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“After we’re done here, you can walk on my back,” she said.

She said it with a husky, breathy tremor in her voice that signaled her excitement. I would have bet a lot that this would never happen. The suddenness of it surprised me, and quickly excited me too.

Michelle was my part-time bookkeeper, had been for over ten years. I ran a consulting business from my large home. I did well charging a few clients a lot of money, so mine was a simple business from a bookkeeping perspective. I had Michelle in a couple of times per year for a few days to tidy up the company’s records and prepare reports for our accountant or the government.

For the first few years, the days working together weren’t easy. She was stiff, and humorless, and barely sociable. She was not unattractive, but somehow not the sort of woman that fuels fantasies. She was single, probably in her 40s but never married as far as I knew, about 5′ 6″, with an angular smooth-skinned face surrounded by thin blonde hair that dropped straight to her square jaw line, accentuating it. Her green eyes never seemed to sparkle much, though I saw them flash with anger a couple of times when I didn’t seem concerned enough about her fretting about little details.

She had a mature figure, not undisciplined but not svelte. Her bum was slightly full, her breasts ample. She invariably wore conservative dark pants and plain blouses that advertised nothing but good sense. It didn’t help that she wore far too much inexpensive perfume which not only filled my home while she was there, but lingered after she was gone. Though she and I were often alone together, the idea of any romantic interplay between us never even fleetingly entered my mind.

However Michelle was thorough and reliable, and our accountant praised her work, so I kept asking her back, year after year.

Eventually, the tension between us eased. She saw that I was an honest guy after all, not someone trying to cheat the government or cause trouble for her. She had a dog, so did I. She loved coffee, so did I. She stopped using too much perfume, and wore more-relaxed and more-attractive clothing. Over the years she seemed to become more comfortable with herself as well as with me. We began to share our interests and experiences in moments of chat between questions about my accounts. I joked with her, even teased her a bit sometimes, and she would giggle. She had shot a few zingers at me lately too, showing a sense of humor I had not seen in her. It became comfortable. But it was still just work, no hint of anything more.

On this occasion, we had frequent moments together all day while she was working on our accounting system to ready the books for year-end. Her back was bothering her, so often when she had come into my office through the day with her questions she had put her hands on the edge of my desk and leaned there, moving her back and shoulders around slightly as we talked. I didn’t take much notice, even when she got pretty close to me, but at one point I joked, “You know Michelle, if you want me to walk on your back for you, you won’t feel much pain afterwards.” I weigh 275 pounds, and she laughed at that.

Later in the day she asked about a series of notices from the government demanding payment of a small fine for filing a tax return late. I explained that we had not filed late, so I had ignored the notices until the government figured out its error and rolled back the charges. I had ignored government notices?! In Michelle’s view of the world, that was a very daring thing to do. She looked shocked.

“Ohhh Michelle,” I said, “I could teach you so much!”

She flashed me a look I didn’t understand, and then giggled again. In retrospect, that’s likely where I had unintentionally flipped a switch, and in Michelle’s mind a line was crossed.

Only about fifteen minutes later, she was back in my office again, with a sheaf of papers in her hand. I was standing at my bookcases looking for something. She came very close as she asked her latest question. I began answering it, and suddenly she interrupted me, in mid-sentence.

“After we’re done here, you can walk on my back.”

She looked into my eyes very intently for a moment, then looked away, and then turned back to me, and then away again. She was obviously fearful of my reaction, and probably afraid of being rejected, but she was also obviously very, very excited at what she had just said and done… I could see her chest heaving.

I recovered from my surprise, and smiled to reassure her.

“Michelle, I’d love to help,” I said, as I touched her face and turned her to look at me again, pausing to let her calm a little. “I’d say you need relief right away… we can look after the books tomorrow. C’mon over here.”

I took the papers from her hand and led her to my desk, where I dropped pendik escort the papers and took her wrists, gently nudging her into the position she had been in several times that day, leaning onto my desk, bent over, palms flat on its surface near the edge.

“Stay there, just like that,” I said. “I’ll be right with you.”

We were alone in the offices. I turned off the overhead lights, and moved to the windows to close the blinds. As I turned back to her, hands obediently on the desk, watching me, the golden late-afternoon light filtered through the blinds and lit her face in warmly-shadowed relief. It suddenly struck me that she looked quite pretty – wide-eyed, vulnerable, maybe even a little anxious, but also obviously excited.

“Relax, Michelle, you’re in good hands. I’m a doctor.”

She laughed; she knew that I wasn’t a doctor.

“Well I’m in a bad way here doctor, I hope that you can help me.”

I moved behind her and laid my hands on her back, just letting them rest there, being careful not to move in too close to her, to advance too quickly. Her back was undulating as she breathed deeply and quickly, seeming to try to calm herself.

“It’s OK, Michelle. I’m going to be very gentle, and do just what you want. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

That last part wasn’t quite true – I was surprised we were here – but I certainly wanted to do it now, and the little white lie worked. She sighed especially deeply, a lot of the stiffness went out of her, and I could feel her back relax. I slid my hands very slowly, very lightly, up her back and began to knead gently at her shoulders and work my thumbs into the base of her neck. She murmured softly.

She wanted the touching as much as anything, I sensed; she just wanted to feel someone touching her. I thought about how lonely she must be for physical companionship… she had told me once, sounding only half-joking, that she had given up on men. I took my time.

After minutes on her shoulders, I began to work slowly down her spine, pressing into the muscles on either side of it with my thumbs, sweeping my fingers in large arcs across her back and then down to brush lightly against her sides. Soon I was brushing the sides of her breasts through an armor-like bra and my thumbs were working just above and just below its thick strap. I thought carefully about what I would say.

“Michelle, it would be…”

“Yes,” she said quickly.

Nothing more was required. I continued kneading her upper back with one hand, and with the other I moved to the waistband of her pants and began to pull with deliberate slowness on her blouse, very, very slowly working it out from her pants while I continued massaging her back. I wanted her to feel each millimeter of the silky cloth sliding against her skin as I slowly freed it all the way around.

Eventually, it hung loosely all the way around her waist, and I started my hand up her back again, this time under her blouse.

As I touched the skin of her bare back, the sound of her catching her breath masked my own sigh. Her skin was so soft, surprisingly smooth, and very warm. I stiffened as some of it appeared beneath the hem of her blouse.

I reached the clasp of her bra, and popped the three hooks with a practiced flick. Her bra released with a quick loud rustle.

She sighed again.

“I don’t know how you breathe with that thing on,” I said, as I rubbed over the indented skin on her back where the strap had been.

“It’s the curse of being a woman, especially one with big… it feels awfully good when it comes off.”

There was a long pause as I rubbed into her back with one hand under her blouse, the other hand over it.

“Especially now,” she said quietly.

“Mmmm,” I said. “Feels very good to me too.”

I slid my other hand up under her loose blouse to join the first, taking its hem up with my wrist, exposing much of the soft skin of her back. It was so smooth, without even peach fuzz on it, and her waist was quite narrow until it flared into her luscious bum. Hers looked like the back of a much younger woman. She was in better shape than I had thought.

“Your skin is so beautiful, so soft and smooth.”

I bent to kiss her lower back, soft butterfly kisses on one side, then the other, working slowly up her back. My hands moved up too, to knead briefly at her shoulders again, and then drift very softly back down as I continued kissing her lower and middle back.

“Is this where it hurts, Michelle?”

“Ohhhhh,” she breathed, and I realized she had been holding her breath. “You’re a good doctor, Peter,” she sighed, “it isn’t hurting a bit right now!”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I rumbled, “I think this is the right course of treatment.”

I let my hands drift up and down her back for minutes more, sometimes working firmly into her muscles, sometimes just barely touching, occasionally scraping very lightly with my fingernails. I drifted off to her sides, lightly maltepe escort dragging splayed fingers up and down the length of her torso for a few moments more, and then moved to graze ever-so-softly down the sides of her breasts, gently cradling them in my hands as I returned to kissing her back. Her nipples were already prominent, and I let them fall between the first and second finger of each hand as I slowly squeezed and moved her breasts around while pressing my lips into her back, here, there, everywhere. She couldn’t know where the next warm kiss would land. I let my tongue touch her a few times, leaving a tiny wet spot to cool quickly as I pulled away to land another hot kiss somewhere else.

She started to move, shifting her bum against me, pressing back slightly, shifting from side to side slightly. She may not have even been aware she was doing it, but as my cock nestled warmly in the crack of her bum, even though separated by clothing, I was certainly aware.

I leaned into her more firmly, pulling her back towards me, raising her into a standing position, and closed my fingers, trapping her nipples between them and squeezing my fingers closed, firmly but not hard. Always a risk; some women want only the most gentle grazing of their nipples; others are less-sensitive there and need firmer pressure. I won the lottery… Michelle sucked in her breath and backed up hard into me, reaching back to grab my hips.


I released the firm pressure on her nipples, allowing blood to rush back into them, and bent to nuzzle her neck. She gasped again and pulled on the sides of my pants, pulling me into her bum. “Ohhhhhh!”

“Did that hurt, or are we on the right track?” I asked.

She reached up to cover my arms and hands, still cradling her breasts, with her own and squeezed hard. I had my answer.

I held her back against myself for a few moments longer, enjoying her soft warmth against my body, her heavy soft breasts in my hands. I nuzzled her neck, kissing it softly, then nibbling gently at her ears with my lips. She lolled her head around, offering new vistas, obviously appreciative, nuzzling me back with her soft cheek. She returned her hands to my hips, and gently moved them around on my hips and back towards my bum. I felt tenderness that surprised me, and a desire to give her exactly what she wanted. My voice was deep and husky.

“Michelle, we may have distracted you from your symptoms, but I’m not sure that we’ve found the root cause of your back pain. I can give you the medical terms if you like, but basically I’m going to explore some of the nerve pathways in your body and see if I can find other areas that might be related to your pain, OK?”

I felt her chuckle begin in her body before I heard it, throaty and warm, and she leaned further back against me and reached up to hold the side of my face with her warm, smooth hand.

“You’ve done everything right so far doctor. I’d like the full treatment please.”

I kissed her cheek, grasped her wrist up near my face, and reached down for the other one at my hip. I moved her back towards the desk, where she again bent over and obediently placed her hands on its cool surface. I pressed a little further, and she sank to her elbows, bent ninety degrees over the edge of my desk, and I heard another quiet murmur of excitement. Hmmmm. Submissive too?

Her pants were made of a heavy woolen fabric, and not very loose. I found the hook at her hip, and then the zipper underneath it, and slowly eased its grip around her hips. The zipper sounded loud in the quiet office, and I deliberately took my time easing it down a couple of tooth-clicks at a time, until the pants were loose. Then, as with her blouse before, I moved them down by half-inches, letting her feel the heavy cloth creeping over her hips and the silky expanse of her panties for as long as I could until the pants released of their own weight and fell with a soft plop at her feet.

I looked up from the marvelous view of her soft, round bum in its tight white panties to notice her back heaving again with heavy breathing. I was getting to her, as I had hoped to do.

I ran my left hand up her back, and kneaded comfortingly at her shoulder. I hooked the index finger of my other hand under the waistband of her panties, and dragged it slowly around on her soft skin under her panties from her left hip, across her back, and around to her right hip, enjoying the feeling of her smooth warmth against the back of my finger as I edged her panties down very slightly. Then I reversed direction and started back towards her other hip. I caught my own intake of breath as I felt the indentation at the top of her bum, but it was again masked by her own low moan as I tickled gently there.

Time was suspended for both of us. It may have taken two minutes, it may have taken five, but eventually my gliding finger had covered every millimeter of her bum and upper thighs, and her panties were gathered halfway kartal escort to her knees. Her soft round bum looked spectacularly inviting as she continued to very naturally wriggle it gently around as she rhythmically squeezed her thighs together around her aroused center.

I knelt, hands on her hips, and leaned in to plant tiny butterfly kisses around on her bum cheeks and into the soft crevice between them. Her thick, damp, clean scent filled my nostrils as I breathed with excitement. Gliding my hands down the sides of her thighs and calves, I slid her panties down the rest of the way, noting that their center was long past damp, it was soaked with her excitement.

When I tapped lightly on her ankle she lifted her leg, and then the other, so that her pants, panties, and shoes could be cleared away. Her warm humid scent brushed my face as her center opened further when her legs were raised. A thick mat of slickened blonde hair covered most of her pussy. Unfortunate, but not surprising; I would have been surprised to find Michelle’s pussy bare. However her dewy crevice could be seen nearly splitting the mat, and her puffy lips beneath it provided further assurance of her want.

She smelled great; clean, damp, hot woman. I brushed her calf and she immediately spread her legs wide and leaned lower on the desk. I could hear her gasping for breath, and I had barely touched her. I felt like both master and servant as I leaned in, steadied myself with my hands on her smooth thighs, and ran the tip of my tongue into that glistening crevice. Michelle cried out and panted heavily. Encouraged, I pulled her into my face and went to work, working my nose into her center and lashing at her prominent clit with my tongue. She went wild, bucking and gasping and crying out as I held her tightly to my face and worked my tongue and nose into every slick place I could find.

She began humping back and forth, at first subtly, but then more vigorously, making it difficult to keep my face in contact with her sensitive parts. Rather than just let her hump my face, I wrapped my arms tightly around her upper thighs and gripped hard, pulling her back into my dancing tongue and pressing it more firmly into and onto her slick crevice, driving her higher. She cried out, and within less than a minute she stiffened hard in my grip, her pussy flooded with slick moisture, and after a moment she gasped out her release and went nearly limp in my arms. I held her tightly as small shocks seemed to pass through her.

I rose to my feet, and pulled her into a standing position leaning back against me. I wrapped my arms around her, just under her soft, heaving breasts, and nuzzled my lips against her neck.

“Ohhh, god Peter!” she said, breathing heavily, “That was amazing. You can probably tell, it’s been a long time for me. Thank you.” She reached for the back of my head, pulling me into the side of her face, and then tried for an awkward kiss. She missed, but the thought was definitely there in the passion of her kiss against the side of my mouth.

“You’re welcome,” I rumbled when she released my head, “but thank me when we’re done. The treatment is not yet completed.”

I slid my hand down her front, and was immediately rewarded with a catch in her breath and a wanting sound deep in her throat. I moved my delicately-tracing fingers around on her flat stomach under her blouse. Again, her skin was smooth, soft, fairly firm, seemingly-youthful, exciting. She giggled and squirmed away as I unintentionally tickled her, and I continued moving down, into the top of her bush where I lingered and tugged gently for a moment, and then down through it to the slick and matted hair on her still-puffy nether lips. I cupped her entire pussy in my hand and lifted firmly upwards. She sucked air through her teeth, and stiffened back against me.

My other hand slid up under her blouse to cradle her breasts, again trapping the nipple of one between two fingers, as down below my middle finger curled and began very lightly exploring the sopping folds of Michelle’s pussy. I avoided sinking it inside as I traced back and forth along her slippery crease. My touches were light as I brushed past either side of her sensitive bud, but when she didn’t seem over-sensitive there I increased the pressure, and occasionally flicked directly on her clitoris, already emerging again from its folds. Each flick brought a reaction, at first quiet and subtle, but soon her pleasure was again more vocal and more obvious.

I traced down, fluttered around at the entrance to her vagina, then glided onto the sensitive perineum where I pressed the pad of my finger and rotated it around the nerve endings there before starting the journey back up to her prominent button.

Her excitement rose ever higher again as I continued my looping ministrations to her hot buttons. She was straining up onto her toes, pressing back into me and pulling my hips strongly into her gyrating bum, when I stopped everything, hands still holding her gently at her pussy and breast.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Oh that was so nice! Please?!”

I chuckled and kissed the side of her neck.

“Your treatment is going to continue, I just need to explain the next phase to you.”

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