come down, I stop. I softly run my tongue up your neck and suck your ear lobe into my mouth. I hear you hiss and moan and can feel your body tense. I start to feel your cock hardening so I start to grind my hips, making you moan again. It’s right in my ear so it sends shivers down my spine. I gently nibble down your neck to your collarbone softly running my teeth against it, teasing. I continue working my mouth over your collarbone and down your pec to your nipple, flicking it with my tongue. I run my tongue over to the other nipple but slide a hand up to the first and continue assaulting it. Your cock is straining against your shorts so I keep grinding against it.

I can etimesgut escort tell you are fighting to not bring your hands down and grab me. Your body is tensed up, which turns me on because I can see every definition in your muscles. It is like a road map for my tongue to follow. I begin running my tongue along the first curve, across your body to the other side. Each time I come to the “end of the road”, I nibble making your body quiver. Down to the next curve, I assault your abs with my tongue, feeling your cock pulsing against me. I come down to the last section, where your shorts are a road block. It doesn’t stop my tongue from trying to pass, making you shudder. I grab the shorts and pull the waist out a little too run my tongue along the waistband. I unbutton and unzip your shorts and slide them down and off your legs. I have you scoot back so you are completely on the bed. I look back and admire your sexy body lying there in only a pair of boxer briefs.

I tell you to put your hands back where they were so I can continue. Back to your waist with my tongue assault, teasing you by running my tongue underneath the waistband of your boxer briefs. I lower the waistband just a little so that I can get to your hip bone and gently nibble it. You jump not realizing how sensitive and erotic it would feel. Your cock agrees as it pulses with each nibble. I lower your briefs a little more but don’t let your cock out. I am kissing the sides of your hips and ass as you are wiggling your body trying to get more of your boxers off. I look you in the eye with an evil grin and your eyes are pleading with me to free your cock. I gently run my nose against the bulge and then open my mouth and rub my lips along the outline of your cock through your briefs. You are moaning and groaning and getting me wetter with every sound you make. I lift the waistband just a little too let just the head of your cock out, licking the precum from the tip. I lick just the underside of your cock softly so it tortures you more and you try to buck your hips up to get more contact from my mouth, so I back my head away.

I get on my knees and gently pull the boxers over the rest of your cock and you lift your hips to help me get them down. I take each leg out and toss the briefs to the side. You are still being so good and laying there. I can’t hear what you are mumbling but it sounds like frustration because you want to touch me but are behaving. I gently massage each leg, one hand on each. I start of doing it like professional massage therapist would and then turn it sexy. I start at your ankle on your right leg. Massaging my way up, I use warming lubrication, to your knees. I stop for a second to go back to your shins and calves and gently blow where the oil has been. Your legs warm up and the evil grin is back. It seems you know what I’m thinking and you just nod your head at me. I massaged up your left leg without the oil to make both sides treated fairly.

I bring my face extremely close to your cock and you have to be thinking, “it’s about damn time”, but I just use my tongue to lick in the crease where your leg meets your crotch never touching your cock. It’s bouncing thinking it’s going to get some oral loving. I lick all around avoiding your cock. I look up at you with glazed over eyes and my pussy feels like I just got out of a tub of lubrication. I ask etimesgut escort bayan if you want a passionate kiss or if you want me to suck it or fuck it first. You tell me that kissing definitely gets you excited. You already are so I have a plan to incorporate all three.

I stand up and turn around. I unbutton and unzip my pants and I start dancing erotically, sliding down just my pants. I bend over to pull them off my legs and to give you a view. I leave everything else on. I straddle back over you and you seem confused. I just grind my pussy against your cock and we can both feel the warmth of the other person. It takes a second for you to realize what I’m doing. It clicks in when you begin to feel how wet I am through the panties. Your eyes close as you feel the wetness dripping down your shaft. You try to get your cock to slip past my soaking wet panties but I won’t let you. I stand up; step up over your waist and reach for your hands. I grab them and hook them into my panties for you to take off. You slide them down and I step my legs out. You grab them and can feel they are drenched and that’s when you then truly realize how wet I was.

I slowly back up and just sit down on your cock which has no problem sliding in all the way. We both moan together. I grind my hips in circles letting your cock explore every inch of my insides. You close your eyes while I grind a bit but they fly open when you feel me stand up. You ask not to stop and I lean down to you, kissing you and tell you it’s going to get better. I crawl backwards over your body until my mouth is aligned with your cock. I lower my mouth and begin sucking all the juices my pussy left. I leave nothing. I crawl back up your body and kiss you passionately letting you taste me for the first time. The kissing gets intense as this sets you into drive and makes you want to take over but I still won’t let you.

I break the kiss and slide my way back down to your cock. I take it in my mouth and swirl my tongue in circles on the bottom side and then in circles around the tip. You groan and tell me that I wasn’t joking when I was a pro at sucking cock. I continue slathering your cock and use my right hand to grab a hold of it and start slowly stroking it in rhythm with my mouth. My left hand slides up and down your sexy body, digging my nails gently into you making you whimper. I can tell a couple of times your body tenses because it could be getting close but I don’t want this to end to quick so I stop.

I take your cock out of my mouth and erotically lick my way back up your body kissing you passionately again. I then raise my body up and place a knee on each side of your face and you begin darting your tongue in and out of my pussy, lapping up all my moisture. You can’t believe how wet I am and you haven’t even done a single thing. You suck my clit into your mouth making me weak in my legs. Luckily I have the wall to hold onto. I lift my left foot up so you can slide your fingers inside me. You slide in one finger and I groan softly. You slip a second inside and begin to explore until you find that spot that makes my body shudder. You continue rubbing my spot and sucking on my clit until my body begins to shake and I climax. My body spasms as I scream out your name. “OMG Mitch, don’t stop. It feels so fucking good. OH! MY! FUCKING! GOD!”

I beg you to escort etimesgut stop because my body is in overdrive. You stop and I climb off you to catch my breath. I lay beside you breathing hard while my hand goes back to your cock. Until my body calms down, I slowly stroke your cock. I slip my hand down to my pussy to soak my fingers and hand in my juice so I can stroke your cock. It is so slippery that it eases up and down your cock making you moan.

You jump up quickly saying, “I can’t fucking take this anymore.” You get on top of me and ram your cock inside me, making me scream in pleasure. Now you have the evil grin on your face and you tell me that you are in charge now. I tell you to be gentle with me so you don’t throw my back out and it makes you laugh. You start to slide your cock in and out at a slow pace, teasing both of us. I am gripping your arms tight because it feels so good to finally have you buried inside me instead of just imagining it. I knock your hands out from under you so you fall on top of me. I need you closer to me just to feel you against every inch of my skin. You force your tongue into my mouth and we kiss like there is no tomorrow, like the only way to breathe is to steal as much air from the other person. Our heads turn side to side to get as deep as we can to just fulfill the desire that is pouring out of us. I suck your bottom lip nibbling it.

You kiss down my chin and across my jaw to my ear. You whisper in my ear, “You belong to me now. Anytime I want this pussy, I get it. Every time you see a fire truck pass by, you are going to remember this cock that is buried inside you.” You thrust hard into me again, “You will whisper my name out loud, wishing you could feel my hard shaft pulsing inside you.” I have never been one that is into any type of domination, but this is more of an erotic gesture that gets me hot, knowing you just claimed my pussy as yours to do with as you wish. You then nip my ear and assertively nibble down my neck to my collar bone. My body writhes every time your lips touch my skin which makes me grind into your cock. You work your way to my nipple and suck on it, flicking it with your tongue.

You sit up on your knees and put my feet on your shoulders. You begin to pound into me as hard and as fast as you can. My breasts are bouncing so I grab one in each hand and pinch my nipples. I lick my fingertip and rub it over each nipple to get them wet. I begin rubbing my feet against the back of your head to hold you tight. It turns you on that I’m rubbing you with my feet. I pull my knees down and put my feet on your chest changing the angle you are thrusting. It hits my spot and I scream out. You keep the rhythm going and watch me continue to squirm in ecstasy. You lick your thumb and bring it down to my clit and begin rubbing it trying to make me orgasm from 2 spots on my body. I start tensing up and moaning louder and louder. I scream, “Oh God Mitch, I’m about to cum again. Don’t stop, Don’t stop. YESSSSSSS!!! My pussy clenches down and that is enough to set your orgasm off and your cock swells up and pulses and you slam hard into me and scream that you are cumming also. We then are screaming and moaning in unison as you collapse down to kiss me and continue thrusting inside me until your orgasm subsides. My pussy twitches as it continues to feel the orgasm coming down. You roll to the side and pull me towards you so we lay against each other, sweating and breathing hard. I lay my head on your chest and listen to how fast your heart is beating. After we calm down and our breathing and heart rates have returned to normal, I look you in the eye and kiss you. “You ready for round 2?”

Will there be a round 2?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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