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Callie got home that night after fighting off the five o’clock traffic. Nathan usually got home an hour later. She got in the apartment and decided to go see what she could cook up for them. She looked around everywhere and it seemed they didn’t have any food. Oh Great! No food and I’m starving! I know Nathan will be starving.

She groaned in frustration throwing herself on the couch. She turned on the T.V to watch the evening news. She thought about her day and how David, had been so sweet with her. Yet, her coworker, Amber, had been such a bitch to her. Callie was closing her eyes almost falling asleep, when she heard the door being opened. She quickly scrambled to her feet in surprise. Her face lit up seeing her brother come in.

“Hi sweetheart!” She rushed to him putting her arms around him.

“Mmmm so good to come home to you.” Nathan replied giving his sister a sweet kiss on her lips.

“Listen, I wasn’t able to cook up anything. I think we’re out of food.”

Nathan chuckled. “It’s Ok love. Let’s order a pizza and tomorrow I’ll go grocery shopping. I’m going to work until noon tomorrow anyway.”

Callie sighed heavenly. “Oh babe, your so good to me. Letting me live with you and treating me so good.”

“You deserve it Callie. Besides being my sister, I’m crazy about you.”

“I love you bro.” Callie kissed her brother seductively letting her mouth part and his tongue enter her mouth.

The siblings kissed with passion, love, and desire. Callie felt her body tingle as Nathan held her close. His hands slid up and down her body. He felt every curve she had. His hands rubbed her firm buttocks and Callie moaned as they kissed.

His arms so strong around her, making her feel secure and loved. His kisses trailed down her neck while she leaned her head back. His hands reached up to pull the pins she had on her hair, letting her hair fall down to her shoulders.

“I want you so much right now Callie. I want to taste you.”

Callie blushed hearing her own brother telling her sexy things. “Nathan I want you too. I’m so horny for you right now!”

Nathan picked her up and took her to his room gently laying her on his bed. Callie felt her body recline on the bed. Nathan stood there looking at her full of passion. He picked up one of her legs and slid off her black clog. The picked up the other leg and slid of that shoe as well. He rubbed his hands up and down her legs reaching up to unbutton her pants. Callie stared anxiously waiting to see what her brother would do next.

He easily managed to slowly slide her pants off her womanly hips and down her long legs. She was left there with her white silky panties. Nathan then moved his hands on Callie’s top slowly unbuttoning her white shirt. It fell open letting him consume her gorgeous body. She had on a white lacey bra underneath her shirt. He looked closely at his sister half naked laying there waiting for him to take control of her body. Fuck she’s beautiful.

He bowed down to kiss her as his hands ran up her smooth thighs. Callie’s legs were wrapping around her brother’s waist pulling him closer to her. She could feel his hard prick against her pussy as she squeezed his body up against hers.

“Nathan I love you,” Callie cooed.

“I want to eat your pussy sis. Can I please?” Nathan begged sounding so horny.

Callie moaned feeling heat churning in her cunt. “Mhmmmm yes! Taste me Nathan. Oooh lick me!”

Nathan dove down between his sister’s legs spreading them wide as he looked at her cunt over her panties. He could see she was already soaked with her juices. He grabbed her panties on each side and took them off as he licked his lips looking at her delicious shaved pussy.

He lunged down between her legs and parted her pink cunt lips letting her slick swollen clit sneak out. He looked at her clit and he knew she wanted him to suck it, lick it. He put the tip of his tongue on it feeling the slippery juices on his tongue. Callie automatically let out a loud moan.

Nathan started licking her slowly then little by little sped up his rhythm. Callie’s pussy was throbbing as her brother licked her. She couldn’t keep her body steady feeling herself squirm around. Her brother’s tongue was making her want to explode harder than she ever thought she would.

Nathan felt her juices ooze out with each stroke of his tongue. He sucked on her clit now wrapping his lips around it as it throbbed in his mouth. He placed his hands on her little waist to keep her from moving around so much. beşiktaş türbanlı escort Her legs were almost kicking and her moans were increasing.

“Mmmggghhhh, oooohhh yesssss!” She called out loudly letting her breasts out of her bra.

Callie played with her tits while her brother ate her out. Her nipples were hard as a rock as she pinched them with her fingers. It was amazing the way he was pleasing her with incredible oral sex. She ran her hands on her breasts feeling them get more sensitive as she reached her climax.

Nathan was busy licking and sucking her cunt. He did long strokes with his tongue up and down her wet slit. He poked his tongue inside her pussy hole while his fingers were rubbing her clit. That was all it took to feel his sister cum hard.

Callie felt her body stiff. She couldn’t move for a moment and then she trembled madly feeling herself cum on Nathan’s tongue. He had his tongue buried deep inside her fuck hole and she was cumming. She was cumming hard!

“Ommmgghhhhh! I’m c-cumming! Oh bro I’m cumming!” Callie cried out.

Nathan felt her little body quiver and her juices were oozing out fast like water. He lapped up her juices. Nathan didn’t wanna miss any taste his sister had to offer him.

Callie slowly felt her heart beat slow down and her legs felt like jell-o. Nathan got himself back and dove down to kiss her. She tasted herself on his lips. They kissed intensely savoring the taste of her nectar.

“Oh your so delicious. So precious.” Nathan was kissing on her breasts.

Callie was about to ask him to let her suck on his hard prick. She wanted to taste his cum in her mouth. She wanted so badly to have her brother just drop a big wad of cum down her throat.

“Nathan, I want to suck your-” She was cut off by a ringing on the doorbell.

Nathan moved over to the window. “Shit! It’s Mom and Dad!” He said quietly.

Callie’s eyes widened. She quickly stumbled to get her clothes back on. Luckily Nathan was still clothed. She panicked hoping their parents would not be able to sense the smell of sex in the air.

“Go ahead and get dressed, I’ll go entertain them for the time being.” Nathan closed the door behind him.

Callie was still breathless. She began to get dressed still feeling horny for her brother. She could hear her parents shrill as they saw their son. It’s been a few months since Nathan had last visited them. Once dressed again, Callie walked out hoping to God that any feelings she had for her brother would not slip out.

David was driving back home late that evening. He was with his cousin Rebecca listening to her go on and on about Amber. David usually took his cousin home, since she’d gotten herself caught with a D.W.I and had her license suspended.

“Why don’t you just give Amber another chance?” Rebecca whined.

David nodded. “You know why. Because she’s a real bitch. I mean yes she’s hot, but damn she so fuckin’ possessive! I felt like I couldn’t even breathe when I was going out with her.”

“Well look she’s changed. I have seen her change myself.”

David rolled his eyes. “Rebecca we talk about this all the time. I told you I don’t want to date Amber again.”

Rebecca laughed. “Oh that’s right, she says you got your eyes on some Ms. Perfect at work.”

David looked at her with fury. “So what if I do? It’s not of her business.”

“I think it is. I mean she still loves you. Besides, you don?t even know this new girl. She might be worse than Amber.”

David burst out laughing. “Yeah right. No one is as bad as Amber. Excecpt maybe the devil!”

Rebecca shot him a look of disgust.

“Well I’m sorry Becky, I know she’s your friend and all but that’s just how I feel. Besides, you know you just want me to date her because her family is filthy rich.”

Rebecca didn’t respond. She needed to find out who this Callie Adams was. She was just as curious about this girl as Amber was. David was always picky about girls he wanted to date. She could see by the look in his eyes that he really liked this girl. Rebecca was just going to have to do some investigations of her own. For now though, she was still thinking of a plan to get David and Amber together again.

“Hi Mom, hi Dad!” Callie came out of Nathan’s room hoping she didn’t give out any sexual vibes.

“Hi sweetheart, “Gloria Adams kissed her daughter on the cheek.

“How’s my little girl?” Jim Adams asked as he put his arms around his daughter.

“Hi beşiktaş ucuz escort daddy, I’m fine. What brings you guys here?”

Nathan came back with some glasses of water. He looked nervous and he placed the glasses on the coffee table.

“Well we were in town, and we thought we’d just come see how you both are doing.” Mr. Adams replied taking a sip of his water.

“Well we’re doing fine. I finally got my job so I’m feeling good.” Callie said sitting down next to her mother.

“That’s great sweetie, now you can move back home with us once you get to buy a better running car huh?” Gloria asked her daughter beaming with pride.

Callie looked at Nathan and then at her parents. Nathan slow sat down next to his father. He was quiet and looking too suspicious. Callie knew she had to find a way to tell her parents that she didn’t want to move back with them. She wanted to stay with her brother.

“Well for now Nathan said I could stay with him for a while, until I get my stuff together. I really would just like to live in town. It’s closer to my job anyway.”

Gloria tried to protest. She worried dearly for her only daughter. Ever since Callie was little, Gloria was little too much overprotective of her. Callie had always been a smart, but naïve girl. She was too nice and sometimes let people run over her. Luckily because of her beauty, men never really took advantage of her. Callie had beauty and charm to protect her.

“But sweetie you got a place at home. Why do you want to pay high rent and live in town?”

“Mom I have to learn responsibility. You know I’m going to need to learn to be alone.”

Her mother laughed. “I bet you won’t hun. I know you’re going to hopefully meet a really great man to be with you. You’ll never be alone.”

Nathan swallowed hard. That’s right Mom she’ll never be alone. I’ll always be with her. Nathan said in his mind.

Callie felt trapped for a moment. How would she ever have the balls to face up to her parents and let them know she was in love with her brother? How long would this incestuous love affair last? She’d want it to be forever of course, but she knew that was highly impossible.

“Well anyway, we were going to order a pizza tonight if you guys want to join us?” Nathan interrupted.

His parents’ faces lit up. “Yes, we ‘d love to join you. I’ll tell you what, we’ll buy the salad.” Gloria said cheerfully.

Nathan went to order the pizza and salad for the family. He still felt nervous and yet it excited him in a way knowing that his parents didn’t have a clue he was in love with his sister. If they ever found out Nathan would never deny it. He’d never deny the love for his sister. His lover.

The family ate dinner that night. Gloria and Jim did most of the talking though.

“Oh Nathan. Guess who came by the other day?” Gloria blurted out.

Nathan looked blank. “I don’t know. Who?”

His mother shrieked happily. “Amy Rogers!”

Callie felt her heart sink. Amy had been a long time girlfriend of Nathan when he was just starting college. She lived only a few houses down and since they were children, they used to play together. Amy was only a few months younger than Nathan and Callie knew Amy still had feelings for Nathan. Callie could never hate Amy though since Amy was a good friend of the family and Callie used to look up to her as a big sister.

Nathan felt Callie staring at him. Maybe she just wanted to see his reaction. Nathan tried to keep calm. He still loved Amy, but more like a friend. They had eventually broken up because they both wanted different things. Even though they broke up their 2-year relationship, Amy still remained friends with the family. Even with Callie.

“Oh Amy? How is she now days?” Nathan asked nervously.

“Well she’s already finished with her nursing degree. I believe she recently started working at one of the hospitals here in town.”

Callie cleared her throat to change the subject. “So Dad how is work for you?”

Nathan felt himself blush hearing the jealous tone in his sister’s voice. She looked so cute when she got jealous.

Callie just glared at her brother across the table as their eyes locked. She was actually almost tuning out her father as he went on about his job. He’d been a successful accountant for over 20 years now. Callie knew she was falling in love with Nathan more each day. And at that moment it was strange, but she was yearning for him to be inside of her. Letting beşiktaş üniversiteli escort his manhood enter her as she exploded in ecstasy. The way he made her cum like no other man ever could. Later on that night they would make love.

As the week went by Callie was glad it was getting closer to the weekend. Friday afternoon she was just closing her office after spending a long day with David and finally being able to set up an easy to use program for the English class that was starting on Monday.

Callie was walking out wearing her khaki pants and a low cut black button up top. Her hair was down loose this time. David watched her from his office as she walked out. Her little body excited him every time he saw her. He hurried to close his own office to walk her outside.

Callie was walking down the long hallway hoping not to bump into Amber, the rude and nasty girl that had been giving her dirty looks the whole week. She heard loud footsteps behind her and saw it was David. At least he was one of the few people in the tech department that was nice to her.

“Hey wait for me. Is it ok if I walk you to your car?” He asked catching up to Callie.

Callie nodded giving him a charming smile. “Yes please. I hate walking out there alone. Besides I would’nt want to run into your friend. “

David stopped in front of her looking baffled. “What do you mean? You mean Amber?”

Callie tightened her lips trying to keep herself from saying something crude about the blonde girl. “Well yes. David I take it she used to be with you and probably still has a thing for you?”

David sighed. “Oh yeah. She’s like a damn stalker. I’m sorry if she’s treating you bad. Don’t worry I’ll have a talk with her.”

She looked more comfortable now as she walked out with David. Luckily it didn’t seem that Amber was at the front desk. Callie felt at ease now and excited to go home to her loving brother.

David and Callie approached Callie’s car. The parking lot looked almost empty with only about five cars left. “Thank you David for walking me out. I appreciate it.” Callie said extending her hand for a handshake.

David took her soft hand into his accepting her handshake. His grip was tight on her hand and Callie felt as if he didn’t want to let go.

“No problem Callie. Hey listen by the way; I was just wondering if you’d ever like to go out with me. You know it doesn’t have to be a real date or anything, just hang out.”

Callie was about to speak but he cut her off. “It’s ok you can say no. I mean do you already got a boyfriend or someone your seeing?”

Callie beamed. “Well actually I am sorta seeing someone. I’m sorry David.”

David shrugged. “It’s OK. I should have expected a really pretty girl like you to be already taken. Well I’ll see you Monday.”

Callie went ahead and got in her car waving goodbye to David. He stood there until she drove away. “I’m not going to give up on you so easily Callie Adams,” David said to himself. At least he thought he was alone. He heard a female voice all of a sudden behind him. It was Amber.

“So I see she’s your latest conquest huh David?”

Amber stood there wearing her sexy short blue jean skirt and a white and blue v-neck top. David looked at her with fury in his eyes. Why couldn’t she just get over him? Why couldn’t Callie Adams want him as much as Amber did?

“So what if I want to get with her. What’s it to you?” David snapped at Amber.

Amber narrowed her eyes at him. “You know how much I still love you. I would do anything for you David.”

David was starting to walk away slowly and turned around to look at Amber. “Ok anything? Then stay away from me and leave Callie alone. She hasn’t done anything to you.”

With that, he walked away leaving Amber almost in tears. It was more like tears of hate. She’d dedicated her heart to David and now he just meets this new girl and he’s suddenly crazy for her? Amber was convinced that she hated Callie Adams. She had to find a way to destroy her. To get her out of David’s mind.

Callie got home that night ready to see Nathan. She unlocked the apartment door and rushed inside. It looked as if Nathan still wasn’t home. Then she heard the shower going off. He opened the door walking out with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

Callie looked at him giving him a devious smile. Nathan quietly walked to her giving her a nice warm hug. She could smell the scent of his soap on his skin.

“Hmm you got all clean for me?” She asked playfully.

Nathan kissed her and stroked her hair. “Yes I did. I knew you’d be coming home. I thought about you all day.”

They walked into Nathan’s room holding hands. Callie knew she wanted to please her brother in every which way she could. She knew what he’d been waiting for. She was ready to show him how much she loved him. She was ready to taste him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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