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“Wow,” I moaned as I laid there, totally satisfied, unable to move.

“You said that a few times,” he smiled as he trailed his fingers down my back and over my ass.

“Yeah, I know I did, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said as his fingers dipped down into the wet warmth between my legs.

“No way? Really?” I laughed as I laid there, worn out from the last hour we’d spent in and out of the hot tub. “You can’t be serious, again? ALREADY? Damn.”

“What, can’t keep up with me?” he teased.

“Apparently not, I am not sure I could move, much less, ooooh,” I sighed, as I lost the thought running through my head as he dipped a finger inside of me, and rubbed my clit at the same time.

“Sure you aren’t up for it?”

“Mmmm, I might be able to, maybe, mmm, if you keep doing that.”

“You like that do you?”

“Just, OH WOW, umm, yeah, just a little bit. Damn you.”

He rolled me over, and pulled me beneath him. I shivered with anticipation. I knew if I thought I’d been completely satisfied just a few minutes ago, I was in for a wilder ride yet. I wrapped my legs around his hips, trying to pull him closer, but he resisted, keeping control, keeping me guessing. He kissed his way down my body, stopping to nip at random spots of skin along the way. kartal escort By the time he made it to the top of my thigh, I was writhing in pleasure. “Please,” I moaned.

“Please what?”

“Please, stop teasing me, please fuck me.”

“Hmmm, maybe in a minute,” he smiled as he pushed my legs farther open and kissed my exposed inner thigh. I jumped as he lightly bit the tender flesh there, then soothingly kissed it, only to bite again. The pain and pleasure blended together, as he moved to the other leg to administer the same treatment. I arched my back off the bed, unable to be still as he teased me mercilessly.

“Please, please I need, I need you,” I pleaded.

“Out of patience already?” he said as he turned his head and slowly moved his tongue along my open pussy until he reached my clit. He nipped at it very lightly, but it was enough to cause me cum again. As the climax rocked my body, he moved up so quickly I had barely registered the movement when he lifted my hips and buried himself inside of me again. I don’t know where one orgasm stopped and the next one began, I couldn’t breath, couldn’t move, only experience as my body shook from the pleasure. “Is this what you wanted?” he asked as he pushed into me, holding my hips still so that he controlled maltepe escort bayan the movement.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s exactly what I want,” I sighed as I slid my hands along his shoulders, digging my nails in when he would pull out of me almost completely, and then just as slowly push into me again. It was slow, exquisite torture. I wanted it to go on forever, but I wanted more at the same time.

As always, he took great pleasure in torturing me, teasing me, pushing me until I begged for more. He held onto my hips and rolled so that I was sitting on top of him, never breaking contact. He smiled at me as I took control, riding him, at first as slowly as his movements had been, but before long, my impatience took over, and I sped my movements. I arched my back, and let my hands run along my body, up into my hair as everything else drifted into the background, the only thing that mattered was the pleasure I felt as I ground my body down onto his. I felt the contractions start deep inside of me as I kept moving, trying to ride the orgasm out, to make it last longer. As my muscles contracted, I felt him cum deep inside me, filling me, and I collapsed on top of him, resting my head on his chest.

He ran his hand up and down my spine. I think it lulled me escort pendik to sleep, or maybe I was so exhausted I couldn’t help but drift off. A minute or thirty later, I’m not sure which, I felt him roll so that I was once again laying on the bed, with his body covering mine. I stretched my arms up above my head, totally sated and satisfied. “Mission accomplished,” I sighed as I felt his body pressing into mine, pressing me into the bed. I groaned as he moved to get up. “No, don’t move, that was nice.”

He laughed as he moved to lay beside me, propped on one elbow looking down at me. “Sorry, but I have to go, not all of us can just take off for a couple days and enjoy all this. I’ve got to get back to work.”

“No, call in sick, I know your boss, he’ll buy it.”

“Sadly, that won’t work, maybe another time,” he laughed.

“Maybe after work?”

“Maybe, rest up and we’ll see. I don’t think you could keep up with me in the shape you’re in now.”

“Mmmm, ok, I’ll take a nap, you take a key to the room, and wake me up when you get here.”

“Now that sounds like fun.”

“I thought so.” And I drifted back to sleep as he got dressed and gently pulled the door closed as he left, and slept the peaceful sleep of one very satisfied woman.

I was deep into the most amazing dream, as I stretched and bumped into something solid, only to open my eyes and to see I wasn’t dreaming at all. “Back from work already?”

“It’s been 4 hours.”

“Hmm, you don’t say.”

But that is for another day. Keep anticipation high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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