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My name is Jack. I drive a pickup truck. I am not a redneck; I don’t have a gun rack or naked woman silhouette mud flaps or a winch on the front. I am just a regular guy who, at 6’4″, 230 lbs, happens to be too tall to fit in a Honda. Of course this also means that I am everybody’s best friend when it comes time to move. Being the nice guy that I am, and perhaps a sucker for a pretty face, which has meant that I have helped dozens of people move, some good friends and some, people I barely knew. Last fall, I helped move my best friend to Vancouver from Calgary, an eleven hour drive through the mountains with a full truck. But I can’t really complain about it, I’m happy to help and he is like a brother to me. It was by being a nice guy that I have met so many different people and some great friends.

My best friend’s name was Dave and he was always the ladies man to my “nice guy”. I am the “funny smart one” and he’s the “athletic” one, we’re both actually very similar but when you are like someone these little differences come to the fore. As a bartender, he was always meeting new women and always had a girlfriend while I, a 22 year old golf pro, “practiced my putting” more Saturdays than not. One week he introduced me to an absolute stunner, Alison, she was about 19 years old, 5’7″, had a gorgeous face, hazel eyes long brown hair, 22″ waist, long legs, a great ass and of course the proverbial guns of Navarone, they must have been 35DD’s and they were tight. She worked in a store in the mall as a salesgirl, and she went to church every Sunday.

I immediately had a crush on Alison and when she invited us to church with her I happily tagged along. I could not believe my eyes at what I saw when I was there, the women were fantastic, much better than the mix I met at the bar on the weekends, and certainly better than the grannies hitting on me at the golf course during the week. Despite the scenery at the church however, my eyes belonged only to Alison, and unfortunately, so did Dave’s. One Saturday night about two weeks after meeting her, Dave and I were sitting around drinking at his bar and he was laying out his heart to me about how much he was in love, and how Alison was the one for him. I had never heard him say anything like that before despite the amount of women we had discussed and saw that he meant it. Dave was like my brother, I remind you, so I shut away my feelings for Alison and genuinely wished him all the best with her, brothers are hard to come by and a pretty girl that you just met is attractive but doesn’t really compare.

Dave and Alison dated for about three months when he was accepted to school in Vancouver and he moved to go, I helped as remember. This left Alison free and clear, but not really, she was still my friend’s girl and as we had gotten to know each other better I saw her in that light and kept my feelings boxed up tight. During the time before Dave moved, Alison, who didn’t have a clue about my attraction to her introduced me to her friend Katie, a librarian and country girl who was her best friend. Katie was also a knockout, she was a little shorter about 5’4″ tall with long brown hair and a softer, sexy brown eyed kitten look to her, she had a tight 22 inch waist and beautiful full 34B breasts, she looked a lot like Nikki Nova actually (no really), but without all the Porn Star enhancements. She also went to church. We doubled a few times but nothing really serious ever developed, I thought she was too conservative for me (the librarian fantasy is great, but only when it is backed by action after all) and, though I didn’t act could not get over my crush on Alison.

After Dave moved I still went to church with Alison and Katie and got along well with them as friends, I may not allowed myself to go after either of them but no guy really wants to chase away two beautiful sexy women with perfect tasty asses like those. It was the next August when I found out something that hurt, Alison was moving back home to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island to be with her family again and would be leaving Calgary in just a few weeks. All of her local friends gathered to have a going away party, it was a move back home with your parent’s party like a housewarming in reverse, she even gave away some of her stuff that she couldn’t take home with her. I guess I consumed a little to much alcohol at the party because when I woke up the next morning I discovered that not only had I agreed to help Alison pack, but that I was going to drive her out to the coast, like I moved Dave before and that Katie and Jolene, another friend and someone I had never met, were going to come along. We planned to take about three days to get to the Island because Katie had never been through the mountains, even though she grew up only an hour away she was a prairie girl at heart, and we had to pick up Kelly from her job at a camp two hours northwest of Calgary at the end of the week.

On Friday and Saturday morning we packed up the truck with Alison’s belongings, a bag or two each for Katie and me and pendik escort all of my camping gear (a foam mattress, a quilt and a cooler). Alison was wearing a tight red t shirt and blue soccer shorts, not overtly sexy though, she was after all a church girl, but Katie was wearing a white half halter top tight jeans and a narrow curved straw cowboy hat that absolutely set her off. Being a nice guy and Katie being a country girl (the white half halter probably had something to do with it too) we listened to Shania Twain for the ride north, I am not a fan but seeing Katie sing out “Man, I feel like a woman” while car dancing in the back seat had me re-thinking the whole country music thing.

When we got to the camp and met Jolene I was floored by a couple of things, firstly here was another gorgeous girl, 5’8″ tall, 23 inch waist, in shape with 34D’s thick blond long wavy hair and blue eyes that hurt to look at and I had met her before. Back in high school as a senior I had escorted some freshman group to a conference and at the conference there was a formal banquet where I was sat next to Jolene as her date for the evening, she was a lot younger than but I still remember her eyes and how deadly they were, I also remember making an ass of myself that night, someone spiked the punch (OK it was me) and I got wasted, I don’t think I said two words to her all night as I was terrified of getting lost in those amazingly blue eyes and seeming a fool (instead I proved I was a fool by being an ass, problem solved from a guy’s perspective). I stumbled out a hello and hoped that she didn’t connect the guy in front of her with the ass from years before.

The Camp was wrapped up for the summer and most of the staff had already left, so we were bunked at either end of the hall in two rooms, one for me, one for the girls who were joining Jolene in her room. We moved our stuff in for the night and decided to go for a swim and a soak in the hot tub. I wore my trunks and was the first one in the pool, a few minutes later I was joined by Alison who was wearing a yellow two piece Speedo racing suit, she was phenomenal and her guns were just framed and enhanced by the tight fabric her nipples were clearly visible and her ass was like candy in the small sport bottoms. A minute late Jolene came in she wore a blue racerback one piece that matched her eyes and was cut low on the sides and high in the legs setting off her ass and showing the marvels that were her breasts as well. Katie came in wearing shorts and a t- shirt soon after her and sat on the edge of the hot tub conservative in her appearance again after the jeans and halter of the ride. We splashed around a while (a long while for me as I had a problem in my pants that needed to subside before I would climb into the tub) and then entered the hot tub. Katie sat with her back towards the wall and I sat opposite her watching her kick her feet in the water, the other two girls sat on either side of the tub and looked at each other and winked.

“Does anyone else want the jets?” asked Alison, “I’m a little tired from the drive and could use them.”

We agreed and the tub started bubbling away, Alison sat back down and snuggled back into the wall, I noticed Jolene doing the same thing on the other side.

“Jack, why don’t you slide over a bit and get the jet right in your back?” inquired Jolene. I did and it felt great. Quickly however the tub made a strange sound and a jet of water shot out of the wall above Katie’s head and drenched her with spray as she screamed and jumped up.

“Gotcha” laughed Jolene and Alison together as they high fived across the tub. The tub had a tube extended and when a certain series of jets was blocked shot water out of the top of the wall. I laughed too, thinking it served the conservative Katie right to get soaked and when I looked over at her was struck by how good she looked dripping water like that.

“Guys, why did you do that for? I’m not exactly wearing the right suit for a Christian camp.”

“It’s Ok, camps over” replied Jolene, “strip off your shirt and shorts and get in.”

“Do you think it’s Ok?” asked Katie. Than smiling, “well I guess it doesn’t matter much now.” She turned her back and pulled off her shorts and shirt. She was wearing a pink bikini that belonged more in Rio than Canada and did not fit the conservative picture I had built in my head. “You guys look so much better in your suits than I do,” she said and cupped her breasts, “you’re both packing so much more than me.” It seems she had forgotten me because at that moment she looked up saw me and blushed crimson before slipping into the tub and crouching down beside Alison.

“Wow, that was incredible” I said, “you look fantastic in that.”

“Yeah you really do, I could never wear a thong.” said Jolene.

“Me neither, isn’t it uncomfortable?” asked Alison

Recovering Katie replied “you could totally wear a thong, both of you, and no it’s not uncomfortable, just different, you feel different when you wear one”

At tuzla escort this point Alison stood up, turned her ass to me, stuck out her hip and asked, “Could I get away with it?” in a sexy Marilyn Monroe voice before laughing and splashing me, “Katie’s not the only one who can blush there Jack, you look like your having a coronary.”

“It’ll just be a while before I can get up” I replied in my best Woody Allen voice readjusting an imaginary tie before laughing and splashing back, “Don’t tempt me.” and I made air bites at her, “Yummy!”

The conversation turned to other things then but in my mind I still saw those two asses and faded out. I got out and went up to my room. I was reading a book an hour later when there was a knock on my door.

“Good night, were going to turn in now” it was Alison, her hair hanging long and damp against her red shirt again. “We’re just going to chat for a while first. Thanks for driving me, I really appreciate it.” Than she made the same biting motion to me as I had earlier made to her. “Good night”

Two hours later after midnight I was in the double bed in the room, the other bottom bunk was folded in half to make a couch and my bags were on the top two bunks. I again heard a knock on the door, I got up and went and cracked the door open. Alison pushed in past me in the dark, “Can I talk to you?” she asked as she flipped on the light and turned around.

I was naked, I sleep naked, I highly recommend it, you’ll never sleep better but at this moment it was a disadvantage. I was also half hard with the memory of her ass from the pool.

“Whoa, I’m sorry” she said as I crouched over for cover, she smiled at me and didn’t turn the light out, “looks like that blush goes down a long way, do you want to sit down?”

I looked at her; she wasn’t wearing the t-shirt and shorts anymore. Alison was wearing a white robe and flip flops her hair was loose hanging over shoulder to one side.

“What’s going on?” I asked, hiding in the corner.

“Here” she said slipping the robe off her shoulders and handing it to me, “you look like you could use this.” As I watched she revealed her sleep wear, she was wearing a tight white baby t-shirt that bared her stomach and was achingly stretched by her fantastic tits and men’s boxer shorts. “Jolene and I had a little disagreement, can I stay here tonight?”

I slipped on her robe; you’ll remember I’m a big guy at 6’4″ and 230 lbs. so the robe didn’t exactly fit in fact it hung open in front revealing my rising salute to her beauty. “Sure,” I replied, “but the other bed isn’t made up yet, and I only have the one quilt” I looked down and saw that I was ‘pointing’ at her and grew embarrassed again, “sorry about this but what you’re wearing isn’t making it uh, easy”

“I noticed” she giggled, “but that’s OK, I’ll just stay over here on the couch until that goes away, thanks.”

“There’s only two ways for that to go away and you sitting on the couch like that isn’t one of them”

“Oh…” she chirped, startled at what I said, she rolled onto her stomach on the couch looking away from me.

“Still not helping me out, I think you’re making it harder, oops, sorry.” and I started laughing about what I had inadvertently just told her, luckily she started laughing too as she rolled back to face me.

“Just slip into your bed already,” I did but only after slipping her robe off, my back to her this time, I could feel her watch me as I literally disrobed and slipped under the covers, still hard with her proximity.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked her.

“About what exactly?” she asked pointing at the tent I still made “that? Or…”

“That’s not what I had in mind but if you want to, down boy, down boy” I joked. “No we haven’t talked in a long time and you are in my room at night so I’m thinking that there’s a reason you’re here, and if this isn’t it it’s gotta be something pretty big, oops sorry.” and I laughed again, so did she, at least she wasn’t freaked by my nakedness or obvious reaction to her presence, that would have killed me.

“Well Jolene and I had a fight over, well I can’t really remember what right now, I guess I’m a little flustered, we haven’t talked in forever, how are you lately?”

I thought about it, “Well, I’m a little shocked you are in here, a lot sad that you’re moving and I guess happy that you’re in here too, cause I’m happy when I’m around you.”

“I can see that,” she laughed, she had a great laugh, and she jiggled when she did “But what are you saying” she asked.

“I might as well tell you, after all, you just saw me naked physically so naked emotionally I might as well be too, umm this isn’t really easy for me to say but,” I paused to think about what I was about to say, “I’ve kind of had a crush on you since the day we met and when you flashed me in the hot tub tonight you really threw me, and since you’re leaving and I’m not going to get a chance to see you much after this trip, I guess I regret not telling you sooner…”

She kartal escort was quiet for a while, thinking, the pause stretched into a few minutes and I was thinking “man, you really knocked one out of the park there” I rolled onto my back and bent my arm over my face as I exhaled. “If that’s a little much” I began.

She got up and took a step away and then she turned towards me, and she looked unsure of herself.

“I’m sorry, but…”

“just shut up,” she interrupted, “I’ve thought about you for a long time too, and, well we’re probably not going to see each other again so…” as she said “so” she reached and peeled the boxers down her legs, she was wearing little low slung white cotton panties underneath. “Get up, I might need, um, help doing this, um I never…”

I got out of bed, still very naked and still hard.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever really seen one of those” she pointed, still unsure of herself about touching me.

How could a vision like this be nervous as she was? She was perfection while I was not, I’d dreamed about her for months and now here she was in front of me. I reached out and took her hands in mine, “You are beautiful” I assured her again, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to” I brought her hands to my mouth and kissed them, “but this could be an incredible night for both of us.” I leaned in and kissed her, I started gently but over a year’s worth of pent up passion and desire soon had me kissing her fiercely. My tongue licked her lips seeking entry, and she granted and our tongues danced on each other, obviously this was not a one sided feeling.

My hands wrapped around her and I drew her to me, we both jerked as my cock touched her belly for the first time. Pressed up against me she reached around me and returned my embrace, her hands moved up and down my back, inviting me onwards. I slipped one hand down and cupped her firm ass running my palm slowly as my other hand worked its way up her back and under the edge of the shirt she was wearing. She pushed me away, “great I just blew the best thing that ever happened to me” I worried, but she grabbed her shirt and drew it over her head revealing her massive beautiful tits to me for the first time. They were glorious, her twonie sized (half dollar for the Americans) nipples puffed out and peaked with pencil erasers yearning for affection. She drew me to her again and kissed me again her heaving nipples fire against my chest. I resumed my explorations with my hands bringing both down to cup her ass and up to hold her and around to cradle the sides of her breasts. I rubbed her back again as I moved away just looking at her before bending and kissing each nipple making them strain all the more.

“Keep doing that!” she demanded as my attentions continued, I hugged her closer and crossed my hands on her back caressing her skin as I delicately licked her breasts.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked, “No” she replied, “but I’ve thought about doing this with you for a long time now, that feels really good-Have you done this?” I cupped her breasts again lightly using my thumbs to add their touch to her nipples. And marveling at the fullness I found in my hands. I stood and kissed my way behind her back.

“No, but I wanted to for a long time too, just relax” my hands continued their exploration and worked their way around her belly and down her hips to her ass. I squeezed and stroked with one hand while continuing to caress her nipple with the other. “You are amazing” I rubbed her leg and thigh, marveling at the smoothness and strength I found. Her hands found mine and she guided me around her body as I kissed the nape of her neck and breathed gently on her. “You’re a marvel, you were made for these hands” I was now stroking the inside of her thigh. My penis was filling rapidly, engorging itself and growing against her back, when it touched her we both gasped. My hands were drawn up her thighs to her core, I could feel the heat as the outside of my thumb ran up to lightly touch outside her panties, and they were soaking. I eased in beside her pussy, she took a ragged breath and sighed out slowly as my fingers circled her sex without touching it, I teased her as I ran my fingers in circles around her belly, thighs and hips feeling her tremble as her heart beat raced. I did not feel any pubic hair as I moved, she was shaved bare.

“I have all the time in the world for you” I whispered in her ear as she wiggled her hips back grinding her ass against me my cock straining up her back. She reached back and gently encircled me with her hand.

“Someone is more urgent” she said as she lightly ran her hand along my shaft. With her other hand she drew my fingers to her pussy, which I touched for the first time, feeling her need and animal heat. As I gently stroked her outer lips the moist dew eased my passage, my thumb found her hooded clit and she acted as if struck by lightning. I rubbed in tiny circles and curled my fingers into her amazingly hot virginal depths bringing more moisture to the surface with every pass. Her hand left my cock and grabbed her nipples as she moaned out her pleasure, “Just like that” and she started pumping her hips back and forth. “That is so good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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