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Our family was always close since my Dad and his brother, Rick, ran a small family-owned oil company. It had been started by my grandfather, when he had returned home from World War II. My grandparents had four sons, but Tim, the oldest and Roy, the youngest were both killed. Tim was a pilot and was killed when his B-52 crashed during a training exercise. Roy had been a Marine like my grandfather and had been killed during the Tet Offensive. My Dad and Rick both had been in the Army. They had both served in Vietnam, but their luck had been better. They took over operations of the company when they got home and my Granddad and Grandmother retired to a life of comfort. Rick and my dad, Bob, were pretty wild when they returned from Vietnam. They were out on the town every night, and worked their asses off during the day. They finally settled down enough to get married to, coincidentally, two sisters. Each marriage yielded one child. Dad and mom, Liz, had me, Brad. Rick and his wife Shelley had a daughter named Janie.

Growing up, Janie was the baby sister I never had. We were born about 6 months apart and almost from the beginning, we were inseparable. We always had a great time together when our families went to the lake or went on trips. I was always there to pick her up if she fell, or help with a skinned knee. As we grew older, I was always her confidant, and the shoulder she cried on.

We always hung around with one another in high school and had a similar group of friends. It was from this group that she met Chris. Chris was a good kid. He was artistic and liked photography. Janie was always into stuff like that, and the two of them really seemed to hit it off. After they began dating seriously, I still remained Janie’s go-to person for advice or someone to talk to. She said Chris was sometimes resentful that she came to me for so many things. I could imagine so, but I had to admit that I was always pretty envious of Chris as Janie transformed from a scrawny kid to the beautiful young woman she became. She had been blessed with great looks, an unsinkable personality and a wonderful sense of humor. She was also blessed with a body that any woman would be proud of. Wonderful toned legs and butt and a tremendous chest. She was almost a carbon copy of her and my own mother.

I grew up to look my Dad and Uncle Rick, except I was about 6 inches shorter than them at 5’10”. I was fortunate enough to inherit their broad shoulders and rugged good looks. All through school, I had played sports and lifted weights and had managed to build a solid muscular frame, that I was proud of. My hair was a little longer than my dad wanted, but he didn’t argue with me too much about it. As we were nearing high school graduation, Janie finally decided that she was going to go back east to a liberal arts school with Chris. Chris was going to study photography, and she was going to major in journalism. She had always showed no interest in the family business. I had decided to attend the big state school and was going to study engineering and geology like my grandfather, Dad and Uncle Rick and continue the family business.

We made a date for the two of us for dinner the night before she left for school. She looked great in the sleeveless, low-cut black dress, black nylons and sexy heels she was wearing. I was shocked when I went to pick her up, because I was in a simple button down shirt and slacks. I had my long hair pulled back in a pony tail. She looked so nice; I thought I would need to be in tux to match up with her. She received many appreciative glances in the restaurant and more than a few of the guys nodded to me and smiled. Little did they know the beautiful woman sitting across from me was my cousin! We had a great time talking and laughing. I’d always loved watching her big green eyes sparkle when she laughed.

After we finished dinner, Janie suggested we take a drive out by our grandparent’s old house in the country. It was always a great place to just lay back and look at the stars. We had spent many summer evenings out there growing up, so it was a special place for us. We parked out by the old barn and then laid back on the grass on a blanket I was lucky to have brought. We rested there in silence for a long time before she finally spoke.

“You remember the day I fell through the hay loft?”

“How could I forget? I almost had heart attack, since we weren’t supposed to up there.”

“Me too, I still can’t believe that you were able to catch me, before I fell.”

“Me neither, it had to be sheer adrenaline. I was scared Uncle Rick would beat me to death if you got hurt.”

“Yeah, he would have been so pissed at you.” “If I’d have survived, I’d had to face my dad and Granddad too.”

“There’s no way you would have lived.” We both laughed.

“It’s certainly not the same out here without Granddad and Grandmother is it?”

“No, it isn’t. It feels so lonely.”


“I have so many good memories of this place. So many of them were with you.”

“Yeah, I feel the same topkapı escort way, Janie.” “Brad, I’m really going to miss you.” Her hand found mine in the darkness as we lay there.

“I’m going to miss you, too.”

“You’ve always been my best friend.”

“Me too.”

“Brad, there’s a big part of me that doesn’t want to go tomorrow.”

“I know, Janie. I feel the same way.”

“You do?” She rose up on her side so she could look at me.

“Yeah, of course.”

“I just feel like I’m going to be all alone.”

“Chris will be there with you.”

“I know, but he’s so flighty sometimes. You’re always the one I’ve come to, and could count on. You’ve always caught me and helped me back up.”

“I know honey, but you love Chris, right? He should be able to help you with the hard times.”

“Not like you can, though.” She leaned over and wrapped her arm around me and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her as well. After a while, I began to move my arms to let her go.

“No, don’t. I won’t be able to get a hug from you for a long time. Just a little while longer.”

“Ok, Janie. It’ll be ok, sweetie. You can call me every day on my company phone. Dad and Rick already said it’d be ok.”

“It still won’t be the same.”

“No it may not, but not all change is bad, Janie.”

“No, I guess not.”

She released her hold on me and sat up next to me. “Brad, I want you to know that I love you and you mean the world to me.” She reached down and took my right hand in hers. She held it in her lap for a brief moment. Then she slowly lifted it upwards and towards her. She placed my hand palm down on her bare breasts at the top of her dress. I thought I could feel her heart beating.

“Janie, you know I feel the same way.”

“Brad, I don’t know how to tell you this…” Her voice became halting as she spoke the last few words.

“Tell me what?”

“Brad, I…” She started to cry. I sat up and reached over to comfort her. She literally collapsed in my arms.

“Janie, honey. What’s wrong?” She shook her head on my shoulder. “Please, tell me. What’s bothering you?”

“I, I don’t think I can.” Her voice was muffled as she buried her face against my shoulder.

“You’ve always been able to talk to me. What is it?”

“Brad, I don’t know if I can tell you this. I don’t know if I should even try. I’m scared even thinking about it.” I reached down to lift her head up where I could see her face. I could clearly see her tear-streaked face in the moonlight.

“Janie, you can tell me anything in the world.”

“No, I don’t think I can. Maybe some other time Brad. Just hold me for a little while.” I did and I began to run my fingers through her hair.

“I always loved when you do that. You’re so good to me.”

“Janie, I love you and want to take care of you.” She raised her head up again. She leaned in close to me. Her face was just a couple inches from mine. We looked into one another’s eyes for a painfully long time. She moved closer to me and our lips met. For just the briefest instant our tongues also met, but I tensed up slightly and she quickly pulled away.

“Brad, you better take me home.”

“Janie, wait, we need to talk…”

“No, I still have a lot of packing to do and Roxanne is going to come by to take me to the airport in the morning at 6.”

“Janie, please. I, uh, are you sure we don’t need to talk?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’ll be ok. The time will be right someday. We should go home.” She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

She quickly turned away and stood up. I watched her walk towards my truck feeling as if I had been stabbed in the chest. We drove the 20 minutes back to her house in silence. She held my hand the whole way. It was something she always did when it was just the two of us together. When we finally made it to her parent’s house, I pulled into the big circle driveway and stopped the truck.

“Do you need my help for anything?”

“No, it’s ok. I need to let you go home, I don’t want to keep you up late. Daddy said you have a bunch a stuff to do at the office before you leave for school Friday.”

“Yeah, I do. But this is our last night together.”

“Yeah, it is.” She acted like she could start crying again at any second. “Brad, I better go.”

“You’re sure you don’t want to talk a little more before you go in?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Just forget about it. I’m just really emotional right now.”

“Ok, honey. I just hate to see you like this.”

“I know you do. It’s just really hard right now.” She gave me a smile that she didn’t bother putting much effort into. “God, I’m going to miss you!” We reached both over to give one another big hug.

“Me too Janie. Call me whenever you want. I’ll never be too busy for you.”

“I know you won’t.” We gradually broke our hug. I reached for the door handle so I could walk her to the door. As the dome light came on I felt her grab my hand again. türbanlı escort I turned back towards her and she promptly kissed me on the lips. She pulled back and said, “I love you.” She then bolted for the house door. She was there before I could even get out of the truck. She turned when she reached the door and gave me a quick wave before disappearing inside.

I sat there for a moment wondering what was going on. She had acted so out of character once we got to the farm. I had never seen her not be able to tell me something. Even stranger, she had put my hand on her breasts and then she kissed me. That had definitely not been a friendly kiss and it would have been much more passionate if she hadn’t sensed my shock. My head was swimming with my thoughts as I started my truck up and drove off.

The next morning I was sitting in the office wondering about the night before when Roxanne got back from taking Janie to the airport. Roxanne had worked for the family for close to 30 years. She had gone to work for my grandfather doing part-time filing when she was barely a teenager. After Dad and Rick got back from Vietnam and took over the company, she had stayed on. She had ridden the tail of the tiger with them through the many ups and downs in this business. Feast or famine, she was always there.

My dad and Uncle Rick had both always commented that she was a hot-blooded woman and had the three broken marriages to prove it. Despite her age, she was still a looker, with fiery red hair, a milky white complexion, big tits and a saucy personality to boot. When she was in the office she was always dressed to kill. Tight blouses, short skirts, nylons and high heels. I had rubbed my cock many times thinking of her.

“Hey, Bradley. How’s it going this morning, my dear?” She was the only one I knew that called me Bradley. I turned around to see her walking into my little office. She was wearing a silky white blouse, short red miniskirt, nude colored nylons and my favorite red heels. They were about 4″ tall with a sexy, thin ankle strap. She was also wearing the ankle bracelet Janie and I had given her for Christmas. She sat down on the desk next to me and crossed her long, nylon covered legs.

“Good Roxanne, how about you?”

“All right. I can’t believe little Janie is moving so far away. It’s not going to be the same without her around here. We both had a good cry on the way to the airport.”

“She was a little emotional last night, too.”

“That’s what she said. I want to talk to you about that, but it’ll wait until later. Rick said he might need me to stay a little late to help you get everything finished before you leave for school.”

“Yeah, Roxanne, I’m afraid I bit off more than I can chew. I hate for you to have to do that.”

“Hell, don’t worry about it, honey. I don’t have anything to do at home. I might as well get some overtime and work with a strapping young man like yourself.” She winked.

“I could certainly use the help.”

“Ok, I’ll check in with you later,” and she turned to walk away. As usual, I couldn’t resist the urge to watch her ass and those long legs as her “come fuck me” heels clicked on the tile floor. As she walked out the door she looked back briefly and smiled, totally busting me.

“Ok, I’ve got to get some of this shit done.” I thought to myself.

I worked steadily until about 4:30 when my Uncle Rick came into the little back room where I was sorting well logs.

“Hey, Rick. Where you been all day?”

“Damn investor meeting. We’re trying to drum up some more money to get this Maddox deal drilled.”

“How’d it go?

“Oh, pretty good. I think we’re getting there. Your daddy and mom are still there along with Shelley. I had to come get some additional data the investors wanted to see. You got a minute, son?”


“Come into my office for a minute.”

“Ok.” We walked in and he closed the door.

“Pour us a drink. I’ll take a scotch, have whatever you want.” I quickly poured a couple glasses of 18 year old single malt and threw one ice cube in each, just like my dad and Rick had always taught me.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks, son. Grab a seat.” I sat down and took a sip of the scotch.

“Son, Janie came home a total mess last night. She went in her room and cried for a couple hours. Do you know why she was so upset? She went out looking as pretty as the morning sunrise. She was so happy to be going out with you to dinner. But goddamn, when she came home she looked like the whole world had fell on her.” Uh, Oh, I thought to myself.

“Rick, no, I don’t really know. We went to dinner and had a great time, and then we decided to go out the farm and look at the stars.”


“Well, we were talking about how it was going to be tough to be apart and everything and then she said needed to tell me something and then she started bawling. She was acting real strange.”

“Strange, what do you mean by that son?” Oh, shit, time to cover my tracks.

“Well, tüyap escort she was just really emotional. That’s what I meant. I thought it was just because she was leaving today.”

“What did she want to tell you?”

“That’s the thing, she wouldn’t tell me, Rick.”

“God Damn, nothing at all?”

“No, nothing.”

“Well, shit. Your daddy has no idea how lucky he was to have a boy. These girls can drive you crazy. What’s bad is, I know she’s pretty damn level headed. It drives me crazy to see her like that.”

“Yeah, me too. She’s never been unable to tell me something.”

“Yeah, I know son. She’s always counted on you. You think it’s something to do with that boyfriend of hers?”

“Could be, but honestly I don’t know.”

“Her mama has been on her ass ever since she said she wanted to go to school back east. Shelley never could see why she’d follow that fucker to the store, let alone halfway across the country. I know Janie’s had a tough time with that. You know how Shelley can be.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“She doesn’t let up on poor Janie. She always tells her to drop that little shit and find her a good man like her daddy, Uncle Bob, or you.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“Son, your Aunt Shelley thinks you hung the moon. You’re a-ok in her book. But I know Janie gets tired of hearing it. Maybe that kid has some good qualities; I just ain’t seen them yet. Well, Brad, I just wanted to check. Her mama has been a nervous wreck about this whole thing. This just added fuel to the fire, especially with her leaving town this morning. I didn’t know if Shelley was going to let her and Roxanne leave this morning. Man to man, if you hear anything from her that you think we ought to know, will you promise to tell me?”

“Sure, Rick.”

“I know you two are as a close as two people can be. It sure makes me wonder what the hell’s going on. Oh, by the way, Roxanne said she called from the airport. She made it there ok.” He threw his glass of scotch back and emptied it.

“Really? I was wondering.”

“Yeah me too. Hell, I need to get these files rounded up and get back over to that meeting. This is a big deal son. If we get to drill this one, I think we’re all finally gonna be on Easy Street. Your daddy can see the diamond in the shit pile every time. Get done what you can tonight. If you don’t get it all done, don’t worry about it. Your daddy holds you to higher standard than most. Oh, by the way, watch out for Roxanne, she gets a little frisky when the front door gets locked.”


“Yeah, she does. Like I’ve always told you, she’s always on the prowl. But it’s up to you; you’re your own man.”

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. Good luck.”

“Depending on how this goes, we may need a designated driver tonight. We got reservations at 8:30 at the club for six. We’ll call you and then you and Roxie can come by and pick us up at the Plaza.”

“Sure, that sounds great to me.”

“All right, I’m off.”

“Knock ’em dead, Rick.”

“We’ll do our best, son.”

I walked him to the door and then went back to my office. About 5, Roxanne walked in and started helping.

“I sure hope this deal comes through. Your daddy and Rick have worked on this for a long time. You’ve helped a bunch, too. Your Granddad would be so proud of all of you.”

“I bet so. I just wished he was still here to see it.”

“Me too, Bradley. You were around him a lot, but I don’t know if you’ll ever truly know what a good man he was. He was one of a kind. I see a lot of him in Bob and Rick and you, too.”


We worked our asses off for another hour. A couple times I noticed Roxanne looking at me, and as we continued working, I found myself looking at her. God, she was so sexy. More than once, she would reach for something and always seem to manage to brush her silky, blouse-covered breasts against me. The smell of her sweet perfume added to my excitement.

“Well lookee there, we’re just about done and it’s not even 6 O’clock. I bet they won’t be done for a couple more hours.”

“Yeah, you really helped out a bunch.”

“Bradley, my dear, when you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you get pretty quick at it.” She was leaning back in her chair and had her long legs crossed and facing me. She was doing her best to drive me wild.

“You sure have.”

“Is something on your mind, dear?”

“Yeah, I’m just thinking about Janie.”

She smiled, “We were going to talk about that weren’t we. What are you thinking about?”

“I don’t know, I’m just worried about what was wrong with her last night.”

“Well, what does staring at me have to with her, baby?”


“Honey, I don’t think your mind is totally on Janie. You’ve spent a lot of time looking at me this afternoon too. I’m not complaining. It’s very flattering.”

“Oh, sorry, Roxanne. You just look really great today. I’ve always loved those shoes.”

“I thought you did. My feet have always got a lot of your attention when I’ve wore them. You and I have never had to work late together, have we?” She smiled seductively.

“Uh, no, I don’t think so.” Damn, Rick was right.

“I think I’m going to have a drink. You want one?”

“Uh, sure, just one though. I may be driving everyone tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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