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Let’s start with how I met Ryan. So I won’t pretend like I’m known for making the best choices, and through this series you’ll most likely come to the same conclusion. Ryan is just one of many, less than admirable, choices on my road to true exploration.

Thanks for coming and welcome to chapter one of my hoe phase.

So we’ll skip over the whole long term relationship, shitty ex, pre-breakup part of this story. Who has the time right?

We can just jump forward to when I was an Au pair.

After everything went down, I decided I needed a little break. An escape since it was summer after all and what better way to do that than to leave the country for adventure.

I found myself working for an american family spending their summer in the UK. We spent two and a half months in a 5 bedroom house in Manchester. I was 20 at the time and watching 3 kids, Dylan, Kasey and Molly.

I won’t lie to you, the job was kind of a lot. People glamorize being an international nanny a bit more than they should. While I spent a lot of my time there with the family together, my job was to watch the kids while the parents enjoyed their time together. I was essentially the parent the entire summer.

It was beautiful and fun and exciting and stressful. Dylan and Kasey were for the most part well behaved but Molly was a terror on her best days. I still wake up to dreams of her screaming for me like the world was on fire.

The hours I really worked differed based on what the family was doing that day; but for the most part, I was free to do what I wanted after 8pm until 8 am. The mother, Anna, was pretty well organized. I usually knew if I had to be up any earlier or out later beforehand based on the itinerary she had laid out for the week. When I did have free time, I typically just hung out in the house or went for walks to explore the property, except on the weekends. On the weekends, I went out.

The family was usually asleep by 10 pm and that’s when I started to get ready. The house was split into three levels. The parents stayed on the first floor, the kids on the second and I had an almost apartment styled room on the bottom floor.

The seclusion was nice and it’s not like I really had to sneak out since Anna and Kenny always considered me an adult; but I did always have this awkward feeling of not wanting to be caught by my employers in my short dresses and heels.

It’s Friday night and I slide the straps of my dress up my shoulders and check my reflection in the mirror. The mini dress sits mid thigh and cuts low in my torso. My boobs sit high and look good in the scanty fabric. I stick my tongue out at myself and wink.

Go get them you sexy fuck, I think turning out the light to my temporary bedroom. I carry my thigh high boots as I creep up the stairs in over the knee socks. Putting them on outside always felt like a better choice than risking the clicks and clacks on hardwood. The Uber was already waiting outside creating a contrasting feeling of wanting to rush but also not wanting to bust my ass by running in socks.

I make it up the stairs, past the kitchen, the staircase, and out the door without making much noise. Still shoeless, I skip down the walkway into the awaiting car and begin to put on my shoes.

“Going to Radley’s,” the driver says in a thick british accent.

“Yes,” I confirm taking out my phone to avoid any awkward conversations.

Radley’s was one of those restaurants that turned into a nightclub on the weekends. Dining areas were replaced with dance floors and the sitting area of the bar clustered with standing people waiting to order while making conversation.

I merge with the group hoping to obtain one of the bartender’s attention. My luck is not great however, and I lean against the counter for what feels like forever.

“Wanna make a wager,” a guy next to me says in my direction. I turn my head a bit to check for the person he was talking to.

He laughs, “yes, I was talking to you.”

He was american, or at least really good at faking the accent, and appeared to be about my age if not a couple years older. His skin was a dark tan, maybe he was mixed or just light skinned. His hair was long and curly on the top, ataşehir escort cut short on the sides. He flashed a smile at me forcing me to conceal a blush.

“What’s that?” I lean in a bit closer to make sure he can hear my response. He leans in even more bringing his face close to mine.

“Oh, you’re american too huh?” He looks at me surprised. “Guess I’m going to have to work a bit harder to win you over huh?”

“Sorry it seems your normal tricks aren’t going to work here,” I giggle. “So what’s the wager?”

“Ok, if I can get the bartender within 60 seconds, you’ll let me buy you a drink.”

“What do you get out of that though?” I inquired, looking up at him confused.

“Just some borrowed time. So what do you say?” He smiles back down at me again and I can’t help but be turned on by it and his entire demeanor.

“Ok then, bet.” We shake on it.

He signals towards the bartenders and one walks over immediately.

Well God damn.

“Hey Tom, can I get two Whiskey sours?”

“I got you,” Tom responds, turning to prepare the drinks.

I watch the bartender pour and mix, passing both of us glasses. He goes back to serving other people.

“I don’t know if that felt fair,” I say, bringing the straw to my lips.

“Who said it had to be fair?” he lifts the glass to me and we knock them together. “How about we talk on the patio?”

I nod and he guides me to the outdoor sitting area. It’s littered with high tops and different groups and couples taking up most of the space. We find an empty table and sit.

“I should probably ask your name huh?” he says as we get comfortable in our seats.

“Only if you assume I’d give you the real one.” I wink. “It’s Angel.”

“Damn going to make me work for it huh? Fair enough.” He smiles, taking a sip of his drink. “So Angel, what brings you to Manchester.”

“I’m working. What about you?” I laugh. I match his seductive gaze.

“I stay with my dad here during the summers when i’m not in school.”

We talk for a while and he tells me some of his past experiences in the country and I tell him about my job. Soon we find ourselves on the dance floor. His arm wraps around my waist and he pulls my body into him. I begin to sway and grind on him to the rhythm of the music. My arm snakes around his neck and he slides his hand down my waist and hips pulling me even closer into his body.

Not long after, we’re on a couch, my legs draped over his. We’re laughing and his hand is brushing over my knee and the skin between my boot and dress. His other hand slides to the back of my neck and he brings my face closer to his. He kisses me lightly and a shiver runs through me. Filling with desire, I lean further into him in the dim lighting inviting more of him. He places his hand under my ass and lifts me slightly so that I’m sitting in his lap. The kisses turn to making out and increase in passion. He pulls my lower lip into his mouth and teases my tongue setting my core on fire. I feel my body getting drunk off of his body and motions against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck leaning us back against the sofa cushion. I only barely resist straddling him in the middle of the bar as he tilts my head kissing up my collar bone. I suppress a moan and his lips return to mine.

“Ryan,” an authoritarian voice commands from behind me. I turn to see one of the bouncers looking down at us. The man flicks his finger back.

Ryan chuckles. “He’s saying we gotta take this somewhere else.” He begins to adjust and I slide off of his lap to stand up. He stands and looks down at me deviously. “You said the family you work for is asleep right?”

I’m a little worried where he’s going with this but the ideas swirling in my head are much too enticing. He orders us an uber and we head back to the house I’m staying at.

“Wow, they rented a pretty nice place.” he closes the Uber door behind us as we arrive at the house.

“Yea it’s pretty chill. The backyard has a whole jungle gym and trampoline. Makes watching the kids a lot easier.”

“Oh,” he hooks his arm around my waist and starts guiding my body towards the back gate.

“Where are we…”

“Seems safer to be outside don’t you kadıköy escort think.”

I look at him confused but let him walk us through to the backyard. We walk all the way to the netted trampoline and he starts to climb in.

I start to laugh seeing this 6’0 guy put himself onto this child’s toy. He ignores me and reaches down for me to join him.

“Do you trust me?” He grins down at me.

“Childish as fuck, shut up.” I cackle and pull my shoes off, I grab his forearm and let him pull me up.

He pulls me onto the mat and then immediately throws me down against the bouncy material. His body is over mine and he resumes kissing me.

One hand caress my skin as he slides under the material of my top and over my torso. His other holds both of my wrists above my head. The weight of him presses over me, engulfing me. I wrap my legs around his torso and feel his erection grow through his jeans rubbing between my legs. The friction presses against my clit and my body is aching.

He slides my dress up and pulls the material over my head returning his mouth back to my now vulnerable skin. The summer breeze brushes over me causing my body to cover in goosebumps. I shiver under him and my lower bits begin to swell. I kiss him desperately, needing more satisfaction for my hunger.

He seems to notice my yearning and slides his fingers down my stomach. I feel the pressure over my mound and then his fingers press over my slit through the thin material of my panties. He circles over my bulb and teases further between my lips. I try to move my legs and bring his hand closer to my throbbing sex.

He puts his lips to mine slipping his tongue into my mouth while his hand lifts from the fabric and slides in from the top. His finger finds my opening again like a missile and he begins sliding his fingers between the lips and up and down my slit. I moan deep into his mouth and let my body sink further into the playmat. He releases my wrist and goes to remove my bra. I wiggle out of it left only in my panties. His hand continues to work my button as his tongue swirls around my nipple. My panties are the only thing containing the moisture he’s working out of me.

“Oh my god,” I moan a bit louder than I would have liked.

“Be careful, wouldn’t want to wake anyone up,” he comments, grinning devilishly. He begins to speed up his pace applying a bit more pressure to the sensitive nerves. My heart is racing and he has my body aching for more and more. I plant my feet into the mat as he trails his tongue down my body.

He readjusts his face in front of my sex and slides my panties to the side exposing me completely to him. My breath catches in my throat as I feel his breath on my sex.

He waits for a few painfully long moments before I feel the wet tip of his tongue part my labia. He drags it up my folds flicking over my clit just slightly. The subtle touch sends a jolt up my spine.

Fuck, I think.

He continues this cruel game of sliding his tongue up and down my slit creating a knot in my core. I slide my fingers into his hair and close my eyes taking in the sensation. The tip finally flattens against the underside of my clit and he flicks up over and over again then slides down just to come back and do it again.

“Holy fuck,” I cry out in euphoria. He slides his hands under my thighs and brings my sex closer to him. His tongue begins to dart in and out of me then drags across my engorged clit. I’m wrapped up in the contrast of my naked skin against the cold nylon and the heat of his mouth against my core. The feeling is indescribable and I begin intertwining my fingers in his hair pulling him into me even closer. My hips rock against his tongue as he laps up my dripping wetness.

He rolls his tongue over my clit. He continues to flick at the sensitive nub. I feel my orgasm building furiously.

“Don’t stop omg,” I cry out between ragged breaths. “That’s it. Oh yes, right there.” I lose myself in the feeling and completely melt into him.

The first wave hits and my body thrashes against his mouth. “Oh my god. I’m coming, I’m coming,” I scream as the orgasm takes over my entire body. The muscle contractions ripple throughout my entire body. He doesn’t bostancı escort bayan slow down his assault on my clit until the last wave subsides and my body begins to relax. He kisses back up my body and lays next to me wrapping his arms around my body. I intertwine my body in his and we bask in the cool summer air. I look up at the stars.

After a while we both sit up and I slip my dress back over my head and down my body. We both exit the trampoline and I struggle not to fall getting out. Ryan helps me down and pulls me into him once my feet hit the grass. He turns me around and wraps his arms around my waist. I turn my head to kiss him and feel his hands start to explore my body through the dress fabric. He slides his hands up my dress and back into my panties. The digits find my clit immediately and he twiddles it under his two fingers holding my body against his with the other hand. I’m immediately turned back on and struggle to stand straight as the pleasure coats my skin. He rubs against my clit recklessly before venturing further towards my entrance. He plays in the post-orgasm wetness before plunging the digits into me. I clutch his arm for stability as he begins pistoning his fingers in and out of my dripping pussy.

“I wanna make sure you’re nice and wet for me,” He coos in my ear still working into me and palming my clit.

My legs start to shake and I cling onto him desperate for stability. I let my head fall back against his chest as I moan loudly, the tension of my second orgasm starts to build inside of me.

“That’s it baby.” His hand relinquishes my waist and he slowly tilts my back forward towards the ground. His hands bunch the material of my dress up to my waist and his fingers hook into my panties pulling them away from my body and letting them drop to the grass beneath my feet. My body is only covered by the over the knee socks I’m still wearing and my dress that now only covers my chest and upper back.

He uses his foot to space my legs out a bit more and continues playing with my pussy. I hear the buckle of his pants loosen and the zipper slide down before feeling his dick slap heavily against my ass.

My eyes widen as I can only imagine the size. He slips the head between my ass cheeks and slowly pushes it forward towards my labia. It stays hard against my slit and slips further hitting my clit before retreating. His hands flatten on the front of my thighs as he rubs his cock up the length of my slit letting the head rub against my bulb over and over again.

We moan together as he coats his dick in my wetness. He pulls back again but this time the head finds my entrance and pushes against it.

It’s thick, I think as he pushes the head into me. Really thick fuckkk.

His arms wrap around my body and he thrust the entire length into me suddenly.

I cry out having not fully prepared myself for the girth. The mix of pain and pleasure completely takes over my mind and I can’t think of anything other than his dick.

“That’s it,” he cooes, pulling out slowly. “I can feel your pussy gripping me.”

He keeps a slow pace of sliding in and dragging back out. His fingers find my clit again and we begin to moan in unison. His pace begins to speed up as he starts to fuck me in earnest. He groans every time I take in his full length. He starts fucking me possessively, the sound of his thighs against my ass filling the quiet air. I’m completely encased in lust. The only thing I can focus on are the feelings and his fingers against my clit.

The sound of his moans push me over the edge and I push back onto his dick harder and quicker. His balls slap against my clit as his hand slaps against my ass. His hands come up to grab my boobs as he used them to drive deeper into me. My pussy convulses over his entire cock as he roughly burrows the entire length into me. I feel him cumming and he moans out animalistically. The warm feeling fills me and the sloshing sound of the mixed fluids echo in the night. He strokes into me a few more times before letting his dick flop out of me.

He twist me around kissing me hard on the lips. I kiss him back and feel him pull my dress down back over my ass.

Oh now he cares about my decency? I giggle out loud.

“Hmmm?” He inquires, still kissing me.

“Nothing important.”

He kisses me a final time and then starts to leave to take an uber home. I grab my shoes and go back into the house, quietly, looking forward to the amazing sleep I’m about to get.

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