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I pulled the covers back on the bed, turned to look at her naked body. “Lay down baby,” I instructed her. Sandy moved quickly, centering her body in the middle of the bed. I crawled to her side, thigh high, watching her mound as I moved toward her. Her hips rocked softly back and forth. I reached to pat her knee, pulling it toward me. As her leg moved toward me, I rolled over her leg, lowering my chest to the mattress, snuggling down between her legs. Her breathing haltered, her right leg bent at the knee, pulling up to match her left. Spreading her knees wide, I looked to her cunt, glistening with her juices. Her short hair, matted from my earlier play, was now fresh, showered, and anticipating more. I slid my hands around her hips, pulling my body up to her. Lowering my face, I extended my tongue, reaching to touch her exposed clit. Licking the hard nub, Sandy’s body exploded upwards as guttural grunt escaped her lips. Holding her hips high, she tilted her hips up and down. I leaned to her, grabbed her clit between my teeth, clamping firmly over the sensitive flesh as my tongue darted to flick it back and forth, mashing it hard to my teeth.

“Mother,” Sandy screamed, her legs clamping over my ears. I pushed my mouth to her, taking her entire vulva into my mouth. I thrashed her, licking, sucking hard. I glanced to her, her head lifted upwards, her eyes wide, her teeth clenched. Her breathing was ragged, labored. I probed her flesh, finding her clit again, mashing it firmly, repeatedly. Her hips lifted, flexed, dropped over and over as I chewed on her clit, sucked the labia majora in my mouth, nipped the labia minora, and jammed my tongue into her wet cunt. I lapped her, sucked her, chewed on her flesh passionately. I wanted her, wanted to drive her quickly to orgasm, needing to hear her scream for me. I knew she was approaching her orgasm, listening to her breathing, feeling the urgency in her hips, her cunt.

As her hips lifted, time slowed down. Opening her legs wider, she offered me her cunt, her sex. I sucked her clit into my mouth, clamping firmly to hold her. My tongue danced over her flesh, mashing it back and forth quickly, firmly. At that instant, I shoved two fingers into her wet hole, shoving them completely into her cunt. Her body erupted into a hard, thrashing orgasm. Her hips bounced under my mouth, lifting, circling, then dropping. Her hands reached to my head, her fingers intertwining into my hair, pulling me almost savagely to her, twisting my head back and forth between her folds. I licked, sucked, and fucked her with my fingers, pounding in and out of her body as fast as I could. I added a third, then fourth finger. Her legs opened even wider as her face froze, lust filling her senses.

“Oh fuck me Mom,” she grunted hard. I pushed my hand slowly, hard into her cunt. As my fingers slid forward, my thumb instinctively closed to my palm. I pushed hard, her cunt gave way, enveloping my hand. I watched as my hand entered her cunt, her lips wrapping my wrist. Startled, I hesitated, pulling back quickly. My coated hand appeared again.

“Good God,” I groaned.

“What did you just do to me,” grunted Sandy. “Oh my god,” she groaned. “Do it again,” she continued.

I glanced to her, hesitated, and shoved my hand forward again. Passing quickly, my hand disappeared into her cunt. My senses fired, my cunt ached. I closed my hand to a fist, pushing forward hard. I pulled back quickly, my fist locked my hand in her cunt. I thrust forward, pulled back, and pushed forward again. I pounded her, fucking her hard. Opening my hand, I pulled almost out, stopping, and slamming forward again. As my hand passed, I fisted her again. Sandy bucked hard, her ass several inches above the bed.

“Fuck me hard Mom,” she screamed. Her continued screams grew louder with each thrust into her beylikdüzü escort body. Her eyes were rolling in her head. I slammed her again as she bucked to me. I moved quickly to my knees, my hand buried in her cunt. My left hand reached to her mound, my thumb riding over her clit, mashing it back and forth as I pounded my hand in and out of her soaked cunt. Her cunt was so tight, squeezing my hand, her lips stretching to hold my wrist with each withdrawal. I pounded her flesh hard, my thumb mashing her clit. Within seconds, her hips lifted again, a deep, guttural scream erupted from her body as her hips flailed in the air, impaled on my hand. Convulsing, her body dropped, her knees crossing, her body shuddering. I stopped my movements, relaxed my hand, and slid my hand from her cunt. Her legs dropped beside me, stretching flat to the bed.

“What the hell was that,” she groaned softly. I sat in disbelief. I had just fucked her with my whole hand. God I was horny. I snaked my soaked hand to my clit, my fingers spreading my lips, mashing my clit hard. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back as I thrashed my clit. I needed to cum.

“Fuck baby,” I muttered out loud. Sandy rose, moving to my side.

“My turn Mother,” she groaned softly. I laid back, taking her place in the middle of the bed. “Open your legs for me,” she instructed. Moving quickly, Sandy positioned her body between my legs. Her hands reached to my cunt. Carefully, she spread my lips wide, exposing my clit to the cool air of the bedroom. “Did Grandpa lick your beautiful pussy Momma,” she asked, extending her tongue to touch my hard clit. “Did he bite your clit,” she groaned, sucking my clit into her mouth.

“Yes baby,” I hissed between clenched teeth.

Sandy shook her head back and forth, tugging on my swollen clit. Her tongue thrashed the sensitive flesh. Pulling back, her fingers traced up and down my slit, reaming my hole.

“I would lay in bed listening to you fuck him,” Sandy continued. “I would masturbate, trying to cum with you,” she continued. Her fingers parted my lips, shoving softly into my body. I exhaled as she shoved them deep. Pulling back quickly, she shoved them forward again. “God I wanted Grandpa to fuck me too,” she whispered. “I wanted to feel his cock in my cunt,” she groaned deeply. Her fingers shoved deep into my cunt, filling me. Pulling back, she added a third finger, then fourth.

“Oh god baby,” I groaned as she slammed in and out quickly. My mind flashed, wanting her to fuck my cunt hard, her whole hand buried in my body. “Baby, shove your hand in my cunt,” I whispered. I rocked my hips back and forth, wanting, needing her to ravage me as I had done her. “Please baby,” I groaned.

“Cum for me Momma,” Sandy whispered, leaning to suck my clit into her mouth. Grabbing my clit, her tongue thrashed my clit as her fingers penetrated in and out of my cunt. Holding my clit firmly, her tongue danced over my flesh, mashing my clit back and forth against her teeth. Focused on her tongue, my body quickly moved forward, the orgasm building fast. My hips bucked to her mouth, tilting to take her thrusts into my body. My orgasm burst through my body, my hips lifting high, holding against her mouth. Bucking with each spasm, I humped her mouth as she ground her teeth to my flesh. I flooded my hole with juices. As I convulsed, my hips dropped, tilting to give her access to my body. Her hand shoved forward, my cunt grabbed her hand, refusing her penetration. As she shoved harder, my body gave way, her hand slid into my soaked depths. Lights flashed, my brain screamed.

“Oh fuck,” I grunted. “Feels like Grandpa,” I groaned. Sandy thrust in and out of my cunt hard.

“I thought so too,” Sandy groaned back to me.

Her words vibrated around in my skull. beylikdüzü eve gelen escort “I fucked him for my 18th birthday Momma,” she continued. My body exploded into a second orgasm, my hips pounding her hand hard, taking her deep. Cognizant thought returned.

“You what,” I said, my body flopping to the bed, her hand still buried deep in my body. My body involuntarily shuddered as she pulled her hand back, sliding from my cunt.

“I fucked Grandpa,” she said. “He was my present to myself,” she continued. “His cock was so big, so beautiful,” her voice trailed off. “He loved us so much,” she whimpered. She fell forward, snuggling in my arms. Our naked bodies pressed together, our legs intertwined, shoving our sexes together. “I miss him too,” she said softly. I pulled the covers up to keep us warm as she kissed my neck, her kisses soft, warm.

My mind ran 100mph in every direction. Was it her first time? We drifted off to sleep, but my mind was far from relaxing. Over and over in my head, I watched my father slowly, artfully, saddle in behind and grab my baby’s hips, pulling his cock softly into her body. I watched her head arch back as he pulled her hair, impaling her completely. I watched her hips buck, grinding against each thrust. I could hear his hips slap her ass, the sound echoing off the walls. I could see him standing on his tip toes, raising his crotch higher, her hips tilting to take his monstrous cock as he plunged into her body. And her scream, I could hear her guttural groan as he penetrated her deeply. In color, full wrap around sound filled my senses. I grew wet, my hand rubbing hard over my naked mound, my hips rising to push against my fingers. I needed his cock again, to fill me, to feel him cum in my body. I ached for him. I wanted him.

My hips lurched involuntarily, my eyes exploding open as Sandy clamped her teeth down on my engorged, exposed clit. My hands flew to her head, hesitating only slightly as I gasped for a breath. I opened my legs wide, giving her access to me, to my sex. I could not breathe, she sucked my clit deep into her mouth, her tongue thrashing me hard, fast, mashing my clit to her teeth. Possessed, she sucked me hard, driving my needing body to an explosive orgasm within minutes. I flooded her, almost drowned her as she lapped at my soaked cunt. Coming up for air, she grinned at me, licking her lips, using her fingers to clean her cheeks, then sucking her fingers into her mouth.

“Hey Momma,” she grinned at me. “What were you dreaming,” she asked. “You were moaning, so I took advantage of it,” she quipped.

“Dreaming of your Grandfather,” I responded, crossing my legs tight, squeezing my sensitive clit. I stared at her, looking deep into her eyes. “Baby, you fucked your Grandfather?” I asked. “Did he come to you,” I continued.

“No Momma, I came to him,” she whispered, her face dropping from my stare. “He was in his room, laying on the bed after you left one day for work,” she continued. “I had made my mind up, I wanted him,” her voice trailed off. “To be the first, my only,” she blurted. “I wanted what you had,” she whispered. “You were always so happy,” she finished. I pulled her up, pulling her close again to me, our bodies melding once again.

“Baby, it’s ok,” I whispered. “He loved us so much,” I continued. “And you are so beautiful, I am not surprised he could not resist you,” I stammered.

“He was so peaceful, sleeping soundly as I came into your room,” Sandy volunteered. “I just crawled into bed with him,” she continued. “I moved down, took his cock in my hands, and sucked him into my mouth,” she stated. “Under the covers, he thought it was you,” she breathed softly. “He grew very hard in my mouth, I was so wet,” she groaned. “I crawled up his body, straddled beylikdüzü masöz escort him, and shoved his cock into my cunt,” she said so innocently. “As I ground my body down, he threw back the covers, seeing it was me,” she continued. “I humped him hard, driving his big cock completely into my body, humping my hips back and forth hard, fast,” she followed. “His hips lurched, driving his massive cock up into my body,” she finished. Looking to me, I could see her love for her Grandpa. “I cried softly as I fucked him. It was so good,” she whimpered, her mind pulling up her memories. “He came buckets in my cunt,” she grinned, her face brightening. “And we fucked for days on end,” she continued. “We had to be careful,” she hesitated. “Grandpa wanted me to tell you, but I couldn’t,” her voice trailed off.

“He let me watch you and him several times,” she blurted out. “And then he had that heart attack,” she cried softly. I pulled her close, leaning to kiss her lips gently. Caressing her face, I knew instantly how much I loved this young girl, this woman of my loins. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, hugging her tight.

With no prior thought, my mouth exploded forth words that were not planned. “You on the pill,” I questioned?

Sandy hesitated, pushing back from me. “No Momma,” she cried out. “I’m pregnant,” she gushed.

Everything jumped to slow motion. Brain waves, sight, hearing, breathing, all stopped as her words filtered into my head. Blank faced, I lay staring at her.

“Momma,” she asked questioningly. “Breathe Momma,” came a command.

“Are you sure,” I blurted out.

“I have not had a period in over two months,” she responded matter of fact.

I stared at her, her face locked in confusion, fear, and more.

“Baby, that’s wonderful,” I chimed, a grin crossing my face as I grabbed her, embracing my baby hard. “Oh sweetie, we get to have part of your Grandfather with us,” I continued. My hand ran down her torso, flattening on her abdomen. “Have you told anyone,” I asked. “How are you feeling? Have you seen the doctor?” questions erupted from me. “Oh baby, I love you so much,” I blathered.

I moved quickly down her body, sliding between her legs. My hands caressed her, my thumbs, spreading her lips, opening her cleft to me, showing me her wetness, her engorged clit. “Grandpa’s big cock sliding into your hole,” I continued as I pushed a finger between her lips, pushing it into her body. Her hips arched, lifting her clit. I leaned to her, sucking her hard clit into my waiting mouth.

“Make me cum Momma,” Sandy pleaded. “Oh god make me cum,” she groaned as I bit down on her clit, my tongue mashing it back and forth, held firmly by my teeth. Her hips bucked against my mouth. Wrapping my arms around her legs, I pulled her body to me, shoving my tongue deep into her hole. I lapped along her slit, my tongue circling, mashing her clit with each pass.

“Grandpa’s baby,” I whispered, leaning back to watch Sandy as I shoved two fingers deep into her cunt. A guttural scream erupted from her as I pounded my fingers hard in and out of her soaked cunt.

“Oh fuck Momma,” Sandy groaned with each thrust. Her hips bucked, lifting above the bed. “I’m close,” she hissed, her legs quivering to hold her high. A groan came from deep in her body as her orgasm erupted. I leaned forward, licking her clit again between my teeth. I held on for dear life as she bucked through her orgasm. My face was soaked with her juices.

I knew as she lay panting before me, I needed my toys. I needed to fuck her with my cock. I needed to hear her scream, to hear my hips slap her backside. God I wanted her. But these pleasures would wait for the evening. Things had to get done around the house.

“I hope it’s a boy,” I blurted out. “You could fuck him when he is old enough,” I whispered. I leaned to kiss her tummy. “Baby boy, I hope you have your father’s cock,” I groaned. “Just maybe, he will fuck us both,” I stated mischievously, diving to suck Sandy’s clit again into my mouth. Maybe just one more orgasm before we get up for the day.

“Momma,” Sandy groaned, her legs opening wide, her hips lifting to my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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