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Big Tits

I hope you read the first chapter so you know how I got to this point. I never really described myself before, so, I am 5’4″ tall, light brown hair just past my shoulders, blue eyes, small breasts and weighed about 105 pounds at the time of the story. I have always looked younger than I am.

Ethan is 5’10”, similar color hair which he keeps shorter, blue eyes and not real big, I think he told me he weighed 140 or so at the time.

Friday morning I was going to my first campus visit session and orientation. The weather was nice for early March so I wore a denim shirt dress that came about 4″ above my knees and sneakers. My jacket kept me warm enough.

As the day went along I thought often about what had happened the night before. I felt funny about losing my virginity to my brother, but it had felt so good I knew I wanted more. One guy from southern Oregon kept getting my attention during the day and we spent a lot of time together. We were both interested in engineering, so we attended a couple of classes together and sat together at lunch.

As much as Mike interested me, I kept thinking about Ethan inviting me to go on a date with him in the evening. I thought about what I might wear and what might happen.

The days finally came to an end and I headed back to Ethan’s apartment. Ethan was home studying when I got there. I kissed him on the lips when he stood up. As we kissed, he held me tight against him and I could feel his hard penis against my belly. I liked it when he reached under my dress, first fondling my butt over my panties then putting his hands inside them and pulling me against him. When he started pulling my panties down I stopped him. After a whole day of thinking about him I didn’t feel very fresh and I wanted to shower and dress in fresh underwear.

I chose a dress I had brought along in case there was a dance or anything to go to. There was a dance, but I decided I wanted to be with Ethan. My dress had short sleeves, came to mid thigh and was of a nice off white fabric. I wished I had nicer underwear, but chose pair of light blue bikini panties with light lace around the legs and a lacy bra. With my white sandals, I felt sexy.

When I came out of the bathroom, Ethan was dressed sınırsız escort in nice slacks, dressy shirt and a tie. I was impressed. I told him he looked very nice and he informed me I was going to be the sexiest girl in the restaurant.

Ethan drove us to downtown Portland and we went into a very nice seafood restaurant near the waterfront. He was such a gentleman when he parked his car, he told me to wait and walked around the car to open the door for me. My dress slid up as I got out and I accused him of planning that. At the same time, I hoped he had seen my panties.

We walked hand in hand into the restaurant and were seated at a window table after about a fifteen minute wait. Ethan told me the night was special and to order whatever I wanted. I thought about lobster, but decided the Alaska salmon sounded really good. Ethan tried to order a bottle of wine, but that didn’t work when we got carded.

Dinner was delicious and I felt special. We finished with really nice deserts and I felt like had eaten more than I should have, but it was worth it.

After dinner we walked along the river, sometimes holding hands, sometimes with his arm around my waist. From time to time we stopped and kissed. When it was more private Ethan sometimes had his under my dress, either rubbing my clit through my panties or pulling my dress up and pulling me into him again with his hands on my butt. I didn’t like that because I was afraid someone would see and we would get in trouble.

We went to watch a movie. It was a chick flick and I think I enjoyed it more than he did. However, I enjoyed even more the times we kissed and how kept fondling my breasts when he could get away with it.

After the movie, Ethan asked what I wanted to do and I told him I really wanted to go to his apartment and sleep. At the apartment, Ethan unlocked the door and then scooped my up in his arms to carry me in. I was embarrassed by that because my dress was short enough I was quite exposed to anyone who might have been watching.

Inside, Ethan surprised me by producing a bottle of wine and two glasses. We were watching tv and kissing, and more. Sometimes he put his hand down the top of my dress and played taksim escort with my breasts and other times he reached up my dress to stroke me. I had undone his belt and was playing with him too. I noticed the end of his penis was wet and slippery. After a while, I was on my back on the couch and Ethan was on top of me. He pulled my panties partway off, but the got caught on the strap of my right sandal and just ended up hanging there on my ankle.

His penis against me felt so good, but I wanted to feel him in me. When he entered me it felt so good I caught my breath. It was all just so fantastic as he made tender love to me. I had my legs wrapped around him, pulling him against me as hard as I could until suddenly I had my best climax yet. Immediately after my climax, I felt that wonderfully pulsing as he came in me again.

I lay there with him on top of me and his penis still deep inside me and then I started crying. I don’t know why I cried, I just felt so good I couldn’t help it.

Ethan pulled out of me and immediately started to apologize. I had a very hard time explaining to him that I was not upset with him.

I pulled my panties the rest of the way off and suggested we go to bed and headed for the bathroom. After we had both used the bathroom and brushed our teeth, we got undressed and got in his bed. Soon, to my delight, he was kissing me again while touching me and sucking my nipples. When we made love, it wasn’t as amazing as the previous time, but it was very nice.

Saturday morning was a repeat of the previous morning. We had breakfast and Ethan asked what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to explore Portland and find about the shopping and what else there was to see. It was kind of chilly, so I wore jeans.

While we were out shopping, Ethan wanted to buy me some sexier panties. I agreed and we found some really pretty ones at Macy’s. He bought me three pair. I was thinking about wearing the flowery ones that night and Ethan taking them off of me.

When we got back to the apartment, Ethan told me he had a favor he wanted to ask. I asked him what and he told me he wanted me to put on my school uniform. I didn’t care for the idea, but I finally agreed. tesettürlü escort I pulled the flowery panties out of the bag to put on but he told me he wanted me to wear plain white panties.

I went into his room and closed the door to change my clothes. After I was dressed in my uniform complete with white panties and knee socks I opened the door and walked out to where he was sitting on the couch.

I felt foolish standing there, but he just stared at me. Then he said, “I always wanted to get my hands inside a girl’s uniform. You look so sexy in that.”

I was surprised, I thought my uniform was anything but sexy with the plain pleated skirt that was too long, and plain white blouse. I just wanted to change back to regular clothes.

Ethan pulled me to him and kissed me. Then he began to unbutton my blouse and put his hand inside my bra. It suddenly occurred to me that my boyfriend, Jason, liked doing the same thing and realized that often when we dry humped I was still in my uniform.

Ethan pulled my skirt up and commented on my plain white granny panties. They weren’t really, I don’t have any granny panties, but mostly wear hipster panties or boyshorts to school.

We were going to a party at a friend of Ethan’s house that evening and he suggested we fix dinner. I wanted to change out of my uniform, but he insisted I keep it on like I often did at home. Fixing dinner was fun and Ethan often had his hands inside my bra or my panties as we played around. Dinner took a while to cook, so Ethan took me into his bedroom and took my panties off and laid me back on his bed. Then he pulled his pants off and got on top of me.

Sex this time wasn’t as good as before because I really wanted to be naked. Still, I did climax again and Ethan coming inside me felt good as always.

After we finished I got undressed and showered. This time I did wear my new flowered panties along with a tan dress. At Ethan’s request, I did not wear a bra.

The party was fun and I felt good get the attention of older guys. It was clear that two of them wanted my attention more than the others. When he got me alone he kissed me, which I liked, but when he tried to put his hands up my dress I objected. I was glad when Ethan interposed himself and told the guy, “Back off from my sister, Bud.”

Not long after that we went back to Ethan’s apartment and to bed.

I was supposed to be home by 3:00, so after breakfast I got into Mom’s car and left. I was thinking of Ethan’s spring break as I drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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