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I don’t have much to complain about. We’re doing good in life, so why I’d risk so much is beyond me.

We started a family late on. I lived somewhat of a party lifestyle for maybe longer than I should have done and my husband was already divorced from a difficult previous marriage. I got pregnant at 41 shortly after we met and Mikey, my only son, became my best friend from then on. My husband, Stuart, worked away a lot – very career focused, which suited me and my lifestyle well. Mikey and me formed a partnership, sharing the household responsibilities. He grew up quick but never really strayed away from home.

Mikey didn’t have much of a social life. I’m pretty sure his world consisted entirely of his studies and our time at home together, which concerned me a little but I enjoyed the company and was secretly fearing him leaving the house everyday to be with his mates, like a normal 19 year old. He should have been out, like I was at his age; getting into trouble, drinking stolen booze and experimenting with sex. But maybe he was a late developer, maybe just shy. I was happy he was with me so I glossed over the issue. We had a really close bond, like friends; lots of fun together, movie nights, shopping together, trying on outfits, very open discussion with him always complementing me on my looks – it was the partnership I needed in my life, what with Stuart being away so much.

I take a lot of pride in my appearance. I hit the gym and everyday – yoga weekly and a good diet. It’s worked out well too. I’ll tell you a little about me, but not too much that it might help with my identity; born, raised and matured an Essex girl. Bombshell blonde, dressed to kill, acting half my age and dressing even less than that.

Honestly, at my age, I don’t care! I won’t be sexy forever and I want to enjoy it as much as I can, whilst I can. I’ve had a little work done but nothing serious and anyway, I love how I look. Admittedly, it’s gotten a little wild over the past 5 years or so, to the point where my husband Stuart has turned around and told me categorically that “you’re going nowhere dressed like that,” shortly followed by me storming off like a bratty teenager, stamping my feet and slamming my bedroom door.

I’d earned a bit of a reputation in my younger years in the nightclubs of Essex but it settled with family life and my social antics and firery sex drive died down, until more recently; the thirst I once had for sexual adventure came starving back into my life.

Most of Michael’s friends guess mid-40’s, over 10 yrs younger – exactly what my target is. In fact it was when we we’re discussing this that i first noticed him looking at me a little… well, differently.

I couldn’t be sure but it was one cold morning in the kitchen; I was brewing coffee in my nightgown and Michael came downstairs for his packed lunch for the day. I was half asleep which didn’t help me realise the full situation. We chatted about his plans for the day and who he was going to meet up with, when he mentioned he was getting tired of his mates constantly commenting on me, his mom. I knew exactly what he was going to continue with… I’ve seen enough teen comedy flicks in my days to seen the whole “you’re Mom’s a MILF” scenario cropping up. And, I’ll stay honest; FUCK it made me hot. I mean, I felt bad for Mikey, like any Mother would have done, but the idea of his young friends talking about fucking me set off a wildfire. The conversation flowed but my mind was elsewhere. So much so, that I didn’t realise his focus wasn’t just on the conversation, but kept on looking down for some reason. I packed his things and hugged him goodbye, which lasted strangely longer than usual. As I watch him walk off, I doubled back round and felt a the cool breeze blow on my exposed left boob… and the penny dropped; it must have been hanging out of my blouse all morning. My nipple was rock hard with the cold, just poking out. I chuckled to myself at my clumsiness but then eve gelen escort my mind shifted to why he kept looking.

I’d never really considered if there was or would be any kind of sexual tension in that way. I dunno, it’d just never crossed my mind. I mean, absolutely, I was dead hot for hunky fit young guys but never really considered that Mikey was a beast of the same breed, and might think the same way.

I’d started noticing my panties going missing at around the same time and it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together. At the end of every day, I would shower and put my thong in the hamper, buried with the rest of my daily wears, and the following afternoon, it’d somehow make it’s way to the top of the hamper… In all honesty, I was just kinda happy that things were turning out “normal” for him in such confusing times. His hormones had been in full force for the last couple of years so I just assumed it was pretty normal – I decided to overlook it at first.. but then things developed.

At first I tried just to push it out of my mind, but then I found it quite difficult to do. So I thought about it, and thought about it some more. And the more I thought about it, the less it shocked me. I began wondering what he did with them. How he did it, why he wanted them dirty from a days wear. Was it the smell? The taste? Was it me, or was it just any pussy to enjoy? The first orgasm it gave me was incredibly intense, and then immediately shameful. It was like a powerful drug though. It took ahold of me and before long, I couldn’t get it out of my mind – it was everything to me.

I worked out that Mikey was sneaking into the bathroom after lights out and taking my panties to bed with him so, over a period of a few weeks, I upped the ante a little. At first it was just leaving them easier to be found, but then I wanted to start making them dirtier for him somehow. So I wore them for workouts, rubbed myself and came in them just before taking them off, folding them so my juice was fully soaked into the gusset, fresh for him to grab. Then I started wearing the same pair, taking back the ones he’d already licked clean and wearing them again for another sweaty day. I eventually stopped showering… the lust was out of control.

It was just supposed to be another normal movie night but, in the back on my dirty mind, I was set out to tease. I don’t even know what I was trying to achieve. Possibly just to test him and find out what he wanted from this. If it was me he was thinking about when he was sucking my juices out of my used thong, or just using the taste and scent to remind him of someone else. I’d caught him checking me out many times but I still wasn’t sure. Maybe there was a sense of jealousy deep down.

I’d been building up to it for 7 days. Last week I had the house to myself for the day and indulged myself like never before. I woke up from a daze, lying in Mikey’s bed, my own dirty panties stretched over my nose and face with my cum all over his sheets. It was then that decided that I needed to do something about this. It was just too much for me. Since then, Mikey couldn’t find one of my thongs in the hamper, because wore the same one all week. I know my son gets off on the smell of dirty pussy, and I wanted to give it to him.

The thong was small, too small. I stopped wearing it because, as I got older, so did, well… how can i can this, so did my pussy! After having Mikey, it never regained it’s tightness no matter how much exercise I did. Doesn’t help the amount of times I’ve forced my fist into it in the heat of an orgasm mind you. My god, I think it’s fucking slutty and sexy! I have a full length mirror in the bedroom and love the way to looks, sagging and always open. Gaping when I cum and oozing. It was one I’d had for years, cheap but loyal, made from very thin satin nylon with a a thin strip of silky fabric that traced up my crack, pressing tightly over my sweaty asshole. fatih escort I liked the way it felt when I was walking in pubic; the pressure on my clit, soaked satin lodged between loose lips. And for that week I woke it in, worked in it, went to the gym in it, the sauna, I even started to put them on too quickly after peeing… I fucked that dirty thong into my cunt every night for a week, only taking it off the rub the staleness into my nose and check how disgusting I smelt. I was insanely perverted!

Mikey must have been going crazy too, bless him. He even asked me if there was “a new washing system or something?,” then coughed up and excuse about a missing sock. I could tell he was still enjoying himself at night without smelling and tasting me, but as they say; absence, makes the heart grow stronger.

Everything was set. The pizza delivered, popcorn out, drinks on ice, movie ready to roll. I curled up into the corner of the sofa on my feet, legs crossed, gown just about modestly covering me, so I exposed my right thigh and made sure there was a good view of my thong cutting up in between my puffy lips. After 7 days, they were an usual shade of white now and the smell was very hard to ignore.

Happy with my position, I called out”you ready to come and join me son?”.

Mikey looked over at me, legs spread, thong on show, as I pretended to be struggling with the TV remote. “err.. er.. eh… yeah, Mom. I’m right with you”.

The pizza went mostly uneaten and Mikey was curled up next to me with his head on my shoulder whilst we waited for the film to gather pace. But I wasn’t concentrating on that of course. No matter how much I wanted to, my desire was focused on something else, and it seemed it wasn’t jut me either. OK, so I might have made it tough for him; I’d taken every opportunity to expose more and more, bit by bit. Mikey was behind me almost and had a great view of my cleavage. I made things worse by making sure the satin lifted, exposing my right nipple every time I exhaled. The movement of the satin across the tip kept it rock hard, tingling right into my pussy. My nightie up with most of my asscheeks pressing into his legs but I couldn’t flash my thong any further. I started to realise what it was I wanted.

Mikey had been lent on his elbow for too long and needed to shift position so I told him to stretch out and lay down beside me. I made some space and took the opportunity to loosen my satin nightgown a little over my breasts, hiking it up considerably in the process. We tried one way and another. He asked if he could put his head on my lap but I wanted to stay stretched out, I looked at him for a while, opened my legs and and asked, “hey, come lay down here for a while.., you can relax with your head on my thigh and I can stay stretched out behind you”. We had eye contact, my legs were opened wide, gown parted with my dirty panties barely covering my pussy. The gaze lingered, and it thrilled me.

Mikey nervously got between my legs. As I once again pretended to struggle with the TV remote, an essence of guilt made me cover up the smell from my filthy thong with my gown before he got too close. He laid his head down on my right thigh, we shifted a bit until both reasonably settled and hit play on the rest of the film.

My left leg was behind his back, left thigh acting as his pillow and my aching cunt nearly pressing into his neck. After a few minutes, I noticed Mikey fidget a little. Almost like restless legs. Then he lifted his head, I breathed in an bit, he put it back down… I felt disappointment. But then he pushed up a bit, his head shifting backward. Just a bit. I was able to shrug it off until, yes, he… did it again! This time, I felt my pussy nestling in the crook of his neck. He let out a little cough clearing his throat and the shock went straight up into my cunt, sending a yearning shiver up my spine. It was clear that neither of us was watching this film so halkalı anal yapan escort I decided to act…

“Lift your head up for a second please Mikey,” I asked quietly. He propped himself up for a few seconds. I closed me eyes and opened up my nightgown fully. It felt so nice to have the cool air. My breasts were fully exposed and I basked in the glory of his stare.

“That’s better,” I said, with no other explanation, and nonchalantly patted my bare thigh pillow for his head again. There was no hesitation.

This time I could feel the back of his head pressing against my pussy. I tried moving my hips very slowly, pushing more into him. He responded almost immediately by shifting back further. This went on and on, until it was hard to justify. I was looking down by this stage, almost panting with heat, watching my sons face getting closer and closer to my filthy, burning cunt. I was crazy with desire. My pussy started twitching uncontrollably. His ear was resting so close he must have heard the juice oozing from me. He lifted his head and looked up at me. I almost tried to raise my hips to keep my cunt in firm contact with him, I couldn’t help myself.

“Mom…,” he said quietly.

I waited for him to continue, but it seemed painstakingly long. “Yes”, I replied with what I can only imagine was some fierce puppy eyes.

“You… you.. you smell so amazing mommy,” he said.

My heart lit up. “Really?” I replied, with almost a lump in my throat and quivering lip.

“Yes Mommy… it’s…”, he inhaled, only inches from my filthy thong, “… it’s amazing!! it’s… I love it so much”.

I pushed my hips up just a bit, enough to give him the all clear. He hesitated, but turned round more and slowly lowered his face directly into the tiny bit of filthy fabric covering my throbbing cunt. I felt his nose slowly press into my hole with more pressure until the full weight of his head was pressing into me. Gripping the sofa with both fists, let out a low grunt. He sniffed hard and held it in. But he didn’t move, just kept smelling and sniffing. Enjoying 7 days of gym sweat, pussy juice and piss. Inhaling the strong stench as much as he could get away with. I just lay there, letting my son smell my dirty cunt. I felt so filthy, it was ecstasy for me. He continued sniffing hard for about 2 minutes but then he tensed up and let out an audible chirp as he came in his pants.

I let him relax for a minute before I started gyrating my hips, pushing my messy cunt back into his face. His eyes pinged open up at me.

“It’s OK honey, my panties are still on. As long as my panties are still on, it’s OK,” I assured him.

I started again, our eyes still locked together as I rubbed my cunt into my sons cute face. It felt incredible! It felt filthy and so very wrong but I was beyond reason. I released my grip on the sofa and brought my hands up, stroking his cheek once before putting both hands behind his head and pressing it hard into my wanton pussy. I mashed my cunt into his face, riding his nose through my thong, smothering his whole face with my filthy smell.

He put one hand on my leg and forced it up toward my head bringing my ass up with it and started lick my ass crack, furiously lapping all the flavour from my dirty thong and trying to suck the moisture out of it. He backed off for a moment and before any of my senses came back to me, I felt his tongue penetrate my pussy as deep as he could get it. I gasped in shock, horror and sheer delight. My cunt gaped back into his face, almost swallowing him back in as he sucked hard on every part.

My head was making uncontrollable twitches as I started to cum like a train. “Oh god Mikey, I’m cumming for you” I screamed as my pussy stretched out and squirted cum and piss, spasm after spasm. He quickly put his mouth over my quivering pussy and sucked on it as I continued to squirt into his mouth.

I can’t believe it happened…

The orgasm knocked me out cold. My son gently lapping all my cunt juices up as I lay there.

I woke up to the smell, my legs and raw cunt still open, Mikey and my thong… gone. How long I’d been out, I had no idea. I picked myself up, weakly, and started down the hallway towards Mikey’s room…

… to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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