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Brief Introduction to the story till now …

“I am a successful businessman with incestuous sexual relation with my busty young widowed aunt and elder aunt … While having a lewd orgy with them, my future wife saw us and I had to rape her to silence her and make her fall in love with my immense organ…

Please read the previous segments to better understand this part.

The marriage of Saurav and Ruhina

We all were silent on our way back to the villa and that’s when Saurav declared his intention to marry Ruhina the next day…

“I regret what occurred but there was no other way to make you understand why your mother and aunt are my sex slaves… you had to get my cock in to fully gauge the range of pleasure and pain I can invent … but as my commitment to you, I will marry you now and make you my rightful bride and mother to my legal kids…”

“I will also not indulge in any act with your mother and aunt until you feel OK about it.”

The marriage was a strictly private affair and Shahid flew in to give his blessings. I paid the rest of the money as promised and he flew away the very same night, content.

As Ruhina was in no condition to have any kind of sexual union, I just cuddled for hours with her and made her relax with my life story.

She interrupted me “I love and I forgive my dearest hubby for what he did earlier… I cannot see you and my family unhappy … my mom and my aunt have all taken your seed in them … and I would gladly accept them… I want you to have all 3 of us as and when you want!”

Saying this she opened the door and there stood outside my slutty other wives … they were dressed in their innerwear and I could see both were ready for some fun as they shared a quick glance and a playful grin, thinking alike without needing to say a word.

Ruhina continues

Together they lunged for Saurav hungrily, dropping to all fours on the huge iron double bed as they threw themselves at the half-yard of rock-hard cock jutting from his hips.

I chewed my lip enviously as I watched from the doorframe.

Meanwhile my aunts opened their mouths, extended their tongues, and looked up at Saurav with playful eyes as they pressed their tongues together, side by side, and flattened them against his looming member. Holding his gaze, they slid up his shaft together, gathering up the stream of thick precum that drooled down along his bulging cum-channel between them, his pearly cream pooling on their tongues as they slowly went up his length, until they reached the swollen, gleaming cockhead. They didn’t let a single drop escape as they leaned in, sealing their plush pink lips together over his gleaming crown, their tongues rolling wildly in their mouths as they savoured his tangy flavor.

The sex crazed sluts then turned on each other, maintaining the seal of their lips as they shifted from eagerly tonguing his fat crown to lustily making out with one-another in a desperately passionate kiss, moaning as they pulled away from his dick, sharing the load they’d gathered between them, their tongues dancing wildly in their mouths. They turned to face each other completely, mashing their massive breasts together as they wrapped their arms and legs together in a tangle of supple hairless limbs and curves far more developed than any lady had the right to be.

They fell to the side, still eagerly, hungrily lapping one another, tongues duelling over every last drop of his salty juice, soft, muffled moans exuding from the join of bodies as they rolled together, until one landed on top of the other, their legs interlaced, spread wide and raised up, grinding their drooling, slick pussies together and putting both of their spectacular asses on display.

Saurav grinned, and reached out, strong hands grabbing the bottom girl, my mother, by the hips and wrenching the pair towards him until their curvy backsides were right at the edge of the bed and the gleaming crown of his colossal shaft pushed against both of their salivating lower lips. The girls moaned even louder into their kiss as they felt the beast grinding against them, hot and throbbing on their already mashed lips, their folds parting over the smooth, mushroom head, both eagerly anticipating the moment when the monster would angle their way and plunge deep into their pussy, filling them like only Saurav ever could.

But when he pushed his hips forward, it wasn’t into one or the other, instead, that monstrous member slid between their writhing bodies, its vein-studded surface sawing over their clits as it moved, its passage between their smooth, soft stomachs lubricated by the ample honey from their ever-eager holes. It slid forward until the tip pushed between their glorious tits and his hips ground against the girls’ asses, his fat, golf-sized balls churning against mother’s backside.

Mother and aunty finally ataşehir escort swallowed the salty seed they’d been alternating between their tongues and pulled their lips apart, breaking their kiss and letting out whining, disappointed moans in chorus at the teasing gesture, looking back at him.

“Don’t be mean, Saurav, don’t tease us!” aunty whined, rolling her hips to desperately grind her pussy up against the base of his length.

Rubina, by contrast, maintained her cool and smirked back at him over her shoulder. “Aww, what’s the matter, feeling lonely, my son?” She shot back in a half-insulting tone, mirroring her aunt’s movements to squeeze the base of her son-in-law’s thick, throbbing member between their pussies.

“Seems a little rude to ignore the just married son, is all.” Saurav replied gruffly as he pulled his hips back, drawing his vein-marbled length back over their clits as he moved, making the two aunts shiver at the sensation. The ridge of his head flicked over their clits as it passed, pulling away

“Don’t worry, Saurav, just stuff that fucking monster into my pussy and I’ll give it all the attention it deserves.” Rubina urged, reaching back with one hand to grab one gloriously round ass-cheek and pull it aside, fingers sinking into the soft, pale flesh, her puckered asshole on display as the motion spread her pussy-lips wide, glistening pink folds eagerly awaiting his concrete like pole.

“Nooooo, give it to me! Come on, hurry and fuck your aunty bunny! Please, Saurav, I need it so bad! I promise, I’ll squeeze even tighter than Rubina!” Shabina pleaded, her fist sliding into her yawning hole, desperate for a measure of relief from her lust.

Saurav reached down and gripped the baseball bat jutting arrogantly from his hips at the midpoint and forced the head down, tendons grinding at the root as he aimed his missile at the two aunts’ hungry pussies. They moaned eagerly as the beast’s softball-sized head once more pressed against both of their tender slits, smooth, throbbing, and hot on their sensitive folds.

Then, he dropped his hips, casting his proud soldier upward, and his free hand grabbed Rubina’s wide welcoming hips to hold her in place as he suddenly thrust forward with all his strength. In an instant, Rubina’s nether-lips were pulverized, glistening folds spreading way over the fat apple-shaped head, stretching wider, wider, and wider still, stretching her like only Saurav could, her now gaping pussy straining to accept the oversized pillar of steel-hard cockmeat.

It was so wide now, I could put in my head into it and taste her womb. His grip tightened on her hip, and she arched her spine, throwing back her head and letting out a throaty, ragged scream as the biggest cock in the world ploughed past her entrance and plunged into her pussy in a single, mighty thrust, a foot of that towering cock, thick as a two-litre bottle, filling her completely in an instant, the blunt head slamming against the gates of her womb like a battering ram.

Shabina moaned, half with disappointment at the prospect of being second to get a taste of his monster and half at the sensation of twelve inches of his bulging cum-channel sawing over her sensitive pussy as he thrust into Rubina. She rolled her hips down, desperately, grinding her pussy against the six inches of throbbing cock still outside her half-awake aunt.

Saurav held himself there a moment, Rubina frozen in place with her back arched in ecstasy, then, slowly, began to pull his hips back again, his fat, flared head tugging at her innermost walls, her body relaxed around his girth with a shudder.

“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck…” Rubina muttered once she managed to refill her lungs, the monstrous invader pulled back until only the head was still inside her. She smiled down at her aunt, gloating proudly.

After beating her belly senseless with his enormous rod, “Mommy, ooh, I’m gonna come!” cried Saurav as a wave of pleasure coursed from deep within his loins, spreading to his enormous turgid rod. The 15-inch long pillar of meat turned into solid granite as the first bolt of his virile seed blasted from his engorged tip and splashed all over my mother’s upturned milkbags. He covered the top half of her chest with globs of his viscous sperm and aimed more salvoes at her tiny red gaping hole.

“Ooh yeah, Saurav, mommy needs some hot cream! Cover your slutty mommy’s tits you bad boy!” yelled Rubina as my husband continued to plaster her chest with unending wads of ball-batter.

“Eat my cream, old broad!” cried Saurav, positioning his disgorging helmet close to her mouth, and blasting a heavy wad all over mother’s face. Rubina opened her mouth, her tongue slurping up all the excess syrupy offerings around her lips, enticing her fucking son-in-law to deliver more salty nectar directly down her throat. Saurav obliged, his orgasm not over by a avcılar escort long shot, and ejaculated huge pellets of his seed into mother’s mouth, filling her to the brim with a single shot. Rubina tried desperately to swallow his immense loads, making room as fast as she could for the next salvo. He kept coming over and over, wanking his oversized python with great vigour, his muscular biceps bulging with virility and his six-pack abs tensing up with every heavy delivery. His baseball-sized testicles could produce thick, gooey sperm at an alarming rate, allowing him to empty the large contents of his hairless balls and remain ready for more immediately afterwards.

Saurav needed release regularly, twice in the shower in the morning, twice more after breakfast before he set off for work, and up to four times when he came home before dinner, and again a final 2-3 sessions of heavy fucking before bedtime. Saurav was insatiable, always ready to satisfy his woman’s carnal needs. They liked it rough, they liked him to talk dirty, they considered him as their ornament of sex, not caring that he was young and that they might corrupt his fragile mind forever.

“Ooh, yeah, sssoo much, Saurav! Mommy is a complete slut for your god-like cock! Treat me like a whore, you nasty boy!” she encouraged, as her potent son-in-law continued to douse her face and body with long ropes of cum.

“Yeah, you’re my little cum-bucket, aren’t you mommy? You can’t get enough of this, you filthy whore!” exclaimed Saurav, aiming his final salvoes at mother’s neck, giving her a pearly necklace that drooled slowly down her already-caked cleavage. Milking the final dregs from his cum-cannon, he let a giant gob fall directly into her hungry, upturned mouth. “Wow, that was great mom! Now pull your pussy lips apart, I’m going to ram my giant dick up your slutty pussy!”

“Oooh, yes, my hung stallion! Mommy has been very bad and needs to be punished!” gleamed Rubina, positioning herself on all fours on the bed, her cunt glistening with wetness.

Saurav placed his pipe at my mother’s entrance, feeling the folds of her puckered lips with his apple-sized knobhead, collecting some of her vaginal fluids to lubricate his mammoth cock. Over-excited as he was, he let loose a volley of clear precum that whitewashed the already-soaked cuntlips. Gathering his thoughts once again, he lunged forwards into mother’s fleshy cavity, pushing the folds of her shaved camel-toe inwards as several inches of his forearm-thick cock brutally invaded her innards.

“Shit, Saurav, you’re so fucking HHUUGE!” screamed a delirious Rubina as he continued to pummel her love canal with his giant dick. At the twelve-inch mark, he withdrew his tool until only the massively-flared head stayed inside, then rammed his humongous pussy-pleaser back into his mother’s cunt until its head bumped against the back of her cervix. Despite the pain of such a violent onslaught, Rubina garnered enough strength to further encourage him. “You’re hurting mommy so good Saurav! Keep going, fuck mommy’s brains out!”

Saurav complied and then some, hammering away at lightning speed, burning mother’s pussywall as his invading red-hot monster grazed against them. Over and over, he ploughed my helpless mother’s body with his tireless 15-inch dick, his heavy balls loudly slapping against her bruised thighs. Loud manly grunts echoed throughout the room as the incestuous mating continued unabated, until Rubina felt the tinges of her first orgasm. Her powerful, muscular son-in-law sensed it too and redoubled his efforts until my mother climaxed, her whole body shaking with orgasmic convulsions around his unyielding bull-cock.

Shabina, the full-bosomed aunty whore, instantly removed her blouse, exposing her massive HH-cup bra to his glaring eyes.

“Shit, aunt, you’re so fucking hot! You’re gonna make me come!” yelled the over-excited monster-god of my husband. Unable to hold off his incoming discharge, Saurav firmly held mother’s hips as the first pellets of scalding cum bolted out of his cumslit, filling her uterus to the brim instantly.

“Saurav, you’re filling mommy’s pussy so much, you naughty boy! Mommy can feel it sloshing around inside her!” beamed Rubina as she reached yet another climax from the powerful whitewashing of her insides.

“Take it out now Saurav or I won’t show you these!” teased Shabina, holding her overfilled satin bra from the sides and pushing her giant mammaries together. “It’s my turn and I want that load in my mouth!”

“No Saurav, mommy needs to be spanked rough, keep it inside, please!” begged a delirious Rubina.

Confronted with such a dilemma, Saurav decided to play it magnanimous.

“Right, turn around mommy, and you aunt, get on your knees, you’re both going to eat my sperm, you cum-whores!” he growled, removing his still-discharging cream-cannon from mother’s avrupa yakası escort abused pussy. A massive wad of goo rocketed out and rained down on mother’s back and hair before she had the chance to recover from her impalement. Shabina quickly knelt before her hung nephew, unclasping her bra and letting her massive boobs hang down obscenely; just in time to receive the brunt of Saurav’s next volley all over her. Hot goo rained on her face, covering her features with an inch-thick layer of viscous cream. Shabina opened her mouth and Saurav aimed the next three shots directly at it. The first filled her mouth almost entirely, the next overfilled it, sperm running down Shabina’s chin in thick streams, and the final splashed mightily against her face as she attempted to swallow the yoghurt like semen loads.

“Yeah, take my load aunt, swallow as much as you can, I’ve got more for you two!” roared Saurav as he unleashed volley after volley of plentiful loads, alternating between aunt’s and mother’s mouths, both females gulping hungrily as they swallowed his youthful nectar.

Saurav walked up to his aunt, positioned his still shockingly-hard beast between her thighs. Shabina kissed him softly while she sat on his tumescence, grinding her pussy along the base of his mammoth appendage. “Fuck me, darling!” she moaned lustfully into his ears.

Saurav easily lifted his aunt up with his strong arms and groaned mightily as he slowly impaled her with his giant cock. The power in his chorded muscles was displayed in its full glory in this standing position as he used his aunt as a hoisting device for his demanding organ. Grunting and roaring, he power-drilled Shabina, her body rapidly bouncing up and down on his mighty rod, her huge breasts swaying in front of his face. She had totally relinquished control of her body over to Saurav, letting him use her body as he wished.

I was mesmerized by the sight of the incestuous siblings fucking like wild animals. Instinctively, I had removed my marriage wear and started fingering myself. Rubina took my arm and invited me to sit next to her.

We masturbated our horny cunts while watching the show.

Saurav was soon reaching the point of no return, while his aunt was a rag doll in his powerful arms, almost unconscious from the numerous orgasms his giant cock had provided her. Suddenly, Saurav’s whole body tensed up, his hands tightly gripping his aunt’s buttocks as the first of many giant plumes of gunk surged deep into her lust canal.

“Saurav, you foul bastard, you’re filling your aunt up with your filthy sperm!” exclaimed Rubina. Indeed, her over-endowed nephew’s cum was already running down the sides of his mammoth shaft, thick rivulets of goo loudly falling on the floor below. The more the super-virile lover fired his cum-canon into his aunt’s deepest recesses, the more his overfilling spunk splashed on the stone floor, until a pool as large as a dinner plate and an inch-thick was formed.

“Yeah, fuck, this is so good!” moaned Saurav as he continued to unload the voluminous content of his god blessed gonads into his aunt’s pussy.

“Mommy, why don’t you and Ruhina make yourselves useful and come over here to lick my cum off the floor!”

We scampered towards the puddle of cum, lapping up the still-warm cream like starving pets. Saurav took the opportunity to lift his aunt clear off his discharging pole and aim the final half dozen salvoes directly at us, plastering our hair and shoulders with long, filthy strands of viscous goo while we were sucking up his previously fallen sperm. Gently laying down his semi-conscious aunt on the lounge chair, Saurav turned around to Ruhina, his fifteen-inch cock still fiercely erect, reaching all the way up to his nipples.

“So, are you ready for your turn?”

Rubina continues

Ruhina knelt speechless in front of her overhung husband, paralyzed with fear and lust, long strands of his still-warm goo dangling from her chin, hair and tits. She was awakened from her lethargy by the feeling of Shabina’s hot tongue lasciviously licking Saurav’s cum from her heaving breasts.

“You know you want to dear, don’t be afraid!” encouraged Shabina between loud slurpings. She tweeked Ruhina’s nipples who responded with short, lust-filled shudders.

Saurav, whose giant rock-hard cock needed immediate attention, held the monster with both hands at the base, waving his dick in front of the mesmerized busty wife.

“Take it now in your mouth, or I’ll have to give it to some more deserving slut!” winked Saurav as he held the monster mere inches away from Ruhina’s gaping mouth.

Sensing that his wife was frightened, he slowly advanced his inhumanely large organ, until the tip touched Ruhina’s lips. Instantly, Saurav let loose with a volley of clear precum which splashed against Ruhina’s mouth and nose.

Saurav continued to plough his tree branch like log mercilessly inside Ruhina’s mouth, plunging it till her lungs, bringing tears into his wife’s eyes as she was forced to swallow the giant cock. Holding her head with both hands, he fucked her mouth with ten-inch strokes, blissfully oblivious to her resounding cries of pain.

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