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I hadn’t seen Amanda in seven months, since I was reassigned, but a month ago she had gotten sent to an office six hours north of mine. Since my office and her office were both in the boonies, and there happened to be a major city between us, we finally managed to schedule a time to get together and paint the town various hues of crimson.

We’d been friends for about a year, and it hadn’t taken long for us to become the kind of close where we were perfectly comfortable with dirty jokes and sharing stories of our sexual escapades and our depraved fantasies. We were both in relationships at the time, and it was nothing more than a friendship, but now we were both single.

We planned to split a hotel room on a purely platonic basis, given that by sharing we could get a nicer room than either of us could alone, and neither of us were into casual hookups. Now we were a bit drunk, a bit lonely, and… she’d grown her hair out since I’d last seen her, and she was wearing a cute little black dress, and more makeup than usual, and… well… she was leaning drunkenly against me, and both our hands had started to wander.

We got back to the hotel room, and she laughed pendik escort at me as I struggled to get the key in the door. She gave me a poke in the ribs that somehow turned into more of a caress, her palm resting almost possessively on my stomach.

“I didn’t have you pegged for the kind of guy who had trouble finding a hole.” I waggled my eyebrows suggestively as I finally slid the card in the slot and popped the door open.

“Oh, I know my way around a hole… some of them just need a little convincing.”

She laughed again, and followed me into the room. “You know, you weren’t a very good wingman tonight. I think you scared everyone away.”

“Hey, if I hadn’t had a stacked little brunette hanging off me I might have had a bit more luck with the ladies.” I let my gaze… linger. “Actually, now that you mention it… don’t you think you owe me for that?”

She gave her little snorting laugh, and tossed her head. “Oh, I see. I owe you. We both know you wouldn’t have sealed the deal.”

I stepped a little bit closer to her, backing her against the door of the room. My hands dropped to rest on her hips, hers rested against my chest, pushing maltepe escort gently.

“You know, I think I have an idea how you can pay me back.”

She looked down with exaggerated demureness, casting her eyes up at me. “Oh yeah? I think… I need a little convincing.”

She pushed me back and I let her move me, watching as she… sashayed past me. This was Amanda. Sashaying. And it looked good on her.

I followed, grabbing her from behind as she neared the bed, pulling her tight against my groin and leaning down to nuzzle her head.

“Dammit, Amanda, I want to bend you over and…” I cut off. She somehow managed to shake off my hands and push back against my hardening dick at the same time.

“Then do it, if you think-” I had her wrist in my hand and spun her around before she could finish the sentence, forcing her back to sit down on the bed. This left her head at a very convenient height as I stood before her, one hand still holding her wrist and the other twining into her hair. She looked up at me and smiled. “What happened to bending me over?”

I laughed, pulling her head in to rest against my leg. “You still owe me, remember? kartal escort Undo my pants.” She shook her head, rubbing it against me while her free hand came up to push against my leg, half as if to push me back and half in a caress.


I smiled, tightened my grip on her hair, and let her wrist go. She brought that hand up to join the other, and I let her pull her head away from me as she brought both hands to my thighs, pushing and stroking. She pushed back against the hand I had snarled through her hair, while I kept her head back, big brown eyes locked on mine as I undid my belt and unzipped one-handed. I pushed down my underwear and she twisted her face into an exaggerated moue of disgust and fear, twisting away from my hardening cock.

I tightened my grip on her hair as she gave a distressed moan, and her hands kept rubbing against my thighs. I pulled her slowly in towards me, savoring her eyes and the swell of her breasts in her dress as her lips drew closer. Soon I had my dick rubbing gently against her inviting lips, while she twisted and writhed, never quite enough to pull away from me.

“Come on, slut. Open up for me.” She only grunted a negative reply, and I locked my hand tighter. “Come on… just a little kiss.” I pulled her in towards me and she slooooowly parted her lips, pushing back against me as I slipped inside her mouth.

I couldn’t wait to see how this night went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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