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Molly was bored. Sundays were the worst. They had gone to church. Michael played the guitar at contemporary service. He was the last person who should be up there singing about Jesus. He was a degenerate. She loved that he was. She felt a little badly she had gotten him sucked into playing in the band but watching him suffer through the same set of simple songs each week gave her a sadistic thrill she typically needed black boots and a riding crop to satisfy.

The rest of Sunday was spent at the home improvement store and sitting on the couch. It was still cold. No, they weren’t snowed in or anything but for her 50 degrees was too chilly to do anything fun. Where the fuck was spring? She wanted to pull out her shorts. She wanted to put on a bikini. She wanted to get a little sunburned. Winter was getting old.

She occupied herself with mom duties until the Simpsons came on and then she finally collapsed on the couch beside him. His older son, from his first marriage, disappeared to do homework, their daughter, now nine, liked to act like a high school trollop but couldn’t help but go comatose in front the TV when cartoons came on.

Michael sat at one end of the couch and Molly laid across it with her feet in his lap. When he failed to massage them as he was expected to she began to press her heels into his groin. Through his jeans, she felt him grow hard and so she pressed harder, kneading his balls with her heels.

“Don’t start something you don’t plan to finish,” he said quietly. She grinned and straightened her leg until her heel had to be pushing his balls up his ass. Not literally of course. He groaned a little.

When the show ended he walked her to bed. There was giggling. She heard him check in on his son. She slipped off the couch to the bedroom. She pulled off her robe and stripped naked except for her panties and then pulled the thick terry cloth wrapper back over her. She prepared to wait, he didn’t make her wait long. He slipped into the bedroom and pulled the door closed locking the bloodhound they had rescued in the other room.

“He will howl,” she warned.

“I gave him a bone.”

“Aww,” she teased. “That’s what i wanted.”

“Come here,” he said. he as standing at the foot of the bed. She rolled and crawled to him, finally sitting, her feet curled up beneath her ass, at the edge of the bed.

He leaned down to kiss her. As they kissed his hands gathered her tangle of red curls up as if he was going to put her hair in a ponytail. She tugged at his belt and his jeans.

By the time she had freed his cock, he had her hair locked in his hand. He growled, kissed her a last time, and then moved her head forcefully to his cock. He was tall, the bed was a little higher than normal, the angle was perfect.

She focussed on keeping her mouth open and her tongue pressed to his dick, he did the rest, rocking his hips slightly and tugging her by the hair up and down his shaft.

he could get close, so close she could taste the first salty hint of his load but he wouldn’t finish.

“That’s a good girl,” fethiye escort he said and the words triggered a deeper excitement. She placed a single finger on the hood of her clit. She felt the pressure through the thin sat panties.

“You can touch it but don’t make it come.”

She moaned in protest, his cock in her throat making it impossible to say more.

He waited until he was right there, on edge, before he pulled her head back off of him.

“You want it?”

“Please!” Molly begged, hungrily, only exaggerating a little. She really did want it.

“Tell me!” he said softly. He pulled her up until she was on her knees, her head even with his. He released her hair so that he had both hands free.

“I want your cum. I want it in my throat. Please!” she growled.

He gripped her nipples, just her nipples, pinching firmly and pulling hard enough she had to lean back to prevent falling forward off the bed. He knew just how to balance the pressure so that really, she was the one causing the erotic pain in her tits as she pulled back to balance herself.

He was fucking marvelous.

“Come in my throat baby. Fill me up. Make me swallow it all.” Molly purred. In response he pulled her tits so hard she gasped, she fell forward, her face pulled into his chest. She bit his nipple. He pushed her backward. She fell to her back. He gripped her ankles and pulled her ass just off the edge of the bed.

“OH YEAHH!” she growled.

He was still completely dressed, other than his pants being pulled off his hips. He even still had on his boots, the heavy motorcycle ones. She wouldn’t let him have the motorcycle but she let him have the boots. Her arms were trapped deliciously in her robe. He pulled her panties aside and stuffed his cock inside of her. He gripped her thighs, forcing them back against her belly and fucked her hard.

She came, but he didn’t. He would get close but then pause, holding his dick just incie her and then when he had suppressed his orgasm began again. She grunted, struggled to get her arms free, and he didn’t like her squirming the way she liked him not liking it. He moved his hand from her thigh to her throat. He held firmly, his fingers locked to the back of her neck.

She came again. This time, he joined her, she felt it. His thrusts became pulsing as he held himself deep inside her. She felt the warmth and the sticky slipperiness of it. She smiled.

He released her. She had never had any challenge breathing but she gasped as though she had.

He stepped back. She put on her scared face. He undressed moving upward starting by unzipping the heavy boots and finishing by pulling the wife beater up over his head.

She hadn’t moved. She had just laid there, nearly off the bed, her legs spread, her cunt taunting him. Her hatred of that word made thinking of her sweet lady bits as a dirty fucked cunt hot.

“Roll over,” he commanded, her voice firm but calm.

She fought her way free of her robe and tugged her panties off. She posed with her ass in the air. He joined her on the bed, on escort fethiye his knees, behind her.

He slid his cock into her.

he was slow but deliberate. he talked to her. “I love this freckled little ass,” he said. “I am gonna fuck this little ass so hard.” he slapped it, the sting was less startling than the sound of it.

He increased the intensity of it slowly, each thrust slightly harder than the last. He paused. She felt for it, the pulsing of his orgasm. It didn’t come. She felt his hands move over her as he held his cock inside her cunt.

He was waiting.

She pressed herself backward.

Still, he held still. She felt his fingers trace a long path up her pale thighs, over her ass, and up her back. She groaned and pressed forward and back needing him to start again. His hand reached her shoulder and then her arms and he pulled them back towards him, her face pressed down into the comforter.

He put her hand underneath her belly. “Finger it, make it come for me.”

“Mmmm…” she moaned again. She placed two fingers onto her clit, tugging at the flesh to free it from her lips. He again gathered up her red hair.

She was close, it didn’t take long, she fingered her clit until she came. He growled at the sensation.

“Now fuck me!” she said.

He did. The room filled with the sound of his hips slapping against her ass, her cries as he freed her face from the mattress by pulling her hair back. He growled. He came. He fucked on for a while just to prove he could and then finally released her. She fell flat onto her belly.

She listened to him move about, eventually moving onto the bed on his side and laying beside her. She felt the warmth of him.

“Good?” she muttered quietly.

“Good,” he said.

“Are you done?” she asked.

“Mmmm.” he moaned gently.

“Is that a no?”

He was quiet for a second.

“You came a ton!” she whispered.


“Mmmm,” she said, deviant thoughts bubbling to the forefront of her brain. She rolled to her side to look at him. he lay in corpse pose, smiling gently.

“You didn’t lick me.” she said trying to sound as if she was scolding him.”

“Sorry,” he lied. “I got distracted.”

It was gross. It was the grossest thing she had ever done, at least in her mind. It was about all they got up to that she considered kinky. It had been a turning point in their relationship. They had been laying in bed in the afterglow. They hadn’t been together for more than a few weeks. She made the mistake of asking him what he wanted. He was not one of the silly boys she normally dated. He was older and possessed the sort of confidence of a man who had tamed a younger woman. “Come here, clean up this cock.” he had said. She had refused at first but relented when he insisted. It still wasn’t a regular thing, it was reserved for particularly intense fuck a thons, usually when they were stoned.

She kissed him on the mouth slowly, then moved down his body making sure to keep her thighs pressed closed. She bit his nipple and he grunted. She kissed fethiye escort bayan his flat stomach, then the soft hairy flesh above his cock. He growled. His dick lay flaccid, covered in his cum and her own juices.

She teased him by taking just the tip of it into her mouth. he growled. It was almost painful following fucking with oral sex. No, that wasn’t true, it was absolutely painful. She liked to hold him down and do it to him though. More, she liked when he held her down, spread her legs, and licked her clit as she begged him to stop. The best though, fuck, the absolute best, was when they tortured each other.

She climbed on top of him, forced her cummy cunt into his face, and rocked on top of him. His tongue teased and tormented her. She took his dick in his mouth.

They grunted and growled and slurped and struggled. When he tried to pull his cock away from her she rocked back as if suffocating him by sitting on his mouth and nose. When she couldn’t take it and tried to pull up off of him he gripped her ass and held his tongue to her.

it wasn’t that she came, it was worse than that, she couldn’t come.

When he was hard again and filled her mouth she fought herself free crawled forward, and pressed his cock into her.

She knew it was coming but still, when he did it, it surprised her. He slipped his finger into her ass. Filled up she rocked on his cock as he fingered her.

She let herself imagine it for just a moment, two cocks at once, completely fucked, she was a good little fuck toy. Her body shuddered, trembling as she came. She couldn’t believe she came again.

They huddled together beneath the comforter holding each other. His breathing became steady and deep.

For whatever reason, it was after that her insecurities got the worst of her. The question sat on her tongue begging to slip free and she held it as long as it could, hoping he was asleep before she asked.

“Am I enough for you?” she whispered into his chest hair.

“Mmmm,” he said. She froze. Time slide slowly by. His breath slowed again.

“I worry,” she said.

“I can barely keep you happy,” he said.

“I worry.”


The conversation spun out of her control, honesty did that, it confused her.

“Ten years. That’s a long time. You could have younger if you wanted, or prettier, or skinnier.”

He didn’t say anything, he replied by tightening his arm around her.

“I mean, if you ever… if you want… you know… strange… just tell me. I would understand. We could… we could come up with something.”

He opened a single eye and looked at her.

“Are you doing that thing where you want something but don’t want to tell me so you say you are doing it for me?”


“Like the air fryer? Or the spa?”

“You like the air fryer,” she said, her voice raising a little. “And the spa!”

“That’s not what I’m suggesting and you know it.”

“I love you,” she said, hoping to back herself out of the spot she had gotten stuck in.

“I love you too,” he said. he teased her butt cheak with his fingers.

“Go to sleep.,” she said.

He closed his eyes.

She let herself think about it for a while but not long, she was warm, satisfied, and happy clueless of what she had just gotten herself into.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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