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This is an excerpt from a longer story I have been working on for some time. This bit in particular is the only sex scene in the story, and thus I have submitted it! Hope you like it.



Oh My God! Oh my fucking God! I can’t believe this. I really can’t believe this. I’m positively reeling. This is fucked, absolutely fucked! What the hell did I do in my so-called previous life to deserve this? I want to smash something. I want to smash lots of things. I’d like to start with his face.

I must put all this down in ink while I still can, while it’s fresh and raw, god is it raw. Perhaps it’s cold and pointless to want to capture and preserve these feelings; this bumbling mass of confusion and rage and anger and heartbreak and pain. I feel so humiliated. However, I want to capture this moment forever. Is it…am I wrong to want that? Oh who gives a shit anyway! I have never felt so confused, so used, and betrayed, so sad and so angry in my entire life.

I can’t believe I’ve been such a fool. I’m so naive! I loved him so damned much and I now I hate him so damned much. Son of a goddamned bitch! I can’t believe I once gave my soul to him. I can’t believe that this weekend, I gave myself spiritually, mentally and physically to him all over again, and this is what I get in return? This weekend would never have happened if I had have known.

This weekend, Matt and I have done nothing but make love, no, fuck, no make love and fuck since Friday night! When he came back from his bike ride, he came into my room where I was writing. I don’t know exactly what happened, or rather why it happened the way it did; maybe it was the heady mixture of thoughts, memories and emotions reawakened with all that writing, thinking, writing, thinking. And I was horny. I had been reminiscing and writing about the so-called ‘good old days’ when Matt and I were once in love, really deeply-madly-truly sort of in-love. I was mentally reliving memories of all of our beautiful romantic times, holding each other, touching and feeling together. I was remembering the kissing times. I was having sex with Matt in my head, and then committing it to paper so it would never stop feeling so good.

Perhaps it was the sight of Matt standing in my doorway right after his bike ride that contributed too? The room was certainly steaming up. Matt loves a good ride – on his bike.

He came back all hot and sweaty. His skin-tight bike pants were painted onto his perfect ass, and boldly accentuating his penis, which I couldn’t help but notice! He walked in, his chest rising and falling rhythmically as he regained control of his breathing and said with a slight pant, “Hey, what are you doing?”

I said hi and told him, “Just writing in my diary.”

I asked, “How was your ride? Looks like it was a good one, you were gone long enough!”

He grinned mischievously, it made me go weak. I think I physically squirmed and I know I blushed.

“Why, did you miss me?” he cheekily asked.

I laughed and answered, “Maybe” ever so coolly.

Suddenly Matt launched himself up and onto the bed; which sent my book flying out of my hands and me into a bouncy giggling heap. He then quickly rolled me onto my back, pinned me down, looked straight into my eyes, and softly but firmly said:

“I really want to fuck you.”


At first I just stared at him, wide eyed, mouth agape. Then I burst out laughing. I looked up at the serious look on his face and answered in almost a whisper, “I would really like that.”

He leant down and kissed me. Not just a little kiss, but a tongue-probing, can’t-get-enough-of-you, want-to-crawl-inside-your-mouth, type of pash. It was an eager tongue I felt sliding into my mouth, and I returned the kiss just as passionately.

His hands were quick to find their way up under my top, running his hand smoothly, quickly across my belly before he reached for a breast. He squeezed me quite hard and I remember moaning loudly. This was quite unexpected and yet so delightfully welcomed.

He spread my legs with his and I pulled him closer to me, arched my back and pushed myself up hard against him. I pushed my whole body into him and felt his huge erection bulging from within his Lycra pants. I writhed hard against him making him moan loudly. He quickly pulled my top up over my head and tugged furiously down at my bra, revealing a hardened nipple.

“Oh baby I’ve missed these” he said and took one into his mouth. I laughed, and asked, “Just those?” He smiled up at me, and said “You too babe, you too” and began to kiss and suck at my semi-naked breasts, kneading them with his hands in a rough and lustful manner.

It was happening all so quickly. It was fast, and furious, and we were both so turned on I could feel myself already wanting to come. I was so wet, and I wanted Matt inside me. But it was Matt controlling the situation. From my breasts he moved his lips down my belly, and at the same time, his hands lifted up my skirt and found their way into my pants. His fingers wasted no time finding marmaris escort their way into the deliciously warm, wetness between my thighs, and as he slid a finger into me, we simultaneously moaned.

“Oh god, I love how wet you get” he said, then forced my legs wide apart and went down on me.

It was utterly brilliant. It was just like I remembered. His tongue found my clitoris and began gently working on it while his hands searched and quickly found my breasts again. He remembered I liked hard play, I liked my nipples to be squeezed and pinched, roughly and crudely.

I felt like I was going to come. I didn’t want to just yet, I wanted Matt to be closer to me, I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted to look into his eyes and watch him when he came inside me.

I stopped him from licking me, god that was hard. It felt so wonderful. I called to him, “Matt?”

When he looked up at me, I looked straight into his eyes, “I need you to fuck me!” He stopped instantly, lifted himself back up onto my chest, and I hurriedly tore off his bike shorts. As soon as I had, he slid easily inside me. We both gasped. God I loved his big cock. And I knew he loved sliding it inside me, so hot, so soft, so wet.

He fucked me: hard and fast. He pushed into me, and slid back out, then pushed in again and again and again. I needed him deeper, felt like I couldn’t get enough of him and cried out for him to, ‘Fuck me harder Matt, harder!”

He complied. He groaned and fucked and I groaned and fucked him back, both of us filling the room with ecstatic cries of pleasure and our bodies slipping and sliding inside of each other. His thrusting grew rapid and as I lifted my knees up to my chin I could feel and hear his balls slapping against me. He was fucking me so quick I could hardly keep up with his thrusting. Then he looked at me with a face I knew so well, “I’m going to come” he yelled.

“Oh god, go on…….” I gasped, I knew him coming would make me come too. And as he let out a bellow into the night and came gushing deep inside me, he sent me into an orgasmic quiver the likes of which I had become unaccustomed too for a while. I let out a long and loud scream as I came, and as I felt myself tighten around him, he seemed to come even more. He yelled and groaned as we shuddered and quivered and came together for what seemed an eternity. We lay in each other’s arms afterwards for quite sometime. We drifted in to a light sleep, laying there, half naked, and Matt was still inside me.

The phone rang and woke us both up.

Matt held me to him and asked me not to answer it. He smiled at me, leant down to kiss me and then feeling himself inside me began to harden. It was nice, so erotic, and so pleasurable. We fucked again. No, this time, we made love. It was long and slow, passionate and amazing. Time lost all meaning and I don’t know how long it was, but it was just pure, pounding, grinding, lustful, wonderful sex.

We only managed two positions; him on top first, and then I rolled him over onto his back so I could straddle him. I can get deeper penetration this way, and especially when I was so turned on. I felt a little crazy, a little abandoned as I sat on top and bounced up and down on him. He loved it. He was holding my hips at one stage to move us up and down together, he moaned a long, deep moan and then looked at me and said, “God your beautiful”

This surprised me and I got all mushy and girlie and stopped what I was doing. I lay down onto him and hugged him tight, I felt like crying. God I love you, but I could only think it, I dared not say it.

When we finished making love an hour or two later, we decided to take a shower – together. Matt washed me from head to toe. He slid the soap all over my body, sliding it between my thighs and right into my pussy. I stood with my back to him leaning into him and held him around the neck as he kissed at the nape of mine, gently playing with my bosom. My nipples were erect and he squeezed them between his fingers making them red, and even harder. He whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you again, ” and slid a finger inside me.

This made me respond in a way I don’t think he quite expected. I laughed and spun around, putting an arms length between us, making myself almost unreachable.

“Matt! We can’t, not again!” I laughed.

“Of course we can, ” he grinned rather wickedly at me and edged his way toward me. “Come here, ” he motioned softly, took me in his arms and kissed me.

I turned to putty in his hands as his kisses melted me into his body. His soft lips pushed against mine and I felt a tingle deep in my belly. Suddenly he stopped kissing me and spun me around; my back to him. He pushed me gently against the cool tiles, I then felt the bar of soap slide down my bum.

He leaned into me, his stiffened dick rubbing against my back. He whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you from behind”. Oh god, this made me moan again. Does this man know what he is doing to me?

I leaned into the wall, enjoying the cold sensation of the tiles against my wet and warm body. marmaris escort bayan He eased my legs apart gently and I felt his hand and the soap glide between my legs again, sliding up and down, rubbing my entire pussy. The water, the cold tiles, his hand, the soap, it felt incredible, but I didn’t want this right now. I did want it to happen, I wanted Matt to take me from behind, we had done it many times before, but for some reason, I just didn’t want it to happen right then.

“Matt” I said softly turning again to face him, his eyes big and brown, questioning me, “I want to, really I do, but not now, maybe later?” He didn’t argue. Instead, he smiled gently at me and then took hold of my wrists and placed them above my head and held them there. He leaned into me, his hard naked chest against my soft wet breasts, pushing me back against the tiles and kissed me: long, hard, and passionate. Oh man, I still really did love this guy, and how!

The following three days were fairly similar with variations on the theme. We just fucked. We made love a couple of times, but mostly we fucked. We spent the entire night of Friday and into the early hours of Saturday morning screwing. Saturday, about mid-morning, we woke up in the spoon position. I started to get out of bed, but before I could, Matt grabbed me, pulled me back toward him, and took me from behind. Later, we fucked in the shower and Matt licked me dry.

At some stage during the day, I left briefly on my own to do some food shopping, and only just managing to walk. I was in a deliciously delirious mood, and went a bit silly with the food shopping spending way too much money on extravagant items. I bought things like strawberries and champagne, expensive cheeses and fresh crisp grapes, a bottle of red wine and two of white, and some candles. I bought rich chocolate and soft juicy peaches, quality coffee; croissants and a big plump ripe mango. I bought everything that could be either eaten, or used before or during our lovemaking.

Back at home I was bending over into the fridge putting groceries away when Matt came up behind me and with skilled hands pulled up my dress, pulled my panties slightly aside and slipped himself inside me. I leaned into the shelf, holding onto it with one hand and the side of the fridge with the other. We came together, in 7 minutes. He was insatiable. He was enjoying me, and I loved that he was.

Saturday night, after we had finally stopped pouring ourselves into each other long enough to cook and eat some food and drink the champagne, we sat watching a movie on the couch. I realised we hadn’t talked much, not about what was going on. Did we need too? This ‘situation’ was a little different than anything we had experienced before. It was a strange and yet comfortable familiarity. But we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. We hadn’t been in over a year. We had had other partners since then, neither of us serious; at least I didn’t think he had.

If I wanted dialogue of any kind, I knew I would have to start things rolling, it was usually the way it was with us. Nestling in his warm and familiar chest, I took a big gulp of champagne. I didn’t know what to expect really. I had no expectations.

I had his name on the tip of my lips, when suddenly anxiety and panic consumed me; I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t jeopardize this thing, whatever it was, from ending. I didn’t want to hear any explanations, excuses, nothing, anything, whatever, I didn’t want it. I wanted now. I wanted this. I wanted him. Oh shit. I had to get out of this headspace and quickly into another.

In my brilliant fashion of blocking things out, I started to kiss Matt on the arm that was encasing me into him. I turned to face him and kissed up his arm, and into his neck. He closed his eyes and gently let his head fall back into the couch. I put my glass down and straddled him. He grew hard underneath me and I pushed my weight down on him, feeling his hardness against my naked crotch. I squirmed above him rubbing myself into him, gently kissing him on the neck and face, and then his lips.

I pulled gently away from him and went down to his erect penis, poking out at me. I lowered my mouth onto him, taking the end of his penis into my mouth. I licked him up and down in long, slippery licks, “Oh my god,” he softly said.

I sucked on the tip of his penis, licking it, massaging his balls with my other hand and then rubbing his dick in-between my breasts. He liked that and took a breast in each hand, gently and yet firmly pushing them together to rub against himself. I took him back into my mouth and eased myself down onto my knees in front of him. He lay back, smiling, softly moaning, ohhing and ahhing with each lick, each suck, and each long, slow, amorous touch.

With my free hand I began to rub myself. Matt opened his eyes, looked down at me and moaned in delight. I could feel him getting harder inside my mouth, and he began to pulsate, he was going to come. Suddenly he stopped me, he took himself out of my mouth and I looked up at him for an answer. He sat there, escort marmaris his eyes closed, his chest heaving as he tried to calm himself.

“You okay?” I asked.

He smiled and said in a languid tone “Oh yeah babe, I’m fantastic”

“Then why did you stop me?”

He smiled again, opened his eyes and looked at me, “Because I want this to last a bit longer.”

I giggled, then added, “Good, because I need to go to the loo!” We both laughed and I took the opportunity to go to the toilet and top up the champagne and as an afterthought went back into the kitchen for strawberries.

I stood in the open doorway of the fridge, enjoying the coolness enveloping my warm body. I closed my eyes and stood still, silent, and reflective for a moment. Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, an image of Brendan popped into my head! Brendan? What was he doing in there? I didn’t understand it. And then another image coupled with a disturbing thought entered my mind. What if Brendan and I had even better sex than this? What if we connect on an even deeper level than Matt and I? Could we? Was it possible?

God, what was I thinking? Suddenly I felt like I was betraying Matt. Betray? How could I be doing that? We weren’t ‘together’. We didn’t even live in the same state. For that matter, neither did Brendan and I. This sort of thinking was foolish and I quickly resumed my task of getting the strawberries and hurried back into the lounge and over to Matt lying serenely on the couch.

We drank all the champagne and ate the strawberries. Then I went down on Matt again, and when he tried to pull me off him this time, I thrust his hands away from me and made him come in my mouth. He came so furiously that hot sperm shot deep down into my throat. When he finished, I kissed him on the mouth and he tasted himself.

Saturday night was spent eating, drinking and fucking, mostly fucking though. Sunday was heavenly. Just when I thought we couldn’t do anything new, we did. As usual, we awoke in the spoon position. I gently pushed my bum into him, in an attempt to wake him. It worked. Soon Matt was erect and rubbing against me, at the same time cupping my breasts and gently squeezing them. He then rolled onto his back, bringing me up on top of him, on my back. I giggled and remembered he liked me in this position, both of us lying there facing the ceiling. He could wrap his arms around me and fondle my breasts and my pussy, he said “I feel like its me I’m touching,” it made sense.

Because of the advantage of his extra penis length, he could insert it into me from this position, and he could play with me at the same time. It was heavenly. He rolled me back over onto my side, and things progressed as usual; rubbing, pushing, and kissing, before Matt’s hand went down in-between my legs again. He found my wetness inviting and slipped in a finger. I rolled over onto the bed and he began to finger fuck me. He was sliding his finger deep inside and then all the way out of me, sliding it in again and going deeper.

“You’re glistening” he said to me and eased in a second finger, and then a third. I arched my back and moaned in delight. He was pushing in and out of my pussy when I saw him reach over to the dresser and grab my moisturising cream. It had a push-down applicator, and he squeezed a big dollop of it into his other hand. He proceeded to wipe it all over my pussy, from the start of my public hair, down to my ass. It was cold and felt great. Soon the slurping sloshing sounds, the ease of his hand sliding against my slippery pussy, made me go wild and I let him know. “More” I eagerly whispered to him, and he complied.

He applied more cream onto me, and while two fingers were sliding into me, he slowly and carefully slid his thumb from his other hand, into my ass. I cried out in a mixture of pure ecstasy and a little pain. “Oh god Matt. You’re going to make me come!” I cried.

He then began to lick me. He licked and flicked at my clitoris. Soft, delicate little flicks, up and down, and then around, alternating the pressure. Yes I was going to come, no, no I wasn’t, and then yes, oh, oh god yes I was. He felt me begin to shudder, and quite suddenly he stopped everything.

I lay on the bed panting, my breasts heaving up and down. I was aching with desire. I started to bring a hand down to finish off his cruel torturous act, but he grabbed both my arms and pinned them behind my head. I laughed.

“Let me take you from behind” he smiled at me.

I paused, breathing heavily.

“Then let me go,” I whispered.

He released his grip and I rolled over onto my tummy. Matt grabbed my hips and quickly pulled me up onto all fours. He applied more cream to my behind and slowly, carefully eased in a finger, in and out, in and back out. It felt divine.

He then grabbed his cock, and placed it on my ass, sliding the head up and down my greasy skin before he found the opening with the tip, and slowly, gently eased himself into me. It hurt and I cried out a little. He stopped but I asked him to stay where he was, so I could get use to it. One of Matt’s hands found my pussy and he gently traced around the edge of my hole, attempting to make that sensation override the slight burning feeling I had from his cock jammed slightly in the entrance of my buttocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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