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I have been posting my true stories titled – My Adventures in Pleasure – for some time now on Literotica. After I moved to the USA, things have been dull, with just a couple of exciting events in California that I had written about.

Moving to Texas made my life as dry as the climate, with just my right hand to keep me company!! However, things got better two months ago, and I can only hope to keep them that way!

I stay in a small, compact studio apartment, with a couch and a pull down bed for furniture, and my cousin came down for the weekend to visit, and do some shopping. This is a distant relative, and I met her through a closer cousin of mine, not having met anyone else in her family. She is 29, 5’4” tall, a bit on the cuddly side, with lovely melon shaped – and sized – breasts.

She came in on a Friday evening, and I picked her up at the airport, with a nice hug that mashed her 38D breasts into my stomach. Getting off the plane into the cool night air had hardened her nipples, and they stick out more than a half inch, visible through the soft bra and tight top she had on!

Since it was a late flight, I had just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on, and the tent in my shorts was quite obvious, from the glances she kept giving it. We got home, and she got ready to take a shower. I jokingly asked to help soap her, but she declined, asking me for a t-shirt to wear! I gave her a large one, and she went to take a shower. She came out dressed in that and a pair of short boxers, and we sat down to eat and chat. She showed me a picture of her mom, and I found her to be a hot woman, even at 50, which is saying a lot for an Indian! I said as much, and Jyothi (my cousin) said her mom could still hold her own with much younger women! Since we had met after a long gap, we talked of life, and her past – the bad, brief marriage she had, and the way she was working hard to make things better for her and her mom.

The conversation turned to more intimate things, like the clothes she wanted to buy, including undergarments, and this led to talk of the size of her breasts! This then led to cuddling, and her soft body was right next to mine. Our bare thighs were touching, so the natural thing seemed to be to pull them over mine, and pull her on to my lap. Kissing seemed to be the most natural thing to do, and it became passionate when she felt my hard dick on her pillow soft buttocks. With my tongue probing her tonsils, my hands began to knead her lovely breasts – I need both hands to just hold one completely! I could feel her wetness soak through her boxers and dampen my thigh, hardening my cock even more.

Suddenly she stopped and pulled away, saying we were cousins, and this was wrong – and I stopped her by kissing her even harder! Holding her in my arms, I told her that we were hardly even related by blood, and anyway, our bodies were telling us a different reason why we just could not stop!

I then lifted her up, stood and pulled the bed down, and leaned over, so we both fell on it. Her legs instinctively wrapped around my waist, and she held me tight. I began humping her through the clothes, when she suddenly shuddered and moaned – she had actually cum!!! Lying there, I slowly pulled off her clothes, and then sat up to take off mine, before she realized what had happened! I leaned over, and began kissing her from her forehead, moving down slowly, with little nips of my teeth, and reached her gorgeous breasts, circling around the base in an upward spiral with my tongue. I started on the right one, then moved on to the left, stopping just short of the nipples – making her arch her back, wanting to push them into my mouth. Suddenly, I clamped my lips on the right one, while at the same time gently pinching the left nipple between my fingers. She grabbed my head and mashed it into her breast – oh, what a wonderful feeling that was!

I began sucking on her left nipple for a while, and slowly moved down her belly leaving a wet trail with my tongue. As I reached her pussy, I moved around it, lifting her thighs and parting them, so I could lick the insides, lapping up the wetness that was there. As I moved closer to the honey pot, she lifted her hips, offering her clean shaved pussy to me. I teased her for a bit, licking all around the sensitive inner thighs, when she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer. I stuck out my tongue, and dove in, quickly sucking on the pouting lower lips, and drinking the sweet juice that began to flow again.

Lifting up, I reached out to the side table, pulling out a pack of condoms, tore one open, and quickly slipped it on my throbbing cock. I then held her ankles up, spreading her legs, and brought my dick to those wet lips, slowly parting them. Once the cock-head was partially in, I quickly lunged forward, burying it to the hilt, and I could feel her vaginal muscles flexing around the shaft. When I let go of her ankles, she wrapped them around my hips, and I began pumping rapidly. I had barely made eight or ten strokes, when she held me in a vice-like grip, and began a low zeytinburnu escort scream, telling me she was coming, and that was enough to make me shoot my load too! I rolled over, with me inside her, till she lay on top of me, exhausted, till my softening cock slid out.

We washed up, and went to bed naked, falling asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning we awoke, with my hard dick wedged between her buttocks, so I rolled her over, slipped on a condom, and she climbed on, hurriedly impaling herself on my hard-on. As she rode me, the bouncing of her breasts was so erotic I thought I would come too soon! I reached with my mouth, trying to suck the nipples – and it was like trying to grab a floating melon without hands! The pleasure was intense, and we soon came together, and she collapsed on top of me.

We rested, then rose naked, getting ourselves ready, showering together, and even had breakfast in the nude, touching and caressing each other at every opportunity, which meant that we took a long time to get dressed!

The whole of Saturday was spent shopping, at the outlet malls, and we bought a lot of nice clothes for her, including some very sexy undergarments and a couple of naughty bedclothes. We got back after eating out, and kept pawing each other all the way home. As we entered and I pulled the door shut, she was on me, and we quickly stripped off our clothes, and she jumped and grabbed my neck, lifting herself up. I held her buttocks, and lifted her enough to slide my dick in. Her pussy was dripping wet, so I was able to enter her very easily. Holding her against the wall, I fucked her and she moaned that she was coming. I held myself back, waited for her shuddering to stop, when I pulled out and let her stand, pressing and rubbing my cock on her tummy! That was enough to make me spurt, all over her breasts and stomach. Since I was still holding and hugging her, we managed to smear ourselves with my cum, kissing and hugging all the while. After calming down, we got into the bath, and had a hot, relaxing shower, though the tension soon built up again with all the soaping up!!

However, the long day, and the great sex had tired us out, so we just dried ourselves, and cuddled up into bed, falling asleep quickly.

Sunday, we awoke late, me to the pleasurable feeling of soft lips and a wet mouth on my dick – she was sucking me gently, while fondling my balls! I pulled her over, so her thighs were on either side of my head, and I slowly lowered her down, so I could suck on that terrific pussy. She was dripping wet, and I could taste her with my tongue. I reached up, and began sucking her to the same rhythm of her sucking my dick, while feeling her breasts, and hardened nipples brushing my chest and stomach! As the feelings intensified, I felt her thighs stiffen, and she came in my mouth, so I sucked even harder. With my dick in her mouth, she began moaning, and that made me come, right in her mouth! She sucked, and swallowed as much as she could, wiping the rest around my pubic area.

When she got off, we hugged, and kissed, tasting each other and wished each other a good morning! That’s when I realized that mornings could not get better than that! Since her flight back to New Jersey was just after noon, we had a shower together, got dressed, and rushed to the airport, barely making it in time for check-in! Kissing her goodbye, we planned to meet up again, as soon as possible.

That, I thought, had been a weekend to remember, and things could not get better – how wrong I was!

About a month later, she called, saying she had to visit again, this time for a whole week, since she had work in town! I suggested that she would come in on a Saturday, and leave the following Sunday, since that would give us almost two weekends, and a whole week of evenings to fuck our brains out, when she said her mom would be coming along too! My erect dick almost collapsed until I thought of the picture I had seen of her mom – though all I would probably be able to do was to jerk off while having a shower!

The Saturday arrived, and I reached the airport just in time, due to construction on the freeway. At the arrival area, I saw Jyothi, in jeans and a tight t-shirt, but no older Indian woman in a sari, so I stepped forward and hugged her. Thankfully I did not kiss her, since she turned around and introduced a fair, youngish looking woman, in identical jeans and an equally tight t-shirt as her mom! I almost creamed in my pants – this woman was HOT, and her nipples were sticking out too, from the sudden chill of the air conditioning! She stepped forward and offered herself for a hug, and I thought it would be one of those formal ones, when she pressed herself against me, from soft chest to jeans clad pussy, saying what a pleasure it was to meet me at last! I just put that off to an orthodox Indian suddenly meeting the American culture, and did not think much of the incident. I was sure Jyothi would not have explained our last weekend together in any great detail, so aksaray escort I had nothing to worry about!

When we got home, Sarvani (Jyothi’s mom) said she wanted rest a while, so Jyothi went to take a shower, coming out in a pair of flannel PJs that hid her charms well, though I did realize she had no bra on. We then suggested to Sarvani that she should take a hot shower, which would help her relax better. As soon as we heard the water start, Jyothi and I grabbed each other, fondling and kissing, and putting our hands down each other’s pants, and quickly bringing ourselves off. However, the smell of sex floated around the small room, though we did not realize it till her mom came out and asked if we noticed a smell! I quickly entered the bathroom to wash up, so the smell of pussy would not be on my hand!

We went out for dinner, returning by 10pm, and got ready for bed, with the two women on the bed, and me on the couch. Sunday was a relaxed day, with some shopping, and eating out again, and a relaxed evening before bed. Again, while Sarvani took a shower, Jyothi and I fingered each other to a quick orgasm – this time making sure I had an aerosol spray handy to cover the sweet smell of sex!

On Monday, Jyothi needed to be out at her work place by 9am, so I drove her there and then went to work. I got a call from Sarvani if I would like to come home for lunch, since she would make a meal for me. When I got there, she was showered, but wearing her PJs, and I noticed she had no bra on. She served me lunch, and ate too, chatting about what I did at work. As I was leaving, she asked if my computer was connected to the Internet, so I logged on for her, and left her to surf the web. That evening when Jyothi & I returned, Sarvani was blushing faintly as she said that I was a very talented person. I did not realize what she had meant till later, when I went to check my e-mail, and then opened Word to check some work I had been doing at home. I realized that she had been reading my Literotica stories that I had saved in my computer!!

I did not say anything, but looked to the near future with some interest! The next day, as we left, I gave her a hug, saying how happy I was that I could look forward to home-cooked lunch, at least for the week! When I came at noon, a wonderful aroma of cooking greeted me, along with a vision in a skirt and a braless t-shirt – Sarvani was looking hot and blushing! I could not hold myself back, I just blurted that she looked beautiful and sexy. At this she blushed more, and said these were Jyothi’s clothes, and she just wanted to try them on – wanting to change before I got back! I said that she looked fine, and that she could pass off as a 30-year-old any time! She then said she wanted to visit a beauty parlor, and I said she probably needed a waxing, at which she blushed more! I told her I would arrange it for that evening – and the hour she spent there would be an hour for Jyothi and me alone! When I got back to work, I asked a colleague for the number of a nearby parlor, and booked an appointment for 5.30 that evening. I picked up Jyothi, got home, and we drove Sarvani to the parlor, where I paid in advance for a facial and a complete waxing, and was told that would be an hour and a half!! Telling Sarvani that we would come back, Jyothi and I rushed home, almost stripping on the staircase, and locked the door, at which we fell on each other, almost tearing our clothes off, fell on the bed and had a hot round of sex. We then slowed down, and fondled ourselves to another arousal, when we made slow, satisfying love, took a shower, dressed and went to pick up Sarvani – who now looked even more beautiful – I could hear a tinge of jealousy in Jyothi’s voice!!

We went home, and I suggested that we go out to eat – and said Sarvani and Jyothi could wear skirts so I could be the envy of people who saw us together! At first Sarvani objected, but we convinced her to go wear one, and Jyothi picked a skirt that barely came to her knees! With a tight top to match, the two of them looked even more like sisters, not mother and daughter, and that made me feel real good! After dinner where we shared a bottle of wine, we were walking to the car, and I put my arms around both of them, saying how nice it was to be spending time with two beautiful women, and they each put their arms around me, thanking me for being there!

In that comfortable mood, we got home, and went to bed, me with a hard-on that would have to wait till next morning to be satisfied!

On Wednesday morning, as usual I dropped off Jyothi and went to work, promising to come home for lunch – and I told Sarvani this while the daughter was in the shower. I also suggested that maybe we should go shopping in the evening to get her some clothes, and she smiled! When I came home for lunch, Sarvani was in a t-shirt that was tight, and it was clear she had no bra on, and a pair of shorts this time – white cotton ones that were short! I hugged her like it was the most natural thing to do, and that gave me a hard-on ataköy escort instantly. I went into the bathroom while she was laying out lunch, and quickly took off my underwear and put on my pants back on. This showed an outline of my dick, making her glance at it, and turning away with her face pink. We ate lunch together, and I complimented her again on the nice clothes she was wearing. After a quick lunch, we sat on the sofa to chat, and I patted her thigh to make a point, saying that the wax job was real good. When I patted her thigh again, she held my hand there and turned toward me. I saw her hard nipples, and asked if she felt good, for which her answer was a nod, so I gently squeezed her thigh. The result was a slight moan, so I leaned over and kissed her, which was when she lost all control and climbed on my lap, pressing herself to me. We were kissing passionately, as my hands found their way inside her t-shirt, and I began to knead those lovely, soft breasts. She was moaning, and grinding her pussy on my cock through the clothes. I pulled off her t-shirt, and she began unbuttoning my shirt, almost tearing it. I slipped one hand down her shorts, and she ground down harder, soaking my palm and fingers instantly with her juice.

I made her get off, planning to pull the bed down, so we would be more comfortable. She held on to me, moaning that it had been so long, and that I had to fuck her immediately! As I was reaching for the bed, she slid down, and un-buttoned my pants, releasing my dick, which she took in her mouth, sucking like her life depended on it! With the bed down, I made her lay on it, and she reached out, moaning “quickly, quickly”.

I pulled off her shorts, spreading her legs, to see a trimmed pussy that was soaking. As I bent down to lick it, she pulled me on her, saying that I had to enter her, which I did with the greatest of ease. Her legs were spread apart, and her hands grabbed my buttocks, trying to pull me in deeper.

We made love hard, holding each other tight, and kissing. In between, she kept moaning that it was so good, and how much she loved it. We reached orgasm in a few minutes, and as I tried to pull out, she said it was ok, she had no worry of pregnancy, and so I emptied into her, with her vaginal muscles milking me dry! I lay on her for a while, kissing, but as I rolled off, the situation struck her – she seemed horrified, and tried to cover herself, so I held her in my arms and calmed her, saying that we both enjoyed it, so what was the issue!

Slowly, she relaxed, and as I fondled her breasts, Sarvani was purring in contentment. I slid down between her legs, and slowly started licking around her still wet pussy, and she spread it, offering it up. Holding her plump buttocks, I pulled her towards me, and began to lick and suck in earnest, till she shuddered, and squeezed my head between her thighs –all sound was cut off, and I could only imagine the noise! She came again, and this time, with a spurt of cunt juice that I lapped up hungrily!

As I got off, she reminded me that it was time to get back to work – so I called the office to say I was taking the afternoon off, and shut off my cell phone. I lay next to her, and complimented her for her activity, and the great way she had maintained her figure. She just kissed me, and curled up in my arms, where we just drifted off to a pleasant nap. Waking at about 4pm, we started fondling each other, turning ourselves on again. This time, I told her that I wanted to take her from behind, so we walked over to the sofa. I made her stand with legs slightly parted, and bend over at the waist, supporting herself against the back of the sofa, with her breasts hanging down, and a trickle of juice going down the inside of her thighs! I went down on my knees, and began to lick it up, moving from her knees to her pussy, while fondling her tits from below! This made us both horny, and she began moaning and rocking her hips into my face. With her legs spread and back nicely arched, her pussy was exposed perfectly! I stood, bending my knees a little, entering her from behind, and began pumping hard. The smack of my thighs against her buttocks was loud, and the strokes were regular and deep. I reached around, and held her breasts in my hands, rolling her stiff and hard nipples between my fingers, increasing her moaning even more!

We were next to the door of my small apartment, and I had forgotten to lock it in my excitement. At the peak of our action, the door opened, and Jyothi walked in, stopping in shock, screaming, “Mummy, what are you doing!”

Sarvani was too far gone to react, just continuing to moan and push herself back against my cock, and flexing her vaginal muscles, a clear sign that she was near orgasm! I continued to stroke deep into her, while I grabbed Jyothi close to me, shutting the door. I held Jyothi in a tight hug, trying to kiss her frozen lips, and that proved too much – Sarvani and I came in an explosion at the same instant, and all three of us collapsed on the sofa in a tangle of arms and legs, me at the bottom, Sarvani on my lap, and Jyothi across her naked front. As Jyothi tried to get up, I hugged them both tightly, and Sarvani started consoling her, saying that it just happened, and that she had wanted it so badly she could not stop herself, and hoped Jyothi would understand a woman’s needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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