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The room is lit only by a slowly flickering candle on the night table and a small ray of moonlight streaming through the window above the ornately carved hardwood headboard. The curtains, thin as gauze, do little to obscure the celestial light. She lies upon the bed with her eyes closed and yet she is aware of the silhouette in the bedroom doorway. The shadow moves closer as she begins to caress her left calf with the toes of her right foot slowly and gracefully. She turns her head toward the doorway and opens her eyes, acknowledging his presence for the first time. The bed is unmade – the down comforter and top sheet thrown carelessly to the floor at the foot of the bed and the stark white bottom sheet glows a pale blue in the moonlight. It is difficult to tell where the sheet ends and her white lingerie begins in the half light of midnight. She rolls from her side onto her back with her one knee bent so that the crotchless panties she is wearing separate slightly for him and motions him forward with a subtle wave of her finger.

She invites him to join her on the bed with a long look ending with a quick glance down at the space beside her – an invitation he accepts without hesitation. He sits down on the edge of the bed with his back to her and she leans forward, puts her arms around him, and begins unbuttoning his shirt from behind. As she unfastens the last button, she slowly pulls the shirt off of his shoulders and out of his pants and drops it on the floor in front of the bed. He turns and faces her – their eyes meeting and understanding. He bends to kiss her neck softly. Once. Twice. A third time.

His breath echoes warmly in her ear and then he moves down toward her shoulder. With the tip of his tongue, he gently traces the line of her collar bone from the edge of her shoulder to the hollow of her throat where he softly kisses her again. She tilts her head back to expose the length of her graceful neck. But only for a moment. She straightens and leans forward to fumble with his belt buckle and pants while he follows her collar bone to the other shoulder with his tongue. He withdraws and their eyes meet again. He breaks the stare by leaning in and kissing her gently on the lips – softly grasping each in turn between his own. Barely perceptibly, his tongue caresses the bottom edge of her upper lip. She responds in kind; their tongues meeting and probing quietly. He withdraws again, but not far. He traces a line from just below her jaw to the hollow of her throat with his tongue and moves out toward her left shoulder again. He gently clenches the strap of her bra between his teeth and pulls it over her shoulder and halfway down her arm and slowly returns to the hollow marmaris escort of her throat – leaving a trail of warm and gentle kisses along the way. Before he can do the same on the other side, she finishes unbuttoning his pants and they both smile. This time, she initiates the kiss – more energetic this time but no less gentle. After a minute, he withdraws a third time and leans back to look at her in the moonlight; she looks stunning in the frosted half-light.

She leans back on her elbows and smiles slightly. He turns and quickly removes his shoes and socks and pulls himself over to lie along side her in the middle of the bed. She rolls over to face him and softly caresses his leg with her left foot. He gently pushes her onto her back and begins kissing her neck again. With his tongue, he slowly follows his way down. He can feel her heart beat faster as his tongue slowly glides between her breasts and over the edge of her ribcage onto her stomach. He kisses her navel several times before he continues further. In the moonlight, the thin glistening trail left by his tongue could be seen from her neck to the waist of the white crotchless panties where it disappears into the soft material. Repositioning himself, he slowly and deliberately separates the slit in the panties with his tongue – tracing the entire gap in the material. Once. Twice. And a third time – until he is satisfied that he has found what he seeks. He hears a slight moan as she reclines fully now – the first sound she has made. He probes more deliberately with his tongue and pushes gently inside. She moans again and he can feel the muscles in her thighs tighten. He pushes deeper into the warmth – curling his tongue as he withdraws slightly. He feels her fingers through his hair as he pushes deeper still. And again. And again. And then he begins to lunge rhythmically inside her with his tongue, quickening his pace with each thrust. And then he slows again and begins to caress and nuzzle and kiss. And then he stops all together. He slowly runs his tongue along the underside of her right thigh until he stops just behind her knee. And then he returns and does the same along her left thigh. Once more, he returns to the gap in her crotchless panties and finds the way inside warm, smooth and very moist. Again, he begins to massage her with his tongue.

He slowly withdrew from between her legs and once again began to kiss his way up her impassioned body. As he raised himself onto his elbows and his knees, she slowly pushed herself up with her right arm and with her left she pulled his face toward hers. Her kiss was hard and deep, her tongue electric, and her breath short. She smiled from behind the kiss and gently guided him around marmaris escort bayan and beneath her. She now sat atop his thighs with her own on either side of his waist. In the moonlight she could see just the slightest of smiles on the corner of his mouth. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She slowly and deliberately pulled her arms free and dropped it on the bed beside him; his smile grew. She raised herself up on her knees and moved to his left and began removing his pants, an inch or two at a time. Anticipation filled the room as his breathing grew heavier. She casually tossed the rest of his clothes onto the floor next to the bed and saw that he too was ready. She straddled his waist, pleased by the warmth she felt beneath her now.

She leaned forward and kissed his neck – softly at first and then harder. Using her entire body, she gracefully slipped over his like the soft touch of a long feather. She caressed his chest with her tongue – drawing small wet circles around his nipples. She moved down the entire length of his body with her tongue until she reached his waist. As she went, she could feel could feel the long, hard warmth of him caress her own body; sliding from between her legs – along her stomach and then between her breasts. Then she stopped. She took him in both of her hands and began to stroke him slowly. He groaned as his breathing became heavier still. With her fingers caressing him softly, she drew her tongue from the side of his left knee – down the inside of his left thigh – across to his right thigh and down to his right knee. With one hand cupped beneath him and the fingers of the other holding him, she slid her tongue slowly from the base all the way to the tip and felt him grow harder as she went. She circled the tip twice before she took him in her mouth and she could feel the shudder run through him as she did.

With her lips around him, she massaged his entire length with her tongue. Slowly up, slowly down, and then around. He moaned quietly. Up. Down. And around. He groaned louder as she moved faster. Up. Down. Again. Up. Down. Again. His breath was coming in short gasps now. Up. Down. Again. She could feel it building inside of him now. Up. Down. Up; she felt him grow harder still and then all of his muscles tensed wildly. Down. The wave of passion crashed over him like surf on the beach and then he grew still and relaxed with a groan of satisfaction.

They lay quietly in each other’s arms. Kissing. Kissing softly. Kissing passionately. His hands caressed her breasts; his fingers teased her nipples in the moonlight. He sat up and turned and she sat up with him. Again they kissed. He bent his head and kissed her breast escort marmaris lightly – flicking her nipple with the end of his tongue softly for a moment. He gently pushed her back down onto the bed and laid down on his side in the other direction. She turned onto her side as well and placed her top leg behind his head. She found his size starting to return almost as soon as she felt his tongue within her. She guided him into her mouth again and in a matter of moments he was completely grown and as ready as she. They separated and he moved around in front of her – gently massaging her with his finger. She opened her legs wider and slowly guided him within her. He entered her slowly and steadily until she had enveloped his entire length, and then he withdrew. Yet not completely. He again pushed into her slowly and deeply – and again he pulled back. He did this a third time also before he found the motion he sought.

He thrust, slowly at first – tentatively exploring the depths into which he was descending. Then more quickly as her muscles grasped him and pulled him along. Their breathing quickened until they were moaning rhythmically and in unison. After several long moments, he slowed and withdrew. With his hands, he gently coaxed her over onto her knees and then entered her from behind. He plunged into her dark, warm depths with renewed passion. With one arm around her waist and the other groping for one of her breasts, he kissed her between her shoulders and on her neck with the hot breath of desire – all the while thrusting firmly and deeply within her. As the moment approached, he withdrew again – the time had not yet come. She turned to look at him and he indicated that she should sit facing him.

She laid her legs over his and gently lifted herself onto him. She gasped as she felt his penetration deeper than she had before. They sat facing each other, rocking gently back and forth, up and down, side to side – kissing, fondling, caressing, and loving. And then she gently pushed him back so that he was laying down. She pulled her legs back so that her knees were beneath her. She arched her back and moaned as she raised herself up and then lowered herself down his entire length. Up and then down. Up and down – with him accentuating her movements from beneath her. Up and then down again. Faster. Up and down. And faster still. And then the warmth began to build within them both. Up. Down. All each could feel was the other within or around them. Up. Down. And then came the surge of warmth that filled them both, together – at once.

She collapsed on top of him and he put his arms around her. The candle on the night table had long since burned out and the moon had passed beyond reach of the window some time before. The two kissed softly and passionately in the warm, still darkness of the bedroom until – still locked in each other’s arms – they drifted into a satisfied slumber.

©2002 Ilyrian

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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